Church of England downplayed extent of child abuse allegations, ritual abuse, padeophile cults, multiple personalities, FLDS – Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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–  Church of England downplayed extent of child abuse allegations to protect its reputation, report finds

–  Paedophile cults, parenting and multiple personalities: A mother who’s experienced it all

– Havant sexual abuse survivor calls for more support: ‘There is life after abuse

–  Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit accusing FLDS of sexually abusing young girls under guise of religion (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

–  Dissociative Identity Disorder: What it’s like to live with multiple personalities

Church of England downplayed extent of child abuse allegations to protect its reputation, report finds
Olivia Rudgard, Religious Affairs Correspondent

22 June 2018

The Church of England disregarded dozens of allegations in its inquiry into child sexual abuse and then downplayed the issue to protect its reputation, a critical report has found.

A report by former Barnardo’s chief executive Sir Roger Singleton found that close to 100 cases were whittled down to just a handful for a review released in 2010.

Inconsistent and overly specific criteria reduced the number of cases they reported for the Past Cases Review, leading it to conclude after examining 40,000 files that just 13 cases of alleged child sexual abuse merited formal action.

Sir Roger, who was commissioned to complete an inquiry into the review, said he believed the Church “downplayed” the issue in public statements to avoid reputational damage.

However, he also said he found “no evidence whatsoever of a deliberate attempt to mislead” or that anyone broke the law.

“In the public statement that it issued reporting on the review, [the Church] rather failed to give a comprehensive picture of the concerns that existed,” he said.

“It narrowed down the definitions of who had actually been responsible for abuse by limiting it to just new cases and cases where the Church took formal action. This had the impact of reducing the numbers from probably nearer 100 to just two which appeared in the public statements.”

Paedophile cults, parenting and multiple personalities: A mother who’s experienced it all
By Hattie Gladwell
Friday 22 Jun 2018

Karen*, a mother-of-three in her sixties, lives with dissociative identity disorder (DID), which used to be known as ‘multiple personality disorder’.

It was triggered during her childhood by enduring extreme ritual abuse, inflicted on her by a group of paedophiles. Starting even before she could speak, she underwent emotional, physical and sexual abuse of the most horrific kinds imaginable.

This ‘cult’ Karen describes as a paedophile ring caused Karen to start to disassociate to try and cope with the horrendous pain and trauma inflicted on her as a child.

It started when she was a one-year-old and carried on until she was 16. She now says that she has ‘many parts’.

When the abuse finally stopped after her childhood, the past was ‘barricaded safely away for over 20 years’ because of her ‘alters’ or ‘parts’, the terms used for alternate identities.

DID’s symptoms mean you experience severe changes in your identity, with your psyche creating various personalities to help you cope with traumatic events.

The identity states may come across as different ages and genders, and you may feel you have one ‘main’ part of your identity that feels most like ‘you’ – which some people call the host identity.

A person living with DID may not have control over the different parts when an identity takes over and they may even suffer from amnesia which means you don’t remember what happens when another part of your identity is in control….

The emotional, sexual and physical abuse took many forms, from emotional manipulation and controlling behaviour to rape and beatings.

Karen was abused by a pseudo-cult claiming to be of Christian religion as justification. Heartbreakingly, she also suffered abuse outside of the cult, from people within her family….

Havant sexual abuse survivor calls for more support: ‘There is life after abuse

Tamara Siddiqui Wednesday 27 June 2018

A WOMAN who endured almost 20 years of emotional, sexual and physical abuse is raising awareness about the lack of help available for survivors of such terrible ordeals.

Pauline Sharp, 55, was abused by her parents at her childhood home in Stubbington, and now lives with a number of health issues including chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)….

Pauline, who lives in Havant, said: ‘I’m a survivor of ritual abuse which started at the age of three and carried on until I was about 22. I got told I was chosen, there to serve, and I should be thankful.

‘The impact of child sexual abuse on me and all survivors is life-long.

‘Over the years I have abused my own body, because I was violated, raped, and indoctrinated for so long, told I was evil and worth nothing, so I believed it.

‘I would inflict pain on myself, self-harm and overeat, just so I could mask the pain inflicted on me. As well as chronic PTSD I have short-term memory loss caused by the trauma, anxiety, disassociation, flashbacks and nightmares.’….

