Epstein’s “first victim” introduced to Trump, Epstein’s famous connections, Epstein Trafficked Girls, Cult Rite Killed 7

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– Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘first victim’ was introduced to Donald Trump when she was 14: suit

– Jeffrey Epstein ran a ‘trafficking pyramid scheme’ from his private island until 2018, a new lawsuit alleges. Here are all the famous people he was connected to.

U.S. Virgin Islands Officials: Epstein Trafficked Girls On Private Island Until 2018

– Survivor recounts confused, chaotic cult rite that killed 7

Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘first victim’ was introduced to Donald Trump when she was 14: suit
By Stephen Rex Brown New York Daily News Jan 17, 2020


Jeffrey Epstein (left) and real estate developer Donald Trump at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla. in 1997. (Davidoff Studios / New York Daily News)

A woman who says she was Jeffrey Epstein’s first known victim claims in a new lawsuit that the multimillionaire sex offender introduced her to Donald Trump when she was 14, saying “This is a good one, right?”

Trump, according to the suit against Epstein’s estate, “smiled and nodded in agreement.” The woman filed the lawsuit Friday in Manhattan Federal Court under the pseudonym Jane Doe.

Trump and Epstein “both chuckled and Doe felt uncomfortable, but, at the time, was too young to understand why,” the lawsuit reads. The encounter happened in the mid-90s at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort, court docs said. The suit doesn’t accuse Trump of any abuse.

The victim met Epstein and his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, when she was 13 years old and attending Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan, where she was in the voice program. The perverted financier and British socialite groomed her for abuse by frequently making references to sex and insisting she indulge their every whim, according to the suit. Epstein first sexually abused the girl toward the end of 1994, according to the suit. She claims she traveled with Epstein and Maxwell on his private jet….

In 1997, Epstein raped her the first of many times, the suit says.

The woman seeks a cut of Epstein’s $577 million estate. More than 15 other victims have filed similar federal suits against the notorious sex offender’s estate…..

Manhattan prosecutors have said they continue to investigate Epstein’s enablers. Trump and Epstein partied in the same social circles in the 1980s and 1990s but had a falling out in the early 2000s over a real estate dispute, according to reports.

“I was not a fan of his, that I can tell you,” Trump said after Epstein was arrested last year…..Maxwell has adamantly denied wrongdoing.


Jeffrey Epstein ran a ‘trafficking pyramid scheme’ from his private island until 2018, a new lawsuit alleges. Here are all the famous people he was connected to. Taylor Nicole Rogers Jan 16, 2020

Prosecutors in a new lawsuit against the estate of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein allege that the former wealth manager ran a “trafficking pyramid scheme” from his private island in the US Virgin Islands until 2018.

Epstein was well connected in the US territory, as the wife of former Gov. John de Jongh sat on his company’s board for a decade….

Epstein was known for jet-setting with the likes of L Brands CEO Les Wexner, Bill Gates, President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew, the third child of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth.

Jeffrey Epstein ran a “trafficking pyramid scheme” from the US Virgin Islands, prosecutors allege in a new lawsuit against the former wealth manager’s estate.

Meanwhile, the convicted sex offender maintained a vast social and professional network both on and off the Islands, that even included the wife of the US Virgin Islands’ former governor. The former hedge-fund manager kept his client list under wraps, but he often bragged of his elite social circle that included presidents and Hollywood stars.

“I invest in people — be it politics or science,” Epstein was known to say, according to New York Magazine. “It’s what I do.”….

In 2007, Epstein pleaded guilty to charges of solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution in Florida.

Here’s what we know about the famous people who crossed paths with Epstein.

President Donald Trump once considered Epstein a friend….

The future president claimed in 2002 that he had a long friendship with Epstein. “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” Trump said, according to New York Magazine. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”….

Former President Bill Clinton traveled with Epstein in 2002 and 2003.

A statement released in July by Clinton spokesperson Angel Ureña said the former president traveled to Europe, Asia, and twice to Africa on Epstein’s private jet. Clinton’s staff and Secret Service agents also went on these trips, which were to further the work of the Clinton Foundation, according to the statement.

At the time, Clinton told New York Magazine through a spokesperson that Epstein was “both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science.”…..

Actor Kevin Spacey and comedian Chris Tucker also took trips with Epstein.

Epstein, Clinton, Spacey, and Tucker spent a week in 2002 touring AIDS project sites in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and Mozambique for the Clinton Foundation, according to a New York Magazine report.

Spacey was also charged with sexual assault, but in December, The New York Times reported that the case had been dropped by the plaintiff’s estate. The plaintiff, a 62-year-old massage therapist, died in September.

Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is Epstein’s ex-girlfriend — and alleged madam.

Maxwell, 57, is a British socialite and the daughter of media tycoon Robert Maxwell.

She started dating Epstein shortly after moving to New York in 1991, Business Insider previously reported. After they broke up, court documents allege that Maxwell started recruiting underage girls for him to have sex with.

The FBI is investigating Maxwell’s relationship with Epstein, Reuters reported in December, as the British heiress is reportedly hiding out with armed guards in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Prince Andrew and Epstein were close friends, the Guardian reported in 2015.

Maxwell introduced Epstein and the Duke of York in the 1990s, the Guardian reported, and the two became close friends.

The Duke is the son of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth. He has also been criticized for frequently taking flights on the taxpayer’s dime while serving as the country’s special representative for international trade. This earned him the nickname “Airmiles Andy,” according to the Washington Post.

Court documents reviewed by the Guardian allege that Epstein instructed Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a 15-year-old employee at Trump’s Mar-a-Largo resort, to have sex with Prince Andrew on three separate occasions.

Buckingham Palace said in 2015 that the allegations against Prince Andrew were “false and without any foundation,” according to the Guardian.

According to a July 22 article from NY Magazine’s Intelligencer, a number of royals and royal connections were among Epstein’s contacts. That includes Prince Andrew’s then-wife, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York; and Charles Althorp, Princess Diana’s brother. According to Intelligencer, all three were named in Epstein’s black book; Ferguson and Prince Andrew were also named in his private jet log.

In a interview with the BBC in November, Prince Andrew said his relationship with Epstein brought him “opportunities,” and that his slowness in ditching Epstein as a friend was because of his tendency to be “too honorable.” The interview was widely criticized over Prince Andrew’s lack of sympathy with Epstein’s victims and his defense of his friendship with the convicted sex offender, Business Insider reported.

Prince Andrew resigned from public royal duties in November, Business Insider reported.

L Brands CEO Les Wexner is Epstein’s only confirmed client.

Epstein became a trusted confidant of Wexner’s while Epstein managed the CEO’s fortune, according to Vanity Fair. Wexner has a net worth of $6.7 billion, Bloomberg reported. The magazine reported that Wexner allowed Epstein to take an active role in L Brands, which owns Bath & Body Works, Express, and Victoria’s Secret.

