Judge orders Dos Palos ‘satanic’ murder defendant to stand trial

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–  Judge orders Dos Palos ‘satanic’ murder defendant to stand trial

–  Affidavit: Demons, mental issues could have played role in Duncan murder “he bought a satanic Bible off of Amazon before performing satanic rituals in his backyard”

–   Warren double-murder suspect to seek insanity ruling

“Religious and Satanic items also were found in the Warren trailer where Borowiak had been living.”

Judge orders Dos Palos ‘satanic’ murder defendant to stand trial
By Vikaas Shanker March 01, 2018

The 37-year-old Dos Palos woman who is accused of killing her mother in an alleged “Satanic” sacrifice was held to answer for murder….

Responding officers found Bal covered in blood, according to investigators’ reports obtained by the Merced Sun-Star. Bal reportedly stabbed her mother during a struggle at least 20 times with an 8-inch kitchen knife.

During the 9-1-1 call played in court Thursday, a female voice identifying herself as Bal calmly tells the operator that she killed her mother by stabbing her and cutting her throat, and that she has a history of mental illness….

But in investigators’ reports, Bal told authorities “It was a calling to kill her” mother as part of a “satanic practice.” She also told them she has used a variety of illegal drugs, and she consumed five beers the night before the murder.

Family members and others told investigators Bal had mental issues and was making troubling statements of a sexual nature the night before, and that she would occasionally make statements referring to satanic practice.

Bal was declared mentally competent to face charges on Feb. 15 after several medical examinations….

Affidavit: Demons, mental issues could have played role in Duncan murder
Monday, April 9th 2018 By Jarred Burk

DUNCAN, Ok (RNN Texoma) –

The man accused of killing a 19-year-old woman on Saturday morning told police he was seeing faces and hearing voices before the murder, according to court documents. Duncan police interviewed 18-year-old Kevin Miller just hours after he allegedly shot Caitlin Harmon at his home….

Miller told police that Harmon had found the gun in his bathroom earlier in the evening. He said he had then taken the gun to his dad’s apartment and left it there but went back and got it about 15 minutes later. He reportedly said he then walked into the bedroom where Harmon was watching TV before shooting and killing her. Miller reportedly told police that he had killed her because she did not want to be with him and he was jealous of what she had….

Police say he told them he had spent his free time that day watching videos on YouTube and he bought a satanic Bible off of Amazon before performing satanic rituals in his backyard….


Warren double-murder suspect to seek insanity ruling
By Jameson Cook, The Macomb Daily 03/22/18

The defense attorney for a man accused of brutally beating to death his aunt and uncle in their Warren home will pursue an insanity defense.

Attorney Stephen Freers formally notified a judge Thursday he will seek a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity for Joseph Borowiak, 38, charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the slayings of Steven and Cynthia Collins late last summer….

The suspect’s Facebook page contained haunting and bizarre posts including a ‘hit list’ that named the Collins’ and their two adult children, terming the deceased couple “exterminians” with arrows next to their names, police said. The same list was found in Borowiak’s backpack, which also contained a map to his aunt and uncle’s home and religious “artifacts” such as crosses, Bibles, charms and jewelry, police said. Religious and Satanic items also were found in the Warren trailer where Borowiak had been living.

Borowiak’s Facebook page also included references to God, the Bible, Satan and the Grim Reaper….

Convicted child abuser Peter Dundas Walbran arrested teaching at Thai school, Attempted murder recounted by giggling teens

December 10, 2015 Comments Off on Convicted child abuser Peter Dundas Walbran arrested teaching at Thai school, Attempted murder recounted by giggling teens

Convicted child abuser Peter Dundas Walbran arrested teaching at Thai school
December 9, 2015 Lindsay Murdoch South-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media

Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand: Police have detained a Sydney man jailed in 2012 over the rape and molestation of Indonesian boys as young as eight who was found teaching at a school in north-eastern Thailand.