After also being taken elsewhere so others could inflict abuse on her, Pauline escaped her parents’ control aged 22 for a job as a nanny in Canada.

She described using her once 24-stone weight as a disguise that kept her safe.

Pauline, who was hospitalised twice in 2007, added: ‘I only got the right help after my second breakdown and it took two years, but I’m lucky I got it because some places have it, some don’t.

‘Survivors of abuse have suffered so much as children and as adults their needs deserve to be met with specialist long-term trauma-based help.

‘Only if a survivor can access the right support can they even begin to recover.

‘I am silent no more and I want to raise awareness, much-needed funds, and show other survivors there is love, laughter and life after abuse….

Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit accusing FLDS of sexually abusing young girls under guise of religion By Michael Rinker July 3, 2018

ST. GEORGE — A Utah judge last week denied a defendant’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging ritualistic sex abuse of young girls by former leaders of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints….

The lawsuit accuses high-ranking FLDS leaders of carrying out a “calculated plan” of ritualistic sex abuse involving girls as young as 8 years old.

In addition to the UEP Trust, other defendants include former FLDS President Warren Jeffs, his brothers Lyle Jeffs and Seth Jeffs, former FLDS leader Wendell Nielsen and the FLDS church.

In 2005, a Utah judge appointed a special fiduciary to take over the UEP Trust in response to accusations that Warren Jeffs and other FLDS leaders mismanaged it.

The responsibility of the special fiduciary has since been reduced, and the trust is now largely run by a court-appointed board of trustees

Since the 2005 intervention, communal property once controlled by the church in Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale has been subdivided and farms and other businesses have been claimed by the trust as taxes went unpaid. It has been overseeing distribution of the property.

As part of their FLDS beliefs, sex between underage girls and priesthood leaders took place, the lawsuit alleges. After President Rulon T. Jeffs suffered a stroke in August 1998, much of his power and authority was delegated to his son Warren Jeffs, who began a new practice involving ritualistic sexual intercourse with young girls in the FLDS temple and other FLDS properties.

“Sex with girls, ages eight to 14 years old, was initiated by Warren Jeffs,” the lawsuit alleges, “along with leadership of UEP Trust and the FLDS Church, including the Twelve Apostles of the Church engaging in and witnessing the sexual relations between Warren S. Jeffs, Lyle Jeffs, Seth Jeffs and Wendell LeRoy Nielsen and other John Does viewing, watching, taping, participating in and documenting these sexual encounters with underage girls.”….

“Warren S. Jeffs told (R.H.) that if she told anyone of these encounters, God would destroy her and her family immediately,” the lawsuit states. He also reportedly said that if she cried during the ritual, “God would punish her.”

The rituals reportedly occurred five to six times a week until R.H. turned 12. When she was 14 years old, the lawsuit alleges, she was required to witness and document other girls’ ritualistic abuse with church leaders…..

Dissociative Identity Disorder: What it’s like to live with multiple personalities
By Tracey Shelton 30 Jun 2018

Ms Tulloch has dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder. She has more than 100 “parts”, each with their own ages, abilities, likes and characteristics.

Psychological studies and accounts of multiplicity have been around for centuries, and DID has been included in the official psychiatry manual since 1980. But it still remains controversial.

In almost every studied case, the cause can be traced back to extreme and ongoing trauma during childhood. For Ms Tulloch, it was repeated sexual abuse perpetrated by neighbours that began when she was three years old.

Psychiatrist Dr Warwick Middleton, one of Australia’s leading experts in dissociative disorders, describes it as “compartmentalisation” or a complex coping system that develops in a young mind unable to deal with the abuse inflicted on them by those they depend on for survival.

In her definitive book Trauma and Recovery, Judith Herman said the only weapon of survival for a child trapped in an abusive environment are “psychological defences” and this forces the development of “extraordinary capacities, both creative and destructive”.

“Repeated trauma in adult life erodes the structure of the personality already formed,” she writes, “but repeated trauma in childhood forms and deforms the personality.”….

On the outside, her family were devout Baptist Christians, but behind the scenes her memories include ritual abuse by groups of adults, and horrific sexual “punishments” at home, mostly at the hands of her grandfather, for crimes as small as “touching my grandmother’s special china plates”.

The abuse resulted in numerous medical issues that never seemed to raise an eyebrow at the doctor’s clinic.

