10-Year-Old Rape Victim Held Behind Bars After Trying To Report Rape

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10-Year-Old Indian Girl Held Behind Bars After Trying To Report Rape   The Huffington Post  By Meredith Bennett-Smith 04/10/2013

A 10-year-old girl who said she was raped was kept behind bars for several hours after trying to report the crime, according to multiple news outlets.

The incident occurred Monday in the Indian city of Bulandshahr, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, according to the Press Trust of India (PTI). The young girl and her mother approached a women’s police station to report a rape, but the child was promptly put in a cell for several hours, the outlet notes.

CNN-IBN reports that at least two female officers at the station have already been suspended. An investigation is ongoing.

“The child is a minor,” Senior Superintendent of Police Gulab Singh said in a press conference. “You can neither keep her behind bars nor can you hold her back as a victim in the station. This is wrong. If the lady constable has done this then we will definitely take appropriate action.”

Local politician Rita Bahuguna Joshi told CNN-IBN that the incident was indicative of a bigger problem in Indian law enforcement.

“Instead of arresting the accused the police is arresting the girl,” she said. “We have been saying this from one long time. No one is doing anything. I congratulate media for covering all these issues. We want strict actions to be taken against the guilty. UP government has failed to do anything. Insensitivity of police and UP government is shown here.”…. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/09/10-year-old-rape-victim-india-girl_n_3046820.html

Uttar Pradesh: Uproar as minor rape survivor is locked up in women’s police station Shreya Dhoundial, CNN-IBN Apr 09, 2013

Bulandshahr: A ten-year-old rape survivor was put behind bars by the Bulandshahr police in Uttar Pradesh when she approached them for help. The child and her mother had gone to a women’s police station to file the complaint of the rape.

The child and her mother, who spent several hours behind the bars, were freed only after locals created an uproar. Two women constables have been suspended while two sub-inspectors, including the station-in-charge, have been sent to police lines following the incident.

“The child is a minor. You can neither keep her behind bars nor can you hold her back as a victim in the station. This is wrong. If the lady constable has done this then we will definitely take appropriate action,” SSP Gulab Singh said.

A local goon accused of raping the minor is absconding. The minor from Meerpur village was found lying unconscious in a field by her parents on Sunday night where she had been dumped after being allegedly raped…. http://ibnlive.in.com/news/up-uproar-as-minor-rape-survivor-is-locked-up-in-police-station/384100-3-242.html

10-year-old rape victim put behind bars

Apr 8, 2013

BULANDSHAHR (UP): The callous response of police came to fore when a 10-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped, was put behind bars by women cops after she approached them to file a complaint along with her mother.

Two women constables have been suspended while two sub-inspectors including the station-in-charge have been sent to police lines following the incident, SSP Gulab Singh said.

The victim spent several hours behind the bars after her mother brought her to a women’s police station to lodge a complaint against a local goon for allegedly raping her. She was rescued only after locals protested over the matter…. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-04-08/lucknow/38372374_1_police-station-women-cops-police-lines

Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Part of the Forensic Psychotherapy Monograph Series

Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder
Editor : Adah Sachs
Editor : Graeme Galton
Publisher : Karnac Books
Published : 2008

ISBN 10 : 1855755963


This ground-breaking book examines the role of crime in the lives of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, a condition which appears to be caused by prolonged trauma in infancy and childhood. This trauma may be linked with crimes committed against them, crimes they have witnessed, and crimes they have committed under duress. This collection of essays by a range of distinguished international contributors explores the complex legal, ethical, moral, and clinical questions which face psychotherapists and other professionals working with people suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Contributors to this book are drawn from the following professions: psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, counselling, psychology, medicine, law, police, and social work


Children speaking up about crime, abuse: study

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Children speaking up about crime, abuse: study (2011-01-03)
CHICAGO (Reuters) – Children are increasingly stepping forward and telling school officials, doctors and the police when they have been the victims of crime or abuse, U.S. researchers said on Monday. A telephone survey of more than 4,500 U.S. children and teens done in 2008 found that nearly half who experienced violence, abuse or crime told someone at school, the police or a doctor or nurse. That compares with 25 percent of cases in a similar study done in 1992, David Finkelhor of the University of New Hampshire and colleagues reported in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine….

