Police Investigating Sexual Abuse Claims at Prestigious New England Boarding School

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Police Investigating Sexual Abuse Claims at Prestigious New England Boarding School
By Chris Harris 01/06/2016

Two New England attorneys are saying they’ve been in touch with more than 40 alumni of an affluent Rhode Island boarding school that allege staff members or other pupils sexually assaulted them during the 1970s and 1980s.

PEOPLE spoke Wednesday with Eric MacLeish, one of the two lawyers behind a press conference held on Tuesday in which four graduates of the St. George’s School in Middletown accused school officials of covering up years of systemic abuse.

“I have never run across anything like this,” MacLeish, who has spent his career representing victims of childhood sexual abuse, tells PEOPLE; he’s a St. George’s alum.

“Officials were not reporting claims from students but instead, imposing gag orders on those victims,” MacLeish explains. “There are prosecutable crimes that occurred here and I expect more victims will be coming forward.”

At Tuesday’s press conference, MacLeish and his co-counsel, attorney Carmen Durso, issued a 36-page response to findings released by St. George’s headmaster, Eric Peterson, and the school’s Board of Trustees back in December.

The school’s own report, which was obtained by PEOPLE, capped a 10-month investigation into sex abuse allegations from 26 staff and students who’d worked at or attended the school during the ’70s and ’80s.

It concluded there was no evidence to indicate school officials “simply ignored” complaints of sexual misconduct while acknowledging “the school could have done more to keep its students safe.” The school’s report also included an apology and outlined steps administrators would be taking to get potential victims mental health counseling.

But Tuesday’s detailed response alleges school administrators deliberately dropped the ball, failing to report known or suspected abuse to Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth and Families. Instead, offenders were either terminated or expelled, MacLeish claims….

Dozens of alums from elite boarding school come forward with tales of sexual abuse  Jan 7th 2016

More than 40 Rhode Island boarding school alumni are speaking out, demanding justice for a string of alleged sexual assaults by staff and peers going back into the 1970s…..


What Can We Learn from The Accusations Against Woody Allen?

February 15, 2014 Comments Off on What Can We Learn from The Accusations Against Woody Allen?

What Can We Learn from The Accusations Against Woody Allen?

The current public drama of accusation being played out between Woody Allen’s adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen is a familiar dynamic to child abuse professionals who work in the family court arena. Unfortunately, child abuse experts know that family court is a difficult venue for a child who alleges sexual abuse to be protected. While in Dylan Farrow’s case, the Judge protected her, in many cases children are forced into ongoing contact despite their allegations….

Many people believe that if someone is guilty of abuse, he would be in jail. After reviewing numerous studies, Bolen (2001) found that offenders may be convicted in only 1-2% of cases of suspected abuse known to professionals. (see Child sexual abuse: Its scope and our failure. New York: Kluwer Academic)….

Many people believe that accusations of abuse during divorce are just a strategy to win custody. In fact, divorce is a logical consequence of finding out a partner is abusive and abuse claims during custody disputes are just as likely to be valid as those made at any other time….

Another important myth is the belief that a person who both appears and acts normal could not be a child molester….In truth, most perpetrators are otherwise normal appearing and acting members of society. Woody Allen’s public presentation, the way he looks and his level of success in his field should not lead people to make assumptions about his private conduct. In other words, Dylan Farrow’s credibility is completely unrelated to Woody Allen’s likeability as a person or talent as a filmmaker….

Custody decision
Allen v. Farrow 197 AD2d 327 (1994)
Appellate decision by New York Supreme Court denying Woody Allen’s petition for custody of his three children – including Dylan.

EXCERPTS: “…the testimony given at trial by the individuals caring for the children that day, the videotape of Dylan made by Ms. Farrow the following day and the accounts of Dylan’s behavior toward Mr. Allen both before and after the alleged instance of abuse, suggest that the abuse did occur.”….

Six Reasons Why Dylan Farrow is Highly Credible
February 3, 2014, The Naked Law
by Lisa Bloom, Avvo.com Legal Advisor and Analyst

Bloom, a lawyer and legal analyst who has represented child sexual abuse victims for decades, states why she finds Dylan’s story to be highly credible.

EXCERPT: “4. Woody Allen not only has had a long-term, well-established interest in young girls, he’s never seen anything wrong with it. His film Manhattan, in which he stars, features a forty-two year old man in a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old high school student without any compunction whatsoever. (Don’t tell me things were different in 1979. Plenty of us opposed sexual abuse then too.) And more significantly, he demonstrated an outrageous ability to prey on Mia’s family by secretly engaging in a sexual relationship with Dylan’s teenaged sister Soon-Yi and taking explicit pornographic pictures of her. (He ultimately married her.)….

