Bill Cosby’s accuser has her dramatic, detailed day in court, How a Priest Got Away With the Murder of a Nun for 2 Decades, East Coast Child and Ritual Abuse Conference in Connecticut – August 2017

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describes violence

– Bill Cosby’s accuser has her dramatic, detailed day in court
– The Other ‘Keepers’: How a Priest Got Away With the Murder of a Nun for 2 Decades
“She was later found strangled and stabbed more than 30 times, including nine wounds across her chest in the shape of an inverted cross, a satanic symbol. She was partially covered in an altar cloth, which had absorbed much of her blood. Blood was also smeared across her forehead as if her last rights had been administered.”
East Coast Child and Ritual Abuse Conference in Connecticut – August 2017

Bill Cosby’s accuser has her dramatic, detailed day in court
Steven Zeitchik June 6, 2017
In the nearly three years since women began stepping forward en masse to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, none ever achieved what most abuse victims wish for: a day in court. No longer.
Andrea Constand took the witness stand at the Cosby trial Tuesday and faced off against her alleged attacker in a dramatic moment that has long been called for by survivors of sexual violence.

With that, the 44-year-old massage therapist from Toronto embarked on an emotional and detailed account of a friendship that began when she met Cosby while running operations for the women’s basketball team at Philadelphia’s Temple University in 2002, and continued through half a dozen dinners and social engagements in which he mentored her for a sports broadcasting career, till the night in January 2004 when she says he gave her with three pills and penetrated her with his fingers.
The testimony offered a full account, under oath, of a narrative similar to what other women had expressed only in scattered op-eds and TV appearances, often about encounters dating back many decades.?
Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Constand and could face a decade in jail if he’s found guilty. But for a moment in a suburban courthouse Tuesday afternoon, legal outcomes took a back seat to the importance of testimony, as a woman offered a first-person lens onto the evolving dynamic between a mega-celebrity and his alleged sexual assault victim.
“He was a Temple friend, somebody I trusted, a mentor, and somewhat of an older figure to me,” Constand said of the entertainer, who served as a trustee at the Pennsylvania school.After meeting Constand via a mutual friend, Cosby started calling her on her university-issued cellphone about issues such as renovations to the team’s facilities. Constand described the ways Cosby would soon come to inquire about her personal life and eventually act like a patron. He would introduce her to important people….
But Constand also recounted details that raised red flags, at least in retrospect. In an Ontario lilt, she told of the time he invited her to his show at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut and asked her to his room to share “baked goods,” then lay back on the bed and brushed his knee against her leg. Or a series of awkward dinners, in which Cosby would invite her to his mansion and have the chef prepare a meal that she would then eat by herself, with Cosby popping in only occasionally to check on her.

Constand appeared upbeat and relaxed as she entered the courtroom, and increasingly serious and impassioned as her testimony wore on. By the time she got to the January 2004 night, the tension had become almost cinematic.
“What are they — are they natural? Are they herbal?” she recalled saying when Cosby handed her three blue pills after a dinner at his home.
“He said ‘put them down [your throat]. They’re your friends; they’ll take the edge off,’” she said.
Constand was dubious. So many, she asked? She says he nodded and she told Cosby she trusted him — in their conversations about basketball they had discussed herbal supplements — and swallowed them all.
Things soon went awry, she testified: “I began slurring my words. I told Mr. Cosby I had trouble seeing him — that I could see two of him. My mouth was very cottony.” She said stood up and found that her legs could barely support her.

He led her to the couch, helped her lie down and provided a pillow for support, and she lost consciousness, she testified. An indeterminate amount of time later, she said, she was jolted awake by physical contact: “I felt Mr. Cosby’s hands groping my breasts under my shirt. I also felt his hand inside my vagina moving in and out. I felt him take my hand and place it on his penis and move it back and forth.”
Why didn’t she stop him? a prosecutor asked.
“I wasn’t able to.”
Push him away?
“In my head I was trying to get my hands to move or my legs to move but I was frozen and those messages didn’t get there.”

She said she could only retreat into her own mind. “I wanted it to stop,” she said on the stand, her voice cracking. “I felt really humiliated. I just wanted to go home.”Constand said she was finally was able to summon the strength at about 5 a.m. She rose and prepared to walk out the door, back to her car. She said Cosby was waiting for her in the kitchen, and offered her a muffin and tea. She had a few bites and sips, then left…..

