238 arrested in “Operation Heartbreak” sting on child predators in California, 1,400 accused busted nationwide

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238 arrested in “Operation Heartbreak” sting on child predators in California, 1,400 accused perverts busted nationwide

BY Alfred Ng NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hundreds of suspected child predators were busted in a two-month sting across Southern California, police announced Monday.

Among the 238 people arrested in the “Operation Broken Heart III” sweep by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children task force were clergy members, community leaders, entertainers and white-collar professionals, John Reynolds, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations special agent said at a press conference.

There had been nearly 900 investigations with 250 search warrants out for possible predators during the sweep in April and May.  “The incidents of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions,” Reynolds told reporters….

On June 1, Kounzong Saebphang, a Buddhist monk from Laos, was arrested at his monastery in Riverside after investigators received a tip he was sharing child pornography. Police found child porn on the monk’s computer, and believe he also shared it through social media, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said. Saebphang had been staying in California on a religious worker visa.

Former “Glee” star Mark Salling was charged with child pornography charges in Los Angeles on May 27.  The region’s most high-profile arrest was Mark Salling, the former “Glee” star who was charged with receiving and possessing child pornography on May 27….

Nationwide, Operation Broken Heart III has busted up to 1,400 perverts. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/238-arrested-california-sting-child-predators-article-1.2682918

Sweep 255 suspected child predators, child abuse cover-ups, North Wales, Stuart Hall, Nottinghamshire

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– Sweep snares 255 suspected child predators, rescues 61 children, officials say
– The truth behind the child abuse cover-ups child abuse in North Wales care homes
– Stuart Hall faces new rape allegations
– Police investigating over 50 allegations of sexual and physical abuse at former children’s home (Nottinghamshire homes)
– Ex-teacher faces 47 charges of historical sexual abuse
– Global Perspectives on Dissociative Disorders

Sweep snares 255 suspected child predators, rescues 61 children, officials say
By Andy Gross and Daniel Arkin, NBC News  July 14,2013

Law enforcement officials announced Monday that a recent five-week sweep snared more than 250 suspected child predators, including nine teachers and three clergymen.

Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Morton said that 255 child predators were arrested and 61 child victims were rescued in so-called “Operation iGuardian,” which targeted online sexual abusers as well as those who possess, produce or trade child pornography.

Morton said that the international investigation, which ran from May 28 to June 30, revealed that online sexual abuse is pervasive and growing….

Twenty-two of the victims were 9 years old or younger — including four under the age of 3. The remaining 39 children were between the ages of 10 and 17, according to the ICE news release.

Of those arrested, 20 people were charged with online sexual enticement of a minor, with the remaining 235 people charged with child pornography production, possession or distribution of child pornography, traveling with the intent to have sex with a minor, or other offenses, including rape, according to the ICE release….

Investigators have arrested 1,674 people in similar investigations this fiscal year alone, ICE officials said.

The truth behind the child abuse cover-ups
The report that first exposed child abuse in North Wales care homes has finally been published. But, says Eileen Fairweather, damning details have still been left out

By Eileen Fairweather 13 Jul 2013

Seventeen years ago, a nervous-sounding woman rang and asked me to publicise a top-secret report. She was not the whistleblower, she explained, but a go-between. She would not give me her name: “It’s safer if you don’t know.”

That secret report revealed the extensive rape and savage beating of countless children in North Wales children’s homes. It was titled “Child Abuse: An independent investigation commissioned by Clwyd County Council, period 1974-1995”. Last week, John Jillings’s report on the Clwyd scandal was finally published. But Flintshire county council – successor to Clwyd – has heavily censored it. I dug out the original and discovered, unsurprisingly, that the cover-up continues….

as one investigation rapidly led to another, and I realised that paedophiles had comprehensively infiltrated Britain’s children’s homes since the 1970s.

Back in 1996, only a handful of local politicians and officials were allowed a copy of Jillings’s report. They were told – by police, insurers and the council – that they risked their careers, arrest and being personally sued if a word reached the media. The uncensored Jillings report includes these chilling threats.

