Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look Other Way, Facebook removes millions of child abuse posts, Brooklyn Diocese leader accused of sex abuse, Alison Miller’s reply to Evan Anderson, Grey Faction Director of The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction

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– Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way

– Facebook removes 3.2 billion fake accounts, millions of child abuse posts

– Brooklyn Diocese leader Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio accused of sex abuse

– Alison Miller’s reply to Evan Anderson, Grey Faction Director of The Satanic Temple (TST)’s Grey Faction

– Information about Alison Miller and Her Research

Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way

Though platforms bar child sexual abuse imagery on the web, criminals are exploiting gaps. Victims are caught in a living nightmare, confronting images again and again.


The two sisters live in fear of being recognized. One grew out her bangs and took to wearing hoodies. The other dyed her hair black. Both avoid looking the way they did as children.

Ten years ago, their father did the unthinkable: He posted explicit photos and videos on the internet of them, just 7 and 11 at the time. Many captured violent assaults in their Midwestern home, including him and another man drugging and raping the 7-year-old.

The men are now in prison, but in a cruel consequence of the digital era, their crimes are finding new audiences. The two sisters are among the first generation of child sexual abuse victims whose anguish has been preserved on the internet, seemingly forever.

This year alone, photos and videos of the sisters were found in over 130 child sexual abuse investigations involving mobile phones, computers and cloud storage accounts.

The digital trail of abuse — often stored on Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive — haunts the sisters relentlessly, they say, as does the fear of a predator recognizing them from the images….

The scope of the problem is only starting to be understood because the tech industry has been more diligent in recent years in identifying online child sexual abuse material, with a record 45 million photos and videos flagged last year.

But the same industry has consistently failed to take aggressive steps to shut it down, an investigation by The New York Times found. Approaches by tech companies are inconsistent, largely unilateral and pursued in secret, often leaving pedophiles and other criminals who traffic in the material with the upper hand….

Tech companies have known for years that videos of children being sexually abused are shared on their platforms, according to former employees at Microsoft, Twitter, Tumblr and other companies. One former Twitter employee described gigabytes of illegal videos appearing more quickly than they could be taken down on Vine, the video service since shuttered by Twitter.

That was in 2013, when fewer than 50,000 videos were reported. Last year, tech companies referred more than 22 million to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the nonprofit clearinghouse mandated by the federal government to act as a repository for the imagery….

In 2017, the tech industry approved a process for sharing video fingerprints to make it easier for all companies to detect illicit material, according to confidential emails and other documents that were part of a project run by the Technology Coalition, a group focused on child safety issues that includes most major companies.

One document notes the project’s justification: “Video has become as easy to create as images and no standard solution/process has been adopted by industry.”

But the plan has gone nowhere.

The lack of action across the industry has allowed untold videos to remain on the internet. Of the center’s 1.6 million fingerprints, less than three percent are for videos.

Photos and videos are each being handled in ways that give criminals great leeway. None of the largest cloud storage platforms — including Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive and Azure — scan for abuse material when files are uploaded, according to law enforcement officials, former employees and public statements by the companies….

During the trial, an investigator said that offenders often knew that live streams are harder to detect and leave no record.

“That’s why they go to Zoom,” said the federal prosecutor in the case, Austin Berry, during his closing remarks. “It’s the Netflix of child pornography.” Prosecutions in other cases have involved live streaming on Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook, Omegle, Skype, YouNow and others.

Brooklyn Diocese leader Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio accused of sex abuse
By Gabrielle Fonrouge November 13, 2019

The head of the Brooklyn Diocese — whom the pope named to investigate allegations of clergy sex abuse upstate — has now been accused of the same crimes.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio repeatedly molested Mark Matzek, now 56, when Matzek was an altar boy at St. Nicholas Church and a student at St. Nicholas School in Jersey City between approximately 1974 and 1975, the accuser’s lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, told The Post.

At the time, Matzek was between 11 and 12 years old and DiMarzio was a parish priest in New Jersey in his 30s.

A second priest, the late Rev. Albert Mark, also allegedly participated in the abuse, Matzek said. He and his lawyer are preparing a lawsuit against the church over the alleged abuse.

