Number of Jesuit abuse victims, ritual abuse newsletter and conference

April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

The latest ritual abuse newsletter is now available online at

This issue contains information on clergy abuse around the world, including alleged cover ups by the Vatican and Pope, Boy Scouts, Franklin Scandal/Gosch, Ritual abuse, mind control, mk-ultra, CIA experiments, West Memphis 3, Afghanistan, MPD/DID. Child sexual abuse and its traumatic effects, Scientology and a similar Milgram experiment on French TV.

New Information on this summer’s ritual abuse conference with updated speaker information and reduced early registration fees is at :

Number of Jesuit abuse victims continues to climb 10 Apr 10 Some 10 weeks after the first abuse cases at Jesuit education institutions came to light, the number of victims continues to climb. Around 170 people are now believed to have been abused in Germany.  Lawyer Ursula Raue, who has been commissioned to investigate the abuse cases, told the DPA news agency in an interview that abuse by members of the clergy took place in Jesuit educational establishments as early as the 1950s. She did not name the exact number of known abusers. Berlin’s prestigious Canisius secondary school made headlines when it was revealed at the end of January that at least two priests had repeatedly abused students in the 1970s and 1980s. It is now thought that at least 59 former students were victims of the abuse.

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