Research Ethics and Private Harms (Taus v. Loftus), Satanic worshipper killed, dismembered and ate woman, Life in India for women and gender imbalance

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– Research Ethics and Private Harms (Taus v. Loftus)
– Tennessee man killed, dismembered and ate woman before burying leftover body parts: police
– Astha Rajvanshi on life in India for women and what is being done to address the gender imbalance

Research Ethics and Private Harms
Gerald P. Koocher
DePaul University, Chicago, IL, USA
J Interpers Violence May 28, 2014 0886260514534986

This commentary addresses the emotionally powerful account of Nicole Taus Kluemper from the perspective of a psychologist familiar with the administrative operation of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the ethics of the profession. The application of the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct to the case is discussed, and alternative methods of response that researchers who have concerns about case studies might use are offered. The author concludes that existing ethical principles—the aspirational standards in particular—do bear upon the matter in question. However, the enforceable code of conduct is not sufficiently clear about obligations to those whom psychologists publicly discuss when the psychologist does not have a specific duty of care to an individual.
Keywords:  case studies   ethics  Taus v. Loftus

Tennessee man killed, dismembered and ate woman before burying leftover body parts: police
Gregory Hale, 37, admitted to police that he cut off Lisa Marie Hyder’s head, feet and hands before burying the 36-year-old’s torso in a burn pile. The alleged ‘devil worshipper’ also ate some of the woman and asked a neighbor in Summitville for help disposing of a body, police said.

BY Sasha Goldstein
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Satanic worshipper in Tennessee killed, dismembered and ate a woman he had just met in a disturbing ritualistic murder, police said.

Cops learned of Gregory Hale’s gruesome secret when the 37-year-old asked a friend for help in disposing of a body, The Tullahoma News reported.

By that point, Hale had already allegedly killed and beheaded Lisa Marie Hyder, 36, then cut off her hands and placed them in a plastic bucket. He also allegedly cut of her feet and other body parts and placed them in another bucket before burying the woman’s torso under a burn pile behind his home.

When cops caught up to and arrested Hale on Sunday, he admitted to the gruesome crime, cops said. Hale also told cops he ate part of the woman, whom he had met the day she died, which prosecutors believe was on Friday, WSMV-TV reported…..

Astha Rajvanshi on life in India for women and what is being done to address the gender imbalance   June 10, 2014

AS A girl born in India, it was normally expected that I only ever step out on the street when accompanied by a male relative. For many Indian women, sexual harassment, catcalling and whistling are pervasive but regular parts of their lives. And every day, somewhere, this interaction crosses the line into something more fatal.

Reports coming out of India over the last few weeks on the abduction, gang rape and lynching of two teenage girls in Badaun were distressing, but not new. Neither was the honour killing of a pregnant woman in Lahore, who was stoned to death by her family for marrying the man she loved….

There are certain expectations of a woman in Indian society. Girls should be shy, not loud. They should learn how to cook and clean, not play sports. They should be modest; they shouldn’t wear clothes that are too short or revealing. They should keep to themselves; too much interaction with boys is no good….

The loud aftermath of the gang rape in Delhi has seen some progress. Over 1,300 rape cases and thousands of molestation cases have been reported, and anti-rape laws and better enforcement have been stressed, with the Indian Parliament passing a bill containing harsher punishments for rapists.

Under the Bill, stalking, acid violence, disrobing are all specific crimes attracting increased jail terms. And any protections afforded to police officers, allowing them to let complaints slide, have been removed. These changes have made women more willing to speak out and report the crimes against them.

On the other hand, a large number of honour killings because of caste divisions are still inherent in Indian society, leading to inter-caste violence and social oppression between marginalised groups. One in five cases of honour killings reported internationally comes from India….

Changing mindsets is perhaps the biggest challenge for India, which has ranked as the world’s fourth most dangerous country for women, behind Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan.

Dr Manjula O’Connor, who has worked on various Indian campaigns and projects for gender-based violence, comments that a large reason behind such crimes is “the male patriarchal system, which is still going on in huge parts on the country”….

Pamela Anderson reveals childhood sexual abuse, Black Magic Rituals, Minnesota cult leader called the girls ‘brides of Christ’ and he was ‘Christ’

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– Former fireman Albert Hickman, 64, is accused of raping a Bridgend schoolgirl more than 40 years ago  – black magic rituals
– Minnesota cult leader called the girls ‘brides of Christ’ and he was ‘Christ’
–  Pamela Anderson reveals childhood sexual abuse, launches charity

‘If I wanted to pin anybody down on the floor I don’t need the help of another person,’ rape accused tells court
May 19, 2014  By Liz Keen
Former fireman Albert Hickman, 64, is accused of raping a Bridgend schoolgirl more than 40 years ago

A man accused of raping a Bridgend schoolgirl while his ‘black magic’ wife held her down told a jury he would not have needed any help to assault a child.

