Tears of Woman Guilty of Sex Attacks on Baby

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Tears of Woman Guilty of Sex Attacks on Baby
October 19, 2010 By John Twomey

A PERVERTED woman care worker faced a long jail sentence last night after she was found guilty of involvement in one of Britain’s worst child-sex rings. Tracy Dawber gasped “Oh, no!” as she was found guilty of sexually assaulting a five-month-old baby while ringleader Colin Blanchard took photographs. As a jury found her guilty of five related charges, the 44-year-old started crying and shaking.

Dawber, a grandmother, was the fourth female member of Blanchard’s paedophile network to be convicted of “sickening” offences against children….Blanchard, 40, who has admitted 19 child-sex charges, gave evidence against her, accusing her of taking the lead. Police searched her desktop computer and discovered word searches including “pre-teen”, “Lolita” and a file containing 50 stories on incest. The pair started a relationship after meeting on the internet….

Crown Prosecution Service lawyer Ann Reddrop said: “Colin Blanchard turned out to be an evil man who controlled four women in one of the most sickening paedophile rings this country has seen. “He encouraged these women to take and share ever more horrific images of the sexual abuse of children. As if that was not bad enough, he encouraged them to physically abuse children to produce those pictures.” Detectives investigated Blanchard’s network after Greater Manchester Police found images of child abuse on his computer.

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