Di — who went on to become a nurse, a mother and now a grandmother — is telling her story in the hopes of raising awareness not to ignore the signs that a child may be experiencing abuse at home, even in families that appear to be respected members of the community…..


Michigan State’s $500 Million for Nassar Victims Dwarfs Other Settlements

May 17, 2018 Comments Off on Michigan State’s $500 Million for Nassar Victims Dwarfs Other Settlements

Michigan State’s $500 Million for Nassar Victims Dwarfs Other Settlements
By Mitch Smith and Anemona Hartocollis
May 16, 2018

Victims of Lawrence G. Nassar, the Michigan State University physician who sexually abused young women under the guise of medical treatment, would receive $500 million from the university in a settlement that is believed to be the largest ever reached in a sexual abuse case involving an American university.

It dwarfed the size of the settlement reached in the sex abuse scandal at Pennsylvania State University. And it was larger than many of the settlements that followed the child sex abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church.

“I think the number being so large sends a message that is undeniable, that something really terrible happened here and that Michigan State owns it,” said John Manly, a lawyer for many of the 332 women who sued the university over abuse by Dr. Nassar. “When you pay half a billion dollars, it’s an admission of responsibility.”

Women who say they were abused by Dr. Nassar still have lawsuits against U.S.A. Gymnastics, the United States Olympic Committee and others, and the settlement with Michigan State could add pressure in those cases. The settlement by Michigan State, a public university that is the state’s largest, also sent a loud warning to other colleges about the potentially devastating cost of ignoring misconduct.

The agreement comes as officials at the University of Southern California are under fire for failing to report a gynecologist who faced allegations of misconduct for decades, and as other colleges find themselves grappling with a growing number of sexual abuse and assault complaints over the last few years. By late Wednesday, officials at U.S.C. said they had received about 85 complaints about George Tyndall, the gynecologist….

Many women said the university enabled Dr. Nassar’s abuse and for years ignored those who came forward with complaints, and top leaders at Michigan State have lost their jobs over the matter, including Lou Anna K. Simon, the president. Michigan’s attorney general is overseeing a criminal investigation into how Dr. Nassar had been permitted to operate at the university for as long as he did. The federal Education Department is investigating the university’s actions. And the F.B.I. is conducting an internal review of what its agents knew about Dr. Nassar’s conduct and when they knew it, Christopher A. Wray, the agency’s director, told Congress on Wednesday.

The settlement was approved by the university’s elected trustees in a conference call on Tuesday night, but final details still had to be handled.

For the women, some of whom shared their stories of abuse in emotional testimony before judges who sentenced Dr. Nassar to more than 100 years in prison, the financial settlement was a step toward healing, but not a fix for systemic failings at Michigan State…..

For about 20 years, Dr. Nassar preyed on young women who came to him for medical care at a Michigan State clinic. When some patients claimed abuse, Dr. Nassar insisted he was performing legitimate medical treatment, and university officials allowed him to continue seeing patients…


Articles by Neil Brick

Child and Ritual Abuse Website

The McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Cover-up

April 19, 2018 Comments Off on The McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Cover-up

The McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Cover-up
Evidence supporting the McMartin Preschool Children’s claims of abuse. 

Information and quotes from various Internet articles.

The McMartin Preschool Case – What Really Happened and the Cover-up

“Prosecutors have asserted that more than 100 children were abused at the school in the past decade.”

“Prosecutors say they intend to present as witnesses 41 former pupils of the school, almost all of whom, physicians testified at the hearing, showed physical evidence of having been sexually abused.”

“At the press conference following the trial, 9 of the 11 jurors who agreed to be interviewed indicated that they believed the children had been molested.” “Behind the Playground Walls”

Tamarkin, C. (1994a). Investigative Issues in Ritual Abuse Cases, Part I. Treating Abuse Today, 4 (4): 14-23. Tamarkin, C. (1994b). Investigative Issues in Ritual Abuse Cases, Part II. Treating Abuse Today, 4 (5): 5-9.

“In August 1982, a mother claimed she noticed blood in her son’s diaper and an irritation around his rectum. A hospital exam confirmed her worst fears her son has been sodomized. Asked who was responsible, the toddler said, “Mr. Ray.” “Mr. Ray” was…a teacher at the McMartin preschool.”