In 1989, Wexner used a trust to buy an Upper East Side townhouse that is believed to be the largest private residence in Manhattan for $13.2 million, Vanity Fair reported. Epstein moved in after Wexner and his wife, Abigail Koppel, moved to Ohio in 1996. Wexner’s trust transferred ownership of the house to Epstein in 2011 for $0, Bloomberg reported.

Former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta worked with Epstein’s legal team to arrange a plea deal after Epstein was charged with solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution in Florida in 2007.

An investigation by the Miami Herald revealed that Acosta, then a US attorney, had enough evidence against Epstein to request a life sentence. Instead, he reportedly met with one of Epstein’s lawyers, who happened to be a former colleague of Acosta’s.

In the resulting plea deal, Epstein served 13 months in a private wing of a county prison, which he was allowed to leave six days a week to work in his office.

Acosta resigned on July 12.

Film publicist Peggy Siegal planned a star-studded dinner party for Epstein and Prince Andrew at Epstein’s New York mansion in 2010.

Siegal, known for hosting events to promote films including “The Big Short,” “Argo,” and “The Revenant” to Oscar voters, invited Epstein to screenings after he was released from prison in 2010, according to The New York Times.

“I was a kind of plugged-in girl around town who knew a lot of people,” Siegal told The New York Times. “And I think that’s what he wanted from me, a kind of social goings-on about New York.”

Siegal also planned a dinner party for Epstein and Prince Andrew at his Upper East Side home. The event was attended by Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, and Chelsea Handler. “The invitation was positioned as, ‘Do you want to have dinner with Prince Andrew?'” Ms. Siegal said. Many of the guests didn’t know who the host was or about his criminal history, The New York Times reported.

Netflix, FX and Annapurna Pictures severed their ties with Siegal in July after her connection to Epstein became public, Variety reported.

Epstein also told the Times that he spoke often with Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Epstein said that MBS had visited Epstein’s Manhattan mansion many times and had a framed photo of the crown prince hanging on the wall, according to New York Times reporter James B. Stewart.

According to the New York Times, Epstein claimed to have advised Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In an interview published in the New York Times on August 12, Epstein claimed that Elon Musk had sought him out to help manage the trouble he had gotten into with the SEC a year earlier, in August of 2018.

Epstein told reporter James B. Stewart that he had promised to keep his work for Tesla private because of his prior conviction. Epstein also warned that both Musk and Tesla would deny their connection to Epstein if it ever became public, the Times reported. In a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson for Musk denied Epstein’s claims of having served as an adviser to the CEO.

Musk has confirmed crossing paths with Epstein at least once, Business Insider reported. Musk, Epstein, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were all guests at a dinner hosted by LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman sometime after he was released from jail in 2008.

MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito quietly worked with Epstein to secure anonymous donations, Vanity Fair reported.

Ito worked with other directors and staff at the MIT Media Lab to quietly receive large anonymous donations from Epstein after he was convicted of soliciting underage girls for prostitution, a The New Yorker exposé published on September 6 reports. The article contains emails sent between Ito and Epstein.

The emails show Epstein also worked as an in-between for other wealthy donors, including Bill Gates and Leon Black, and that Epstein had a role in determining what his donations would be used for at MIT, contradicting previous statements from Ito and the university.

Ito resigned from his posts at MIT, The New York Times Company, and the MacArthur Foundation on September 7, Business Insider reported.

Emails obtained and published by The New Yorker show former MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito wrote that Gates was “directed by” Epstein to donate $2 million to the research lab in October 2014.

Gates also met with Epstein at least once in New York in 2013, and flew on one of his private planes to Palm Beach, Business Insider previously reported. “Bill attended a meeting in New York with others focused on philanthropy. While Epstein was present, he never provided services of any type to Bill,” a Gates spokesperson told Business Insider.

A spokesperson for Gates told Business Insider that “Epstein was introduced to Bill Gates as someone who was interested in helping grow philanthropy. Although Epstein pursued Bill Gates aggressively, any account of a business partnership or personal relationship between the two is simply not true. And any claim that Epstein directed any programmatic or personal grantmaking for Bill Gates is completely false.”

A New York Times investigation published in October found that Gates met with Epstein multiple times after Epstein’s conviction in 2011, including at least three meetings at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse. Following the publication of that story, a spokesperson for Gates said Gates regretted the association, but Gates himself hadn’t publicly addressed it until November, Business Insider’s Aaron Holmes reported.

Gates said at The New York Times’ Dealbook Conference that he believed “billions of dollars” would come from his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein. “I made a mistake in judgment in thinking those discussions would go to global health,” Gates said. “That money never appeared.”

Reid Hoffman defended Ito after news of Epstein’s connections to the MIT Media Lab broke.

A “few years ago,” Epstein attended a dinner Hoffman hosted to honor an MIT neuroscientist, Vanity Fair reported in July. Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk were also in attendance. Both denied having had ongoing relationships with Epstein to Vanity Fair through spokespeople.

Hoffman also implicated himself in the coverup of Epstein’s donations to the MIT Media Lab. As pressure mounted on Media Lab director Joi Ito to resign, Hoffman defended Ito to author and fellow MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award jury member Anand Giridharadas in a private email, Giridharadas tweeted in September. “Hoffman basically hid behind bureaucracy and the old ‘ongoing investigation’ excuse,” Giridharadas said. “He said it would be complicated to release the correspondence publicly because other names might get dragged in. Someone should tell him about redaction.”….

A new lawsuit has also shined light on Epstein’s connection to former U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. John P. de Jongh while he was in office.

Gov. John P. de Jongh’s wife Cecile de Jongh served on the board of Epstein’s Financial Trust Co. for most of her husband’s time in office, Business Insider’s Becky Peterson and John Cook reported. Cecile de Jongh held the titles of secretary and vice president in her decade-long tenure with the company, even staying on board after Epstein was first charged with sexual assault in 2007.

Prosecutors in the US Virgin Islands now allege that Epstein was trafficking women and children through the US territory during that same time, as stated in a new lawsuit. The lawsuit describes one 15-year-old victim who was “forced into sexual acts with Epstein and others and then attempted to escape by swimming off the Little St. James island.”….


U.S. Virgin Islands Officials: Epstein Trafficked Girls On Private Island Until 2018
January 16, 2020 Bobby Allyn

Prosecutors in the U.S. Virgin Islands have unveiled a new lawsuit against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein alleging that over two decades he ran a conspiracy in which he transported young women and girls to his private Caribbean islands by helicopter and boat and then subjected them to sexual abuse.

Authorities claim Epstein’s sexual predation on the hideaway islands occurred as recently as 2018 and involved children as young as 11 years old. The suit alleges the activity was covered up by Epstein’s associates through a complex web of corporations.

In one instance, investigators say a 15-year-old who was forced into sexual acts with Epstein attempted to escape by swimming off one of Epstein’s private islands, Little St. James. Eventually, Epstein’s crew found her after assembling a search team and took her passport, prosecutors say.