More than 58 percent of the children and teens said they had been personally victimized at least once in the past year. This included bullying but did not include witnessing crime, such as domestic assault.
Nearly 46 percent said they had informed authorities of the victimization. This was especially true of more serious problems. For example, authorities had been told about 69 percent of the cases of sexual abuse by a known adult.

But children also spoke up about other problems, with 51.5 percent telling someone about emotional bullying, 48 percent telling someone about neglect and 47 percent telling authorities about a theft….

“That 58.3 percent of the children and adolescents in the study sample reported at least one direct victimization incident within the past year speaks to the enormity of the problem of victimization experienced by children and adolescents in our society,” Drs. Andrea Gottsegen Asnes and John Leventhal of Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut wrote in a commentary in the same journal.


The Unspoken Crime (incest), Should the Pope face charges

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The Unspoken Crime By Cara Tabachnick September 13th, 2010
The U.S. justice system is failing victims of incest, a Crime Report investigation shows…. It is hard to find a more serious crime than the rape of a child; yet when a family member is the perpetrator, justice is sometimes hard to achieve.  Child welfare advocates say that the safeguards in place to protect the child usually fail. Research suggests they are right….

according to a 1990 study by University of South Florida criminologist Lorie Fridell, prosecutors tend to defer or divert complex incest cases to child protective services who can provide for an alternative, non-court resolution, such as therapy or community service, in an effort to keep the family together.
Other research has drawn a similar conclusion.  A 1993 report of the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, found that more than 90 percent of all child abuse cases do not go forward to prosecution. Moreover, the study showed many suspects are released without further intervention by law enforcement or the justice system….

“If a kid is raped by a neighbor, people call police, but if the same person rapes their own child they call social services. What kind of justice is that?” said Grier Weeks, Executive Director of the National Association to Protect Children (PROTECT), a national organization based in Tennessee that works on lobbying for child abuse legislation

If a child accuses a caretaker of abuse, CPS has to be involved, but law enforcement does not. So, if a child is raped by his or her parent and goes to the police, CPS has to be notified in all states.  But if CPS is notified, they are not required to tell law enforcement. And herein lies one of the largest conundrums of bringing these cases to justice: too often, experts say, social workers don’t have the training to investigate a sexual abuse allegation. http://thecrimereport.org/2010/09/13/the-unspoken-crime/

Should the Pope face charges? A renowned lawyer makes the case that the Pope should have his day in court for harbouring pedophiles by Brian Bethune September 11, 2010
British lawyer Geoffrey Robertson concedes in The Case of the Pope: Vatican Accountability for Human Rights Abuse, a book set to appear just one week before Benedict XVI makes the first-ever papal state visit to Britain. But, Robertson argues, the once unthinkable idea that Benedict or a successor could be charged with obstructing justice or for “harbouring pedophile priests” is now very thinkable, and—given evolving trends in international human rights law—may soon be practical….

So many cases emerged that the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference commissioned an expert study, which concluded in 2004 that, since 1950, 10,667 individuals had made plausible allegations against 4,392 priests, 4.3 per cent of the entire body of clergy in that period. The total bill in settlements with victims is spiralling toward $2 billion and won’t stop, Forbes predicts, this side of $5 billion. Depressingly similar stories from other First World countries, including Canada, soon emerged; the situation in Latin America and Africa, where no investigations have ever been made, can only be imagined….in 1952 Gerald Fitzgerald, the American founder of the Paraclete order, which treats erring priests of all sorts, brought a specific warning to Rome. “Leaving pedophile priests on duty or wandering from diocese to diocese,” he said, was a moral evil and a scandal waiting to break. http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/09/11/should-the-pope-face-charges/