DiMarzio said there is no truth to the claims….

Last month, Pope Francis put DiMarzio in charge of investigating a sex-abuse scandal in the Buffalo Diocese. Bishop Joseph Malone had come under fire for allegedly bungling that investigation.

Garabedian said the church needs to answer for DiMarzio’s alleged abuse.

“It is time for the police to investigate the investigator Bishop DiMarzio. The investigation should include questioning Pope Francis about his appointment of the bishop as investigator,” Garabedian said in a statement, adding his client wasn’t emotionally prepared to speak to the press….

Shortly before allegations against DiMarzio were announced, the Diocese of Rockville Centre filed papers Tuesday in Nassau County Supreme Court to overturn the recently passed state Child Victims Act, which protects sex-abuse survivors, many of whom suffered at the hands of the church.

The diocese argued the law is unconstitutional.

Jennifer Freeman, a lawyer with Marsh Law Firm, which focuses on child sex-abuse and pornography cases, said her firm has at least 200 clients with new claims against the Catholic Church.

“[The Diocese of Rockville Centre] will lose because the court needs to show the Legislature had an important need and important reason to change the statute of limitations,” Freeman told The Post….

Facebook removes 3.2 billion fake accounts, millions of child abuse posts
Business News November 13, 2019

(Reuters) – Facebook Inc (FB.O) removed 3.2 billion fake accounts between April and September this year, along with millions of posts depicting child abuse and suicide, according to its latest content moderation report released on Wednesday.

That more than doubles the number of fake accounts taken down during the same period last year, when 1.55 billion accounts were removed, according to the report….

For example, the company said it proactively detected content affiliated with terrorist organizations 98.5% of the time on Facebook and 92.2% of the time on Instagram.

It removed more than 11.6 million pieces of content depicting child nudity and sexual exploitation of children on Facebook and 754,000 pieces on Instagram during the third quarter.

Law enforcement is concerned that Facebook’s plans to provide greater privacy to users by encrypting the company’s messaging services will hamper efforts to fight child abuse.

Last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the changes would turn the platform into a “dream come true for predators and child pornographers.”

Facebook also added data on actions it took around content involving self-harm for the first time in the report. It said it had removed about 2.5 million posts in the third quarter that depicted or encouraged suicide or self-injury.

The company also removed about 4.4 million pieces involving drug sales during the quarter, it said in a blog post….

Information about Alison Miller and Her Research

Alison Miller – Survivorship Conference 2017 – Working Through Your Traumatic Memories and Destroying the Mind Control

Alison Miller’s reply to Evan Anderson, Grey Faction Director of The Satanic Temple (TST)’s Grey Faction

“The reason I discontinued my membership in the College of Psychologists has nothing to do with the Grey Faction’s… complaint about my writings and online videos. I left the College because I am 78 years old. I retired two years ago.” – Alison Miller

“That is why I resigned, not because I was about to be found guilty of promoting unscientific conspiracy theories. Anderson has posted his complaint and the College’s response, distorting the story by omitting the College’s letter to me and my response to it. As for not being allowed to call myself a “psychologist,” that is the situation for every retired psychologist. It is similar for other health professions, and it does not indicate that the work I did was inferior or that I was found guilty of unethical behavior.” – Alison Miller

Dennis Hastert pleads not guilty on all counts, Facebook Frat Whistleblower: Penn State Did Nothing for Months After I Told Them About Abuse

June 10, 2015 Comments Off on Dennis Hastert pleads not guilty on all counts, Facebook Frat Whistleblower: Penn State Did Nothing for Months After I Told Them About Abuse

Dennis Hastert pleads not guilty on all counts
By Chris Frates, Bill Kirkos and Tom LoBianco, CNN June 9, 2015

Washington (CNN) Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has pleaded not guilty to all charges related to lying to the FBI about $3.5 million he agreed to pay to an undisclosed subject to “cover up past misconduct.”

Hastert was arraigned in court in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, amid reports he allegedly sexually abused former students.