Along with Epstein’s other privately owned island, Great St. James, authorities estimate that the islands are worth $86 million, just a slice of Epstein’s total assets, valued by the government to be more than $577 million.

The lawsuit filed by Attorney General Denise George seeks to confiscate all property used in the alleged criminal conspiracy, including his two private islands, and is asking for the recovery of millions of dollars from the Epstein estate. Epstein’s victims would be the beneficiaries of what authorities are hoping to seize, George said.

Addressing reporters on Wednesday, George said the civil suit detailed an “expansive scheme” that shows a “pattern and practice of human trafficking, sexual abuse and forced labor of young women.”….

The lawsuit filed this week by Virgin Islands prosecutors significantly widens the scope of his alleged sexual abuse to include conduct in 2018, the same year public scrutiny began to mount on the wealthy money manager in the wake of a Miami Herald investigation into his long history of alleged sexual abuse.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday lays out how Epstein allegedly enticed and entrapped dozens of victims.

As the prosecutors tell it, his associates would locate young women and lure them with the promise of advancing a modeling career, pursuing educational opportunities or landing other work. Epstein would then arrange for the victims to visit his islands, flying them by helicopter or plane, or transporting them by boat.

“As recent as 2018, air traffic controllers and other airport personnel reported seeing Epstein leave his plane with young girls some of whom appeared to be between the age of 11 and 18 years old,” the complaint alleges.

Epstein, prosecutors say, paid for women to show up to his estates on the islands, often providing extra money if the victims brought along additional young women and girls….

“Once the girls and women were recruited, participants in the Epstein Enterprise enforced their sexual servitude of victims by coercion, including but not limited to, confiscating passports, controlling and extinguishing external communications, and threatening violence. They also made fraudulent statements to family members of victims, claiming victims were being well cared for and supported financially in college and other educational opportunities,” prosecutors allege….

Survivor recounts confused, chaotic cult rite that killed 7
by JUAN ZAMORANO Associated Press Monday, January 20th 2020

SANTIAGO, Panama (AP) — A survivor of the cult ceremony that killed 7 people in a remote village in Panama says she was ordered to close her eyes, was beaten and knocked unconscious during the ritual.

The account Monday by Dina Blanco suggests the 14 surviving participants were helpless, bound, unconscious or sightless much of the time.

So the truth about what happened in the bizarre ceremony may only come out at the trials of the nine villagers charged with killing their neighbors in the hamlet of El Terrón last week.

Blanco said from her hospital bed in the nearest city, Santiago, that she had gone to previous prayer meetings at the improvised church in a long wooden shed before. But this time, the tone had changed, and she didn’t go willingly.

The cult, which had operated in the village for about three months, changed after a member had a vision, telling the lay preachers they had been “annointed” to exterminate unbelievers.

Blanco, 24, said a neighbor, Olivia, came to call her to the meeting of “the New Light of God” sect on Jan. 13, saying she would have to come “whether you like it or not.”….

Authorities say cult members used Bibles, cudgels and machetes to hit the congregants. Blanco still bears a broad bruise across her forehead from whatever hit her….

But the worst was yet to come. Late that night or in the early morning hours of the 14th, a sect member approached and told her that her daughter Inés had died….In fact, Inés, like Blanco’s pregnant neighbor and five of her children, had been murdered during the ritual — by some accounts, decapitated — and their naked bodies slung into hammocks and dumped in a freshly-dug common grave in the village cemetery.

Nine of the 10 lay preachers detained last week have been charged with murder and kidnapping.

Bibles still lay open and musical instruments lay scattered over the weekend in the shed where the killings took place….

FBI investigating those who ‘facilitated’ Epstein, False Memory Syndrome Foundation dissolving, Killed mother in ‘satanic’ ritual, Over 900 clergy members left off church’s sex abuse lists

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Exclusive: FBI investigating British socialite and others who ‘facilitated’ Epstein

  “The FBI is investigating British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell”

   “she claims Epstein forced her to have sex with him and friends including (Prince) Andrew.”

FMS Foundation dissolving on December 31, 2019

   ” It has been called “a pseudoscientific syndrome that was developed to defend against claims of child abuse.”

  ” (Ralph) Underwager and Wakefield were also instrumental in helping the Freyds organize the (FMS)foundation”

  “PAIDIKA: Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individuals?

   RALPH UNDERWAGER: Certainly it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more about and understand people who choose paedophilia is that they let themselves be too much defined by other people. That is usually an essentially negative definition. Paedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don’t think that a paedophile needs to do that. Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love.”

  ” The court remains convinced [the psychologist (Ralph Underwager)] did not have the qualifications to testify as a doctor  (Bold added)

Woman who killed mother in Merced County ‘satanic’ ritual not guilty by reason of insanity

“told investigators “It was a calling to kill” her mother as part of a “satanic practice”

Hundreds of accused clergy left off church’s sex abuse lists

   ” An AP analysis found more than 900 clergy members accused of child sexual abuse who were missing from lists released by the dioceses and religious orders where they served”

Exclusive: FBI investigating British socialite and others who ‘facilitated’ Epstein

Mark Hosenball World News December 27, 2019

(Reuters) – The FBI is investigating British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and several other people linked to U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation. They said a principal focus of the FBI’s investigation is Maxwell, a longtime associate of Epstein, and other “people who facilitated” Epstein’s allegedly illegal behavior. Maxwell has not been accused of criminal wrongdoing….they said the FBI has no current plans to interview Britain’s Prince Andrew, a friend of Epstein’s who stepped down from his public duties in November because of what he called his “ill-judged” association with the well-connected money manager.

….Epstein’s suicide in August, at age 66, came a little over a month after he was arrested and charged with trafficking dozens of underage girls as young as 14 from at least 2002 to 2005. Prosecutors said he recruited girls to give him massages, which became sexual in nature. He had pleaded not guilty.

Maxwell, the daughter of late British media magnate Robert Maxwell, is an ex-girlfriend of Epstein who remained a member of his inner circle. She has largely disappeared from public view since 2016.

Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s alleged victims, has said in a civil lawsuit that Maxwell recruited her into Epstein’s circle, where she claims Epstein forced her to have sex with him and friends including Andrew.

Maxwell has called Giuffre’s allegations lies. Giuffre in response filed a defamation suit against Maxwell in 2015.

Giuffre repeated the claims about the prince in a BBC interview that aired this month.

Andrew, 59, also categorically denies the accusations and has said he has no recollection of meeting Giuffre, who was previously named Virginia Roberts.

The two law enforcement sources said the FBI’s principal focus is on people who facilitated Epstein and that Andrew does not fit into that category. They did not rule out the possibility that the FBI would seek to interview Andrew at a later date.

Woman who killed mother in Merced County ‘satanic’ ritual not guilty by reason of insanity
By Vikaas Shanker December 19, 2019

A Dos Palos woman was committed to the Department of State Hospitals for life Thursday after she was deemed insane when she killed her mother in a brutal stabbing two years ago.

….When deputies arrived at the home, deputies found Melissa Bal “covered in blood” and her mother dead, according to a news release.