Day Care and Child Abuse Cases

This page has information on the McMartin Preschool Case, Michelle Remembers, the Fells Acres – Amirault Case, the Wenatchee, Washington Case, the Dale Akiki Case, the Glendale Montessori – Toward case, the Little Rascals Day Care Center case, Fran’s Day Care case, the Baran case, the Halsey case, the West Memphis 3 case, the Friedman’s case and the Christchurch Civic Creche sex abuse – Peter Ellis case.

Sexual Abuse in Day Care: A National Study – Executive Summary – March 1988 – Finklehor, Williams, Burns, Kalinowski “The study identified 270 “cases” of sexual abuse in day care meaning 270 facilities where substantiated abuse had occurred involving a total of 1639 victimized children….This yielded an estimate of 500 to 550 reported and substantiated cases and 2500 victims for the three-year period. Although this is a large number, it must be put in the context of 229,000 day care facilities nationwide service seven million children….allegations of ritual abuse (“the invocation of religious, magical or supernatural symbols of activities”) occurred in 13% of the cases.” The authors divided these cases into “true cult-based ritual,” pseudo-ritualism” with a primary goal of sexual gratification and ritual being used to intimidate the children from disclosing and “psychopathological ritualism” the activities being “primarily the expression of an individuals obsessional or delusional system.”

The Dark Tunnels of McMartin – Dr. Roland C. Summit
“The opportunity came in April, 1990 with permission from the new owner of the preschool to search for the tunnels before he demolished the building and redeveloped the property. These soiled but solid citizens managed to find what the district attorney had disclaimed: solid, scientific evidence that someone had not only dug tunnels under the preschool, but also had taken the trouble to try to undo them. The results of this definitive excavation are described in meticulous detail in the 185 page Report of the Archaeological Excavation of the McMartin Preschool Site by E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., the UCLA archaeologist commissioned to do the study….Dr. Stickel’s report (p.95) concludes: There is no other scenario that fits all of the facts except that the feature was indeed a tunnel. The date of the construction and use of the tunnel was not absolutely established, but an assessment of seven factors of data all indicate that it was probably constructed, used and completely filled back in after 1966 (the construction date of the preschool). This age assessment has also been corroborated by the consulting Geologist for the project, Dr. Don Michael.”

Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site

“Hundreds of kids disclosed to their parents and therapists that they were abused at the prestigious McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California.”

McMartin Preschool Weblog
Information about the McMartin Preschool Trial

Chronology of the McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials

“April 2, 1984 The L. A. Times reports that students at McMartin have been fondled, raped, drugged, photographed nude, forced to witness animals being slaughtered and threatened to keep silent.”

“Tunnels are found under the foundation of the McMartin preschool building by a team of Archaeologists headed by Dr. Gary Stickel. Ground Penetrating Radar recently developed by the U.S. Army is used to define the location of anomalies under ground. Three segments of tunnel, one over 45 feet in length with a 9′ x 9′ room area are found exactly where the children said they were.”

Interview of Jackie MacGauley, mother of one of the McMartin Preschool children

The tunnels are documented in a formal report now at a Law University. The most compelling proof was living with my daughter and dealing with all of her revelations and fears.

verification of the accuracy of the book “Michelle Remembers“by Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder, MD from the book “A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER” pages xi – xiii” The source material was scrutinized. The many thousands of pages of transcript of the tape recordings that Dr. Pazder and Michelle Smith made of their psychiatric sessions were read and digested; they became the basis of this book. The tapes themselves were listened to in good measure, and the videotapes made of some of his sessions were viewed. Both the audio and video are powerfully convincing. It is nearly unthinkable that the protracted agony they record could have been fabricated.”

Child abuse survey, Women in UK who can’t report sexual abuse, Animal ritual sacrifice, Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of silencing victims of child abuse

March 27, 2018 Comments Off on Child abuse survey, Women in UK who can’t report sexual abuse, Animal ritual sacrifice, Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of silencing victims of child abuse

Survivorship Movie (the Survivorship edit)
Survivorship Conference 2017 – Promo Video
For survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and torture and pro-survivors

– Scale of child abuse survey ‘needed every 10 years’
– Secret world: The women in the UK who cannot report sexual abuse – ritual ceremonies
– Multiple arrests made Friday in possible animal ritual sacrifice
– Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of silencing victims of child abuse

Scale of child abuse survey ‘needed every 10 years’ 3/25/18
Thousands of children should be surveyed to build a true picture of sexual exploitation, experts have said.