Every report had a number, imprinted as a large watermark on every page. Any journalist who quoted it would supposedly be ordered by the courts to produce their copy or photocopy or face jail, and the watermark would expose their source….

Jillings, in the non-redacted report, reveals that one head of a home who allegedly cruelly beat boys even had a post secured for him by Clwyd at an exotic holiday destination abroad. Might some who failed to act now be investigated for neglect or conspiracy? When does inertia become criminal?

Many children ran away, but police returned them, weeping, to their abusers. At Bryn Estyn – famously described by Jillings as “the Colditz of residential care” – one boy was crammed into a laundry basket, the lid tied shut and tossed into a swimming pool. Other children saved him from drowning….

The real martyrs are the care children who killed themselves or died violently. Jillings lists 12. He called them R1, R2, etc, with just a few poignant lines about their deaths by hanging or falling from heights. My hand ached after I wrote out that report, and so did my heart.

I later learnt of four other abused boys who died tragically or mysteriously. I rang the secretariat of the Waterhouse tribunal and asked if it would examine the deaths of these 16 boys. The official said no and, when I asked why not, became supercilious. If they’re dead, he snapped, they can’t give evidence – can they?….

Stuart Hall faces new rape allegations
Fresh allegations of rape and sexual assault against Stuart Hall have emerged, after he was jailed for 15 months for a string of child sex offences. By Daniel Johnson 15 Jul 2013

Five new claims, including the alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl, have been made against the former BBC broadcaster, it has been reported.

The former It’s A Knockout presenter, 83, was jailed last month after admitting 14 counts of indecent assault against girls as young as nine between 1967 and 1987.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that we have received further allegations against Mr Hall and we are working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to determine the most appropriate course of action….

Police investigating over 50 allegations of sexual and physical abuse at former children’s home
Police investigating abuse at council-run Beechwood home in Mapperley
Six victims previously came forward in 2011, five years after the home shut
Also looking at claims of abuse at three other Nottinghamshire homes
By Daily Mail Reporter  14 July 2013
Police are investigating more than 50 allegations of physical or sexual abuse at a former children’s home.

Nottinghamshire Police said they are investigating claims that people were abused at the council-run Beechwood Children’s Home in Mapperley, Nottinghamshire.

Some of the allegations date back nearly 30 years.

Ex-teacher faces 47 charges of historical sexual abuse  Mon 15 Jul 2013
A man has been charged following an investigation into historical sexual abuse at a school in Trafford, Greater Manchester.

Alan Morris, 63, of Hale has been charged with 47 offences.

The charges are for offences alleged to have taken place between 1972 and 1991 and involve 29 boys aged between 11 and 17 during their time at St Ambrose RC School in Hale Barns.

Global Perspectives on Dissociative Disorders
Individual and Societal Oppression
Edited by Vedat Sar, Warwick Middleton, Martin Dorahy

To Be Published January 13th 2014 by Routledge – 192 pages

Dissociative disorders are one of the psychiatric consequences of childhood psychological trauma. While oppression is an aspect of traumatic conditions, dissociation undermines resistance to oppression throughout a person’s lifespan. Neither oppression nor dissociation are restricted to particular cultures, and both can affect the individual as well as societies.

This collection engages with the universality of dissociative disorders and their close relationship to oppression. The chapters cover extreme examples such as ongoing incest in adulthood, children and adults forced to kill others, and abusive states in interrogation. Further subjects examined include the utilization of dissociation in postmodern societies to maintain oppression, the oppressive conditions of asylum seekers and the consequences of oppression as they are dealt with in psychotherapy. The final chapter considers how a paedophile pandering network employed multi-layered oppression to prevent the public becoming aware of the widespread and organised abuse of children….

