Top Tory blocked news of Thatcher’s knighthood plan for Savile, 282 join RCMP sexual harassment class-action lawsuit

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Top Tory blocked news of Margaret Thatcher’s knighthood plan for perv Jimmy Savile
NEWS of Margaret ­Thatcher’s attempts to have paedo Jimmy Savile knighted was blocked by the Government’s transparency “champion”.

By Jonathan Corke/Published 21st July 2013

Last month we told how the Cabinet Office had been battling for months to keep documents about Savile’s award secret.  And we revealed an unnamed minister had argued against their ­disclosure but was overruled by the Information Commissioner’s Office.  Today he can be identified as ­Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude.  The 60-year-old served in Mrs Thatcher’s government and ­organised her funeral in April.

He also leads the current ­Government’s transparency “agenda” but suggested releasing the papers could harm ongoing Savile investigations by the Department of Health.

Cabinet Office officials also argued the ­confidentiality of the honours system might be ­under­- mined by ­disclosure. But the ICO ruled there was a “compelling public interest” in releasing the files and told the Cabinet Office to hand them over.

Last week they were made public and showed Mrs Thatcher’s repeated attempts to have Savile knighted despite warnings of his behaviour.  They show she tried four times to make him a “Sir” without success, before getting her way in 1990.  And they reveal aides described him as a “strange and complex man” and voiced fears over revelations about his private life.

One document describes ­ “continued misgivings” about him, although there is no suggestion they or Mrs Thatcher knew that he was a paedophile…..

282 join RCMP sexual harassment class-action lawsuit

121 of the plaintiffs, who are either current or former Mounties, are from B.C. CBC News Jun 11, 2013

Almost 300 current and former female Mounties have come forward to join a class-action lawsuit alleging harassment within the ranks of the RCMP.

Documents filed in B.C. Supreme Court Monday in support of class-action certification say the action now includes 282 women from all territories and provinces across Canada, with the exception of P.E.I. The largest provincial contingent of women who joined, 121, are from B.C., while 46 of the women are from Ontario. Another 35 are from Alberta.

The lawyers arguing the lawsuit say 100 of the complainants are still with the force, either as officers, civilian members, or public service employees.

The civil suit was filed last year by Janet Merlo, a former RCMP officer who was based in Nanaimo. Merlo, who alleges she suffered bullying and verbal abuse throughout a career that began in March 1991 and ended in March 2010, says she is overwhelmed by the number of other women who have come forward.


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