Ariel Castro describes abduction during FBI interrogation, Police free teens caught up in sex trafficking ring

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Nightly News     September 06, 2013
Ariel Castro describes abduction during FBI interrogation
In video obtained of Ariel Castro’s FBI interrogation, the now deceased kidnapper of three Ohio women describes the chilling details of their capture and how he came close to getting caught on several occasions. NBC’s Kate Snow reports.

NBC News    September 06, 2013
Police free teens caught up in sex trafficking ring
Three adults are accused of running a teen prostitution ring out of a Kentucky massage parlor. WAVE’s Sherrell Hubbard reports.

Experts question death penalty in Castro case, John Jamelske, Dozier School for Boys, Crisis in America’s Family Courts, Ex-swimming coach Rick Curl

May 27, 2013 Comments Off on Experts question death penalty in Castro case, John Jamelske, Dozier School for Boys, Crisis in America’s Family Courts, Ex-swimming coach Rick Curl

– Experts question death penalty in Ohio missing women case
– Justice Story: John Jamelske, the Ariel Castro of Syracuse, held 5 women and girls captive
– Dozier survivor: Judge’s decision just a temporary roadblock
– Failure to Protect: The Crisis in America’s Family Courts
– Ex-swimming coach Rick Curl gets 7 years in child sex abuse case

Experts question death penalty in Ohio missing women case
May 26, 2013 COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A prosecutor faces numerous obstacles as he weighs whether to bring death penalty charges against a man accused of kidnapping three women and forcing one of them into miscarriages through starvation and beatings, capital punishment experts say.

Most agree that such charges are possible against Ariel Castro, though not without legal fights starting with constitutional questions over the definition of a murder victim for the purposes of a death penalty case.

Cuyahoga County prosecutor Tim McGinty said at a news conference on May 9, days after the women were rescued from Castro’s run-down home, that capital punishment “must be reserved for those crimes that are truly the worst examples of human conduct.”

“The law of Ohio calls for the death penalty for those most depraved criminals, who commit aggravated murder during the course of a kidnapping,” he added….

Justice Story: John Jamelske, the Ariel Castro of Syracuse, held 5 women and girls captive
After keeping victims hidden in secret basement rooms, kidnapper undone by trip to return bottles
By David J. Krajicek / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, May 25, 2013

John Jamelske, a scruffy bottle-picker from Syracuse, regarded himself as smooth with the ladies. To the rest of the world, he was a kidnapper and sexual predator.
Before there was Ariel Castro, Cleveland’s industrious triple kidnapper, there was Jamelske, New York’s dungeon dragoon.

For 15 years beginning in 1988, he held a succession of females as sex slaves in a filthy bunker beneath his house in upstate DeWitt. Jamelske was finally busted on April 3, 2003, three weeks before Castro kidnapped Amanda Berry, the second of his three victims.

Castro seemed shamed by his arrest. Jamelske, on the other hand, claimed his victims were “buddies.” He said he chained them “only a tiny little” and saw himself as “a tremendous influence” on them.

“No, I never considered anybody a kidnap victim,” he told the Syracuse Post-Standard. He explained that kidnappers demand cash ransoms. He didn’t do that….
The law disagreed, and convicted kidnapper Jamelske, 78, is living out his life in prison.

His case didn’t get the national attention of the dramatic escape of the three women in Cleveland earlier in May, but Jamelske’s story is just as implausible.

Though he described himself as “a little bit crazy,” Jamelske had a rather ordinary life until he reached his 50s. He was married with three sons, had a community college degree, and worked at grocery stores in the Syracuse area, where he grew up.

His life turned in the 1980s. He lost his job and began scavenging for bottles and cans. His hoarding tendencies flourished as he stacked his house floor to ceiling with cast-off crap….

Jamelske began cruising in his distinctive vintage Mercury Comet, seeking females from the wrong side of the tracks. And he built a 12-by-24 foot bunker accessible through a crawl space behind a hidden door in his garage. He told busybodies it was a storm shelter. It featured a plastic bucket toilet, a filthy foam cushion as a bed, and a salvaged bathtub filled with cold water from a garden hose.