‘Sordid details’: Ariel Castro’s alleged kidnapping victims want case to be over , Massive child porn bust in Atlantic Canada, Dissociative Mental States on Spectral Analysis of EEG

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‘Sordid details’: Ariel Castro’s alleged kidnapping victims want case to be over
By Matthew DeLuca, Staff Writer, NBC News 6/26/13

The three young women allegedly held captive for a decade in a Cleveland home where they were raped and tortured want to get the case to court as quickly as possible, their attorneys said on Wednesday, adding that they want “this whole thing behind them.”

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight escaped Castro’s home on May 6 after Berry broke through a front door and screamed to neighbors for help.

“The longer this process lasts, the more painful it is for them. And the more sordid details of this horror that get disclosed in this process, the more painful it is for them,” attorney Kathy Joseph, who is representing Knight, said in a statement.

Ariel Castro, who is accused of keeping three women captive for a decade in his Cleveland home, appeared before Judge Michael J. Russo for a pre-trial hearing.

“Again, they have faith in the process, but the simple, honest truth is they would like it to be over,” said James Wooley, attorney for Berry and DeJesus. “They want this whole thing behind them. Any date by which this may end is like light at the end of a tunnel.”

Ariel Castro has pleaded not guilty to 329 charges including kidnapping and rape. On Wednesday, Judge Michael Russo in Cuyahoga County ordered Castro to undergo a competency evaluation regarding his ability to understand the trial proceedings and work with his attorney.

Massive child porn bust in Atlantic Canada
By QMI Agency June 26, 2013

DARTMOUTH, N.S. — Police have arrested 22 people and rescued two children in a massive bust of suspected child predators that reached across Atlantic Canada.

At a news conference in Dartmouth, N.S., Wednesday, police said they seized 43 computers and millions of child porn images in Operation Snapshot 2, which targeted “high-risk offenders who collect, possess and/or distribute child sexual exploitation material online.”

“These are not images of a 16-year-old standing topless at a swimming pool, these are images of children being raped, some are in diapers, this is the worst of the worst,” Det. Const. Chris Purchas of the Toronto Police said.

A total of 64 charges have been laid or are pending, including, among others, making child pornography and voyeurism.

Police said one of the suspects is a registered sex offender and another worked with children. The suspects range in age from their 20s to 60s….

Dissociative Mental States Are Canonically Associated with Decreased Temporal Theta Activity on Spectral Analysis of EEG

Christa Krüger MBBCh MMed(Psych) MD FCPsych(SA)ad*, Peter Bartel PhDbe & Lizelle Fletcher BCom MSc PhDc
Journal of Trauma & Dissociation  Volume 14, Issue 4, 2013  pages 473-491 DOI:  10.1080/15299732.2013.769480


Quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG) changes relating to dissociative experiences have only rarely been demonstrated, and dissociative states were not quantified in those studies. The aim of this study was to explore concurrent associations between quantified dissociative states and QEEG spectral parameters, in particular theta activity, in psychiatric patients.

Fifty psychiatric patients completed the State Scale of Dissociation (SSD) immediately after a 15-min EEG recording. The EEG was assessed by conventional clinical visual analysis as well as by quantitative (QEEG) spectral analysis. Canonical analysis was performed between the set of SSD subscale scores and the following QEEG parameters: alpha–theta magnitude ratios, and relative as well as absolute theta magnitude obtained from right and left mid- to posterior-temporal and parieto-occipital derivations. The SSD transferred well to the present data in terms of reliability and internal criterion-related validity. The SSD and Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES) correlated significantly (r = .73, p < .001). Conventional EEG analysis identified 29 EEGs (58%) as abnormal.

The main abnormality in 23 EEGs was slowing, maximal temporally in half of these cases. Canonical analyses confirmed a statistically significant relationship between the dissociation variables (especially conversion and depersonalization symptoms) and the QEEG variables (especially relative theta magnitude in the temporal regions; R = .72, p = .03, for SSD–QEEG; and R = .66, p = .04, for DES–QEEG).

Quantified dissociative mental states are positively canonically associated with decreased temporal theta activity and increased alpha–theta ratios on QEEG in psychiatric patients with a high tendency to dissociate. The potential implications of the dissociation–theta–alpha relationship for understanding normal attentional processes need to be studied further.