Former “fit” fireman and RAF mechanic Albert Hickman said the allegation, dating back 40 years, when there were allegedly books on witchcraft as well as pornography at his home, was not true….

Hickman, now 64, admitted being jailed for 10 years in the 1980s for the rape of a 13-year-old girl in Shropshire but said while he was stationed at RAF St Athan and attending Salvation Army meetings with his wife several years before he did no such thing.

The alleged victim, now 52, has told the jury she would ‘mitch off’ school and go to the Hickmans’ house after being befriended by his wife Carolee, who herself has admitted holding down another girl for a man to have sex with her during a black magic ritual.

The woman has accused Mrs Hickman of kissing and touching her over a period of time, frightening her into submission with witchcraft, before helping her husband commit rape….

He said he was never involved in black magic rituals himself and if ceremonies did take place at any of their homes he was unaware of it….

The couple were divorced while he served his sentence for abuse and his wife was serving a five-year term but later remarried – after she had had a second husband….

Minnesota cult leader called the girls ‘brides of Christ’ – and he was ‘Christ’ By Karl Kahler Special to the Pioneer Press  05/19/2014

Lindsay Tornambe was just 13 when her parents dropped her off at a Christian camp in Pine County, Minn., where a charismatic cult leader had summoned her to be one of his 10 “Maidens” — virgins who were to be “sacrificed to God” by being married to Christ.

“He started explaining that having sex with me was his way of showing me God’s love, and that because he was Christ in the flesh, I could still remain a virgin even though I had sex with him,” she said.

Now 27, Tornambe says she endured nine years of sexual abuse by Victor Barnard, 52, the head of a secretive cult who is believed to be hiding with followers in the state of Washington after he was charged last month in Minnesota with 59 counts of criminal sexual conduct — chiefly charges of child rape.

I remember Barnard well, as I went to Bible college with him in Kansas in the 1980s, when we were both members of The Way International, a notorious Christian cult based in Ohio. In fact, I recognize the playbook he is alleged to have used to justify the sexual abuse of trusting followers, because he would have learned it from our former masters in The Way….

Karl Kahler is national editor of the San Jose Mercury News and author of “The Cult That Snapped: A Journey Into The Way International.”

Pamela Anderson reveals childhood sexual abuse, launches charity
The “Baywatch” star turned animal and environmental activist says she was sexually abused as a child and as a teen. Pamela Anderson made the revelations at a Cannes Film Festival event, where she launched her namesake foundation.
Christie D’Zurilla

Pamela Anderson has revealed a history of sexual assault, ticking off instances of molestation, rape and gang rape. Her revelations occurred at a charity event held on a luxury yacht at the Cannes Film Festival.

The “Baywatch” star and activist, 46, chose the occasion, which she co-hosted with Vivienne Westwood, to launch the Pamela Anderson Foundation, dedicated to “human, animal and environmental rights.”….

“I did not have an easy childhood,” Anderson said. “Despite loving parents, I was molested from age 6 to 10 by my female babysitter.”….

“I went to a friend’s boyfriend’s house,” she continued. “While she was busy, the boyfriend’s older brother decided he would teach me backgammon, which led into a back massage, which led into rape — my first heterosexual experience. He was 25 years old, I was 12.”….

“My first boyfriend in grade 9 decided it would be funny to gang rape me, with six of his friends. Needless to say, I had a hard time trusting humans. I just wanted off this Earth.”

Anderson said she couldn’t tell her mother, whom she saw as already carrying too heavy of a burden, but instead turned toward animals and nature….

She told the Cannes audience that since finding her “voice” after “Baywatch,” she’d helped change animal-welfare laws in more than 20 countries.

“I’ve spoken to press, parliament, presidents, kings, queens … I know what I’m good at: I’m brilliant at connecting people — communicating.”

She also thanked Rick Salomon, her third and fourth husband, for his support, calling him the “only man” she trusts, other than her sons.

Paedophile monster Ian Watkins to bank more than £150,000 from band break-up while behind bars, Pervert vicar facing prison sentence after pleading guilty to child pornography offences, Gang rape, killing of teen in India sparks outrage

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Paedophile monster Ian Watkins to bank more than £150,000 from band break-up while behind bars

Lostprophets distributing assets having disbanded after conviction
Watkins, 36, currently serving 29 years for serial sex offences
Set to earn £147,497 in assets and more than £100,000 in royalties
By Mia De Graaf 4 January 2014

Paedophile rock star Ian Watkins will earn more than £150,000 while serving a 29-year jail sentence for child sex offences.

The singer’s conviction forced his former band, the Lostprophets, to break up – and distribute their assets worth more than £700,000, it has been revealed.

Watkins, who is currently jailed in top-security Wakefield prison, is contracted to take £147,497 in the deal.

And music experts claim the convicted molesterer will earn more than £100,000 in royalties during his sentence.

