Neighbour who helped free Ariel Castro’s captives to write a memoir, Castlewood Treatment Center lawsuit dismissed

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Neighbour who helped free Ariel Castro’s captives to write a memoir
Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight and Berry’s 6-year-old daughter escaped to freedom May 6

AP 22 Dec 2013

The man who famously put aside his Big Mac to help rescue three women held captive in a Cleveland house for over a decade has signed a contract to publish his memoirs.

Charles Ramsey signed the deal with the Cleveland publisher David Gray & Co. on Thursday.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight and Berry’s 6-year-old daughter escaped to freedom May 6….

Castlewood Treatment Center is on a new course

Regarding “Castlewood lawsuit is drawing to a close” (Dec. 16):

Even though the referenced cases have been dismissed and those issues resolved, a small group of people continues to cause harm by making negative comments in the media and online. The tragedy in this is that their actions could prevent people who need treatment for eating disorders from seeking help for this serious and challenging disease — either at Castlewood or another treatment center.

Millions of people suffer from eating disorders; they have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. And the reality is that trauma is often part of the illness, so when there is documented history of trauma, we treat it. It would be a tragedy if therapists avoid treating clients with eating disorders and trauma because they want to limit risks.

Our therapy incorporates evidence-based treatments and is individualized for each person under our care. Hypnosis is not practiced at Castlewood….

Our program has been thoroughly reviewed and recently received the highest level of professional accreditation from two esteemed organizations. We have successfully treated more than a thousand individuals by addressing underlying issues that help them transform to healthier lives….

Nancy Albus   Ballwin
CEO, Castlewood Treatment Center

Brain – Psychopaths, C.I.A. Data Show 14-Year Project On Controlling Behavior

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Y! Big Story: What the brain tells us By Vera H-C Chan 4/28/12

….Finding how to stop extreme behavior. Thanks to crime literature and serial killer movies, Americans are aware of many different “-paths”: sociopath, psychopath, and antisocial personality disorder. What has been a raging debate is if one is doomed to that diagnosis and basically lifetime incarceration, or if there’s a window of intervention. One researcher went on a roadtrip into the heart of darkness: Using a mobile MRI unit, a University of New Mexico associate professor of psychology took a snapshot of 2,000 inmate volunteers.

He found that compared to the average offender, 60 percent of psychopaths re-offend within the next 200 days. Maximum-security juveniles showed a similar pattern: 68 percent of individuals who were at high risk for psychopathy re-offended.

Using images of the brain, [Kent] Kiehl said he could predict psychopathy as well as one can with clinical error. (April 23, Duke (University) Research Blog)

Among preliminary findings, Kiehl zeroed in on the interaction with a gene (MAOA) and a “stressful” upbringing and that treatment like group therapy actually ends in “violent failure” among adults. For juveniles, intervention’s a different story and can show a 50% reduction in violent recidivism.

“We have a problem in the United States: We incarcerate a lot of people,” he said. “We incarcerate more per capita than any other country. It’s expensive—it costs $2.34 trillion per year, which is about the same as the annual estimate for all health care [in the country].” (April 23, Duke (University) Research Blog)

C.I.A. Data Show 14-Year Project On Controlling Human Behavior; Data From C.I.A. Show Project on Human Behavior

By NICHOLAS M. HORROCK Special to The New York Times July 21, 1977
WASHINGTON, July 20 The Central Intelligence Agency conducted a 14-year program to find ways to “control human behavior” through the use of chemical, biological and radiological material, according to agency documents made public today by John Marks, a freelance journalist….

Marks: “To be sure, drugs were a part of it, ” he said, ” but so were such other techniques as electric shock, radiation, ultrasonics, psychosurgery, psychology and incapacitating agents, all of which were referred to in documents I have received.”….

According to Mr. Marks’s documents and an earlier Senate investigation, the C.I.A. conducted secret medical experiments from 1949 through 1963 under the code names Bluebird, Artichoke, MK Ultra and MK Delta. The C.I.A. inspector general’s report in 1963 described the program as the “research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior.”

Casey Anthony: What Really Happened to Caylee, Healing the Unimaginable – Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

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Healing the Unimaginable – Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control by Alison Miller

Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme forms of child abuse and mental manipulation.

Paperback: 978 1 85575 882 7
Published: October 2011
Publisher: Karnac Books

A preview of this book is available at:

Casey Anthony: What REALLY Happened to Caylee and Why Truth Matters
by Wendy Murphy, Charles Whitfield, Barbara Whitfield – Muse House Press – September 2011

Description from the website: This is an exceptional book. In the most compelling and comprehensive account of this trial, the authors go below the surface to explore what really happened to Caylee. Wendy Murphy JD gives us a gripping analysis of the trial that captured a nation. Filled with facts that were never discussed at trial, this new book raises important questions about evidence the jurors never heard, and which has been hidden from the public.

From Chapter 7 of the book:
by Wendy Murphy JD – Was Evidence Placed “Under Seal” in the Case?

Ritual Abuse and Torture-based Mind Control

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Ritual Abuse and Torture-based Mind Control: Reducing and Preventing Re-contact with Abusers

….Survivors in therapy should  read this webpage only after their therapists have first read it and assessed that the survivor would benefit from reading it. If a survivor does not have a therapist, I strongly recommend that she/he obtain a therapist and only read this webpage with the therapist’s approval. Information on this website and webpage should not be construed as a substitute for therapy….

