The Satanic Sex Cult Leader Who Loved Animal Sacrifices, Orgies, and Murder, ‘Satanic serial killer’

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describes graphic crimes

The Satanic Sex Cult Leader Who Loved Animal Sacrifices, Orgies, and Murder, ‘Satanic serial killer’ used ‘fingers of seven murder victims to make devil-symbol’

The Satanic Sex Cult Leader Who Loved Animal Sacrifices, Orgies, and Murder

“The Devil You Know,” a new docuseries premiering Aug. 27 on Viceland, explores the horrifying life of Pazuzu Algarad, a disturbed Satanist who ran a house of horrors.
Nick Schager 08.22.19

Pazuzu Algarad (real name: John Lawson) was a self-proclaimed Satanist who reveled in extremeness. With a moniker borrowed from The Exorcist, a face covered in tattoos and his teeth sharpened to fine points, Pazuzu spent his days and nights in his Clemmons, North Carolina, home cutting himself and his buddies, drinking the blood of birds, doing copious drugs, performing ritual sacrifices of rabbits, staging nude orgies, and letting people do whatever they pleased to his abode—including popping a squat in the corner of a room, and then leaving the mess to be eaten by one of his many dogs….

Before it begins trying to derive Meaningful Lessons from its material, The Devil You Know proves a riveting case study of a unique madman. Residing with his mother in Clemmons (a suburb of Winston-Salem), Pazuzu lived and breathed his depraved ethos, which was influenced by a combination of horror movies, ‘80s black metal, and Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. In copious old photographs, Pazuzu appears to be just as scary as his reputation suggested—minus the split tongue that rumors said he gave himself. He routinely bragged about killing people, and in 2010, he and cohort Nicholas Rizzi were charged in connection with the shooting death of an African-American man, Joseph Emmrick Chandler, near the Yadkin River….

A second, more thorough examination of the property followed, and led to the discovery of two bodies: Tommy Dean Welch and Josh Wetzler, the latter of whom had been missing, much to the concern of former girlfriend Stacey Carter (with whom he’d had a young son), for five years.

Pazuzu had killed and buried these men with the help of two fiancées, Amber Burch and Krystal Matlock, and he had dispatched them in the presence of his mother Cynthia, with whom he lived. Those facts, coupled with Pazuzu’s devil worship, attracted national media attention, and The Devil You Know benefits from the participation of many key figures, as well as considerable archival news reports and police footage of the inside of Pazuzu’s house, which lives up to stomach-churning expectations….

From the Read more: The Journal’s Pazuzu Algarad coverage from beginning to end series

Autopsies show victims at Clemmons house were shot in the head

Michael Hewlett/Winston-Salem Journal Apr 29, 2015

….Dr. Jerri McLemore, a Forsyth County medical examiner who works at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, did the autopsies of both men. McLemore finished the reports earlier this month. McLemore declared both deaths the result of homicide.

Authorities have released few details about the killings, including whether they have found the gun or guns used to kill Welch and Wetzler. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has not said what connection the two men may have had to Algarad and Burch.

According to court documents, Algarad regularly performed “Satanistic rituals” and animal sacrifices at the house.

Ex-girlfriend: Victim in alleged satanic killing was good father
Winston-Salem Journal Oct 24, 2014

….According to arrest warrants, Pazuzu Algarad, 35, is accused of killing Wetzler in July 2009, with Amber Burch, 24, helping him bury the body.

Then, in October 2009, warrants say that, Burch killed another man, Tommy Dean Welch and Algarad helped her bury the body.

Krystal Matlock, 28, is charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder. She is accused of helping bury Wetzler.

‘Satanic serial killer’ used ‘fingers of seven murder victims to make devil-symbol’

The victims, whose bodies were all found between 2002 and 2004, were each found with two fingers amputated, it is reported
By Ana Lacasa 15 FEB 2019

A suspected Satanic serial killer has been arrested for allegedly murdering seven people and cutting hexagrams into their skin.

Tomas Maldonado Cera, 48, is accused of mutilating his victims by removing their fingers and using them to create a devil-worshipping symbol on their bodies.