The 36-year-old, from Pontypridd, pleaded guilty to three counts of child sexual assault at a trial in Cardiff Crown Court last month….

Lostprophets were founded in Pontypridd in 1997 and the band sold about 3.5 million albums worldwide.

His former bandmates have turned their back on him – saying they are ‘heartbroken, angry, and disgusted’ at his sex crimes and have urged more of his victims to contact police.

Pervert vicar facing prison sentence after pleading guilty to child pornography offences By Gary Stewart
3 Jan 2014

The Rev Ian Hughes made and possessed thousands of indecent images of children

A Merseyside vicar is facing jail after pleading guilty to making and possessing thousands of indecent images of children.

The Rev Ian Hughes, who was priest in charge of the Wirral parishes Poulton and Seacombe, admitted 16 counts relating to more than 8,000 images and movies when he appeared at Liverpool Crown Court today….

Hughes was charged following a search of his home on Brougham Road, Wallasey , on May 22 last year.

Pornographic material recovered included more than 6,000 images and movies at the lowest category of seriousness, more than 1,000 at category two, more than 500 at categories three and four and more than 60 at category five, the most serious….

After charges were brought against him  a spokesman for the Church of England’s Diocese of Chester said: “Ian Hughes was suspended from all church duties as soon as these very serious and disturbing allegations became known to us.”

Gang rape, killing of teen in India sparks outrage
January 4, 2014

KOLKATA, India (AP) — The father of a teenage girl who was allegedly gang raped and later died after being set on fire in eastern India is demanding a federal inquiry into the case, which has renewed public outrage over sexual violence in the country.

Hundreds of people protested Friday in the West Bengal city of Kolkata, accusing state authorities of failing to protect the family after the 16-year-old girl went to police in October to report she had been raped twice by the same gang.

The state’s urban development minister defended the police response, noting that six suspects had been arrested in the rapes and another two for allegedly setting the girl on fire….

The girl reported being gang raped and left in a field near her home in late October in the Madhyamgram suburb of Kolkata, formerly Calcutta. The next day she was allegedly abducted by the same gang and raped again before being left unconscious by railway tracks, police said.

The girl’s father, a taxi driver, said last week that his daughter was set on fire on Dec. 23 after being threatened with violence if she did not withdraw her police complaint. She died from her injuries on Wednesday….

Durham families describe anguish in ‘cult’ murder sentencing, Girl claims father gang-raped her

July 1, 2013 Comments Off on Durham families describe anguish in ‘cult’ murder sentencing, Girl claims father gang-raped her

Durham families describe anguish in ‘cult’ murder sentencing
Jun 27, 2013  By WNCN Staff
DURHAM, N.C. –  Two people charged in connection with killing a 4-year-old boy and 29-year-old woman, were sentenced in a Durham courtroom Thursday. Vania Sisk and Larhonda Smith were sentenced in the so-called “cult murders.”

Peter Moses, the alleged ringleader of the cult, known as the “Black Hebrews,” was expected to be sentenced, but his case was delayed due to an attorney’s scheduling conflict. The three are the final people to be sentenced in the 2010 deaths of Jadon Higganbothan, 4, and Antionetta McKoy, 29.

Moses previously pled guilty in the deaths of Higganbothan and McKoy. He faces two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Sisk pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, accessory after the fact, first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder as part of a plea deal. Sisk received two consolidated sentences, each of up to nearly 19 years in prison. A plea deal reduced the amount of time she would have originally served for the crimes. She will received mental health treatment during prison and the judge said she could enroll in a work release program if eligible at some point….

During Thursday’s sentencing, Sisk’s defense attorney said Moses had control of his followers and controlled all women in the house. The defense attorney said that Moses set himself up as a “king” and “tyrant” and ruled over those in the home.

According to Sisk’s defense team, Moses recorded videos where he said men were better than women and that when women submit themselves to their husband, they submit themselves to the Lord….

Girl claims father gang-raped her
By Anna Sheinman, June 27, 2013

A 16-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl was drugged, bound and blindfolded and then gang-raped by her father and his friends, a court heard this week.

The alleged victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said that on two occasions her father tied her hands together, covered her eyes with a blindfold and drove her for about 20 minutes to an unknown location, where six or seven men assaulted, raped and tortured her.

She said that large clips were attached to her breasts and electric shocks passed through them. On one occasion she said the men assaulted her with a live snake. In video evidence played in court, she said: “They put a snake on my body, I could feel there was a snake.”

She also claimed that on another occasion, she was ordered to perform sexual acts on a woman, but refused and started “kicking and screaming”. She told the court that she had suffered abuse at the hands of her father over a period of seven years.

She said she was beaten if she resisted: “After a bit I felt mentally owned by them, they didn’t have to force me, they would just tell me and I would listen.”

