Survivorship Webinar – An introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) January 26

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Saturday, January 26, 2013
12:00 noon Pacific Time
Presenter: Meganwind Eoyang
“An introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC)”
60 minute webinar

Meganwind Eoyang will provide an introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Nonviolent Communication, developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, how we hear others and resolve conflicts. NVC is an empowering self awareness practice that leads us toward a quality of connection among people where everyone’s needs are valued and get met through compassionate giving­out of the joy of contributing to another human being.

Meganwind Eoyang came to the study of Nonviolent Communication from a very different world. She grew up fighting in gang wars on the south side of Chicago, and then studied and taught martial arts to increase her sense of safety in a dangerous world. Her longing for sweet, deep connection with fellow humans arose after first finding safety and meaning in nature. Taoism, paganism, and later the Native American good red road gathered her Chinese, European, and North American spiritual roots. She was excited to discover that Nonviolent Communication offered clear steps for practicing the compassion, self love, and love for others which these (and other spiritual traditions) invite us to live. She is a collaborative trainer with Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) and heads BayNVC’s Safer Communities Project.

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