Call Polanski’s crime what it was

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Call Polanski’s crime what it was: rape By Wendy Murphy October 30, 2009 ….The word “rape,” which is what Polanski did to the child, appears only four times (twice because The Times was quoting someone else). “Rape” is the only word that clearly conveys criminal activity, and a child can never have “sex” with an adult. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/opinionla/la-oew-murphy30-2009oct30,0,780862.story

Survivors of Extreme Abuse – The Awful Rowing Toward Social Emancipation

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describes crimes
For survivors of extreme abuse, the disclosure of the crimes they experienced and the public identification of the perpetrators of those crimes can be monumentally daunting tasks. Among the impediments they may face in their pursuit of personal and social justice are their own psychological challenges, due to the complex, and sometimes debilitating effects of having experienced severe trauma, the dangers inherent in exposing criminals or criminal networks, and social denial of their plight on almost every level….

Survivors have an invaluable gift to share with society: intimate knowledge of crimes perpetrated in their midst, and the criminals who committed them. Their knowledge and insight could theoretically lift the great rock of our cultural denial and officially sanctioned version of reality, and expose the dark and dangerous world of child, drug and arms traffickers, rapists, child pornographers, serial killers, cults, secret societies and government corruption. And that exposure would surely mark the beginning of the end of the widespread abuses that plague our society now. But that doesn’t happen. http://akaunk.wordpress.com/ http://www.scribd.com/doc/21821911/Survivors-of-Extreme-Abuse-The-Awful-Rowing-Toward-Social-Emancipation

Fewer than 10% of sexual assault victims reported crime to police

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Describes crimes
Sex assaults go unreported – Many women feel shame, have fear or mistrust authorities By Danielle Bell, The Daily News 3/15/09 The latest statistics available suggest that sexual assaults can go unreported because victims remain silent out of shame, fear of reprisal or a reluctance to get involved in the legal system….Victimization studies suggest many women never come forward. It’s a troubling trend that advocacy groups believe heightens awareness to ensure that adequate support services are in place. Fewer than 10% of sexual assault victims reported the crime to police in 2004, suggested by the latest figures from Statistics Canada in Measuring Women Against Violence: Statistical Trends 2006. Of spousal violence victims, 36% of women reported those crimes to police. Women that were younger, less-educated and living in lower-income households were more likely to report such crimes. http://www.timescolonist.com/news/victoria/assaults+unreported/1394360/story.html

Make torture a crime, N.S. petition says

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from http://ritualabuse.us

Make torture a crime, N.S. petition says  by Mary Ellen Macintyre – Truro Bureau 1/22/09 Truro — Jean Sarson and Linda MacDonald wouldn’t know how to mince words, even if they wanted to. After years of heartbreaking research into ritual abuse and torture under their belts, they’re even less in the mood for mincing. Bill Casey welcomed them into his constituency office in Truro on Wednesday morning. The MP for Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley settled into his chair and smiled….There are close to 800 names on the petition, which calls on Parliament to amend the Criminal Code to make torture a crime. “In the Criminal Code now only officials like police, members of the military or others can be charged with committing torture, Ms. MacDonald said. “We believe if you torture someone, whether you’re an official or not, that you should be charged with committing torture….”But they would have never been charged with torture because it’s not a charge unless you’re a police officer or a member of the military or another official, Ms. MacDonald said…..”You have to name it for what it is and recognize the issue and only then will there be social validation for the victim and then there will be help for them, said Ms. MacDonald. “And we’ll get more but these signatures are from all across Canada, said Ms. Sarson. Mr. Casey will bring the petition to Ottawa on Monday and said he will have it tabled in the House of Commons. “This is the first step toward change. You’ve made the first step and we’ll see how it progresses, he said. http://thechronicleherald.ca/NovaScotia/1102016.html

Here is a link to the petition:

more information on ritual abuse torture

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