The girl, who is now 18, claimed the abuse began with her father forcing her to take showers with him when she was 10. She said it escalated to rape when she was 14. When she was 16, she said her father began to facilitate her abuse by a family friend, the father of a classmate at the Jewish school she attended….

Cleveland forgotten abductee Michele Knight may have been beaten the worst, Kevin Annett Video

May 18, 2013 Comments Off on Cleveland forgotten abductee Michele Knight may have been beaten the worst, Kevin Annett Video

– Ariel Castro may have beaten Michelle Knight worst in Cleveland hell house
– New details emerge about Michelle Knight — oldest of the woman freed from Cleveland hell house
– Behind the forgotten abductee Michele Knight

Kevin Annett video

Ariel Castro may have beaten Michelle Knight worst in Cleveland hell house
The first victim in the Ohio house of horrors was allegedly the captors’ main ‘punching bag.’
By Michael Walsh / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inside Ariel Castro’s Cleveland hell house, three young women allegedly suffered over a decade of abuse — but his first captive, in particular, may have borne the brunt of that beast’s brutality.

Michelle Knight’s family friend told CNN that she was Castro’s main “punching bag,” having been beaten so severely with hand weights and other objects that she suffered vision and hearing loss, as well as muscle and joint damage.

Back in August 2002, Castro abducted Knight, 21, but she was removed from the FBI’s missing persons database after 15 months and slowly forgotten; whereas, awareness campaigns sprung up for the other victims, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry.

Castro allegedly raped the women repeatedly and impregnated Knight at least five times. But each time, he starved her for at least two weeks before punching her stomach until she miscarried, the police report read….

Knight appears to have gone into seclusion, even from some family members, her grandmother said.

New details emerge about Michelle Knight — oldest of the woman freed from Cleveland hell house
Michelle Knight disappeared Aug. 23, 2002.

She was reportedly beaten repeatedly by her captors and suffered hearing loss and damage to some of the bones in her face — but her mother tells the ‘Today’ show she never gave up hope. By Corky Siemaszko / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Word that Michelle Knight had escaped from the Cleveland house of horrors came as a double shock Wednesday to her twin brother Freddie.

“I was freaking happy as hell because I didn’t know my sister was kidnapped,” he told CNN. “My mother never tells me anything.”

Freddie Knight said his mom, Barbara, kicked him out of the house when he was 14 and he was estranged from the rest of the family. But the years melted away when he saw his sister at the hospital….

Knight, who is believed to be 32, was reportedly beaten repeatedly by her captors and suffered hearing loss and damage to some of the bones in her face….

Police have already conceded that they paid more attention to the disappearances of the younger women Knight had been imprisoned with — Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry.

Knight reportedly had a troubled childhood and dropped out of high school at 17 after she was bullied by classmates….

Behind the forgotten abductee Michele Knight
Matt Young     May 10, 2013
Knight was never officially classed as a missing person
Abducted women found alive in Cleveland home

HORRIFIC details are emerging about Cleveland abductee Michele Knight’s difficult past, including an alleged gang-rape before her decade-long kidnapping.
Knight is also reported to have given police crucial evidence indicating there may have been more victims, telling authorities she was unsure how many women were detained inside the house.

It’s alleged she suffered up to five miscarriages while imprisoned and lived in darkness for long stretches of time….

19 Action News reports she is being treated at Metro Health Medical Centre for anxiety, and reports she may undergo reconstructive surgery to “heal injuries suffered at the hands of her attacker during her decade in captivity”.

“When she was severely beaten, he had beat her so bad in the face, she has to have facial reconstruction, and she’s lost hearing in one ear,” her grandmother, Deborah Knight said.

But it is unclear whether those injuries were sustained during her imprisonment or whether it was due to a gang-rape which allegedly occurred in junior high school, one year before her August 2002 disappearance.

Knight’s grandmother claims three of her classmates “grabbed her by the arm and raped her at school”.

Knight bore a child after the ordeal, a boy named Joey. She later lost custody of the child who was placed in foster care, reports the Daily News….

Kevin Annett video!


Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter May 2013

April 16, 2013 Comments Off on Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter May 2013

forwarded with permission

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter May 2013

This issue contains information on the Super Bowl, Clergy Abuse, Los Angeles Archdiocese, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, Jimmy Savile and Satanic rituals, Operation Yewtree, Cyril Smith, BBC, Kincora boys home, Magdalene Laundry system,  Jerry Sandusky, Canadian police and aboriginal women, Legion of Christ, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Frances Andrade, Joshu Sasaki, Michael Salter, India, Dutch clergy abuse, West of Memphis, West Memphis Three, ritual killings, Colin Batley, ritual Satanic killing,  satanic ritual, ritual abuse crime statutes, satanic cult, ritual sacrifice, Judy Byington, Twenty-Two Faces, sex-slave cult,  Defensores de Cristo, Defenders of Christ, Konstantin Rudnev Russian cult leader, Satanic ritual abuse, Laurie Matthew, Haut de la Garenne children’s home island of Jersey, Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, The Holocaust, Nazi Ghettos and Camps, Dissociative Disorders, Scout abuse, Rape, Steubenville Rape Trial, Children’s Memory,  Bullying, Sybil in her own words, Shirley Mason, multiple personalities, Mass Shootings, Federal Child Porn_graphy Offenses, Gang rape, Statute of Limitations, False allegations of rape and domestic violence, Sexual Assault, Facebook