The Other ‘Keepers’: How a Priest Got Away With the Murder of a Nun for 2 Decades
by Sal Bono June 6, 2017
As Netflix spotlights the mysterious 1970 murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik in The Keepers, the docuseries has fueled fresh interest in the savage killing of another nun a decade later.
There are striking similarities between the murder of Sister Cathy in Baltimore and the 1980 killing of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl in Ohio: Both slain nuns, decades of unanswered questions, allegations of a cover-up by authorities in a staunch Catholic community — and a priest at the center of it all.

The Keepers, which follows citizen sleuths trying to crack the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy, suggests the chaplain of Archbishop Keough High School — Father A. Joseph Maskell — was involved in the murder after at least one student confided to the nun that he was sexually abusing her.
Neither sexual abuse nor murder charges were ever brought against him, leading his former students to speculate whether there had been a cover-up by authorities. A judge refused to re-open the case years later since the statute of limitations had passed and Maskell passed away in 2001….

The Murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl
On April 5, 1980, the day before Sister Pahl was to celebrate her 72nd birthday, she was found murdered in the chapel of Toledo Mercy Hospital in Toledo, Ohio.

She had ministered over the sick and terminally ill inside the hospital, and worked as the chapel’s caretaker. On the morning of her death, she was inside the chapel preparing for the following day’s Easter services.
She was later found strangled and stabbed more than 30 times, including nine wounds across her chest in the shape of an inverted cross, a satanic symbol. She was partially covered in an altar cloth, which had absorbed much of her blood. Blood was also smeared across her forehead as if her last rights had been administered.
The grisly scene was made to look like a satanic ritual. It also appeared as if she’d been sexually assaulted, although that allegation remains unclear.

Two police officers were inside the hospital settling in for breakfast when a nurse came running to them frantic about the nun’s bloodied body. As the officers raced to the chapel, so did two chaplains at the hospital, Reverend Jerome Swiatecki and Father Gerald Robinson.

The Investigation
As the police kicked off their investigation, they questioned hundreds of hospital staffers, other Sisters of Mercy, the Catholic clerics who worked with her, as well as Father Robinson.
Robinson, who presided over Sister Pahl’s funeral, was questioned by police after they found a letter opener in his desk. At the time, the news of the sword-shaped letter opener, which authorities say fit the size of some of the stab wounds, was never made public.
Cops also reported he’d appeared cold and aloof after seeing the nun’s slain body.
The priest, who grew up in Toledo, was viewed as a pillar of the community….

The priest was never charged after police cited insufficient evidence, and Yonke, as well as multiple news outlets, speculated about a possible cover-up during the investigation.
“The police chief was a devout Catholic and very influential,” Yonke said. “There was pressure applied not to charge him.”….
As the Catholic Church came under fire in the early 2000s over rampant claims of abuse at the hands of priests, a woman wrote a letter to the Toledo dioceses in 2003 saying that she had been subjected to ritualized sex acts by members of clergy from the city.

In her letter, which was later passed to police, the woman named Father Gerald Robinson as one of her abusers.
“In that letter… Father Robinson was mentioned. We decided to reopen the case then,” Toledo Police Detective Steve Forrester told Inside Edition in 2004. “We re-interviewed all the old witnesses from 1980.”
By analyzing blood transfer patterns, an obscure new technology seldom used at the time, they could study the patterns of blood from objects when they are laid down.

The technology sparked outrage with Robinson’s lawyer, John B. Thebes, who told The New York Times in 2004: “It’s not DNA. It’s not blood spatter, which is blood you find on walls or other surfaces. It’s an imprint of some kind. Something happened that changed the nature of this case, and I don’t know what it is.”

Police also determined that the sword-like letter opener discovered in Robinson’s desk was the murder weapon.
In 2004, Robinson, who lived next door to the police station, was arrested and charged with the 1980 murder.
The Toledo dioceses banned Robinson from performing any priest activities and duties following his arrest. They also refused to pay any of his legal expenses….
Robinson was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. He continued to claim innocence, though he failed in a series of appeals….

