Paedophile monster Ian Watkins to bank more than £150,000 from band break-up while behind bars, Pervert vicar facing prison sentence after pleading guilty to child pornography offences, Gang rape, killing of teen in India sparks outrage

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Paedophile monster Ian Watkins to bank more than £150,000 from band break-up while behind bars

Lostprophets distributing assets having disbanded after conviction
Watkins, 36, currently serving 29 years for serial sex offences
Set to earn £147,497 in assets and more than £100,000 in royalties
By Mia De Graaf 4 January 2014

Paedophile rock star Ian Watkins will earn more than £150,000 while serving a 29-year jail sentence for child sex offences.

The singer’s conviction forced his former band, the Lostprophets, to break up – and distribute their assets worth more than £700,000, it has been revealed.

Watkins, who is currently jailed in top-security Wakefield prison, is contracted to take £147,497 in the deal.

And music experts claim the convicted molesterer will earn more than £100,000 in royalties during his sentence.

The 36-year-old, from Pontypridd, pleaded guilty to three counts of child sexual assault at a trial in Cardiff Crown Court last month….

Lostprophets were founded in Pontypridd in 1997 and the band sold about 3.5 million albums worldwide.

His former bandmates have turned their back on him – saying they are ‘heartbroken, angry, and disgusted’ at his sex crimes and have urged more of his victims to contact police.

Pervert vicar facing prison sentence after pleading guilty to child pornography offences By Gary Stewart
3 Jan 2014

The Rev Ian Hughes made and possessed thousands of indecent images of children

A Merseyside vicar is facing jail after pleading guilty to making and possessing thousands of indecent images of children.

The Rev Ian Hughes, who was priest in charge of the Wirral parishes Poulton and Seacombe, admitted 16 counts relating to more than 8,000 images and movies when he appeared at Liverpool Crown Court today….

Hughes was charged following a search of his home on Brougham Road, Wallasey , on May 22 last year.

Pornographic material recovered included more than 6,000 images and movies at the lowest category of seriousness, more than 1,000 at category two, more than 500 at categories three and four and more than 60 at category five, the most serious….

After charges were brought against him  a spokesman for the Church of England’s Diocese of Chester said: “Ian Hughes was suspended from all church duties as soon as these very serious and disturbing allegations became known to us.”

Gang rape, killing of teen in India sparks outrage
January 4, 2014

KOLKATA, India (AP) — The father of a teenage girl who was allegedly gang raped and later died after being set on fire in eastern India is demanding a federal inquiry into the case, which has renewed public outrage over sexual violence in the country.

Hundreds of people protested Friday in the West Bengal city of Kolkata, accusing state authorities of failing to protect the family after the 16-year-old girl went to police in October to report she had been raped twice by the same gang.

The state’s urban development minister defended the police response, noting that six suspects had been arrested in the rapes and another two for allegedly setting the girl on fire….

The girl reported being gang raped and left in a field near her home in late October in the Madhyamgram suburb of Kolkata, formerly Calcutta. The next day she was allegedly abducted by the same gang and raped again before being left unconscious by railway tracks, police said.

The girl’s father, a taxi driver, said last week that his daughter was set on fire on Dec. 23 after being threatened with violence if she did not withdraw her police complaint. She died from her injuries on Wednesday….

vicar arrested, EEG shows evidence of D.I.D., Developmental Trauma Disorder

May 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Latvian vicar arrested on sex abuse allegations April 29, 2010 RIGA, Latvia (AP) — A former Catholic priest who converted to Protestantism and two other men have been arrested in Latvia for allegedly sexually abusing children, police said Thursday. The three suspects were friends and exchanged information to help each other find victims throughout the Baltic country, police spokesman Toms Sadovskis said. They preyed on orphans or boys from dysfunctional families in a string of abuse cases going back at least five years, Sadovskis alleged, adding that “some of the victims were mentally challenged.”

Psych Week 2010: EEG Test – An EEG test shows physiological evidence of Paula’s D.I.D.

Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD et al….

The goal of introducing the diagnosis of Developmental Trauma Disorder is to capture the reality of the clinical presentations of children and adolescents exposed to chronic interpersonal trauma and thereby guide clinicians to develop and utilize effective interventions and for researchers to study the neurobiology and transmission of chronic interpersonal violence. Whether or not they exhibit symptoms of PTSD, children who have developed in the context of ongoing danger, maltreatment, and inadequate caregiving systems are ill-served by the current diagnostic system, as it frequently leads to no diagnosis, multiple unrelated diagnoses, an emphasis on behavioral control without recognition of interpersonal trauma and lack of safety in the etiology of symptoms, and a lack of attention to ameliorating the developmental disruptions that underlie the symptoms….

The introduction of PTSD in the psychiatric classification system in 1980 has led to extensive scientific studies of that diagnosis. However, over the past 25 years there has been a relatively independent and parallel emergence of the field of Developmental Psychopathology (e.g. Maughan & Cicchetti, 2002; Putnam, Trickett, Yehuda, & McFarlane, 1997), which has documented the effects of interpersonal trauma and disruption of caregiving systems on the development of affect regulation, attention, cognition, perception, and interpersonal relationships. A third significant development has been the increasing documentation of the effects of adverse early life experiences on brain development (e.g. De Bellis et al., 2002; Teicher et al., 2003), neuroendocrinology (e.g.Hart, Gunnar, & Cicchetti, 1995; Lipschitz et al., 2003) and immunology (e.g. Putnam et al., 1997; Wilson et al, 1999).

Studies of both child and adult populations over the last 25 years have established that, in a majority of trauma-exposed individuals, traumatic stress in childhood does not occur in isolation, but rather is characterized by co-occurring, often chronic, types of victimization and other adverse experiences (Anda et al., 2006; Dong et al., 2004; Pynoos et al., 2008; Spinazzola et al., 2005; van der Kolk et al, 2005).

Contribute to the Field Trial for Developmental Trauma Disorder
There currently is an ongoing field trial for the NCTSN proposed Developmental Trauma Disorder for inclusion in the DSM V, in which the University of Connecticut (Dr. Julian Ford), the Trauma Center at JRI (Drs. van der Kolk, Spinazzola and D’Andrea), and LaRabida Hospital in Chicago (Dr. Bradley Stolbach) are the principal sites. Part of this field trial is underwritten by several private foundations, but we are seeking an additional $150,000 to complete this study.

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