In September 1988, he lured a 14-year-old girl into his car and secreted her in the dungeon for two years. The girl was reported missing by her family, and they were shocked when she came home in 1989. The victim later said Jamelske had threatened to kill her brother, so she lied and said she had run away from home….

In 1995, Jamelske abducted a second 14-year-old. For two years, he subjected the teen to daily sexual assaults — all while his wife, ill with cancer, was upstairs. He freed that victim in 1997, again with a threat if she squealed. The girl told her mother she had been kidnapped and raped by an older man, but she was so terrified the crime was never reported….

Dozier survivor: Judge’s decision just a temporary roadblock

By Paul Mueller, Reporter Friday, May 24, 2013
MARIANNA –  A Circuit Court judge has denied a request to exhume the bodies from gravesites at the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna.

In the court order, Judge William Wright of Jackson County Circuit Court states the petition was denied because the Petitioner “failed to meet the threshold for an order granting exhumation in a civil case,” and that the “Interim Report prepared by the University of South Florida does not provide any information or opinion regarding what physical evidence is likely to be found that will lead to the identification of the human remains or a determination of the causes of death.”

A local survivor of the school said it’s just a temporary roadblock in the search to find the remains of so many boys who were forgotten.

From his home in Clearwater, Robert Straley remembers the first day he walked into the Dozier School for Boys.  The year was 1963 and Straley was just 13 years old.
Looking back, Straley calls it “one of the most horrible times of my life, if not the worst.”

On the first night, he said men in charge gave him the first of three floggings during his 10 and a half months there. “I was in a state of shock,” Straley said.  “I didn’t even know what was going on.  It was like it was happening to somebody else.  It was like a bad nightmare.”

Investigators said the beatings went on at the school for nearly 70 years and some of the boys would simply disappear. But then in 2007, Straley and others began asking questions and wanted to know where those boys ended up.

While doing forensic research on the school’s grounds, a team of USF researchers uncovered dozens of shallow graves.

Failure to Protect: The Crisis in America’s Family Courts May 6, 2010
When a mother’s bitter custody battle ends with the death of her child, something has gone terribly wrong with the system.

Wyatt Garcia was born in April 2009. Nine months later, he was shot and killed by his father, who then turned the gun on himself.
It might have turned out differently—if a family court judge had listened to Wyatt’s mother….

Lawyers, judges, psychologists and representatives of women’s groups interviewed by The Crime Report describe a broken family court system that is already burdened with a heavy caseload and too few judges—many of whom are forced to rotate between cases—and in which serious criminal allegations of domestic or sexual abuse are routinely ignored. The crushing financial costs of pursuing long custody battles is an additional burden on indigent mothers, who get little or no legal support. The odds are particularly stacked against children at risk when the court battle revolves over “he said, she said” arguments.

The system has particularly failed parents – usually mothers – whose efforts to protect their children collide with an approach to custody issues that is based on narrow legal concepts of balance and fair treatment rather than psychological or medical evidence. “Courts assume mothers are orchestrating misinformation, instead of trying to protect their children,” said Kathleen Russell, director of the Center for Judicial Excellence….

Ex-swimming coach Rick Curl gets 7 years in child sex abuse case
By Amy Brittain and Chris Trevino, Published: May 23

Former D.C. area swimming coach Rick Curl was sentenced to seven years in prison for child sexual abuse at a hearing Thursday that also featured a revelation from Curl’s attorney that the University of Maryland knew about the abuse more than 25 years ago.

The sentencing in Montgomery County Circuit Court brought closure to a criminal case centered on Curl’s five-year sexual abuse of a swimming pupil that began in the 1980s, but it also raised new questions about the University of Maryland’s role in the decades-old case.

The victim, Kelley Currin, now 43, was 13 when the abuse began. She swam for the Curl-Burke Swim Club, one of the nation’s largest such organizations, through which Curl, now 63, had guided athletes to Olympic gold medals.

Currin’s parents became aware of her sexual encounters with Curl in 1986 and confronted the coach around their kitchen table, Thomas Kelly Jr., Curl’s attorney, said at the sentencing hearing.