The San Diego native then told investigators “It was a calling to kill” her mother as part of a “satanic practice,” according to reports.

Family members also told investigators Melissa Bal had mental issues, she made troubling statements of a sexual nature the night before the homicide, and that she would occasionally make statements referring to satanic practices….


Hundreds of accused clergy left off church’s sex abuse lists
by Claudia Lauer and Meghan Hoyer, Associated Press, Updated: December 28, 2019

Richard J. Poster served time for possessing child pornography, violated his probation by having contact with children, admitted masturbating in the bushes near a church school and in 2005 was put on a sex offender registry. And yet the former Catholic priest was only just this month added to a list of clergy members credibly accused of child sexual abuse — after The Associated Press asked why he was not included.

Victims advocates had long criticized the Roman Catholic Church for not making public the names of credibly accused priests. Now, despite the dioceses’ release of nearly 5,300 names, most in the last two years, critics say the lists are far from complete.

An AP analysis found more than 900 clergy members accused of child sexual abuse who were missing from lists released by the dioceses and religious orders where they served….

More than a hundred of the former clergy members not listed by dioceses or religious orders had been charged with sexual crimes, including rape, solicitation and receiving or viewing child pornography.

On top of that, the AP found another nearly 400 priests and clergy members who were accused of abuse while serving in dioceses that have not yet released any names….

Of the 900 unlisted accused clergy members, more than a tenth had been charged with a sex-related crime — a higher percentage than those named publicly by dioceses and orders, the AP found….

The AP found the Boston archdiocese has the most accused priests left off its list, with almost 80 not included. Nearly three-quarters, like McCormick, were priests from religious orders. Another dozen died before allegations were received — another exclusion cited by the archdiocese. https://www.inquirer.com/news/nation-world/catholic-church-priest-sexual-abuse-ap-investigation-20191229.html

FMS (False Memory Syndrome) Foundation dissolving on December 31, 2019
On the FMSF website:

“After 27 years, the FMS Foundation dissolved on December 31, 2019.”

Information on the FMSF

False Memory Syndrome

The term False Memory Syndrome was created in 1992 by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF)[1]. It has been called “a pseudoscientific syndrome that was developed to defend against claims of child abuse.”[1] The FMSF was created by parents who claimed to be falsely accused of child sexual abuse.[1] The False Memory Syndrome was described as “a widespread social phenomenon where misguided therapists cause patients to invent memories of sexual abuse.”[1] Research has shown that most delayed memories of childhood abuse are true[2]. In general, it has been shown that false allegations of childhood sexual abuse are rare, with some studies showing rates as low as one percent[3][4] and some studies showing slightly higher rates[3]. It has been found that children tend to understate rather than overstate the extent of any abuse experienced[3]. It has been stated that misinformation on the topic of child sexual abuse is widespread and that the media have contributed to this problem by reporting favorably on unproven and controversial claims like the False Memory Syndrome[5]….

Critiques of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and its theories

Members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation have been critiqued for misrepresenting data and for their possible reasons for having created the idea of the syndrome.

In reply to a TV documentary about FMS, William Freyd, (Pamela Freyd’s (one of the founders of the FMSF) step brother and sister-in-law) wrote “The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a fraud designed to deny a reality that Peter and Pam have spent most of their lives trying to escape. There is no such thing as a False Memory Syndrome.”[2] “In addition, Peter Freyd’s own mother (who is also Pamela’s step-mother) and his only sibling, a brother, were also estranged from Pamela and Peter. It should be noted that these family members support Jennifer’s side of the story.”[1]

A co-founder of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Ralph Underwager, has also had several critiques written about him[17]. In an interview in Amsterdam in June 1991 by “Paidika,” Editor-in-Chief, Joseph Geraci, Underwager replied to the question “Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individuals?” with “Certainly it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more about and understand people who choose paedophilia is that they let themselves be too much defined by other people. That is usually an essentially negative definition. Paedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don’t think that a paedophile needs to do that. Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A paedophile can say: “This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I’ve made.”[18]

In a transcription of the TV show Witness for Mr. Bubbles from “Australia 60 Minutes,” Channel Nine Network (Aired on August 5, 1990 in Australia), researcher Anna Salter stated that Underwager “isn’t accurate. That what he says in court does not necessarily fairly represent the literature.” That he frequently distorts facts and he sometimes he quotes specific studies, and he’s frequently wrong about what the studies say.”[19]

It was stated in a court document that the two books that he and his wife Hollida Wakefield, wrote “Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse” (1988), and The Real World of Child Interrogations (1990) were not “well received in the medical and scientific press.” It was also stated that “when they cannot use a quotation out of context from an article, they make unsupported statements, some of which are palpably untrue and others simply unprovable.” David L. Chadwick, Book Review, in 261 JAMA 3035 (May 26, 1989).” In the same document it was stated that “Both Salter and Toth came to believe that Underwager is a hired gun who makes a living by deceiving judges about the state of medical knowledge and thus assisting child molesters to evade punishment.”[20]

Those that have examined or written about the False Memory Syndrome theories or foundation or its members have been subjected to harassment. This includes Anna Salter’s analysis of her harassment by Ralph Underwager[21], David Calof, the former editor of Treating Abuse Today [22] and Jennifer Hoult [23].

Accusations have also been made about the accuracy of the False Memory Syndromes’ proponents data and research. Salter has critiqued some of those that defend those accused of child sexual abuse. “The people who support and defend those accused of child sexual abuse indiscriminately, those who join organizations dedicated to defending people who are accused of child sexual abuse with no screening whatsoever to keep out those who are guilty as charged, are…not necessarily people engaged in an objective search for the truth. Some of them can and do use deceit, trickery, misstated research, harassment, intimidation, and charges of laundering federal money to silence their opponents.”[21].

Whitfield stated “Since at least 95 percent of child molesters initially deny their abusive behaviors, how can untrained lay people like Pamela Freyd and her staff “document” a real or “unreal” case of “FMS,” as appears to be the case with most of their communications, which usually occur over the telephone or by letter (p. 76).”[2]. Jennifer Freyd stated “Despite this documentation for both traumatic amnesia and essentially accurate delayed recall, memory science is often presented as if it supports the view that traumatic amnesia is very unlikely or perhaps impossible and that a great many, perhaps a majority, maybe even all, recovered memories of abuse are false…Yet no research supports such an implication…and a great deal of research supports the premise that forgetting sexual abuse is fairly common and that recovered memories are sometimes essentially true.” (p. 107) [24]

Proponents of false memory theories have also been accused of manipulating the media[25][26]. The theory of false memory has been used as a defense in court to try and negate “abusive, criminal behavior” and this defense is fraught with disinformation, smoke screens, and other untruths that are a distortion of what the available science of the psychology of trauma and memory shows.[27].

Crisis or Creation?