The government says it does not know how many girls have been groomed in the wake of questions about sexual exploitation in Telford.

But the Centre of Expertise for Child Sexual Abuse is designing a survey of children to run every 10 years to assess the scale of the problem.

Authorities raised 18,800 concerns of children at risk in 2016-17.

This was equivalent to 51 every day.

And there were 29,600 assessments of children by social services in England about other sexual abuse because of concerns raised by teachers, social workers and health services.

That works out at 16 assessments of whether children were at risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and 25 for sexual abuse for every 10,000 under 18s….

Secret world: The women in the UK who cannot report sexual abuse
By Megha Mohan BBC Stories 3/25/18
They often fled their homelands to escape sexual abuse – but for many asylum seekers, it continues in the UK. Fear of deportation often means they don’t tell police, but one effect of the Harvey Weinstein revelations is that they have now begun to talk about their experiences among themselves.

At the age of 37, Grace has never had consensual sex.

“I am not the only one. There are many more women like me,” she says, hunched over and looking down at the table. She indicates to the wall that separates the small meeting room from her friends in the adjacent room.

“We are the most destitute and vulnerable women in the UK.”….

Grace and her sister were subjected to continuous physical, verbal and sexual abuse by their husband. They were also made to take part in superstitious ritual ceremonies that he believed would advance his political career – including drinking animal blood, she says with a shudder.

The young women relied on each other for support, afraid that if they spoke out their family would be harmed.

“Our husband was a powerful man,” Grace says…..

“The asylum process is flawed and works against a victim of sexual harassment or abuse at many stages,” says Girma.

“If you don’t have legal status you are not considered a person in the eyes of the law. You are not really a human being.

“These women have endured a prolonged and continual cycle of abuse – fleeing sexual violence and walking straight into a life of abuse while in the UK.”

The situation is worst for those who are living in the country without having applied for asylum.

“Currently there is data-sharing between police and UK immigration officers and we have heard of cases where women go to report abuse and are held in detention centres or even deported back to the countries they came from, and the deadly situations they were trying to escape. The current system prevents these women from reporting sexual violence and the predators know this,” Girma says…..

Multiple arrests made Friday in possible animal ritual sacrifice in West Bexar County
By Chris Quinn, / San Antonio Express-News Saturday, March 17, 2018
A gruesome scene unfolded Friday night as Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies discovered dead and dismembered animals in a West Bexar County home after receiving calls that animals were being sacrificed.

Deputies responded to an animal cruelty call in the 11400 block of Bronze Sand Road about 7 p.m.

When deputies arrived, they saw more than a dozen people inside the garage of a residence where a woman was cutting up “animal parts,” while another person was draining the blood of a chicken into a container, according to Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez.

“It appears that they were having some sort of unknown ritual,” Gonzalez said. “They were speaking a different language the officer did not recognize.” Gonzalez explained the responding deputy is fluent in English and Spanish.

During the investigation deputies found multiple dead and mutilated animals inside the residence as well, including “goat heads” and more chickens, Gonzalez said….


Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of silencing victims of child abuse
Scores of alleged victims come forward and describe culture of cover-up in religious group in UK
Sarah Marsh Sun 25 Mar 2018

More than 100 people have contacted the Guardian with allegations of child sexual abuse and other mistreatment in Jehovah’s Witness communities across the UK.

Former and current members, including 41 alleged victims of child sexual abuse, described a culture of cover-ups and lies, with senior members of the organisation, known as elders, discouraging victims from coming forward for fear of bringing “reproach on Jehovah” and being exiled from the congregation and their families.

A Guardian investigation also heard from 48 people who experienced other forms of abuse, including physical violence when they were children, and 35 who witnessed or heard about others who were victims of child grooming and abuse.

The stories told to the Guardian ranged from events decades ago to more recent, and many of those who came forward have now contacted the police.

They told the Guardian about:

An organisation that polices itself and teaches members to avoid interaction with outside authorities.
A rule set by the main governing body of the religion that means for child sexual abuse to be taken seriously there must be two witnesses to it.
Alleged child sex abuse victims claiming they were forced to recount allegations in front of their abuser.
Young girls who engage in sexual activity before marriage being forced to describe it in detail in front of male elders.

