Vic Christian Brother sexual abuse of 20 boys, Canberra rape crisis centre and victims of ritual abuse, Trial set – ritual slaying

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Vic Christian Brother gets more jail time
September 18, 2015

A former Christian Brother labelled “satanic” for his sexual abuse of 20 boys will spend more time behind bars after a Victorian court increased his sentence.

Edward “Ted” Bales was handed a six-year jail term in March after he pleaded guilty to 34 child sex abuse offences which occurred in the 1970s and 1980s.

Prosecutors appealed, saying one of Bales’ most heinous crimes against an 11-year-old boy warranted more jail time and his three-year non-parole period should be increased. The Court of Appeal on Friday agreed, upping Bales’ jail sentence to eight years and five months. The non-parole period was increased to five years and eight months.

The breach of trust involved a betrayal of the responsibilities of (Bales) both as a teacher of the victim and as a member of the Christian Brothers order,” the appeal judgment says.

Bales used his authority to prey on other victims, aged between eight and 14, at school….Bales, formerly known as Edward Vernon Dowlan, changed his name to avoid being associated with other convicted pedophiles he taught alongside at the St Alipius school in Ballarat. The 65-year-old was also jailed for historical child sex offences in the 1990s.

Community Hero: Jen Yates
In every monthly issue of the Star Observer, we take a look at a champion of the LGBTI community. This month, Benedict Brook spoke to a Canberra psychologist whose work with trans* people has bolstered self-esteem, reunited families and even saved lives.
Benedict Brook — September 22, 2015

IN Jen Yates’ home office in Canberra, a frame proudly displays the leaving card she received when she departed her role as a psychologist at A Gender Agenda (AGA), a pioneering support group in the ACT for the sex and gender diverse community….

“I’ve worked with Indigenous communities, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual abuse but the trans* community is the most marginalised and isolated community I have ever worked with.”….

After her own children were born, in between nappy changes and school runs, she found time to set up family refuges and work with the Canberra rape crisis centre and victims of childhood and ritual abuse.

“When people are suffering, whether it’s because of particular traits or experiences they have, any of us could be in their shoes and I just wanted to do useful things and be supportive,” Yates says….

Trial set for man accused of killing daughter with blade

Tuesday, September 22, 2015   Associated Press

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) — A trial date has been set for an Alabama man accused of killing his toddler with a sword or knife in what relatives have called a ritual slaying.

Stephon Lindsay is charged with capital murder in the death of his 1-year-old daughter, Maliyah Lindsay….Family members said the girl was killed as part of a ritual. A judge has imposed a gag order in the case.

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