Ritual Abuse Conference August 2013

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 2013

Pope should be tried over the church’s sex abuse scandals: Corrigan, Gang rape in Cambodia, George: Any ties to sexual abuse could disqualify papal candidate

March 8, 2013 Comments Off on Pope should be tried over the church’s sex abuse scandals: Corrigan, Gang rape in Cambodia, George: Any ties to sexual abuse could disqualify papal candidate

– Pope should be tried over the church’s sex abuse scandals: Corrigan
– Cardinals Start to Ponder Subtleties of a Big Task
– George: Any ties to sexual abuse could disqualify papal candidate
– Gang rape widespread in Cambodia

Pope should be tried over the church’s sex abuse scandals: Corrigan  Thursday Mar 07, 2013

An international lawyer says that the Roman Catholic Church and Pope can be sued in the International Court of Justice over hundreds of filed sexual abuses cases.

The comments come as the leader of Catholic church Pope Benedict XVI has officially resigned, ending an eight-year pontificate shaped by struggles to move the church past sex abuse scandals. Meanwhile international lawyers are looking into former Pope Benedict XVI’s legal status to see whether the former pontiff is liable to a legal action over failing to stop child sex abuse by church priests….

Corrigan: Well, if it goes to the International Court of Justice I think certainly the Roman Catholic Church can be sued.

Priests, bishops, archbishops, all along the hierarchy have been sued successfully in the past and there are a number, maybe even hundreds of sexual abuse cases which have been filed against the church, many of which have been upheld and sometimes they are dealt with internally through Canon law and internal secrecy which is supposed to protect the victim but also certainly has the appearance of protecting the church and sort of hiding this problem which needs to be brought up in the open and there have been numerous priests and other religious figures who have been convicted of sexual abuse of children and women and others.

So certainly the church can be sued….

Cardinals Start to Ponder Subtleties of a Big Task

On Monday, a senior American cardinal made a rare mention of the clerical sexual abuse scandal in that discourse. Cardinal Francis George, the archbishop of Chicago, said the new pope “obviously has to accept the universal code of the church now, which is zero tolerance for anyone who has abused a child.” Speaking in answer to a question at a news conference, Cardinal George said, “There’s a deep-seated conviction, certainly on the part of anyone who has been a pastor, that this has to be continually addressed.”….

George: Any ties to sexual abuse could disqualify papal candidate
By Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune reporter March 7, 2013

ROME — Days before Pope Benedict XVI resigned and Roman Catholic cardinals descended on Rome to select his successor, Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien was, for all intents and purposes, fired.

As one of the cardinal electors for the next pope, O’Brien, who later apologized for sexual misconduct with other clergy, could have had a say in the next pope. Technically, he could have become the next pontiff.

But in an exclusive interview with the Tribune before the American cardinals’ moratorium, Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George said there are attempts to vet candidates to avoid surprises. He also said ties to anyone guilty of sexual misconduct — whether intended or unintended — could put a man’s candidacy in question if it could distract from his spiritual mission.

David Clohessy, executive director of the Chicago-based Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, also known as SNAP, said that kind of vetting should have been taking place for decades. On Wednesday, Clohessy’s group issued a list of a dozen cardinals whose selection as pope would cause further offense to victims of sex abuse by priests….,0,7784915.story

Gang rape widespread in Cambodia
Published on Mar 7, 2013

In a recent survey, five percent of men reported they participated in gang rape in Cambodia, one of the highest rates in the Asia-Pacific region. Still, fewer than 20 gang-rape cases were prosecuted in Cambodia last year. A law against domestic violence, passed in Cambodia in 2005, has led to a 15 percent reduction in violence in the home. There is increasing recognition that sexual violence needs to be tackled in the Southeast Asian nation. Al Jazeera’s Aela Callan reports from Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital.

A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year, The Price of a Stolen Childhood, Bishop, McGeehan announce reintroduction of child sex abuse bills

January 25, 2013 Comments Off on A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year, The Price of a Stolen Childhood, Bishop, McGeehan announce reintroduction of child sex abuse bills

A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year 01/24/2013
Rebecca Solnit Author, ‘A Paradise Built in Hell’
Hate Crimes in America (and Elsewhere)

Here in the United States, where there is a reported rape every 6.2 minutes, and one in five women will be raped in her lifetime, the rape and gruesome murder of a young woman on a bus in New Delhi on December 16th was treated as an exceptional incident. The story of the alleged rape of an unconscious teenager by members of the Steubenville High School football team was still unfolding, and gang rapes aren’t that unusual here either. Take your pick: some of the 20 men who gang-raped an 11-year-old in Cleveland, Texas, were sentenced in November, while the instigator of the gang rape of a 16-year-old in Richmond, California, was sentenced in October, and four men who gang-raped a 15-year-old near New Orleans were sentenced in April, though the six men who gang-raped a 14-year-old in Chicago last fall are still at large.  Not that I actually went out looking for incidents: they’re everywhere in the news, though no one adds them up and indicates that there might actually be a pattern….