The former House speaker has hired high-profile white collar crime lawyer Thomas Green to defend him in court. Green has defended clients involved in Watergate, Iran Contra and Whitewater.

Judge Thomas Durkin is allowing Hastert to be released on a pretrial release. Hastert had to sign and appearance bond of $4,500 which he forfeits if he fails to appear.

He was also barred from carrying firearms, had to surrender his passport and cooperate in giving a sample of DNA.

Hastert faces charges of lying to federal investigators and hiding bank transactions as part of a plan to pay $3.5 million in hush money to one of his victims, identified only as “Individual A”. Law enforcement sources confirmed a second alleged victim was interviewed by them and the sister of a third alleged victim told ABC that her brother had been molested by Hastert….

Facebook Frat Whistleblower: Penn State Did Nothing for Months After I Told Them About Abuse

James Vivenzio filed a lawsuit against Penn State today in Philadelphia court. The school “strongly disputes” his allegations.

By Holly Otterbein   June 8, 2015

Did Penn State learn anything in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal?

Not if you believe a lawsuit filed Monday on behalf of James Vivenzio, the 21-year-old whistleblower who told authorities this January that the fraternity Kappa Delta Rho was running a secret Facebook page where members allegedly posted images of nude, unconscious women, drug sales and hazing.

At a Monday press conference about his lawsuit, Vivenzio, a former KDR brother, and his lawyer Aaron Freiwald made a number of stunning allegations about the frat and Penn State. Perhaps the most shocking among them is that Vivenzio said he told university officials about KDR’s alleged Facebook page months before he went to the police, but they did nothing.

Penn State spokeswoman Lisa Powers said in a statement that the university “strongly disputes the allegations in this complaint.”….

Vivenzio said that he initially told university officials about KDR’s alleged hazing by calling Penn State’s anonymous hazing hotline. Freiwald said that “was very quickly leaked, he found out, to all the members of the fraternity, and an effort was then made within the fraternity house to figure out who the ‘rat’ was.”

Then, in April 2014 — about eight months before Vivenzio went to the police — he said he met with Danny Shaha, a senior investigator in Penn State’s Office of Student Conduct, to discuss his experience at KDR. He said he told Shaha about the alleged hazing, drug sales and Facebook pages, and showed him reams of evidence, including text messages and screen shots. Since then, no one from Penn State has met with Vivenzio to discuss his allegations or to collect the evidence to this day, according to the lawsuit. Freiwald said the first time the university took action to address Vivenzio’s concerns, as far as he knows, was last month, when it announced it was shutting down the the KDR chapter for three years. PSU vehemently denied this.

Spokeswoman Powers said the school “offered [Vivenzio] extraordinary assistance on numerous occasions,” but “neither he nor his family were willing to file a complaint, provide documentation, speak with State College police or participate in pursuing the formal disciplinary process available to them, despite repeated encouragement from university staff.” She also said Vivenzio did not tell university officials about the alleged Facebook page.

Finally, Vivenzio decided to tell the police about his concerns in January of this year. His allegations prompted an investigation into KDR, which is ongoing. Still, according to Freiwald, police only contacted him for a follow-up meeting as recently as a couple weeks ago. Due to scheduling conflicts, he said, they still have not met.

UK child migration: a scandalous history, Police Pick Body in Another Ritual Crime, Internet giants planning to wipe out child abuse images

July 8, 2013 Comments Off on UK child migration: a scandalous history, Police Pick Body in Another Ritual Crime, Internet giants planning to wipe out child abuse images

UK child migration: a scandalous history
Monday Jul 08, 2013

An abusive British imperial system has been involved in export of unwanted children, mainly from orphanages and other juvenile institutions, to be tortured with crushing labor and sexually abused at a number of former British colonies.

The kids were shipped off in large numbers to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and central Africa, without the consent or even knowledge of their potential families and even themselves, for forced labor.

They were sent with the intension of stopping the children being a burden on the British state while supplying the receiving countries with potential workers and — as a parliamentary inquiry found in 1998 – to help expand the white population in British colonies.