A Systematic Examination of “False Memory Syndrome” by Stephanie J. Dallam Leadership Council

“The foundation’s leaders, Pamela and Peter Freyd, were motivated because their adult daughter privately accused Peter of sexually abusing her as a child. They were put in touch with other parents claiming to be falsely accused by Dr. Harold Lief (Calof, 1993a), who was later revealed to be Pamela’s personal psychiatrist (J. Freyd, 1993). Families were also referred by Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield, a husband and wife team who are prominent advocates for people accused of molesting children. A frequent defense expert witness, Underwager’s philosophy concerning the prosecution of child sexual abuse has been summed up by the statement that it is “more desirable that a thousand children in abuse situations are not discovered than for one innocent person to be convicted wrongly” (Kraft, 1985, p. 1).

Underwager and Wakefield were also instrumental in helping the Freyds organize the foundation (P. Freyd, May 21, 1992; Underwager & Wakefield, 1994). The original toll-free number for the FMSF rang at Underwager’s private Institute for Psychological Therapies, and Underwager and Wakefield developed the initial questionnaire used to survey families who contacted the FMSF (P. Freyd, May 21, 1992).1 ”

Ralph Underwager
Information on Ralph Underwager: https://ritualabuse.us/research/memory-fms/ralph-underwager/

Interview in Amsterdam in June 1991 by “Paidika,” Editor-in-Chief, Joseph Geraci.

PAIDIKA: Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individuals?

RALPH UNDERWAGER: Certainly it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more about and understand people who choose paedophilia is that they let themselves be too much defined by other people. That is usually an essentially negative definition. Paedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don’t think that a paedophile needs to do that. Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A paedophile can say: “This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I’ve made.”

Paedophiles are too defensive. They go around saying, “You people out there are saying that what I choose is bad, that it’s no good. You’re putting me in prison, you’re doing all these terrible things to me. I have to define my love as being in some way or other illicit.” What I think is that paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness, they can say, “I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.” They have the right to make these statements for themselves as personal choices. Now whether or not they can persuade other people they are right is another matter (laughs).

State v. Swan, 114 Wash.2d 613, 790 P.2d 610, May 3, 1990 At the trial of this case, the defense sought to qualify Dr. Ralph Underwager, a licensed psychologist, as an expert witness. The trial court ruled that the psychologist’s proposed testimony was not proper because there was no indication that the results of the doctor’s work had been accepted in the scientific community and because the testimony went directly to the credibility of the victims and invaded the province of the jury.

The court remains convinced [the psychologist] did not have the qualifications to testify as a doctor, and that the offered testimony, in any event, was within the common experience of all of us. The psychologist [w]as a researcher who did not have bona fide qualifications in the view of the Court. He was not involved in an independent research undertaking, but rather was approached to undertake research by an interested party with no interest [in] the outcome of the research. It is the Court’s memory [the psychologist’s] research was undertaken at the behest of the insurance industry relative to civil claims for child sexual abuse.

It was not shown at trial that the psychologist’s position on child interviewing was accepted by the scientific community. The psychologist’s proposed testimony did not satisfy the test for admissibility set forth in ER 702 and was properly refused. http://www.nostatusquo.com/ACLU/NudistHallofShame/Underwager4.html

ABC News killed story on Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein and Weinstein at Prince Andrew party,  Epstein used Prince Andrew as bait, Palm Beach Post suits

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ABC News killed story on Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein and Weinstein at Prince Andrew party,  Epstein used Prince Andrew as bait, Palm Beach Post suits

– ABC News had the goods on Jeffrey Epstein years ago — and killed the story

– Jeffrey Epstein used Prince Andrew as bait: accuser

– Photo shows Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein at Prince Andrew’s party

“Epstein already had an arrest warrant out for him in Florida on child-prostitution charges, something Andrew insisted in his recent BBC interview that he knew nothing about when he invited him to the party.”

– Jeffrey Epstein case: PBC clerk asks judge to keep hearing secret

“The Palm Beach Post has sued, asking a judge to release the transcript of a 2006 grand jury that mustered only a single prostitution-related charge.”

– Jeffrey Epstein: State attorney fights Post’s suit to find out why he was charged only as a ‘john’

– Julie K. Brown and the Female Collaborator Who Helped Bring Down Jeffrey Epstein

ABC News had the goods on Jeffrey Epstein years ago — and killed the story
In leaked video, Amy Robach of ABC News says she had “everything” on Jeffrey Epstein in 2016; network killed it
Alan MacLeod December 15, 2019

Multimillionaire predator Jeffrey Epstein died in suspicious circumstances at a Manhattan correctional facility on Aug. 10. The wealthy and powerful New York financier, a convicted sex offender, stands accused by dozens of women and girls of trafficking, rape and sexual abuse. He was an enormously influential and well-connected man who counted as friends billionaire business owners, Hollywood stars, British royals, and even top media figures like Katie Couric and Charlie Rose — with some of his associates falling under suspicion of condoning or even participating in a pedophile ring.

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” said fellow tycoon Donald Trump in 2002, adding: “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” Former President Bill Clinton was also close with Epstein.

Epstein’s crimes shocked the public, and his arrest, trial and mysterious death were major stories for much of 2019. But last month, leaked footage emerged showing that corporate media knew much about these crimes years previously. Discussing one of his accusers, ABC News anchor Amy Robach was caught on camera lambasting executives at her network for killing her investigations into the sex offender because of Epstein’s connections….

I’ve had the story for three years. I’ve had this interview with [Epstein complainant] Virginia Roberts. We would not put it on the air. First of all I was told, “Who is Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew, and threatened us in a million different ways. We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will that it also quashed the story. And then Alan Dershowitz was also implicated in it because of the planes.

“The planes” is a reference to the celebrity attorney’s frequent trips on Epstein’s infamous private jet, which he used for trafficking. A visibly exasperated Robach continued, revealing the level of detail of her investigation:

She told me everything, she had pictures, everything. She was in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come out. We convinced her to talk to us. It was unbelievable what we had; Clinton, we had everything. I tried for three years to get it on to no avail, and now it’s all coming out and it’s like these new revelations, and I freaking had all of it! … What we had was unreal.

Robach’s comments about being pressured into killing the story by powerful people ABC relied upon are a perfect example of the perils of access journalism. In their influential book “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media,” Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky identified “sourcing” and “flak” as two of the five key filters that dictate what makes the news and what does not.

By sourcing, Herman and Chomsky are referring to corporate media’s reliance on powerful official sources (like politicians, celebrities and corporations) to essentially subsidize them by providing them with free content, such as interviews, soundbites, statistics and pictures. Journalists are therefore caught up in a symbiotic relationship with the powerful, where elite sources grant “scoops” in exchange for preferential treatment. The royal family, Robach claims, successfully used the influence it had, quashing the story by threatening to cut off access….

Indeed, Epstein’s team managed to convince many supposedly reputable outlets, including the Huffington Post (11/17/17), Forbes (10/2/13) and the National Review (7/10/13) to publish puff pieces about him (New York Times, 7/21/19). (Epstein pled guilty to charges connected to sexual abuse of minors in 2008.) Forbes described him as “one of the largest backers of cutting-edge science around the world,” making no mention of his criminal past. The stated writer was paid $600 by a PR firm to attach his name to the pre-fab article and run it on the site, perhaps the most blatantly unethical sponsorship practice there could be.

