Extreme Abuse Survey final results

Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children

The Extreme Abuse Survey final results are online with findings, questionnaires and presentations for download as pdf-files. More than 750 pages of documentation http://extreme-abuse-survey.net/

MEDIA PACKET – Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children – Documentation that torture-based, government-sponsored mind control (GMC) experimentation was conducted on children during the Cold War. Data from two international surveys that give voice, visibility, and validation to survivors of these crimes against humanity….SURVEYS – EAS: Extreme Abuse Survey for Adult Survivors (An International Online Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse) January 1 – March 30, 2007 with 1471 respondents from 31 named countries. P-EAS: Professional – Extreme Abuse Survey (An International Online Survey for Therapists, Counselors, Clergy, and Other Persons Who Have Worked Professionally with at Least One Adult Survivor of Extreme Abuse) April 1 – June 30 2007 with 451 respondents from 20 named countries. Contact: Wanda Karriker, PhD sandime@twave.net http://my.dmci.net/~casey/GovernmentSponsoredMindControlExperiments-MediaPacket.pdf

From :Rutz, C., Becker, T., Overkamp, B., & Karriker, W. (2008).

Exploring commonalities reported by adult survivors of extreme abuse: Preliminary empirical findings.

In R. Noblitt & P. Noblitt (Eds.), Ritual abuse in the twenty-first century (pp. 49-50).

Bandon, OR: Robert D. Reed.

Of 987 persons who self-selected the category of abuse that best describes their experiences, 19% chose ritual abuse; 7%, mind control; 52%, ritual abuse and mind control; 22%, other extreme abuse. Listed below are the five most frequently reported “yes” responses for the memories, possible aftereffects, and personal experiences sections.


· Receiving physical abuse from perpetrators

· Sexual abuse by multiple perpetrators

· Other abuse(s)

· Being threatened with death if I ever talked about the abuse

· Witnessing physical abuse by perpetrators on other victims

Possible Aftereffects

· Sleep problems

· Painful body memories

· Posttraumatic stress disorder

· Unusual fears

· Beliefs indoctrinated by perpetrator(s)

Personal Experiences

· I have a spiritual belief system.

· I was subjected to RA/MC at ages 3 through 6.

· I was subjected to RA/MC at ages 7 through 13.

· I have been diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder/ formerly multiple personality disorder).

· I had memories of incest before I sought therapy/counseling.

The five most frequently reported healing methods that were checked either “much help” or “great help” are

· Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling

· Supportive Friends

· Creative Writing

· Personal Prayer/Meditation

· Journaling

Relevant to the controversies over the reality of ritual abuse, government-sponsored mind control experimentation, the credibility of repressed memories, and claims that therapists implant false abuse memories in their clients, our data show that 64% of 985 respondents reported memories of incest and 48% of 977 respondents reported memories of ritual abuse before they sought therapy. Sixty-nine percent of 257 respondents who reported secret mind control experiments used on them as children also reported having been abused in a satanic cult.



Becker, T., Karriker, W., Overkamp, B., & Rutz, C. (2008).

The Extreme Abuse Surveys: Preliminary findings regarding dissociative identity disorder.

In A. Sachs & G. Galton (Eds.),

Forensic aspects of dissociative identity disorder (p. 41).


If perpetrated in ritualistic settings, a sample of ten identical items from both the EAS (Extreme Abuse Survey for Adult Survivors) and P-EAS (for professionals) and ten similar items from the C-EAS (for child caregivers) could be classified as ideologically motivated crimes.

Listed below are the total number who answered the question (N) and the percent of “yes” responses to each statement by each group. (EAS – survivor reported the memory; P-EAS – professional had worked with at least one survivor who reported the memory; C-EAS – caregiver had heard at least one child report the memory)


1093 88% 216 97% 90 82% Receiving physical abuse from perpetrators.

1090 82% 217 95% 91 77% Sexual abuse by multiple perpetrators.

1077 73% 221 88% 88 70% Forced drugging.

1057 56% 218  77% 96 43% Witnessing murder by perpetrators.

1059 55% 218 78% 92 59% Forced to participate in animal mutilations/killings.

1059 55% 220 82% 83 53% Pornography (child).

1040 48% 220  70% 90 42% Forced participation in murder by perpetrators.

1045 48% 218 77% 79 25% Prostitution (child).

1041 40% 220 71% 82 33% Forced impregnation.

1021    26% 217 55% 82 18% Survivor’s own child murdered by his/her perpetrators.


From: Becker, T. (2008).Re-searching for new perspectives: Ritual abuse/ritual violence as ideologically motivated crime.In R. Noblitt & P. Noblitt (Eds.),Ritual abuse in the twenty-first century (pp. 245-246).

Bandon, OR: Robert D. Reed.

Although controversies over the existence of ritual abuse have centered on reports of abuse from satanic cults, results of two studies show that ritual abuse is also practiced in other groups founded on religious or ideological doctrines. In 1997, German journalist Ulla Froeling and German psychotherapist Michaela Huber (Becker, 1999) compiled data from a questionnaire returned by 126 therapists and counselors from 61 locations in Germany. The backgrounds of 354 cases in treatment were examined to determine the classification of groups in which survivors had been ritually abused. More than half of the victims reported abuse in more than one category. My co-researchers and I asked similar questions on the Extreme Abuse Survey for Adults (EAS) offered in German and English  See Table 1 for a comparison of preliminary results of both studies.

Table 1.

Comparisons of German-language and English-language Reports of Ritually Abusive Groups

(Percent of total respondents for each question who answered “Yes”)


Groups SRA1 Gnostic2 Child Religious Fascist Uncertain     porn sects3 groups4 ideology


Germany (1999) 58% (354) 52% (354)    26% (354) 12% (354) 03% (354)

EAS (German)5 29% (151)        07% (149)    40% (151)    29% (156)     15% (156) 35% (160)

EAS (English)6 60% (835)         15% (826)    50% (826)    41% (837) 23% (832) 50% (834)

EAS (Total) 55% (986) 14% (969)    48% (977) 39% (993)      22% (998)   47% (994)


1,2 Category for German study is “Destructive Cults.” Most cases are from a satanic background but there are some from Gnostic-occult groups.

3 So-called Christian groups who are abusive through exorcism and cleaning rituals.

4 Described as a group that considers itself superior in race, creed, or origin, e.g., Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist and KKK.

5,6 From unpublished raw data


Three additional questions on the EAS asked about abuse in ideologically motivated groups: (1) Ritual abuse in a witchcraft cult was reported by 23% of 971 respondents, (2) ritual abuse in voodooism was reported by 7% of 966 respondents, and (3) 26% of 1000 respondents answered “yes” to the question: “Secret government-sponsored mind control experiments were performed on me as a child.”


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