The Australian episode of the practice in the mid 20th century was especially painful as officials in London did what it took to populate their colony with “good white stock” to compete with locals and other Asiatic nations in a racial and religious competition.

Australia was the destination to some 10,000 children between 1947 and 1967 with Perth being a notorious torture ground.

Boys aged younger than 16 were sent to an institution north of the western city run by Catholic Christian Brothers.

Children as young as seven had to work in construction projects without adequate food or basic safety measures and many were injured at work at an age when they would have been playing if they lived an ordinary life.

The institutions behind the de facto child trafficking were officially embraced under philanthropic guises by the British and Australian governments and established organizations, many of them religious charities.

It is also estimated that tens of thousands of children were sent to suffer similar fates in New Zealand, Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe) and Canada from the late 19th century well into the 1960’s until the practice was exposed and stopped in 1967after exposure by a socialist worker….

There were in all around 150,000 children who were forced out of Britain under the schemes over the 20th century….

Police Pick Body in Another Ritual Murder
Published July 7, 2013 By George Mwenya

Police have picked up a body of a man who died in suspected ritual murder after he was found….

The body of a man who is yet to be identified was found near the rail line on Zaoga Road in Kamwala south. The man was wearing a blue faded jeans and red jacket….

Internet giants planning to wipe out child abuse images
Olivia Goldhill – 06 July 2013

Major companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter, are in secret discussions to create a system that could banish child abuse images from the web.

The plan would be the first collaborative effort across the industry to block paedophiles from sharing images online, and would involve a single database of the worst child abuse images.

At the moment, each company has its own process for removing abusive photos but does not share details of the images for legal and technical reasons.

According to The Times, internet giants including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter and at least three other major companies have been in negotiations for about nine months to work together on combating the explicit images.

The database would be maintained by a Los Angeles charity Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, which was founded in 2009 by the actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

To take part in Thorn’s project, each company would use Microsoft’s PhotoDNA software to create a “hash” or digital signature for each abusive image. The companies could then use the hashes to easily identify and remove pictures from their own sites….

How Facebook Learned Rape is Bad for Business, Jimmy Savile: West Yorkshire Police reveal abuse figures

June 2, 2013 Comments Off on How Facebook Learned Rape is Bad for Business, Jimmy Savile: West Yorkshire Police reveal abuse figures

How Facebook Learned Rape is Bad for Business 5/30/2013
Sandy Garossino

For years Facebook has maintained an imperious and stony silence against pleas from users and victims about its most objectionable content. Not a word when Amanda Todd took her life after being relentlessly stalked and blackmailed by a sexual predator on Facebook. Even the suicides of teens Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott (whose gang-rapes were posted to Facebook) brought no response from the $60 billion company.

But on May 27th, Facebook finally flinched. And then it cratered, caved and capitulated in the course of a single phone call after a one-week #fbrape campaign by the smartest feminists on the planet.

….WAM (Women Action Media), feminist Soraya Chemaly and Everyday Sexism in the UK took direct aim at Facebook’s advertising revenue stream. They publicly showed major advertisers their own paid ads prominently displayed (Trigger Warning) on horrific rape-oriented Facebook pages. The most objectionable content can’t ever be shown, but it includes graphic images of gore and horror, beaten children, naked children, women bound and gagged, or thrown down stairs. All supported by advertising dollars of the world’s best-known brands.

It was too much for Nissan and the insurance giant Nationwide, which both pulled their ads immediately. Organizers then aimed a blistering barrage of social media messages to Dove, American Express, ZipCar and other brands, demanding that they too withdraw their ads. Twitter and Facebook were used to spread some 60,000 messages and 5,000 emails.

Followers of the campaign fanned out as if in a coordinated strategy. They disseminated the location of Facebook’s upcoming shareholder meeting on June 11, and the names of all its major advertisers, including Disney and McDonalds….

Jimmy Savile: West Yorkshire Police reveal abuse figures
30 May 2013
Jimmy Savile’s offending took place in locations including hospitals, public toilets, a cemetery and nightclubs, allegations collated by police show.