ABC’s decision to spike the Epstein exposé in order not to embarrass or implicate his powerful associates, thereby effectively enabling his crimes, is a perfect example of the danger of access journalism. Robach predicted, “There will come a day where we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.” Thanks to our corporate media system, that day was delayed by at least three years.


Jeffrey Epstein used Prince Andrew as bait: accuser
By Jon Levine December 14, 2019

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein used Prince Andrew as bait in an attempt to lure women to his private island, according to an explosive new allegation from one of his alleged victims.

The woman, identified as “Jane Doe 15,” was 15 years old when she says agents for the late, disgraced financier approached her about the possibility of meeting the randy royal on Epstein’s Little St. James island in the Caribbean….

“A central element of [Epstein’s] predatory behavior was to present himself as having connections to the world’s most powerful people,” Allred wrote.

“In trying to persuade her [to go to the island], Mr. Epstein’s representative conveyed to Jane Doe 15 that Mr. Epstein was close to you, that you would be among the guests and that she would have an opportunity to meet you. Your prestige and reputation were directly touted in his attempts to engage in further harm,” the letter continued.

Evidence of Epstein and Andrew’s close relationship has steadily grown in recent weeks and will likely increase pressure on the prince to speak with US. investigators….

In her complaint, filed in New York last month, Doe says Epstein raped her and then offered her cash when it was over.

“Epstein took my sexual innocence in front of a wall of framed photographs of him shaking hands and smiling with celebrities and world leaders,” she said. “After, he wanted to talk with me about what had just been my first sexual experience and directed me to take time to myself that night to cry. He said that would be beneficial for my growth.”


Photo shows Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein at Prince Andrew’s party
By Lee Brown December 9, 2019

Photo: https://thenypost.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/weinstein-epstein-74.jpg

No costume could ever disguise these three.

New photos show accused rapist Harvey Weinstein posing with late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell at a royal party thrown by their scandal-scarred pal Prince Andrew.

The smiling trio were in attendance for the 18th birthday celebration for Andrew’s older daughter, Princess Beatrice, at Windsor Castle in 2006.

Weinstein wears a tuxedo as he stands next to Epstein, wearing a white US Navy SEAL uniform with a row of medals, and his one-time girlfriend Maxwell in a gold mask and red headdress.

Epstein already had an arrest warrant out for him in Florida on child-prostitution charges, something Andrew insisted in his recent BBC interview that he knew nothing about when he invited him to the party.


Jeffrey Epstein case: PBC clerk asks judge to keep hearing secret By Jane Musgrave

The Palm Beach Post has sued, asking a judge to release the transcript of a 2006 grand jury that mustered only a single prostitution-related charge.

WEST PALM BEACH — Pointing out that she could be sent to prison for five years for releasing grand jury testimony, Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller Sharon Bock has joined efforts to thwart The Palm Beach Post’s attempts to find out why Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t charged with child molestation for sex acts with teens at his Palm Beach mansion.

In court papers filed late Friday, Bock’s lawyer asked a judge to dismiss the newspaper’s lawsuit that requests her office release evidence and testimony presented to a 2006 grand jury. Her claims are similar to ones State Attorney Dave Aronberg made earlier this month.

Like Aronberg’s legal team, the clerk’s general counsel Hampton Peterson said Florida law allows grand jury testimony to be turned over only to attorneys and their clients for use in civil or criminal cases and “for no other purpose whatsoever.”….

Jeffrey Epstein: State attorney fights Post’s suit to find out why he was charged only as a ‘john’   By Jane Musgrave  Dec 6, 2019

WEST PALM BEACH — The public has no legal right to learn what happened when a grand jury allowed Jeffrey Epstein to escape child molestation charges in connection with allegations that he sexually abused dozens of teens at his Palm Beach mansion, the county’s top prosecutor said in court papers filed Friday.

POST INVESTIGATION: To Epstein’s first prosecutors, victims were prostitutes

Seeking to derail a lawsuit The Palm Beach Post filed against him last month, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said Florida law doesn’t allow grand jury proceedings to be made public.

In its lawsuit, the newspaper argues that the release of the transcript of a 2006 grand jury hearing called by then-State Attorney Barry Krischer would further the interest of justice. It would reveal why jurors ignored the findings of a damning Palm Beach police investigation and charged the politically connected financier only with solicitation of prostitution even though Epstein’s accusers were young teens…..

Julie K. Brown and the Female Collaborator Who Helped Bring Down Jeffrey Epstein 12/14/2019 by Tatiana Siegel

Exposing serial sexual abuser Epstein required an intense, concerted effort by Miami Herald’s reporter, who led in print, and Emily Michot, who documented victims on video.

In early December 2017, Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown hopped a flight to Nashville to conduct an on-camera interview with Michelle Licata, a young woman who had been sexually assaulted by financier Jeffrey Epstein when she was 14. Brown’s colleague, videographer Emily Michot, would follow a day later on a separate flight. Neither knew what to expect.

The interview would mark the first of four that accompanied Brown’s blockbuster print series dubbed “Perversion of Justice,” which identified about 80 victims, many of whom had been underage when allegedly sexually abused or assaulted by Epstein, a banker who hobnobbed in Hollywood and media circles with the likes of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump and Bill Gates.

Individually, Brown’s and Michot’s work might have reached a smaller audience and had a lesser impact. But together, their collaboration became something of a force multiplier, creating a three-dimensional platform for Epstein’s teenage victims to tell their harrowing stories of abuse, with Brown’s series driving over 9.5 million uniques and Michot’s videos hitting 850,000 views on the paper’s website alone. “The videos went viral,” says Brown. “Emily’s videos are still the No. 1 videos that were being seen on all of the Miami Herald.” There’s little doubt that the multimedia package provided the tipping point in the demise of the financier, who was arrested on July 6, charged with sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York and took his own life in August while incarcerated at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.


Jeffrey Epstein     ‘She was so dangerous’: where in the world is the notorious Ghislaine Maxwell?     

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Jeffrey Epstein    
‘She was so dangerous’: where in the world is the notorious Ghislaine Maxwell?          

In the months since Jeffrey Epstein died in prison, his former partner has disappeared. Will she ever return to face her accusers?

Emine Saner Thu 12 Dec 2019

….It was the mid-90s and this was the second time the two had met. Farmer had encountered Maxwell and her friend Jeffrey Epstein at her New York Academy of Art graduate show. She would go on to work for the pair for a year, at the front desk of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion. She was perfectly placed to see who came to the house – and says she witnessed young teenagers being brought through the doors by Maxwell. Following an alleged sexual assault by Maxwell and Epstein, Farmer went to the police. She was ignored.