A solicitor representing some of the alleged victims said she believed there were thousands of complainants in the UK and that the people who have contacted the Guardian were “just the tip of the iceberg”.

One alleged victim, Rachel Evans, who has waived her right to anonymity, claimed there was a paedophile ring active in the 1970s, although details of the case cannot be divulged due to a current investigation.

“Within the Jehovah’s Witnesses there is an actual silencing and also a network where if someone went to the elders and said ‘there is a problem with this’ and they believe you, the whole thing will be dealt with in-house. But often these people are not dealt with, they are either moved to another congregation or told to keep their head down for a few years,” she said….

Child and Ritual Abuse Research

Articles and Research by Neil Brick

Mom killed children in voodoo ritual, Circus sex ring sexually abused boys, Girl burned in voodoo ritual

February 7, 2018 Comments Off on Mom killed children in voodoo ritual, Circus sex ring sexually abused boys, Girl burned in voodoo ritual

Cops: Brockton mom killed kids in `voodoo’ ritual

Circus sex ring ‘sexually abused and raped three boys under eight for two years

Police: 5-year-old girl burned in voodoo ritual; 2 charged
Cops: Brockton mom killed kids in `voodoo’ ritual
Laurel J. Sweet, Brian Dowling Tuesday, February 06, 2018

A Brockton mother of five fatally stabbed her 8-year-old son 50 times with a kitchen knife as part of a “voodoo” ritual, then went after his little brother when she thought she had “failed” with the older child, authorities said.

“It came out ‘wrong’ with the first one and for that reason she had to move on to the second child,” assistant Plymouth District Attorney Jessica Kenny said of Latarsha L. Sanders, now held without bail for the murders of her two youngest children…
Cruz said, “We believe, based upon her comments, that she was involved in some form of rituals that she believed in. We’re gathering information as we speak. Suffice it to say it’s something she referred to throughout her life to other people in her family — in the last couple years, anyway, and it’s something we’re looking into.”
Sanders told police she attacked Edson “because of the voodoo stuff,” according to a report on her interview at Good Samaritan Hospital after waiving her Miranda rights…..

Circus sex ring ‘sexually abused and raped three boys under eight for two years
and forced them to drink their own BLOOD’
Seven people have been charged in Sydney over an alleged child sex abuse ring
Group, who are linked to a performing arts school, are accused of kidnapping three boys aged under eight before sexually abusing them over two years
Abuse included ritual where boys were forced to drink their blood, it is reported
Five women aged from 58 to 17 and two men aged 52 and 18 face 127 charges
By Chris Pleasance and Max Margan For Daily Mail Australia
6 February 2018 |
Seven members of a performing arts school have been accused of kidnapping, sexually abusing and raping three young boys as part of a sadistic sex ring.
The group, based in west Sydney, are accused of performing rituals in which the boys, all aged under eight, had their blood taken before being forced to drink it.
The abuse lasted for two years between 2014 and 2016, police said.

Five women aged between 58 and 17 and two men aged 52 and 18 have been arrested and are now facing a total of 127 charges…..All of the suspects are linked to a performing arts school which caters to children, some with disabilities, and describes itself as ‘a family friendly environment where students can learn in a safe and fun manner’.

Its owner, a 58-year-old woman, has been charged with 43 offences.

They included aggravated sexual assault of a child under 10, sexual intercourse with a child under 10 and aggravated kidnapping….

Police: 5-year-old girl burned in voodoo ritual; 2 chargedFeb 3, 2018

EAST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (AP) — Two sisters tied down and burned a 5-year-old girl, permanently disfiguring her, in a voodoo ritual meant to rid her of a demon causing her to misbehave, police said. The women also threatened to cut off the head of the girl’s 8-year-old brother with a machete, authorities said.

The boy said his sister was tied down on at least two occasions while the sisters blew fire over her face and cut her on the arm and in the collar area with a needle-like object, drawing blood, according to police. The girl said the women also poured over her eyes a substance that stung.
Peggy LaBossiere, 51, and Rachel Hilaire, 40, of East Bridgewater, denied injuring the girl and threatening the boy, the Brockton Enterprise reported . They pleaded not guilty on Jan. 29 to mayhem, assault and other charges. A public defender for the women didn’t return a call seeking comment on Saturday.