East Coast Child and Ritual Abuse Conference in Connecticut – August 2017
August 11 – 13, 2017
Special low income prices and reduced rates available before June 10, 2017
DoubleTree Hotel near Bradley International Airport Windsor Locks, CT
Internet conference information:
Please write  for more information.

For  those looking for more information about the strong accuracy and validity of ritual abuse research:

Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults.
Has additional articles and research about child and ritual abuse.

Articles by Neil Brick

Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro will return to court Wednesday morning

July 24, 2013 Comments Off on Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro will return to court Wednesday morning

Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro will return to court Wednesday morning 7/23/13
Josh Boose,

CLEVELAND – The man accused of kidnapping, raping and holding three Cleveland women captive for nearly ten years will return to court Wednesday morning.

A pre-trial hearing for Ariel Castro is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. His trial is set to begin August 5, 2013.

Last week during his arraignment, when Castro pleaded not guilty to 977 kidnapping and rape charges against him….

On Behalf of 25 Child Advocacy Organizations In Support of Boy Scout Survivors on Release of “Perversion Files” – Calling on All States to Eliminate the Statutes of Limitations Keeping Child Sex Abuse Victims Out of Court

October 20, 2012 Comments Off on On Behalf of 25 Child Advocacy Organizations In Support of Boy Scout Survivors on Release of “Perversion Files” – Calling on All States to Eliminate the Statutes of Limitations Keeping Child Sex Abuse Victims Out of Court

October 18, 2012
Comment by Professor Marci A. Hamilton

on Behalf of 25 Child Advocacy Organizations In Support of Boy Scout Survivors on Release of “Perversion Files”

Calling on All States to Eliminate the Statutes of Limitations Keeping Child Sex Abuse Victims Out of Court

The Oregon Supreme Court ordered the release of the Boy Scouts’ “perversion files” in Jack Does I-VI vs. Corp. of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Corp. of the President of the Church of Latter Day Saints and Successors & The Boy Scouts of America, et. al (Or. June 14, 2012), available at  .

These files establish that the Boy Scouts knew about predators, but instead of protecting children by going to the authorities, they kept their identities secret and let them abuse more children. Marci Hamilton, one of the nation’s leading experts on child sex abuse in institutional settings, states, “The Boy Scout files, like the Philadelphia Grand Jury Reports on abuse in the Philadelphia Archdiocese and the grand jury report on abuse by Jerry Sandusky, document how yet another institution has covered up child sex abuse. They kept records and knew more than anyone else in the country about the recidivism of abusers, yet, they did not go to the authorities.

They enabled perpetrators and endangered one child after another. Internal records and investigations are never enough. Nor is sending the perpetrator away, with no notice to the authorities and the next community at risk. Sadly, the statutes of limitations for the vast majority of the Boy Scout survivors in many states likely have expired, making it difficult to prosecute or sue the perpetrators, or to bring the organization to account for endangering children. The Boy Scout’s perversion files are another stark reminder to our elected representatives that laws in many states favor the organization, aid the predator, and put children at risk. Right now, there are untold numbers of hidden child predators who are preying on one child after another, because the statutes of limitations have been configured to give them that opportunity.

It is a fact that approximately 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused. Thus, there is an iceberg of victims across the country, including many Boy Scout victims, who have no access to justice. Under the current statute of limitations in many states–which halt criminal prosecution and civil cases long before most victims are ready to come forward — those who caused the abuse or created the conditions for the abuse are being given a free ride.

The Boy Scouts of America is just the latest organization whose failure to report abuse led to justice denied. Now is the time for every state to look hard at its SOLs and to give child sex abuse victims a chance at justice.”….

US judge asks Vatican to serve court paper to pope, US STD experiments

October 2, 2010 Comments Off on US judge asks Vatican to serve court paper to pope, US STD experiments

U.S. apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments
Texas Teacher Accused of Taping Sex With as Many as 70 Children

US judge asks Vatican to serve court paper to pope
By DINESH RAMDE , Associated Press
October 1, 2010 MILWAUKEE – A federal U.S. judge is asking the Vatican to cooperate in serving the pope and two other top officials with court papers that stem from decades-old allegations of sexual abuse by a priest in Wisconsin.