More than 20 years on, her account – along with the testimonies of several other women, including an allegation of abuse from her younger sister, Annie, who was 16 at the time – has helped to create a picture of Epstein as a prolific sex offender, who abused countless underage girls. It is a scandal that has drawn in other powerful men, most notably Prince Andrew. One woman, Virginia Giuffre, says she was trafficked by Epstein to have sex with Andrew on three occasions. He has repeatedly denied the allegations, most recently in his disastrous TV interview.

In July, Epstein was charged with sex trafficking, and in August he killed himself in his prison cell while awaiting trial. Since then, attention has turned to Maxwell, 57, his right-hand woman. Yet Maxwell has seemingly vanished. “From what we know, Ghislaine Maxwell was a principal enabler to Jeffrey Epstein when he was alive,” says the lawyer Dan Kaiser. Kaiser is representing Jennifer Araoz, one of the women who says she was raped by Epstein, and who is suing his estate, Maxwell and three other “enablers”.

“She was integral in maintaining the sex trafficking ring,” says Kaiser. “She provided important administrative services in terms of the hiring of recruiters, and management of those employees, the making of appointments and dates for interactions between Mr Epstein and the underage girls that were providing sexual services to him. She also maintained the ring by intimidating girls, by ensuring their silence.”

Kaiser continues: “Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t have done what he did for as long as he did it without the services of somebody like Ghislaine Maxwell. She is as culpable, in my judgment, as Jeffrey Epstein himself.” Maxwell has always denied the allegations and has never faced criminal charges. Her lawyer has not responded to a request for comment….

Her social standing was such that it would probably be easier to list the influential people to whom Maxwell was not connected. She was close to Bill Clinton and attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding; she donated to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. There are photographs of Maxwell with Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg. She knew Donald Trump and members of the Kennedy family. She was connected to the British royal family through Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Maxwell and Epstein – who loaned Ferguson money to pay off debts – were guests of Andrew at events, including some at Windsor castle, Balmoral and Sandringham.

Prince Andrew, in his recent Newsnight interview, said guests at the parties and dinners in Epstein’s New York mansion included “academics, politicians, people from the United Nations”. But we know now that it was not just influential friends Maxwell cultivated. One of her friends, Euan Rellie, told Tatler: “Every single interesting, pretty, new girl to arrive in New York would end up going for tea with Ghislaine, then being introduced to Jeffrey. She was the acceptable face of a rather mysterious billionaire.”

….She was charming initially, says Farmer. “Everyone [was] like: ‘This woman is so intelligent and interesting.’ She had a really great personality when you first met her.” But it didn’t take long for her to become verbally abusive towards the staff, she says. “I was one of the staff. I would have to go to Jeffrey and say: ‘Ghislaine’s verbally abusing me again.’ Then he would scream at her. It was all like ‘good cop, bad cop’, and they loved playing that game with everybody.”

Once, she says, Ivana Trump visited. “Quite often, with people like Ivana – powerful [people] – Ghislaine would say ‘Hop in the car, you can go on a ride with us’ and it was supposed to be my special little treat.” Then, as soon as they were back at the mansion, Maxwell would switch and shout at her, she says. She also says she could be threatening. “They had video cameras everywhere [in the house], and Ghislaine liked to intimidate by talking about the cameras. She’d say: ‘They’re watching you.’”

Farmer alleges that Maxwell would bring in a steady stream of young girls to the mansion, often saying she was casting for Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie company owned by Leslie Wexner, a close friend of Epstein. “It was really weird to me. I’m like [the] ‘models are so young’, and she said: ‘Yeah, but they need these models for Victoria’s Secret. They go as young as 13 now in modelling.’” Farmer alleges Maxwell would recruit teenagers from schools on the Upper East Side and in Central Park.

….It is alleged that Maxwell was not only an enabler for Epstein’s abuse, but took part in it. In her Panorama interview, Giuffre, then known as Virginia Roberts, recounted how Maxwell and Epstein abused her at his Palm Beach house after Maxwell had recruited her from her job working as a spa attendant at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort. In 1996, Farmer says Maxwell and Epstein sexually assaulted her. She went to the police as well as more than one FBI agent, none of whom took action. She also spoke to Ward in 2002 for a Vanity Fair profile – Ward has since said that the then-editor Graydon Carter cut out the entire part about Farmer and her sister after being pressured by Epstein. A spokeswoman for the magazine has said: “Epstein denied the charges at the time and since the claims were unsubstantiated and no criminal investigation had been initiated, we decided not to include them in what was a financial story.”

….Ransome, who says she was kept for six months on Epstein’s private island and claims she was raped several times a day, said: “They were never like a couple. Jeffrey and Ghislaine were best friends, or like brother and sister. Never holding hands or kissing. And she wasn’t his employee.”

When Maxwell found that Farmer had spoken out, she made threatening calls – Farmer says she has been in hiding “for many years”. “Ghislaine kept threatening my life. She found out where I was living, and she would send messages to me or I would get a call and I would have to move again. Most of her threats were veiled, like: ‘You better look over your shoulder because there’s someone coming for you.’ She told me she was going to burn all my paintings, my career was burned.”

In 2015, Giuffre sued Maxwell for defamation, after Maxwell said she was lying about the allegations she had made. The case was settled out of court and Maxwell began retreating from public view.

She was no longer seen in public with Epstein after his 2008 conviction for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution. For this, he was given an 18-month prison sentence, in a sweetheart plea deal that saw an investigation into his abuse of more than 30 underage girls (for which he could have been given a life sentence) shut down. He served just 13 months, much of it on day release.

Maxwell with (from left) Donald Trump, Melania and Epstein, in 2001, at Mar-a-Lago. Photograph: Davidoff Studios/Getty Images

Maxwell (in green dress) at Royal Ascot in 2000, with Prince Andrew (second from left) and Jeffrey Epstein (far right). Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock


Prince Andrew email surfaces as American woman alleges “disgusting” sexual assault, Epstein accused by nine more women, Trump and Prince Andrew, Epstein’s and Norwegian Royal Family

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– Prince Andrew email surfaces as American woman alleges “disgusting” sexual assault

– Jeffrey Epstein Accused of Sexual Abuse By Nine More Women in New Lawsuit

– ‘I Don’t Know Prince Andrew,’ Trump Says. Photos Say Otherwise.

– Royal scandal: Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s link with Norwegian Royal Family

Prince Andrew email surfaces as American woman alleges “disgusting” sexual assault
CBS News December 3, 2019

London — Britain’s royal family was reeling from yet another damning interview on Tuesday morning. This time it was an American woman who accuses the queen’s son, Prince Andrew, of having sex with her when she was just 17 years old. Virginia Roberts Giuffre spoke out in the interview with the BBC about what she says the prince did to her, and what he may know about Jeffrey Epstein.

“I had just been abused by a, a member of a royal family,” Roberts Giuffre said, fighting back tears.

As CBS News correspondent Imtiaz Tyab reports, the American woman described being forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, three times while she was still a teenager.