They demanded that Curl sign a letter admitting that he had had sex with their daughter, who was then known as Kelley Davies. At some point, the attorney said, the letter was given to the athletic director at the University of Maryland, where, in 1987, Curl began coaching swimming and diving, in addition to his private coaching job. Kelly said in court that after U-Md. officials received the letter, they quietly pushed Curl out….

Accused Kidnapper Ariel Castro Beat Wife, Threatened Neighbors, Police Records Say

May 14, 2013 Comments Off on Accused Kidnapper Ariel Castro Beat Wife, Threatened Neighbors, Police Records Say

Accused Kidnapper Ariel Castro Beat Wife, Threatened Neighbors, Police Records Say

Cleveland cops were summoned six times to handle accusations that accused kidnapper Ariel Castro had assaulted or menaced people, including three alleged beatings of his wife, but he was only convicted once and was never sentenced to any prison time.

One of the accusations against Castro was that he battered his wife while she was recovering from brain surgery, according to newly released police records.

It is unclear whether any of the reported incidents could have led police to the three women allegedly held as sex slaves for a decade in his house, but the number of times his name pops up in the Cleveland police database is far more than the two incidents police originally reported.

There was no immediate response today from police or prosecutors….

Castro’s ex-wife, Grimilda Figueroa, who died last year, first accused Castro of assault in 1989, 1993 and again in 2005, three years after he allegedly abducted his first victim Michelle Knight in 2002.

Castro was “a monster,” according to Figueroa’s family members who spoke to ABC News last week on the condition of anonymity. He was “nice when he was outside but behind closed doors he was an animal. Two faced. He had done terrible things to her [Figueroa] and treated her like trash.”

Ariel Castro, Cleveland suspect, has a dark past that foreshadowed crimes he’s now accused of
By Manuel Roig-Franzia, Jerry Markon and Luz Lazo, Published: May 11

Cleveland — Shorty needed a ride home.

She got confused sometimes, the result of some undefined mental condition, and wasn’t always sure where she’d wandered. Her family knew this about Michelle “Shorty” Knight, all 4 feet 7 inches of her, and that’s why they worried.

She got in a car.

It begins there, with that simple act, a 21-year-old — in many ways still very much a girl — got in a car. Aug. 22, 2002. If she’d looked up in that last moment of freedom, she would have seen a church steeple.

Eight months later, another girl. Same road. Two-tenths of a mile away.

Mandy had just finished her shift at Burger King, was still in her Burger King hat and shirt. Tomorrow would be Amanda “Mandy” Berry’s 17th birthday; a party was planned.

She got in a car.

The hunter of girls had found a rich hunting ground, a stretch of road clotted with used-automobile lots, discount jewelers, fast-food joints — and schoolgirls.

A year later, April 2, 2004, the hunter was back. Gina, just 14, was walking home with friends from Wilbur Wright Middle School, a stately brick building set on a shaded street two blocks from Burger King. Georgina “Gina” DeJesus broke off on her own, steps away from the spot where Knight was taken.

A car pulled up. The driver was the father of one of her best friends.

She got in the car.

For the next nine years, authorities say, Knight, Berry and De­Jesus together endured an excruciating ordeal as captives in a seemingly normal house on a seemingly normal street in a busy residential neighborhood less than four miles away. Until their remarkable rescue last week, authorities say, they were physically, sexually and psychologically abused by their captor, Ariel Castro, a school bus driver who played salsa music in nightclubs and harbored a dark past that foreshadowed the crimes he’s now accused of committing.

At Castro’s home on Seymour Avenue, he chained the young women in his basement, according to a police report. Eventually, investigators say, he moved them to the second floor of his house, a two-story place with a small back yard, a saggy porch, peeling paint and faded white siding. Most of the time, they were trapped inside, and on the rare occasions they were allowed to venture into the yard, Castro forced them to wear wigs and sunglasses, the report says. He told them to keep their heads down.

Castro, now 52, raped all his captives, authorities say….

In the beginning, the romance between the 20-something Ariel Castro and Grimilda Figueroa went fine. But it quickly deteriorated.

