Ritual Abuse Conference Transcripts, CDs and article, day care/ trafficking info

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Ritual Abuse Conference CDs

Fighting the Spin  The Truth about Child Abuse Cases – by Neil Brick, is a survivor of Masonic based Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA. He is the editor of S.M.A.R.T. – A Ritual Abuse Newsletter.

Survivors of Extreme Abuse: The Awful Rowing Toward Social Emancipation
Carmen Yana Holiday is a survivor of extreme domestic violence, human trafficking, child pornography, ritual abuse-torture and mind control. She has been an advocate for other survivors since 2001, developing and facilitating trauma recovery workshops and presenting as a survivor of RA-MC for several organizations.

The Move from Blame the Victim to Blame the Helper by Neil Brick

Sexual Abuse in Day Care: A National Study – Executive Summary – March 1988 – Finklehor, Williams, Burns, Kalinowski “The study identified 270 “cases” of sexual abuse in day care meaning 270 facilities where substantiated abuse had occurred involving a total of 1639 victimized children….This yielded an estimate of 500 to 550 reported and substantiated cases and 2500 victims for the three-year period. Although this is a large number, it must be put in the context of 229,000 day care facilities nationwide service seven million children….allegations of ritual abuse (“the invocation of religious, magical or supernatural symbols of activities”) occurred in 13% of the cases.” The authors divided these cases into “true cult-based ritual,” pseudo-ritualism” with a primary goal of sexual gratification and ritual being used to intimidate the children from disclosing and “psychopathological ritualism” the activities being “primarily the expression of an individuals obsessional or delusional system.” http://www.eric.ed.gov/PDFS/ED292552.pdf

Revealed: The horrific trade in British children for sex
The terrible plight of foreign women trafficked into the UK and forced to work as prostitutes has overshadowed a home-grown scandal  By Emily Dugan  15 August 2010….Sheila Taylor, chair of the National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People, said: “What we’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg. This is happening in all cities and many towns. There has been no prosecution of those who sexually exploit children with trafficking legislation.”

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