A woman is beaten every nine seconds in this country. Just to be clear: not nine minutes, but nine seconds. It’s the number-one cause of injury to American women; of the two million injured annually, more than half a million of those injuries require medical attention while about 145,000 require overnight hospitalizations, according to the Center for Disease Control, and you don’t want to know about the dentistry needed afterwards. Spouses are also the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the U.S.

“Women worldwide ages 15 through 44 are more likely to die or be maimed because of male violence than because of cancer, malaria, war and traffic accidents combined,” writes Nicholas D. Kristof, one of the few prominent figures to address the issue regularly…..

Increasingly men are becoming good allies — and there always have been some.  Kindness and gentleness never had a gender, and neither did empathy. Domestic violence statistics are down significantly from earlier decades (even though they’re still shockingly high), and a lot of men are at work crafting new ideas and ideals about masculinity and power.

The Price of a Stolen Childhood
By EMILY BAZELON  January 24, 2013
The detective spread out the photographs on the kitchen table, in front of Nicole, on a December morning in 2006. She was 17, but in the pictures, she saw the face of her 10-year-old self, a half-grown girl wearing make-up. The bodies in the images were broken up by pixelation, but Nicole could see the outline of her father, forcing himself on her. Her mother, sitting next to her, burst into sobs.

The detective spoke gently, but he had brutal news: the pictures had been downloaded onto thousands of computers via file-sharing services around the world. They were among the most widely circulated child pornography on the Internet. Also online were video clips, similarly notorious, in which Nicole spoke words her father had scripted for her, sometimes at the behest of other men. For years, investigators in the United States, Canada and Europe had been trying to identify the girl in the images….

When she was 16, Nicole told her mother, in a burst of tears, what had been going on at her father’s house. Her father was arrested for child rape. The police asked Nicole whether he took pictures. She said yes, but that she didn’t think he showed them to anyone. A few months later, while her father was out on bail, Nicole was using a computer he gave her to work on a presentation for Spanish class when she came across a file with a vulgar name that she couldn’t open. She showed it to her mother and stepfather, and they brought the computer to the police.

A search detected five deleted video files of child pornography, two of them showing Nicole and her father. In the spring of 2006, he was charged with a new crime — producing the videos — and he fled the country. At this point, the police didn’t realize that Nicole’s father had also distributed the images.

Months later, the police said they had no leads on her father, so Nicole went on television to ask the public for any tips that might help them find him. A police officer in Toronto involved in tracking child pornography around the world saw the broadcast and recognized Nicole as an older version of the girl in the notorious videos. The Toronto officer set off an alert that reached the police in Nicole’s hometown, informing them that she was the victim in a major pornography-distribution case….

Precise numbers of child-pornography viewers are hard to come by. Unicef estimates that there are at least hundreds of thousands of Web sites with child pornography worldwide. Child-pornography consumers are even more likely to swap with one another via hidden networks. Using a tool developed at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2009, police have logged close to 22 million public I.P. addresses offering child-pornography pictures or videos via peer-to-peer file sharing, which allows users to download content from one computer to another; almost 10 million of the I.P. addresses were located in the United States. Many of the users shared only a single illegal image, perhaps downloaded inadvertently, but others offered collections of hundreds or thousands of pictures.

Bishop, McGeehan announce reintroduction of child sex abuse bills
Rep. Michael P. McGeehan
173rd Legislative District
Philadelphia County

HARRISBURG, Jan. 23 – Saying the move is long overdue andflanked by high-profile reform advocates, state Reps. Louise Williams Bishop and Michael P. McGeehan, both D-Phila.,today announced a renewed push to update archaic statute-of-limitations laws in child sexual abuse cases at a Capitol Rotunda news conference.

Bishop and McGeehan said their respective bills are patterned after ones they introduced in the last two-year legislative session but died after being inexplicably bottled up in the committee process.

Bishop has reintroduced her legislation, now known as H.B. 237, which would abolish the statute of limitations on criminal charges and civil lawsuits in cases of child sexual abuse.

“Child sexual abuse victims are slowly beginning to break the barriers of silence; however, they still face a daunting procedural obstacle — the statute of limitations,” said Bishop, who came out last year as a victim of child sexual abuse. “Instead of suppressing legislation that would lift the statute of limitations, we should be voting these game-changing bills out of committee and the House, so more victims can seek justice.”