Fairfax Media witnessed police confronting Peter Dundas Walbran, a former head of the Australian International School in Jakarta, with a warrant to search his apartment on suspicion of possessing child pornography as he was leaving to go to school on Wednesday….

That Walbran came to be teaching children in Asia again, after being deported from Indonesia to Australia last year, raises questions about the effectiveness of Australia’s National Child Offender Register.

Melbourne investigator Glen Hulley tracked 59-year-old Walbran to an international school in Ubon Ratchathani, 630 kilometres from Bangkok, where he has been teaching children aged 12 to 17 for eight months….

Walbran was sentenced to three years’ jail on the Indonesian island of Lombok in 2012 for offences that shocked investigators, including the repeated rape and abuse of children over a period of nine years….

Indonesian authorities alleged that Walbran befriended children on beaches and paid them as little as the equivalent of $3 after committing acts on them that distressed investigators….

Crime Read: Attempted murder recounted by giggling teens
December 3, 2015
Kate Kyriacou The Courier-Mail

THE two girls sat just off the sandy path of the Tanglewood track, waiting for their prey.

They’d talked about robbing someone but Sarah had been hacking into a tree trunk with the knife she’d brought. And she’d been talking for years about killing someone. Hopefully several someones.

When the woman with the bum bag appeared on the shady Noosa walking trail – a cooler alternative on hot days to the blinding white sand of the beach – they decided she was a good fit.

She was alone, for a start. Older, too. And maybe the bum bag clipped around her waist had a hidden stash of money….

They followed her for 20 minutes. Twenty minutes of Sarah steeling herself, getting ready for this thing she’d dreamed about, fantasised over, for so long.

This had nothing to do with the devil, with her obsession for the occult. This was her. This was what she wanted.

Sarah pulled the knife from under her shirt and ran forward, lunging at the unsuspecting bushwalker.

She crushed her hand over the woman’s mouth to stifle her screams and started hacking at her throat.

Aleaha chased with a pair of wooden nunchakus in hand. As Sarah stabbed and slashed, pushing the knife into the terrified woman’s side, Aleaha drew back her arm and brought the nunckakus down on their victim’s head….

They were still in Year 10 when they began to dabble in Satanism. They used the computers in the school library to download material from the internet. Sarah didn’t have the internet at home.

They used the internet to order a copy of the Satanic bible and began reading it obsessively. They kept journals and diaries on their new religion.

For Sarah’s parents, it was as though she had changed overnight. Their gentle, animal-loving daughter had been very immature for her age but she’d also been creative and bright. She wrote imaginative stories and poems. She was obsessively neat and clean. She took great care with her appearance.

She’d gone to a party with friends one night. The next day, everything was different.

“It was like throwing a switch,” her mother would explain in an interview in 1999.

“Sarah had always been very aware of her appearance. She liked her hair to be perfect. And then suddenly I had to force her to wash her hair … to make herself look decent.

“Her whole personality seemed to change overnight.”

Their only child was soon spending days on end locked away in her bedroom listening to death metal….

The girls had not given up on their infatuation with Satanism.

Sarah was “Cargulin” the Antichrist and number two on the satanic totem pole. Aleaha was “Satiryn”, the Angel of Sorrows – ranked number three.

Sarah had made her a certificate. Aleaha was her “satanic, sadistic ritual sex partner”.

“Am I really Satan’s, am I that worthy?” Aleaha had written.

They’d sacrificed animals as part of their obsession. They’d shared blood.

But Sarah wanted more. She fantasised about killing people.

“Spill the blood of all!” she wrote on a blood splattered journal page.

“Slaughter their innocent souls!! Cast their worthless prayers!! Leach the light away!! Bring evil to this land!! PURE MASSACRE!!”….

“About three years ago it (the dream) started. It’s not much to do with the occult thing. My parents call me a Satanist … really Satanism doesn’t have anything to do with killing people … (it’s) just a side interest. My interest is killing people.”….

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