Police say the girl’s mother is a hair stylist of Haitian descent who has LaBossiere as a client and requested the ritual. She has not been charged but is receiving m ental health treatment.

A look at the lives of 13 siblings held captive, Athletes Face Larry Nassar and Recount Sexual Abuse

January 23, 2018 Comments Off on A look at the lives of 13 siblings held captive, Athletes Face Larry Nassar and Recount Sexual Abuse

–  A look at the lives of 13 siblings held captive in a house full of chains — and what comes next
–  One After Another, Athletes Face Larry Nassar and Recount Sexual Abuse

–  Women Confront Larry Nassar in Court: ‘I Was So Brainwashed Then’

–  What MSU knew: 14 were warned of Nassar abuse
8 women reported abuse claims, at least one of which reached president

A look at the lives of 13 siblings held captive in a house full of chains — and what comes next
by Marwa Eltagouri January 19, 2018

California parents plead not guilty to torture of 13 children

What started as neglect, officials said, became dangerous and pervasive child abuse over the years.

If they misbehaved, the 13 siblings living in a Southern California home would be tied to their beds as punishment — first with ropes, until a child whose limbs were strung together was able to wriggle free. Then, the parents began using chains and padlocks, officials said.

Over time, the periods in which the siblings were confined grew longer, and they would not be released to use the bathroom, officials said….

These disturbing living conditions for years went undiscovered, police say, until a 17-year-old girl escaped from the Perris, Calif., house this week. Her 12 siblings were freed soon after, and her parents were arrested.

On Thursday, David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin were charged with multiple felony counts of torture, child abuse, abuse of dependent adults and false imprisonment. David Turpin is additionally charged with committing a lewd act on one of the female children by force. The couple, initially arrested on charges of torture and child endangerment, could face up to life in prison if found guilty….

The parents would buy food for themselves but prohibit the children from having any, with the exception of the 2-year-old, who was getting enough to eat. Sometimes, authorities said, the parents would buy apple or pumpkin pies, leave them on the counter and let them go uneaten, prohibiting the children from tasting them.

One 12-year-old is so malnourished that his weight was that of an average 7-year-old, and the 29-year-old female victim weighs 82 pounds, Hestrin said.

The siblings rarely left their Perris house and did not go to school. Instead, they were taught at home, Hestrin said, but were forced to sleep all day and stay up at night, typically going to sleep at 4 or 5 a.m.

The Turpin children were permitted to bathe just once a year, Hestrin said….

One After Another, Athletes Face Larry Nassar and Recount Sexual Abuse

LANSING, Mich. — Armed with pieces of paper etched with their memories of sexual abuse, they stepped forward, one by one — nearly 100 of them, with more to come.

For four full days this week, in a fluorescent-lighted courtroom here, women and girls — some of them the best gymnasts in the country, others with dreams prematurely crushed, they said, by a man who now sat in handcuffs 10 feet away — leaned into a microphone to address him, sometimes through sobs, sometimes with screams, but always with determination.

Aly Raisman, 23, who won gold medals at the past two Summer Olympics, told of late-night knocks on her hotel door while she was competing overseas, as the man, Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar, then the team doctor, arrived to abuse her.

A teammate at the 2012 London Games, Jordyn Wieber, who until Friday had not identified herself as a victim of Dr. Nassar’s, recalled the torment of the Games, where she was a part of the American team that won a gold medal but, she said, had to submit to his care under the auspices of the sport’s governing body, U.S.A. Gymnastics.

“Our bodies were all hanging by a thread in London,” she said. “Who was the doctor that U.S.A.G. sent? The doctor who was our abuser.”….

“Nobody was protecting us from being taken advantage of,” Ms. Wieber said. “Nobody was ever concerned whether or not we were being sexually abused.”

Ms. Raisman took clear aim at both U.S.A. Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee when she appeared in court on Friday.

“Neither U.S.A. Gymnastics nor the U.S.O.C. have reached out to express sympathy or even offer support,” she said. “Not even to ask: ‘How did this happen? What do you think we can do to help?’ Why have I and others here, probably, not heard anything from the leadership at the U.S.O.C.? Why has the United States Olympic Committee been silent? Why isn’t the U.S.O.C. here right now?”….

The impact of the trial, and Dr. Nassar’s history of assault, is spreading well beyond the courtroom. Michigan State University, which employed Dr. Nassar, was also facing increasing pressure after revelations that 14 people, including the president, Lou Anna K. Simon, had been warned about his conduct….