In the early 1990s, the unmarried couple lived on the second floor of the home of Figueroa’s parents. Once, Castro shoved Figueroa down a steep flight of stairs, family members recall. Her father, aided by a pack of neighbors and relatives, beat Castro in retaliation. He didn’t fight back. “He didn’t fight no man,” Figueroa Jr. says.

Things only got worse when the couple moved to their own place; Castro’s beatings of his common-law wife became more frequent and more severe, Figueroa’s relatives say.

He exhibited strange, domineering traits. Grimilda Figueroa became a near-prisoner in her home, a sister, Elida Caraballo, says. Castro padlocked doors from the outside when he left. One day, Caraballo went into their house and saw Castro shoving Figueroa into a cardboard box and closing the lid….

More recently, neighbors say police have been contacted at least twice in the past two years because of suspicious activity. The first time, neighbor Elsie Cintron says she called police after spotting a child’s face in an attic window and hearing banging. Officers responded, Cintron says, but left when no one answered the knocks at Castro’s door. The next time, her son Israel Lugo says, a group of elderly women who were exercising in the area called police. According to Lugo, the women and his sister had all seen a naked woman on all fours with a dog collar around her neck in Castro’s back yard. Cleveland police say they have no record of the calls….

Ariel Castro to cops: ‘I’m coldblooded’, Ex-Relatives Say Ohio Accused Kidnapper, Rapist Is A ‘Monster’, NSW priest facing 124 child sex charges

May 11, 2013 Comments Off on Ariel Castro to cops: ‘I’m coldblooded’, Ex-Relatives Say Ohio Accused Kidnapper, Rapist Is A ‘Monster’, NSW priest facing 124 child sex charges

– Ariel Castro to cops: ‘I’m coldblooded’
– Ariel Castro’s Ex-Relatives Say Ohio Accused Kidnapper, Rapist Is A ‘Monster’
– Long before he was charged, Ariel Castro was accuser in sexual assault case
– Sex assault survivors, former gymnasts, reunite for justice
– NSW priest facing 124 child sex charges

Ariel Castro to cops: ‘I’m coldblooded’
DNA test shows Castro is the father of one of the victim’s 6-year-old daughter
Tom Meyer, WKYC-TV May 10, 2013

CLEVELAND — During interrogation with police, Ariel Castro, the man charged with kidnapping and raping three women over roughly 10 years, referred to himself as “coldblooded,” addicted to sex and unable to control his impulses, WKYC Channel 3 News has learned.

With exacting detail, Castro recalled the abductions of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, explaining how he met each victim and even what he was wearing that day, according to sources….

The 52-year-old unemployed school bus driver was “cocky” during the interview, showing remorse only over his capture, Channel 3 News was told.

Castro, who was arrested on Monday after Berry escaped from Castro’s house with the help of neighbors and called police, was ordered held on $8 million bond Thursday by a Cleveland Municipal Court judge.

Meanwhile, in a suicide note discovered in his house by police, Castro blamed the girls for their abductions, writing that they were the ones who got into his car in the first place, the sources said. Castro did write that he wanted to give his money and possessions to the women if he was caught, the sources said.

The note appears to have been written in 2004, about the time police were investigating him on an apparently unrelated matter involving a child left on his school bus. In the note, he also mentioned his sex addiction, as well as having previously endured physical abuse as a child.

None of the abductions seemed planned, the sources said. Rather, they appeared to be crimes of opportunity….

Ariel Castro’s Ex-Relatives Say Ohio Accused Kidnapper, Rapist Is A ‘Monster’
AP  By MEGHAN BARR 05/10/2013
CLEVELAND — The man accused of holding three women captive for a decade in his home terrorized the mother of his children, frequently beating her, playing twisted psychological games and locking her indoors in the years before their relationship disintegrated, her relatives say.

Several relatives of Grimilda Figueroa, who left Ariel Castro years ago and died last year after a long illness, painted a nightmarish portrait of Castro’s family life as authorities made public horrifying details of the abuse endured by the imprisoned women.

In interviews with The Associated Press on Thursday, the relatives described Castro as a “monster” who abused his wife and locked his family inside their own home. Their views were at odds with those of some of Castro’s family and a neighbor, who knew the former school bus driver only as a happy and respectful man.