“It didn’t last very long, the whole entire procedure. It was disgusting. Um, he wasn’t mean or anything, but he got up and he said, ‘thanks,’ and walked out. And I sat there in bed just horrified and ashamed,” she told the BBC….

In a now notorious interview last month Prince Andrew denied ever meeting Roberts Giuffre — despite being photographed with her — and claimed that due to a “peculiar medical condition” he was physically unable to sweat “at the time.”

He did admit to spending time at Epstein’s homes, where he said he never witnessed any suspicious behavior or saw anything unusual about the young women in the properties.

“I thought they were all staff,” the prince claimed.

Now, five more American women have said Prince Andrew witnessed abuse at Epstein’s home, and their lawyer has called for Andrew to testify.

Meanwhile, an email has emerged this week, buried in thousands of U.S. legal documents, that was sent by the prince in January 2015 to his long-time friend Ghislaine Maxwell, who was a close associate of Epstein’s. In it, the duke said: “Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts.”….

Jeffrey Epstein Accused of Sexual Abuse By Nine More Women in New Lawsuit December 3, 2019 By Althea Legaspi
Suit claims the late financier targeted victims as young as 13 years old

The late financier Jeffrey Epstein has been accused of sexually abusing nine more women in a new lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Reuters reports. The incidents began as early as 1985 and targeted victims as young as 13 years old, according to the suit filed against Epstein’s estate.

The women, identified as Jane Does in the filing, allege the abuse spanned more than two decades. Six of the women claim they were raped. One alleges she was sexually assaulted, abused and battered beginning in 1985; another said she was age 14 when the abuse began around 1990 and a third alleges she was age 13 when she was abused around 2003….

The nine women in the new lawsuit are among more than 20 women to date who are legally seeking compensation from Epstein’s $577 million estate, according to Reuters….

‘I Don’t Know Prince Andrew,’ Trump Says. Photos Say Otherwise.
Speaking to reporters in London, President Trump denied knowing Prince Andrew, despite having been photographed with him on several occasions. By Iliana Magra Dec. 3, 2019

LONDON — President Trump denied on Tuesday that he knew Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II who has become entangled in sexual abuse accusations against the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein…..

Royal scandal: Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s link with Norwegian Royal Family
JEFFREY EPSTEIN’s royal connections went beyond that of with Prince Andrew, it has been revealed. Here are the disgraced sex offender’s ties with the Norwegian Royal Family.
By Amalie Henden Tue, Dec 3, 2019

On Monday, leading business daily Dagens Næringsliv (DN) revealed Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit had met Epstein on multiple occasions.

Mette-Marit, who is married to Crown Prince Haakon, the heir to the Norwegian throne, told the publication she was “sorry” for having had several meeting with the late financier.

In a statement she said: “I never would have associated with Mr Epstein if I had been aware of the seriousness of the crimes he committed.

“I should have investigated his past more thoroughly, and I am sorry that I didn’t.”…..

Mette-Marit has said she now regrets her association with Epstein.

In the statement, she expressed her “deep sympathy and solidarity” with Epstein’s victims.

She said: “Through my longtime work with international health issues, I have seen the great damage that sexual assault does to children and women.

“We all share responsibility to fight sexual assault and support victims, and I want to express my deep sympathy and solidarity with the victims of the assaults Jeffrey Epstein has carried out.”

Information on Neil Brick
In 1995,  Neil Brick founded the SMART newsletter.  In 1996, SMART was on the Internet and in 1998 SMART started having ritual abuse conferences.

Epstein accuser says Prince Andrew told her ‘thank you’ after she was forced to have sex with him, Jeffrey Epstein’s former ‘sex slave’ visited him 90 times in jail, Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Detail Abuse

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Jeffrey Epstein’s former ‘sex slave’ visited him 90 times in jail
By Emily Saul and Kate Sheehy
September 23, 2019

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s former underage “sex slaves” was allowed to visit him around 90 times while he was in a Florida jail for solicitation of a minor, a report said Monday.

Nadia Marcinkova — whom Epstein allegedly “purchased” from her family and brought to the US around 2001 at age 15, bragging that she was “his Yugoslavian sex slave” — was allowed into the Palm Beach County Jail in 2008 while he was doing time for soliciting sex from a minor, the Daily Mail said, citing local sheriff’s office visitor logs.

Marcinkova was in her early 20s by then — but jail officials should have been aware of accusations that Epstein allegedly sexually abused her while she was underage because the details were in a previous police report, the Mail noted.

Epstein had landed his cushy, controversial 13-month prison sentence amid dozens of accusations of sex abuse of girls and young women.

He was put in a private wing at the Palm Beach County jail after he was allowed to plead guilty to the solicitation charge, and when he wasn’t enjoying visits from women such as Marcinkova, he was being freed on “work release’’ — where he allegedly continued to enjoy sex encounters.

The Post documented through court papers that Marcinkova visited Epstein 54 times while he was behind bars. But the Mail said it had logs showing the tally hovered around 90, although the woman’s last name was spelled as Marcorkona. The first name was the same.

Marcinkova spent her earlier years with Epstein having sex with him and other girls who also were below the age of consent, some of his victims told investigators…..

Epstein accuser says Prince Andrew told her ‘thank you’ after she was forced to have sex with him
By Robert Gearty Fox News Sept. 21, 2019

A woman who claims Jeffrey Epstein paid her to have sex with Prince Andrew says in her first TV interview that the Duke of York thanked her after their first sexual encounter.

“He was an abuser. He was a participant,” Virginia Roberts Giuffre says of Andrew in an interview with NBC Dateline set to air Friday night. The interview with Giuffre includes five other Epstein accusers, including three who are speaking publicly for the first time.

Giuffre repeats accusations she has made in court papers that when she was 17 in 2001 she was forced to have sex with Andrew. A photo released by a New York appeals court in August shows Andrew with his arm around Giuffre’s bare waist. Giuffre says it was taken in the apartment of Epstein’s longtime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001….

Giuffre says she and Andrew had sex two more times. The encounters happened in Epstein’s New York apartment and at his Virgin Islands estate, she alleges.

Giuffre adds that Andrew can deny they had sex but “he knows the truth and I know the truth.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told Dateline: “It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or encounter with Virginia Roberts [Giuffre]. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.”….


Former teen model describes Jeffrey Epstein’s sex abuse

In an NBC News exclusive, Savannah Guthrie talks with six women who have leveled sexual assault and rape allegations against Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide in August. In her first TV interview, former teen model Anouska De Georgiou details how she fell into Epstein’s abuse.Sept. 23, 2019


Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Detail Abuse In NBC News Exclusive | TODAY
Published on Sep 20, 2019
In an NBC News exclusive, Savannah Guthrie sits down with six women who have leveled sexual assault allegations against disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide in August. In her first TV interview, Virginia Roberts Giuffre details how Epstein directed her to have sex with other powerful men, including Britain’s Prince Andrew. See the full conversation Friday at 10 p.m. EST on “Dateline.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sweVMJzJ-s

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