Europol uncover major online child abuse network, Jones man arrested on child abuse charges

August 24, 2016 Comments Off on Europol uncover major online child abuse network, Jones man arrested on child abuse charges

Europol uncover major online child abuse network
Operation results in 207 criminal cases against suspected web distributors of child sexual abuse images in 28 countries.

A major operation against distributors of child sexual abuse images online has resulted in the arrests of 75 suspects across 28 European countries.

Code-named “Operation Daylight”, the investigation has resulted in 207 criminal cases, Europe’s policing agency Europol said on Tuesday.

“We know that individuals are abusing online platforms and networks to distribute child sexual abuse material and we are determined to target them and bring them to justice,” Steven Wilson, head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, said in a statement.

Operation Daylight was launched last year after Swiss police notified Europol after uncovering a vast network of criminals involved in the sexual exploitation of minors online….

“The operation has uncovered a vast paedophile network,” the Italian police statement said, adding that access to the online network where images were shared was “rigidly” regulated and required patient work to be infiltrated by police.

“Those networks continue to be a primary source for persons with a sexual interest in children who are seeking child sexual abuse and exploitation material online,” Europol said in the statement.

Jones man arrested on child abuse charges
By Adam Kemp  August 23, 2016

JONES — A Jones man has been arrested on accusations the Oklahoma County sheriff described as crimes of “horrific proportions.”

Donald McCord, 49, was arrested on 31 complaints of sexual abuse of a child and first degree rape of a child.

The sheriff’s office began investigating on Aug. 3 after a woman contacted Jones police to tell them she had knowledge of sexual abuse by McCord.

During the course of their investigation, deputies learned that for nearly 10 years McCord had sexually abused two girls, Oklahoma County Sherriff John Whetsel said during a Tuesday press conference.

The victims told investigators they had been sexually and physically abused by McCord almost daily since at least 2007. They said McCord would choke them to the point of unconsciousness and threatened to kill them if they told anybody.

When confronted with the allegations, McCord denied them at first before admitting to authorities he did “inappropriate things” with the victims, Whetsel said….

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