Across West Yorkshire, 79 offences have been recorded against 71 people, the figures have revealed.  Thirty-five attacks by the broadcaster in hospitals involved complainants ranging in age from five to 45.

The West Yorkshire Police figures show Savile targeted 18 victims at private addresses in Leeds and Bradford.

Savile’s hospital attacks
29 at Leeds General Infirmary
2 at St James’s
2 at High Royds
1 at Dewsbury
1 at LGI or St James (unknown)

The figures, from West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Newgreen victim and crime survey, suggest Savile was most prolific in his offending in the region – including at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) and the city’s St James’s Hospital – in the 1960s and 70s.

In January, Operation Yewtree detectives revealed they had recorded 214 alleged sex offences committed nationwide by the BBC presenter, who died in October 2011, aged 84.

By March, 450 claims had been made against Savile since the launch of Yewtree in October 2012….

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter May 2013

April 16, 2013 Comments Off on Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter May 2013

forwarded with permission

Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Newsletter May 2013

This issue contains information on the Super Bowl, Clergy Abuse, Los Angeles Archdiocese, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, Jimmy Savile and Satanic rituals, Operation Yewtree, Cyril Smith, BBC, Kincora boys home, Magdalene Laundry system,  Jerry Sandusky, Canadian police and aboriginal women, Legion of Christ, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Frances Andrade, Joshu Sasaki, Michael Salter, India, Dutch clergy abuse, West of Memphis, West Memphis Three, ritual killings, Colin Batley, ritual Satanic killing,  satanic ritual, ritual abuse crime statutes, satanic cult, ritual sacrifice, Judy Byington, Twenty-Two Faces, sex-slave cult,  Defensores de Cristo, Defenders of Christ, Konstantin Rudnev Russian cult leader, Satanic ritual abuse, Laurie Matthew, Haut de la Garenne children’s home island of Jersey, Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, The Holocaust, Nazi Ghettos and Camps, Dissociative Disorders, Scout abuse, Rape, Steubenville Rape Trial, Children’s Memory,  Bullying, Sybil in her own words, Shirley Mason, multiple personalities, Mass Shootings, Federal Child Porn_graphy Offenses, Gang rape, Statute of Limitations, False allegations of rape and domestic violence, Sexual Assault, Facebook

Ritual Abuse Conference August 2013

Ritual Abuse And Extreme Abuse Clinician’s Conference August 2013

Facebook users disgusted as ‘child p_rn’ video receives 16,000 shares and 4,000 likes

March 23, 2013 Comments Off on Facebook users disgusted as ‘child p_rn’ video receives 16,000 shares and 4,000 likes

Facebook users disgusted as ‘child porn’ video receives 16,000 shares and 4,000 likes

Clip allegedly showed a young girl being abused by an older man   Steve Anderson   Friday 22 March 2013

An apparent child porn video has appeared on Facebook, leaving the social network’s users reeling in disgust.

Internet users today vented their fury on rival social network Twitter after the video – that those who have seen it claim showed a young girl being abused by an older man – was shared over 16,000 times and received almost 4,000 ‘likes’….

Although Facebook quickly removed the video, users had already taken screenshots of the video and began circulating it on other networks, in a seeming attempt to alert other internet users.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people that use our site, and this material has no place on Facebook.

“We have zero tolerance for child pornography being uploaded onto Facebook and are extremely aggressive in preventing and removing child exploitive content.

“We are pleased that this material was reported to us quickly enabling its swift removal.”….

‘Caylee’s Law’ Petition Goes Viral, Bishop who knew but did not tell

July 9, 2011 Comments Off on ‘Caylee’s Law’ Petition Goes Viral, Bishop who knew but did not tell

also: Jailed teacher’s abuse of primary pupils prompts serious case review
Probe ordered into how crimes went undiscovered after teacher Nigel Leat jailed indefinitely for years of sexual abuse

Jake Ormerod sentenced to 10 years in jail for sexually abusing girls –
Gang member used Facebook as part of a campaign to sexually abuse more than 100 schoolgirls in the Torbay area

‘Caylee’s Law’ Petition Goes Viral, Aims To Make Not Reporting A Missing Child A Crime The Huffington Post  Dean Praetorius  7/7/11

“Caylee’s Law” has already gained over 330,000 signatures on
The petition, which was created by Michelle Crowder of Oklahoma, aims to make not notifying police of a missing child a crime. According to USA Today, it also calls for strict penalties when parents do not quickly report the death of a child.