This page represents my current opinions on mind-sets and measures that help survivors of ritual abuse and torture-based mind control to reduce and prevent re-contact with their abusers.

Most definitions of the term “ritual abuse” refer to ceremonial practices that involve physical and sexual abuse of children and adults, and human sacrifice, to appease, win favor with, or empower deities whom the abusers believe demand abuse and sacrifice, such as Satan and other polytheistic gods and goddesses.

Torture-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or conditioning to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s volition, moral principles, and spiritual convictions.

Torture-based mind control is practiced by individuals and groups who seek to maximally control and exploit others, usually beginning in childhood. Included are practitioners of abusive religious rituals (e.g., Satanism and abusive witchcraft), organized crimes against children (child pornography, prostitution, and trafficking), and groups with political, military, and espionage agendas.

My opinions are based on a synthesis of 17 years of experience in providing psychotherapy to victims and survivors of ritual abuse and mind control and extensive interviews of other survivors, including many survivor-therapists, and my ongoing communication with therapist and clergy colleagues working with survivors….

DVD: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control, Survivor Trish Fotheringham Speaks Out – Interviewed by Ellen Lacter, Ph.D.
This is a three-disc DVD set interview of Trish Fotheringham, survivor of ritual abuse and mind control.

In an interview of almost three hours with Dr. Ellen Lacter, Trish Fotheringham inspires hope and courage for extreme abuse survivors. She gives direction and guidance for the healing journey, not only to survivors but also to the people who help them, including psychotherapists, clergy, and loved ones.

Trish Fotheringham’s years of ritual abuse and mind control remained secret, even from herself, until she was 30 years old, reaching conscious awareness during college social work classes about child abuse. The decade-spanning healing journey that followed led Trish to discover truths that have culminated in her life purpose of sharing her experiences to spread understanding, hope and inspiration.

Sex abuse victims reject Church payout offer, MPD movie

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Sex abuse victims reject Church payout offer 27 Jan 11

Victims of sexual abuse at Jesuit schools in Germany said Thursday that the Catholic Church’s offer of €5,000 in compensation is too low. “This sum is not at all sufficient to compensate for the damages suffered or to signal a recognition of guilt,” leader of the Eckiger Tisch victim’s group Thomas Weiner told daily Frankfurter Rundshau.
Weiner also said he found it incomprehensible that victims already known to the Church would have to file an application to receive the payment.

On Monday Klaus Mertes, rector of Canisius College, the elite Jesuit school in Berlin at which the first allegations surfaced, told daily Berliner Zeitungthat the 205 known victims would share about €1 million in damages payments from the Jesuit order, meaning each would receive roughly €5,000….

The onslaught of sexual and physical abuse revelations within the Catholic Church began in January 2010 when it emerged that priests at Canisius committed dozens of assaults on pupils in the 1970s and 1980s. Since then more than 200 cases of such abuse at Church institutions throughout the country have emerged.

When the Devil Knocks  January 26, 2011 CBC News Network

Until her mid-40s, Hilary Stanton lived with big gaps in her memory that she thought were normal. Then Hilary had a breakdown, started therapy, and gradually discovered that – during those gaps in memory that she thought were so normal – other personalities (“alters”) were taking over from her….Many of the therapy sessions were videotaped to train therapists in the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder). Remarkably, Hilary has given Bountiful Films permission to use these videotaped therapy sessions in a documentary – When the Devil Knocks.  (website has online film)

The Dissociation & Trauma Clinical Discussions (DissTCD) list

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The Dissociation & Trauma Clinical Discussions (DissTCD) list has been created to allow for clinical discussions for all licensed mental health counselors and retired licensed mental health counselors around the world. If you have a related license or degree, please write us for more information at .

All topics related to clinical issues will be allowed, including public issues that relate to licensed professionals clinical practices.

The list will have archives that will be available to all members, but not the general public. The only requirement for membership is to send one’s full name, state (or country if outside the US), license name and number to join.

To join, write:
and send your full name, state (or country if outside the US), license name and number to

List web page

ISSTD Ritual Abuse/Mind Control Interest Group

September 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

ISSTD Ritual Abuse/Mind Control Interest Group

On September 7, 2008, the ISSTD Executive Council approved the proposal by 17 ISSTD members to create a Ritual Abuse/Mind Control Interest Group.
The Council has approved our interim chair, Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D. We
will hold elections for officers once we have a larger membership.
Our Mission Statement is:
To further dialogue, knowledge, research, and training on the etiology, evaluation, and effective treatment of trauma and dissociation in clients reporting histories of ritual abuse or mind control.
Our Scope is:
To further these goals within the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) and to work with ISSTD to disseminate this knowledge worldwide among professionals and the public.
Our bylaws can be obtained from Wanda Karriker at:
To join the interest group, please send the following information to Wanda Karriker at:
Name     Address   Telephone   E-mail Address  ISSTD Membership Status  [Student, (full) Member, Fellow, Charter, or  Retired]
We look forward to the participation of a large number of ISSTD members and the development of plans to achieve our mission. Please feel free to circulate this announcement widely.

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