US Government trying to block Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘sex slave’ from Jeffrey Epstein case, Images of child abuse found in Vatican City

February 3, 2015 Comments Off on US Government trying to block Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘sex slave’ from Jeffrey Epstein case, Images of child abuse found in Vatican City

US Government trying to block Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘sex slave’ from Jeffrey Epstein case Monday, 2 February 2015 – Washington ANI

US Government is trying to bar Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts from Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit case with a new filing.

On January 30, the government filed the declaration of FBI Special Agent Timothy R Slater, who joined the investigation of Epstein in 2006, reported. It was noted in the declaration that sometime during January – February 2007 Slater called Roberts and told about the investigation of Epstein but she quickly became uncomfortable and expressed her desire to let everything in the past and demanded to not be bothered about this again.

So now the government has been trying to prevent her from having any say in the ongoing civil suit. Sources have revealed that they are filling this evidence in order to do everything they could do to prevent the release of documents about what really went on relating to Epstein’s plea deal….
Woman’s Claims About Prince Andrew, Others Reignite Sex Case
MIAMI — Feb 2, 2015 By CURT ANDERSON AP Legal Affairs Writer
First came the allegations late last year that Britain’s Prince Andrew and a prominent American lawyer took part in a wealthy sex offender’s abuse of teenage girls aboard private jets, in luxury homes and on the financier’s Caribbean island.

The story, part of a long-running U.S. legal fight focused on the rights of the women, gained steam when Buckingham Palace took the unusual step of issuing a carefully worded denial of the kind of salacious claims that royal officials rarely acknowledge. Defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, who represented the highly connected Jeffrey Epstein and was himself named in the latest court filings, then called the most outspoken of the four women a serial liar and practically dared her to prove her accounts.

Instead of letting the case play out from there, the woman known as Jane Doe No. 3 hit back with a 23-page affidavit detailing dates, locations and more about the powerful men she says Epstein forced her and the others to satisfy.

More than six years after Epstein pleaded guilty to Florida charges involving sex with underage girls, the case has erupted anew….

Dershowitz has accused Jane Doe No. 3 of making up most or all of her claims, including a story about seeing Clinton on Epstein’s island years ago.

Jane Doe No. 3 and three others who say Epstein victimized them want a federal judge to make public and throw out the part of Epstein’s plea deal that guaranteed that neither he nor any co-conspirators would face federal charges. Federal prosecutors oppose the request, contending they did their best to confer with the victims but that the women aren’t entitled to details of the plea negotiations….

Images of child abuse found in Vatican City
Holy See’s prosecutor general says two cases involving indecent material came to light last year, along with other crimes Rosie Scammell in Rome Sunday 1 February 2015

Two cases of child pornography possession were uncovered within the walls of the Vatican last year, along with numerous other crimes in the city state, the Holy See’s prosecutor general has announced.

Following worldwide allegations of sex abuse by priests, Gian Piero Milano, the Holy See’s Promoter of Justice, said the Vatican was now taking action against paedophilia in the heart of the Catholic church.

Unveiling the Vatican’s justice report, Milano stopped short of naming those accused of possessing child pornography. Holy See spokesman Federico Lombardi however identified Josef Wesolowski, a disgraced former ambassador, as one of the people facing charges.

Wesolowski was stripped of his diplomatic immunity last year following accusations that he abused young boys during his time as envoy to the Dominican Republic. The Polish former archbishop is currently awaiting trial at the Vatican, in what will be the first sex abuse trial ever held at the Holy See….

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