McGeehan has introduced H.B. 238 that would suspend any expired statute of limitations for two years in child sex abuse cases, providing a window of opportunity for those victims to file a civil lawsuit. His bill also would seek to make child sexual abuse an exception to the sovereign immunity defense that shields public officials from being sued.

“The effects of child sex abuse are felt everywhere,” McGeehan said. “We are all victims. The scandals which have rocked school districts and dioceses across the country, Penn State, the Boy Scouts — the problem clearly is not going away.

India rape case, rape case loophole, pedophilia article reply, abuse convictions

January 5, 2013 Comments Off on India rape case, rape case loophole, pedophilia article reply, abuse convictions

– India victim’s male friend recounts Delhi rape attack
– Delhi women ‘carry knives’ on board buses
– US rape case loophole prompts uproar
– A response to Jon Henley’s article on paedophilia
– 123 child victims of Internet sex abuse identified — one just 19 days old, US officials say
– Proof that children can be brainwashed into believing sadistic abuse is ‘horseplay’
– Robert Sullivan “Worst case I’ve ever heard”: Judge blasts sadistic paedophile who used young girls as “playthings”
– Website to boost rape reporting in London

India victim’s male friend recounts Delhi rape attack 4 January 2013
The victim’s friend, who witnessed the attack, speaks to Zee News
The friend of a woman who died after being raped on a bus in Delhi has given his first interview since the incident.

The man, who has not been named, told Zee News how he and the victim had boarded the bus and paid a fare, before he was beaten unconscious by men on board, who then attacked her.

He also criticised police for their slow response to the attack.
The woman died of her injuries last weekend, and five men are due to stand trial for her murder and rape. The five could face the death penalty if they are convicted. A sixth suspect is expected to be tried in a juvenile court.

The friend said the bus had tinted windows, and that he believed the group of men had laid a trap for them. “We tried to resist them. Even my friend fought with them, she tried to save me,” he said. She tried to dial the police control room number 100, but the accused snatched her mobile away.”

He confirmed earlier reports that the assailants had thrown them off the bus and tried to run them over. And he also criticised the authorities, accusing them of being slow to arrive, then arguing over jurisdiction, and eventually taking them to the wrong hospital.

“My friend was bleeding profusely. But instead of taking us to a nearby hospital, they [police] took us to a hospital that was far away,” he said….

Delhi women ‘carry knives’ on board buses  3 January 2013
Indian authorities have charged five men with the kidnap, gang-rape and murder of a woman in Delhi last month.
The 23-year-old was travelling on a bus when the men beat her and her companion with iron bars, raped her for nearly an hour and then threw them out of the moving bus into the street, say police.
The attack has sparked mass protests in India and there have been calls to improve safety for women….

US rape case loophole prompts uproar  4 January 2013
California lawmakers have vowed to close a loophole that allowed a man’s rape conviction to be overturned because his victim was not married.

An arcane state law says a person who gets consent for sex by pretending to be someone else is guilty of rape only if posing as the victim’s spouse.

Julio Morales was initially convicted of rape after pretending to be the unmarried victim’s boyfriend. A similar loophole has already been closed in the state of Idaho.

In the California case from four years ago, Morales went into a room and had sex with an 18-year-old woman after her boyfriend, whom she had fallen asleep beside, had left….

In its ruling on Wednesday, the California appeal court reluctantly decided that Morales was not guilty of rape, because he was pretending to be the woman’s boyfriend and not her husband.  A law dating back to 1872 makes it a crime for a man to have sex with a woman while posing as her husband, but not as a boyfriend….

A response to Jon Henley’s article on paedophilia  Tom Watson MP January 4th, 2013
Jon Henley had a piece in yesterday’s Guardian, entitled “Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light”. He’s received a furious response on social media and I can see why. Many involved child protection will find it hard to see it as anything other than the commentariat’s backlash, a contrarian response to a public outcry over recent revelations about child abuse by the rich and famous….

My main argument against this article is that this approach ignores the evidence of the experiences of abused children, the experiences of adult survivors of child abuse and the experiences of many professionals who work to protect children. It is a risky strategy at the current time because so many of those who promoted the rights of the ‘paedophile’ have in later years been convicted of sexual crimes against children. Equally, so many of those whom this lobby attacked have been vindicated in their efforts to protect and gain justice for children and survivors….

No wonder many more enlightened academics like Dr Liz Davies talk of the “child sex abuse lobby”. She argues some academic writings have to be located in the context of what is known about those who spread those viewpoints and their agendas. Their views were clearly expressed in a document dated 1975 where Paedophile Information Exchange submitted evidence to the Home Office.This proposed abolition of the age of consent and the removal of consensual sexual activity at all ages from the criminal law….