Nicknamed “El Satanico” (the Satanist), Maldonado was arrested in Barranquilla, Atlantico, Columbia, after the body of Brenda Parajo Bruno was found in a woodland area.

Bruno was reportedly raped and killed after taking her disabled daughter to a rehabilitation centre where Maldonado is said to have been working as a driver.

Maldonado, who is married with four children, was made the main suspect and reports state he had had a sexual relationship with Bruno, which her family denies.

The suspect was arrested and held in preventative prison at El Bosque prison in Barranquilla after being charged with the murder.

Authorities then quickly linked him to the deaths of four men and another two women.

All the bodies of the victims had similar features, reports said.

Each body reportedly had two fingers amputated and had middle and ring fingers placed so they created the “Voor” symbol, which according to local authorities is considered as a sign of saying “I love Satan, I love Lucifer” and is often used in a ritual supposedly to call demons.

The bodies, all found between 2002 and 2004, also featured hexagrams cut into their skin with a knife, it is reported….

Authorities are investigating the Satanic links of two more murders, a woman who was the girlfriend of the suspect until she disappeared, and a 14 year old boy…..

Living with demons Former Augusta man faces murder charges

February 11, 2014 Comments Off on Living with demons Former Augusta man faces murder charges

Living with demons   Former Augusta man faces murder charges  By Betty Adams  Staff Writer  September 18, 2011

AUGUSTA — A prosecutor recommended in 1999 that 20-year-old Roy Gutfinski Jr. be kept behind bars for as long as possible.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Kelley baldly stated Gutfinski, on trial in a bizarre assault case, would continue to be a problem — both for himself and for society.

“Quite simply, the only guarantee of safety is adult incarceration,” Kelley wrote as a judge was poised to sentence Gutfinski in a ritual blood-letting case that left a 16-year-old girl scarred for life.

Kelley’s words were prophetic.

Gutfinski was convicted of elevated aggravated assault and served 7 1/2 years of the 10-year sentence — one of his various periods in Maine and Massachusetts jails.

This week, now living under the name of Caius Domitius Veiovis after a legal name change in 2008, he pleaded not guilty in a Massachusetts court to three counts each of murder, kidnapping and intimidation of witnesses. The former Augusta man now faces the possibility of three life sentences without parole.

Veiovis, 31, and two others are accused of killing three men on or about Aug. 28 in Pittsfield, Mass., allegedly to prevent one of them from testifying.

A look at Veiovis’ history — largely through Maine court documents and previously published stories — offers a picture of an increasingly self-loathing person who lapsed into recreational drug use, cultivated a fascination with knives and adopted demon worship to repel people….

A neuropsychologist who evaluated him said teachers noted a preocccupation with devil worship and resistance to authority. Another counselor said the boy “exhibited very dangerous and threatening behavior” and didn’t want to change….

Then, in August 1999, he watched in his darkened downtown Augusta apartment as his 17-year-old girlfriend took a razor and sliced a 16-year-old girl in the small of her back.

The wound required 32 stitches to close.

Gutfinski and his girlfriend then licked the blood and kissed.

He told police he was a vampire, but one who was without fangs and able to go about in daylight.

At that 2000 sentencing hearing, Roy C. Gutfinski Sr. told the judge his son was a very active child who was later diagnosed as hyperactive, and hospitalized for drug problems….

After the 2000 conviction, Gutfinski began altering his appearance, with small horns that appear as bumps implanted in his forehead, filing his teeth, reshaping his earlobes and gathering tattoos.

He also had small horns implanted in his septum. However, those long, tooth-like horns in his nose are absent in photos of his recent court appearance in Massachusetts.

A tattooed “666” on his forehead showed prominently….

Adam Lee Hall guilty on three murder counts


SPRINGFIELD — Adam Lee Hall hung his head after hearing the jury’s verdict of guilty on charges of first-degree murder….

Hall, with David Chalue, 46, of North Adams, and Caius Veiovis, 32, of Pittsfield, allegedly kidnapped, tortured and then shot David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell in August 2011 and buried the bodies in Becket, according to testimony.

Chalue and Veiovis remain in jail without bail; their trials are to begin in the coming months….

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