Women Confront Larry Nassar in Court: ‘I Was So Brainwashed Then’
Three U.S.A. Gymnastics board members resigned in the wake of Larry Nassar’s sex abuse scandal. More survivors came forward on the fifth day of the sentencing hearing.

….But on Monday in a Michigan courtroom, on the fifth day of Dr. Nassar’s sentencing hearings, dozens of women spoke out or had their statements read aloud for them — statements about how, after winning their trust, he sexually molested them. They described being misled as children and teenagers, saying that they saw Dr. Nassar as a trustworthy savior who consoled them or wiped blood from their faces, and as a man they looked up to as a prominent doctor in gymnastics.

As nearly 100 women did last week, they offered remarks that went beyond the emotional and graphic stories of sexual abuse by Dr. Nassar when they were sent to him as young athletes. On Monday, more than a dozen asked how the abuse could have gone on for decades, and why organizations — such as the national gymnastics governing body and Michigan State University, his employer — enabled him or turned a blind eye.

On Monday, several top board members of U.S.A. Gymnastics announced their resignations, including the group’s chairman, vice chairman and treasurer. On Saturday, a Michigan State trustee, Mitch Lyons, dissented from the board’s public support for its president, Lou Anna K. Simon, calling for her to resign amid questions around her knowledge about Dr. Nassar’s behavior….

As the women approached the podium, they were welcomed by Judge Rosemarie Aquilina of Ingham County Circuit Court, who called them “survivors” and said she would hear statements from more than 140 women altogether, possibly through Tuesday. Dr. Nassar, who has already received a 60-year sentence for child pornography, will be sentenced after the statements are finished.

After each of them spoke, the judge addressed them again, encouraging them to leave their painful memories behind…..

Dr. Nassar pleaded guilty in November to seven counts of sexual assault, and his sentencing hearing, which began last Tuesday, has been growing as the number of women who have wanted to speak in court has grown…..

What MSU knew: 14 were warned of Nassar abuse
8 women reported abuse claims, at least one of which reached president
Kim Kozlowski, The Detroit News

Reports of sexual misconduct by Dr. Larry Nassar reached at least 14 Michigan State University representatives in the two decades before his arrest, with no fewer than eight women reporting his actions, a Detroit News investigation has found.

Among those notified was MSU President Lou Anna Simon, who was informed in 2014 that a Title IX complaint and a police report had been filed against an unnamed physician, she told The News on Wednesday.

“I was informed that a sports medicine doctor was under investigation,” said Simon, who made the brief comments after appearing in court Wednesday to observe a sentencing hearing for Nassar. “I told people to play it straight up, and I did not receive a copy of the report. That’s the truth.”

Among the others who were aware of alleged abuse were athletic trainers, assistant coaches, a university police detective and an official who is now MSU’s assistant general counsel, according to university records and accounts of victims who spoke to The News.

Collectively, the accounts show MSU missed multiple opportunities over two decades to stop Nassar, a graduate of its osteopathic medical school who became a renowned doctor but went on to molest scores of girls and women under the guise of treating them for pain…..

Child abuse inquiry: Boy ‘abused’ by head of Catholic school

November 30, 2017 Comments Off on Child abuse inquiry: Boy ‘abused’ by head of Catholic school

Child abuse inquiry: Boy ‘abused’ by head of Catholic school
29 November 2017 UK

A head teacher of a Catholic boarding school invited a young pupil into his study and then sexually abused him, the inquiry into child abuse has heard.

The hearing heard the boy was told to pretend to go to bed in his dorm at Ampleforth College, in North Yorkshire, and then to get up and go to his study.

Two other ex-pupils also talked about being abused and beaten at the school.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is currently examining abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church is one of 13 public organisations being scrutinised by the public inquiry, which is being headed by Prof Alexis Jay.

The third day of hearings into allegations involving the Church examined abuse at Ampleforth College, a private school run by Benedictine monks.

In a statement, read out to the inquiry, a man said he was abused by the head teacher of Gilling Castle – Ampleforth’s preparatory, or primary, school – in the mid 1960s.

He said he was under the age of 10 when the abuse took place….

The men said they were also sexually abused by a monk and Father Piers Grant-Ferris, who was jailed for abuse in 2006….

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