Charity’s Insurer Need Not Cover, But May Have to Pay to Defend, Sandusky, Month-long ICE crackdown nets 190 child p_rn suspects; 18 victims rescued

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Charity’s Insurer Need Not Cover, But May Have to Pay to Defend, Sandusky
By Saranac Hale Spencer
The Legal Intelligencer  June 6, 2012

With jury selection under way this week in the criminal child sex-abuse trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach suffered a setback in federal court when a judge ruled that the insurance company from which he was seeking coverage is not responsible for indemnifying him for damages that may arise from the allegations.

U.S. District Chief Judge Yvette Kane of the Middle District of Pennsylvania also discussed whether or not Federal Insurance Co. would be obligated to pay for Sandusky’s defense, but deferred answering the question until discovery provides a factual record.

On Dec. 16, Sandusky informed the company that insures the nonprofit organization that he started 35 years ago to help “at-risk” youth that he would be seeking coverage from its policy. The organization, The Second Mile, announced last month that it planned to transfer its assets and programs to a similar nonprofit, called Arrow, because after the allegations against Sandusky, “there would not be adequate support, including financial, from donors, volunteers and referring social service agencies to continue The Second Mile as its own entity.” http://www.law.com/jsp/pa/PubArticlePA.jsp?id=1202557357820&Charitys_Insurer_Need_Not_Cover_But_May_Have_to_Pay_to_Defend_Sandusky

Month-long ICE crackdown nets 190 child porn suspects; 18 victims rescued  6/8/12
By Kari Huus, msnbc.com

Federal agents targeting child pornography offenses say they arrested 190 people in May and rescued 18 children who were being victimized by the accused perpetrators, in a stepped-up focus on these crimes. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, which investigates a wide range of crimes that cross state or national borders, is one of the main federal agencies — along with the FBI — to handle child porn and exploitation investigations….

The 190 arrests in May represented a  “significant number” for one month, Bennett said. ICE arrested 1,455 suspected child predators in the 2011 fiscal year, which ended on Sept. 30, 2011, she said, up from 922 a year earlier.

Typically, she said, ICE is responsible for more than half of the federal cases involving child sexual exploitation.

In 2011, Bennett said, agency investigations resulted in 915 convictions on child porn-related charges with sentences ranging from a few years to life in prison, depending on the severity of the offense and the age of the victim — who are sometimes as young as infants. http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/08/12125265-month-long-ice-crackdown-nets-190-child-porn-suspects-18-victims-rescued

Facebook’s Filters Fall Short in Blocking Pedophiles

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Child Abuse Wiki

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook’s Filters Fall Short in Blocking Pedophiles
By Jana Winter October 21, 2010 Facebook is failing to prevent child predators from posting suggestive and potentially illegal photographs of children on its website, a weeks-long investigation by FoxNews.com reveals, despite its claim that it’s doing all it can to keep pedophile materials from being displayed.

The world’s largest social network employs content filters that automatically scan for basic keywords that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) identifies as being commonly associated with child exploitive material. Those filters, if they are properly employed, should flag much of the offensive material found on the site, cybersecurity experts say.

But in a lengthy telephone interview on Oct. 6, FoxNews.com took two Facebook executives on a click-by-click tour of their own website, bringing them face-to-face with some of its vile contents and forcing them to admit that their efforts to block child predators were not working.

During a 90-minute phone interview with Facebook spokesman Simon Axten and the company’s chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, the two executives were guided by FoxNews.com through the site’s seamy subculture – an encounter that left Sullivan sounding dumbfounded, unaware of and unable to explain the extremely graphic content on the site….

But despite their efforts, FoxNews.com found an entire underworld of widely recognized terms, code words and abbreviations on Facebook — hundreds of pages with “PTHC” and “Incest” in their titles, and many others that are unprintable. Both terms are on the NCMEC keywords list, sources said, and they were found on Facebook’s public, private, group and profile pages. Many of those pages purported to host video links to child pornography, and many had been active for months.

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