The call for the law comes in the wake of Tuesday’s verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, in which the young mother did not report her child missing for some time.

In the dock: bishop who knew but did not tell – French abuse case stirs controversy over secrecy in Catholic Church
Special report: religion in the UK
Jon Henley in Paris
The Guardian, Thursday 14 June 2001 01.27 BST
A Roman Catholic bishop will appear in the dock today for the first time in modern French history, accused of knowingly covering up the crimes of a paedophile priest who had been telling his Church superiors of his sexual relations with young boys for more than 25 years.

Monsignor Pierre Pican, the bishop of Bayeux in Normandy, faces up to three years in jail in a landmark case that pits one of the essential tenets of Catholicism, the secrecy of the confessional, against the moral requirements of a secular justice system.

Mgr Pican will be asked to explain why he failed to report to the police the activities of Father René Bissey, sentenced to 18 years in jail last year for repeatedly raping one boy and sexually abusing 10 others between 1989 and 1996. A long list of similar offences dating back to 1970 had exceeded the statute of limitations.

Despite issuing an official condemnation of paedophilia, the Catholic church remains bitterly divided over the case, with some senior figures continuing to defend the vital importance of secrecy to their profession and the “curative role” of the confessional in their faith.

Mgr Pican was formally notified of Bissey’s activities in 1996 by the vicar general of Normandy, Michel Marcel, who had received a letter from the mother of a young victim. He is alleged to have known of the priest’s behaviour for far longer.

During his trial last October, Bissey – described by a police psychiatrist as an “authentic paedophile” who “felt no guilt whatsoever towards his victims” – said he had repeatedly admitted his activities with young boys to his confessors within the Church.
He had carried on, he told the court, because he was always pardoned….

The case eventually came to court only after one of the principal victims, Yann, then 25, filed a complaint against Bissey in mid-1999. Mgr Pican, 66, now faces charges of “failing to disclose the sexual abuse and maltreatment of minors below the age of 15 by a figure in authority”.

Jailed teacher’s abuse of primary pupils prompts serious case review
Probe ordered into how crimes went undiscovered after teacher Nigel Leat jailed indefinitely for years of sexual abuse
Steven Morris, Tuesday 14 June 2011
A review has been launched to establish if authorities could have acted sooner to prevent a primary school teacher sexually assaulting pupils as young as six, allegedly for more than a decade.

Nigel Leat was jailed indefinitely for abusing children he taught, often when other pupils were present, and secretly filming his attacks.
He groomed at least one girl a year at Hillside first school in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset and showered her with gifts, afforded her privileges and organised one-on-one teaching sessions.
Leat, 51, would swear his victims to secrecy and even write letters to them in which he would describe what he wanted to do to them and ask them to reply.

After the sentencing, North Somerset council revealed that the headteacher of Hillside, Chris Hood, had been suspended and an independent serious case review was being held….
Married father of two Leat, from Bristol, admitted 36 offences involving five pupils aged between six and eight over five years. The offences included sexual assault, attempted rape, voyeurism and possessing extreme pornography.

But police say they could have charged him with as many as 500 offences and believe he had been abusing children for 12 years.

Jake Ormerod sentenced to 10 years in jail for sexually abusing girls –
Gang member used Facebook as part of a campaign to sexually abuse more than 100 schoolgirls in the Torbay area Steven Morris and Sandra Laville, Friday 8 July 2011 A member of a gang believed to have sexually abused more than 100 schoolgirls in a seaside resort has been sentenced to 10 years in custody.

Jake Ormerod, 20, used Facebook as part of his “campaign to groom naive and immature girls” and then “mercilessly corrupted” them to satisfy his “insatiable need for sex”. He admitted 13 charges of sexual activity with eight girls.
He plied victims with drink and drugs in the Devon resort of Torquay, before having unprotected sex.