In order to sexually abuse a child a perpetrator will often groom the child and so it is not uncommon for a child to have some positive feelings towards the person harming them. The perpetrator may also be someone who is close to them and the child wants the abuse to stop but does not want to lose the relationship. This is no way suggests that the abuse is justifiable. In fact a state of confused emotions and responses adds to the severity of the trauma experienced by the child. That this is not obvious to Jon Henley is alarming to me.

Whether or not a child voluntarily entered into sexual relations with their abuser, and how positive or negative they felt about it at the time, is irrelevant when it comes to both the long-term effects of child sex abuse, and how seriously we should treat the abuse. Even if it is true that for some survivors of this type of consensual abuse there were no “undesirable outcomes” (though this is surely hard to quantify), this is certainly not true for all, or even many, if any, children who entered into abusive relationships voluntarily; and to draw a distinction between children who were violently abused and children who submitted willingly is irresponsible and damaging when children who submitted willingly are already more likely to feel shame, self-blame and not seek help due to their belief it was their own fault….

Survivors of child sex abuse commonly suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, flashbacks, disturbing thoughts, intrusive memories, self-harming, alcoholism, eating disorders, and feelings of shame, anger and worthlessness. This is the reality, but Jon Henley doesn’t voice it in his piece.

123 child victims of Internet sex abuse identified — one just 19 days old, US officials say By Andrew Mach, NBC News
In just over a month, more than 120 sexually exploited children — one just 19 days old — were identified in an international operation that found them depicted in child pornography on the Internet, U.S. officials said Thursday.

In Operation Sunflower, led by agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigation unit from Nov. 1 to Dec. 7, 123 victims of child sexual exploitation were identified, ICE Director John Morton said at a press conference in Washington.

Of that group, 44 children had been living with their abusers, and 79 children were exploited by people outside of their home or were victimized as children and are now adults. Seventy female and 53 male victims rescued; 110 of the victims were identified in 19 U.S. states and the rest were identified in six foreign countries….

Of the victims identified during Operation Sunflower, five were under the age of 3, and one of those was just 19 days old. Thirty others were below the age of 10, officials said….

Proof that children can be brainwashed into believing sadistic abuse is ‘horseplay’
Parents who ‘brainwashed’ their three children to hide years of horrific abuse face jail

The Chorley, Lancashire, couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, subjected their children to years of abuse but convinced them that their sadistic punishments were ‘horseplay’
The parents were convicted of four counts of child cruelty having previously admitted five similar offences
By Nazia Parveen  6 December 2012

A care-home worker and her husband who subjected their children to years of horrific abuse were facing jail yesterday after being convicted of cruelty.

The couple hid their crimes for years by lying to social services and ‘brainwashing’ their daughter and two sons into believing their sadistic punishments were ‘horseplay’, a court heard….

Robert Sullivan “Worst case I’ve ever heard”: Judge blasts sadistic paedophile who used young girls as “playthings” By Luke Traynor 4 Jan 2013  One of his two victims was four when he first assaulted her

….The court heard the defendant used the girls as “playthings” to fulfil his own sexual gratification in a “cycle of violent and sadistic behaviour.”
The abuse went on between 1977 and 1984.
Sullivan was arrested in 2009 but went on the run for 22 months before being caught last July. He admitted 25 sex charges, including nine rapes….

Website to boost rape reporting in London 5 December 2012
A website aimed at boosting the number of reported rapes has been launched by the Metropolitan Police. Called My Decision, the site provides a step-by-step guide for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

It is designed to overcome barriers people may have to reporting such crimes – for example victims fearing they would not be believed. According to the Met only one in five rape victims go to the police and about 40% choose not to report it.

The Rape Crisis charity welcomed the fact the website will give information and answer victims’ questions, but said it lacks links to “crucial support services”….

Indian teen kills self after pressed to drop rape case

December 28, 2012 Comments Off on Indian teen kills self after pressed to drop rape case

Indian teen kills self after pressed to drop rape case
AFP December 28, 2012

AMRITSAR, India (AFP) – A 17-year-old Indian girl who was gang-raped committed suicide after police pressured her to drop the case and marry one of her attackers, police and a relative said on Thursday.

Amid the ongoing uproar over the gang-rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi earlier this month, the latest case has again shone the spotlight on the police’s handling of sex crimes.

One police officer has been sacked and another suspended over their conduct after the assault during the festival of Diwali on November 13 in the Patiala region in the Punjab, according to officials….

The victim’s sister told Indian television that the teenager had been urged to either accept a cash settlement or marry one of her attackers.

“The police started pressuring her to either reach a financial settlement with her attackers or marry one of them,” her sister told the NDTV network.

Meanwhile, the Press Trust of India reported that a police officer has been suspended for allegedly refusing to register a rape complaint in the northern state of Chhattisgar….

Official figures show that 228,650 of the total 256,329 violent crimes recorded last year in India were against women.

The real figure is thought to be much higher as so many women are reluctant to report attacks to the police.

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