The request is an incremental step in a lawsuit that accuses the officials of conspiring to keep the allegations against the Milwaukee priest quiet. The Vatican is not obliged to comply with the request.

When faced with similar requests the Vatican has made service difficult, time-consuming and expensive by insisting, for example, that documentation be translated into Latin, one of the Vatican’s official languages.
also at:

U.S. apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments
Government researchers infected patients with syphilis, gonorrhea without their consent in the 1940s
By Robert Bazell Chief science and health correspondent NBC News NBC News 10/1/10  U.S. government medical researchers intentionally infected hundreds of people in Guatemala, including institutionalized mental patients, with gonorrhea and syphilis without their knowledge or permission more than 60 years ago.
Many of those infected were encouraged to pass the infection onto others as part of the study.

About one third of those who were infected never got adequate treatment.

On Friday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius offered extensive apologies for actions taken by the U.S. Public Health Service….
The episode raises inevitable comparisons to the infamous Tuskegee experiment, the Alabama study where hundreds of African-American men were told they were being treated for syphilis, but in fact were denied treatment. That U.S. government study lasted from 1932 until press reports revealed it in 1972.

The Guatemala experiments, which were conducted between 1946 and 1948, never provided any useful information and the records were hidden.

They were discovered by Susan Reverby, a professor of women’s studies at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and were posted on her website.

According to Reverby’s report, the Guatemalan project was co-sponsored by the U.S. Public Health Service, the NIH, the Pan-American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the Pan American Health Organization) and the Guatemalan government. The experiments involved 696 subjects — male prisoners and female patients in the National Mental Health Hospital.
The researchers were trying to determine whether the antibiotic penicillin could prevent syphilis infection, not just cure it, Reverby writes. After the subjects were infected with the syphilis bacteria — through visits with prostitutes who had the disease and direct inoculations — it is unclear whether they were later cured or given proper medical care, Reverby notes. While most of the patients got treatment, experts estimate as many as a one-third, did not.

Texas Teacher Accused of Taping Sex With as Many as 70 Children
September 30, 2010 An El Paso, Texas, high school dance teacher was jailed without bond Thursday on charges of sexual exploitation of minors and possessing child pornography, allegedly including 200 videotapes of himself having sex with as many as 70 children, some of whom were elementary school age.
Federal agents testified that they found the videos in the home of 34-year-old Marco Alferez. The agents said the videos showed Alferez having sex with children as young as elementary school age, the El Paso Times reported.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Gilbert Campa testified he found 12 VHS tapes, each about four to six hours long, and 107 8-mm tapes of Alferez having sex with children. Campa said ICE agents have been able to identify 65 to 70 victims in the homemade videos, and it appeared that Alferez tried hide the camera during the sexual acts….
Campa also testified Alferez admitted downloading child pornography, as well as making the videos of himself with children.

Promise to Protect Video, District Attorney on Baran case

September 22, 2010 Comments Off on Promise to Protect Video, District Attorney on Baran case

Promise to Protect Video:
Oak Ridge Child Rescue Initiative
(Fighting Child Pornography on the web)

D.A. Capeless decides not to continue prosecuting Baran – June 09, 2009 – For immediate release – Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless has decided not to continue prosecuting the criminal case against Bernard Baran.
At a Tuesday morning press conference, District Attorney Capeless gave the following statement:
“After careful consideration, I have decided to no longer prosecute the case against Bernard Baran.  My decision is not based upon any judgment that Baran did not do what he was convicted of by a jury twenty-four years ago.  In fact, I remain convinced that those twelve jurors delivered a correct verdict.

I acknowledge that there were mistakes made back in 1984 and 1985.  But the passage of twenty-four years has done more to damage any further prosecution of the case than anything that happened back then.  The damage that has occurred to the memories of witnesses, and the damage that will occur from bringing forth the remaining memories of the victims compel me to realize that going forward is not in the interests of justice….Those decisions did lead me to pursue the available legal avenues to maintain the verdicts – in the Trial Court and the Appeals Court. That argument has not been successful, and I accept the decisions of the courts.