Newark archbishop shielded at least 4 priests, child and ritual abuse newsletter

December 5, 2010 Comments Off on Newark archbishop shielded at least 4 priests, child and ritual abuse newsletter

child abuse and ritual abuse newsletter is online at
This issue contains information on clergy abuse, Cornwall, Facebook – Child Pornography – NAMBLA, Amazon – Pedophile’s Guide, child prostitution, child sex ring, Duplessis Orphans, Survivorship Surveys,  medical experimentation, ritual abuse and clergy abuse, mind control research, Nazis in the US, CIA Human Experiments Case, Oprah – MPD, Oprah – male survivors of abuse, sexual abuse – psychosis

Newark archbishop shielded at least 4 priests accused of sexual abuse December 05, 2010  Jeff Diamant/The Star-Ledger

Eight years ago, Newark Archbishop John J. Myers stood among the nation’s bishops at a landmark gathering in Dallas and helped craft a policy intended to cleanse the priesthood of pedophiles and restore trust among shaken American Catholics….Star-Ledger review of the archbishop’s record since 2002 shows Myers on at least four occasions has shielded priests accused of sexual abuse against minors and one adult. In the four instances, the priests have either admitted improper sexual contact, pleaded guilty to crimes stemming from accusations of sexual misconduct or been permanently barred from ministry by the archdiocese after allegations of sexual misconduct.
The archdiocese also wrote a letter of recommendation for one of the priests, a week after it learned he was accused of breaking into a woman’s home in Florida and possibly assaulting her.

From one perspective, the newspaper’s findings suggest Myers continues to take a cautious hand in publicly naming priests. The findings, coupled with testimony from a 2009 deposition, show the issue weighs heavily on Myers.

From another view, the archbishop has failed to live up to the guidelines and spirit of what was set forth in Dallas….

Myers’ spokesman, James Goodness, said the archbishop has lived up to his promises of 2002 and that the archdiocese has carefully followed procedures meant to bar abusive priests from ministry.

Facebook and Child Pornography, Federal crackdown on child prostitution

November 10, 2010 Comments Off on Facebook and Child Pornography, Federal crackdown on child prostitution

Facebook and Child Pornography
By James R. Marsh on November 9, 2010
Infamous child pornographer …whose trademark….is a longtime, well-recognized tag for hardcore child pornography, has a Facebook interest group with almost 300 fans.
Unfortunately, there’s lots more thanks to an anonymous reader of this blog who assembled a damning cornucopia of profiles and links to such Facebook interest groups as “incest,” “preteen hardcore,” “our little group,” and “lolita.”….All of this material was assembled in a few hours by an amateur slooth.

Federal crackdown on child prostitution results in 884 arrests By Michael Martinez, CNN November 9, 2010 (CNN) – A three-day federal crackdown on child prostitution rings across the country has resulted in the recovery of 69 children and the arrest of 884 people, including 99 pimps, federal authorities said Monday….
The three-day federal sweep, called Operation Cross Country V, involved 40 cities nationwide and is part of the Innocence Lost National Initiative, authorities said. “Child prostitution continues to be a significant problem in our country, as evidenced by the number of children rescued through the continued efforts of our crimes against children task forces,” said Shawn Henry, executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response and Service Branch, in a written statement.

Facebook Begins Purging Pages That Refer to Pedophile Group NAMBLA

October 27, 2010 Comments Off on Facebook Begins Purging Pages That Refer to Pedophile Group NAMBLA

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Begins Purging Pages That Refer to Pedophile  Group NAMBLA By Jana Winter September 29, 2010 Facebook has begun to remove pages that refer to the North American Man/Boy Love Association following a exclusive report that revealed the nefarious pedophile advocacy group’s presence on the popular social networking site.

Facebook Purges Pedo Pages By James R. Marsh on October 20, 2010
Facebook has begun to remove pages that refer to the North American Man/Boy Love Association following a exclusive report that revealed the nefarious pedophile advocacy group’s presence on the popular social networking site.

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