Figueroa’s relatives said Castro savagely beat her, pushing her down a flight of stairs, breaking her nose and dislocating her shoulder, among other injuries. Her sister, Elida Caraballo, said Castro once shoved Figueroa into a cardboard box and closed the flaps over her head.

“He told her, `You stay there until I tell you to get out,'” said Caraballo, who cried as she recounted her late sister’s torment. “That’s when I got scared and I ran downstairs to get my parents.”

Castro, to frighten his wife, kept a mannequin wearing a dark wig propped up against a wall and sometimes drove around the neighborhood with it, relatives said.

“He threatened me lots of times with it,” said Angel Caraballo, Castro’s nephew, who used to play with his cousins at the house where the kidnapped women were found. “He would say, `Act up again, you’ll be in that back room with the mannequin.'”….

Some relatives of Castro have said they were shocked by the allegations against him. An uncle, Julio Castro, said it’s been difficult news to absorb.

“Of course we have taken it hard,” he said. “We only knew one Ariel, my sweet nephew. He was a sweet, happy person, a musician. We didn’t have the slightest idea of the second person in him.”….

Long before he was charged, Ariel Castro was accuser in sexual assault case
Fernando Colon was accused by Ariel Castro in 2004 of sexually assaulting the latter’s daughters, Emily and Arlene, who also were his stepdaughters. He was initially charged with 28 counts, including rape and kidnapping, but was found guilty of five lesser offenses.  By Mark Schone  NBC News investigative editor

Nearly a decade before being charged with kidnapping, raping and torturing three Cleveland women, Ariel Castro was himself the accuser in a sexual assault case involving his daughters. The accusations, which resulted in the conviction of his ex-wife’s second husband, now offer a new window into Castro’s tangled family relationships.

The case against Fernando Colon also raises questions about whether FBI agents squandered an opportunity to question Castro about the disappearance of two of the women in the months after their abductions.

Castro made the accusations against Colon, 39, in July 2004, shortly after 14-year-old Georgina “Gina” DeJesus vanished on her way home from the west Cleveland middle school she attended.

Colon, the husband of Ariel Castro’s ex-common-law wife, Grimilda “Nilda” Figueroa, says he told two FBI agents nine years ago to investigate Castro in connection with the disappearances of Amanda Berry and DeJesus, but that the agents seemed uninterested in his tip….

Sex assault survivors, former gymnasts, reunite for justice
Catholic Church and others oppose change that would let them sue
May 07, 2013 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) ….

But with the smiles expressed by six former Olympic-hopeful gymnasts were also tears.
“I was raped,” said Charmaine Carnes, a former gymnast who shared the same coach as the other women.

One by one, this reunited group shared a painful past.
“The rape that was happening was rampant. It was nonstop,” added Monica Lenches, another teammate.

The group of six met in Sacramento on Tuesday to lobby for a proposed change in the statute of limitations civil law involving past victims of child sexual abuse.

“This man was extremely, extremely good at controlling us and manipulating us into believing this is what we wanted,” said Anne Malver, another teammate.

Current California civil law limits the ability of child sex-abuse victims to seek damages — an action must be filed by the plaintiff’s 26th birthday, or within three years of the date that the plaintiff reasonably discovers the psychological trauma he/she is suffering (comes) from consequences of sexual abuse, read a news release from the sponsors of SB 131….

However, the California Catholic Conference, as well as a list of other private organizations, oppose the bill because it would virtually exempt all public employees and public schools from the proposed change in statute of limitations, said Kevin Eckery, a spokesperson for the Catholic Church….

NSW priest facing 124 child sex charges AAP May 8, 2013
A former Catholic priest is accused of 124 child sex offences after scores of additional charges were laid against him.

The 59-year-old man faced Armidale Local Court, in the NSW New England region, on Wednesday, when prosecutors laid 64 fresh charges….

Police allege the offences relate to alleged assaults on a boy and two girls, aged from nine to 19, that took place in the early 1980s at Moree, Narrabri, Inverell and Armidale.

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