My decision today is made foremost in the best interests of the victims….I have legitimate concerns about their ability to accurately recall events of twenty-four years ago.  But I have an even greater concern for the damage those recollections might cause. My conversations with them, during the past five years and most recently, have made clear to me that the pain they endured was real.  For those who have been able to put the pain behind them, I do not want to bring it back.  For those who could not put the pain behind them, I do not want to deepen the trauma….
They each know (the victims) that what happened to them twenty-four years ago was very real.  They each also expressed an appreciation that the twenty-plus years Baran spent in prison were just as real.  For them, there has been a real measure of justice.  Now, it is time to put this behind us.”

Warren Jeffs: Utah court overturns polygamist’s rape conviction

July 29, 2010 Comments Off on Warren Jeffs: Utah court overturns polygamist’s rape conviction

Warren Jeffs: Utah court overturns polygamist’s rape conviction – The Utah Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the jury in the 2007 rape trial of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs received improper instructions from the trial judge. By Daniel B. Wood, Staff writer / July 27, 2010  The Utah Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned polygamist leader Warren Jeffs’s rape conviction for conducting the marriage of a 14-year-old girl….The Utah justices held that instructions given to the jurors were erroneous and ordered a new trial. Jeffs was originally found guilty of being an accomplice to rape for using his religious influence to coerce a minor into marrying her 19-year-old cousin. The justices said that the jury’s deliberation should have been focused on whether Jeffs’ intent in performing the “spiritual marriage” was for rape to occur, not on whether the action itself led to nonconsensual sex. “In particular, the court held that Mr. Jeffs had to have the intent to aid the rape that was committed,” says Paul Cassell, professor of criminal law at S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah. “That will be the issue on which the new trial will focus.”

Analysts say the court’s opinion was narrow in the sense that they did not hold that Jeffs is innocent but rather simply that the jury was improperly instructed on the charges. “We regret the effect our opinion might have on the victim of the underlying crime, to whom we do not wish to cause additional pain,” wrote Justice Jill Parrish for the court. “However, we must ensure that the laws are applied evenly and appropriately, in this case as in every case, in order to protect the constitutional principles on which our legal system is based. We must guarantee justice, not just for this defendant, but for all who may be accused of a crime and subjected to the State’s power to deprive them of life, liberty, or property hereafter.”

Wikipedia founder tries to remove alleged kiddie porn, Vatican to court

May 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wikipedia founder tries to remove alleged kiddie porn, then gives up editorial privileges May 16, 2010  Paul Boutin [Update: Jimmy Wales tweeted me to say the change to his editorial status is ” A purely technical matter. I am not stepping down or pulling back from anything.”….Fox News reports that Jimmy Wales, cofounder of do-it-yourself encyclopedia Wikipedia  and a member of its board, has given up his administrative privileges on the site in response to a Wikipedia community backlash against his removal of thousands of images deemed pornographic by Fox last month….

In April, Fox reported that Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger, who left the project in 2002, had sent a letter to the FBI specifying his concerns that at least two categories of  the Wikimedia Commons  archive — one for pedophilia  and another for Japanese lolicon comics — contained dozens of images of child sexual abuse, in violation of Federal law.

Wikimedia Commons is used to host images and videos displayed on Wikipedia….Fox News claimed that Wikimedia officials did not respond to reporters’ requests for comment. That may have been a bad move. The brazenly conservative news agency went after the Wikimedia Foundation’s corporate sponsors, sending links to the controversial content to Microsoft, Google, Best Buy, the Ford Foundation, Yahoo, USA Networks and dozens of other companies and organizations.

Last week, a purge of thousands of Wikpedia images still left Fox with plenty of pictures to wave around. Now, Fox claims, it turns out that Wales had unilaterally begun deleting images and recruiting other editors to assist him, against the wishes of other editors who felt the content was acceptable. Wales, whose personal page on Wikipedia speaks of “Doing The Right Thing,” allegedly began the purge himself despite opposition from many editors.

Vatican to court: Priests are not our employees
Attorney outlines defense ahead of filing Monday in sex abuse case
By NICOLE WINFIELD May 16, 2010 VATICAN CITY – The Vatican on Monday will make its most detailed defense yet against claims that it is liable for U.S. bishops who allowed priests to molest children, saying bishops are not its employees and that a 1962 Vatican document did not require them to keep quiet, The Associated Press has learned.

The Vatican will make the arguments in a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds filed in Louisville, Kentucky, but it could affect other efforts to sue the Holy See.

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