Mutilated newborn still haunts detectives 28 years later, 30-35% of the kids had been preyed upon by sexual predators

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Mutilated newborn still haunts detectives 28 years later
August 12, 2014 by Mary Murphy

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (PIX11) – Detective Kerry Dalling was still in grade school when a dead newborn boy was left in the woods near Lake Mohegan in March 1986.  His face was mutilated and a burlap altar was placed near his body, with fruit and coins tossed on top of it.

“Whoever left this child wanted us to believe it was for a religious sacrifice,” Dalling told PIX 11 Investigates in a recent interview at her detective squad in Fairfield, Connecticut….

A review of child welfare records showed the household was troubled.

“We discovered there were a lot of complaints of sexual abuse that were happening in the home” Dalling said….

Child abuse cases tumble out at camps
Rajiv Kalkod, TNN  Aug 13, 2014

BANGALORE: Over 2,000 schoolchildren in Bangalore have been sexually abused. A police drive led to this horrifying discovery during the course of camps conducted with Makkala Sahayavani (child helpline) in 60 schools.

Slowly but surely, the stories are coming out, in the form of experiences penned down on paper. Police officials are sifting through them, counseling the survivors and booking cases against the accused.

The cases came to light at awareness camps attended by close to 6,000 children. The revelation was shocking: about 30-35% of the kids had been preyed upon by sexual predators. Police officials, accompanied by counsellors from Makkala Sahayavani, showed the children videos, and explained the appropriate and inappropriate touch….

They faced abuse both on campus and outside, and in homes too. This loss of innocence has led to many behavioural disturbances among the children: depression, suicidal tendencies, a drastic drop in academic performance.

“Between March 2013 and April 2014, Makkala Sahayavani received 450 calls. We got at least 150 calls since the schoolgirl rape case was reported in mid-July,” Rani said….

10% — School teachers
20-30% — Stepfathers and close family members
Rest? Strangers, school bus driver, servants, neighbours….

22 Faces revives ritual sexual abuse controversy

June 26, 2012 Comments Off on 22 Faces revives ritual sexual abuse controversy

22 Faces revives ritual sexual abuse controversy by Stephen Dark

2012-06-25 ….A new book, Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-two Multiple Personalities, by retired, Saratoga Springs-based psychiatrist Judy Byington, tells the story of Hill, who, according to Byinton, was the victim of sexual assaults by both her father and by neighborhood boys. Hill told Byington that on June 21, 1965, in Garden Grove, Calif., she was tortured on an altar and forced to watch the murder of a 6-year-old by a satanic coven….

Subsequently, Hill was subjected to mind control experiments which resulted, Byington says, in Hill having 22 personalities. Hill moved to Utah County and ended up spending a year in the Utah State Hospital under the care of Weston Whatcott between 1984 and 1985. In a press release by the book’s publisher, Whatcott acknowledges that Hill’s multiple personalities were a result of childhood trauma, “namely repeated sexual assaults coupled with ritual abuse.”

Byington says Hill “really wanted her story told.”  Byington drew on journals Hill and some of her other personalities kept from when she was 5 to 24. “We could all be multiple personalities if we have gone through all the trauma that these people have gone through,” Byington says.”Children under tremendous torture, their minds can separate into different personalities.”

Hill went to the FBI looking for the parents of the child she had seen killed, Byington says. While an FBI agent who looked at Hill’s medical records told Byington that there was confirmation that horrendous torture had occurred, “he wouldn’t open up a case for her.”

Byington has also investigated local satanic covens in Utah, she says, and talked to a special-investigations unit at the Utah Attorney General’s office in 2006 on ritual abuse cases. “”It’s still very much of a problem,” Byington says. “These covens are very active and it’s very difficult to prove what’s going on.”

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