Dylan Farrow’s Allegations Against Woody Allen: A Short List of Truly Unfair Considerations
February 4, 2014
Roger Canaff

Canoff, an attorney who has prosecuted, evaluated and consulted on child sexual abuse cases for over 15 years, corrects misinformation in the media that is being touted as reasons Allen should be exonerated and Dylan (or Mia Farrow) either blamed or pitied. Canoff rebutts an article in The Daily Beast that took Allen’s side and the arguments favoring Allen.

EXCERPT: “2. The allegations arising in the context of a custody dispute. Many have bought into the pernicious myth that children are easily and often coached to fabricate allegations of sexual abuse, usually by their mother against a targeted male figure. This is a particularly attractive idea against Mia Farrow, whose perceived bitterness at Allen’s actions with Soon-Yi Previn fuel the myth. In fact, sex abuse allegations made during custody disputes have about the same very low rate of false reporting as in any other case. Further, the risk of suggestibility drops off sharply after around the age of 5, two years before Dylan reported.”….

Jimmy Savile sex crime police ‘to arrest more celebrities’ in Operation Yewtree probe, Ex-Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis arrested over fresh sex abuse allegations, Church Sex-Abuse Victim ‘Surprised’ by Pope

March 15, 2013 Comments Off on Jimmy Savile sex crime police ‘to arrest more celebrities’ in Operation Yewtree probe, Ex-Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis arrested over fresh sex abuse allegations, Church Sex-Abuse Victim ‘Surprised’ by Pope

– Jimmy Savile sex crime police ‘to arrest more celebrities’ in Operation Yewtree probe
– Ex-Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis arrested over fresh sex abuse allegations
– Church Sex-Abuse Victim ‘Surprised’ by Pope

Jimmy Savile sex crime police ‘to arrest more celebrities’ in Operation Yewtree probe   Thursday 14 Mar 2013

Police investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal are preparing to arrest more celebrities within weeks, it has been revealed.

Some ‘very high-profile figures’ are said to be among the new names reported to Operation Yewtree detectives by alleged victims.

The police promise comes as former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis was arrested for the second time over alleged sexual offences – though he again proclaimed his innocence.

Operation Yewtree was set up last year amid revelations of how the late TV presenter and DJ Savile had escaped prosecution despite decades of allegations against him.

Among those already arrested since the probe was launched are Travis, comedian Jim Davidson, PR consultant Max Clifford and disgraced pop star Gary Glitter.

All have declared their innocence.

Nazir Afzal, from the Crown Prosecution Service, has now told a child abuse seminar in London that more arrests are imminent….

Ex-Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis arrested over fresh sex abuse allegations
Wednesday 13 Mar 2013
Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis has been re-arrested on a string of new sex allegations, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

The 67-year-old was questioned when he answered bail on Monday about 11 new ‘incidents’ that have come to light.

According to sources, the claims date back to the 1970s and 1980s.

Mr Travis was originally arrested in November of last year. At the time, he strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

Speaking outside his home in Bedfordshire today, the former Top of the Pops host told reporters:  ‘I have been into a police station and I have had a chat with them and that is it.

‘They have told me they will make a decision in April.

‘I have not been charged with anything and that is it at the moment. I have to wait until they make up their minds.’….

Church Sex-Abuse Victim ‘Surprised’ by Pope
Udo Strutynski says Pope Francis’ message to the church is “no more business as usual.”  03/14/2013

Priest worked in school after sex abuse allegations

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Priest worked in school after sex abuse allegations Vatican in new abuse storm over priest in India by Mira Oberman Apr 5, 2010 CHICAGO (AFP)

A priest accused of sexually molesting two girls in the United States spent years working for Roman Catholic schools in India despite entreaties from a US bishop that he answer for his crimes, court documents showed….But despite numerous entreaties, and efforts by a Minnesota prosecutor to have him extradited on charges of child rape, Jeyapaul remained in his position as a secretary of the Diocese of Ootacamund’s Education Commission, court records showed. “The only ones who knew about him being a rapist, were the bishop, the Vatican and that’s it,” said Jeff Anderson, a Minnesota lawyer who represents Jeyapaul’s victim.

“They kept it a secret because they were concerned about the protection of their reputation and not about the children who are at grave peril,” Anderson told AFP. “And as long as they keep secrets, they are complicit in these crimes.”….”They did in this case what they always do which is nothing but impose secrecy and in this case allowed Jayapaul to not only continue in ministry but to supervise kids,” said Anderson, who has filed scores of claims on behalf of victims of child sex abuse by priests. “What we hope to accomplish is first that any priest and/or bishop that has raped kids or a bishop that has been complicit in it be put in jail and defrocked,” he said.

His further aim is to ensure that the Roman Catholic church be forced to publicly release its secret files on internal investigations into allegations of sexual abuse so that children can be protected from repeat offenders. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100406/ts_alt_afp/vaticanreligionchildabuseusindia_20100406013951

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