Spillover Torture from the Military/Warring Sphere into the Private Sphere

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Spillover Torture from the Military/Warring Sphere into the Private Sphere: Making Visible a Silenced Human Rights Violation and Victimized Persons’ ‘Body Talk’
by Jeanne Sarson and Linda Macdonald, June 2, 2011

Presented At: Canadian Peace Research Association (CPRA)

2011 Conference and Annual General Council Meeting – CPRA is part of the 2011 Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences of Canada, hosted by the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University, Fredericton, Canada

Website:  http:www.nonstatetorture.org

….Spillover into the private sphere of pedophilic torture against girls by perpetrators with warring or military experiences For us, raising this question began to emerge 18 years ago, when faced with the reality that pedophilic torture victimization was occurring in the so-called private or domestic sphere perpetrated by non-state actors, some who had military or warring experiences.

Some of these torturers were also parents and extended inter-generational family members who were connected to like-minded others. For some women, so tortured as girls, they believed the horrors of war were contributing factors that led to the pedophilic torture they suffered in childhood…..

Web survey, pedophilic NST, ritualisms & military connections

• 90% (142 out of 157) of survey respondents were female
• 62% (96 out of 155) indicated their victimization occurred between 1946-1975
• 37% (57 out of the 155) stated victimization was after 1976 into the present
• 62% (96 out of 155) indicated perpetrators were military members, veterans, or civilian military employees
• 77% (120 out of 155) indicated perpetrators were male & female officers & other ranks
• 63% (97 out of 154) were trafficked, within their own country, or into one or more other countries.
(Sarson & MacDonald, 2009)

….media reports reveal that the manufacturing of pedophilic sexualized violence images occurs in Canada and some is interfamilial and homemade. One Canadian report that assessed 4,110 pedophilic images taken from 15,662 websites hosting child pornography showed (Canadian Centre for Child Protection, 2009)

….These examples provide a brief insight into how unexpressed past victimization and traumatization pain and suffering create present day real body memory pain – real body talk – but as real as the physical body talk pain is experienced it is generally not relieved with pain medication. It is relieved when she has succeeded to process the remembered torture ordeal.

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