Former UK prime minister Edward Heath child sex and ritual abuse allegations, Roman Polanski under investigation over new rape allegations

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Late UK prime minister would have faced child sex abuse questioning
By Sarah Ward, SWNS
October 5, 2017
Former UK prime minister Sir Edward Heath would have been quizzed by police over child sex allegations including the rape of an 11-year-old “rent boy,” an investigation revealed Thursday.

Wiltshire Police said the former MP – who allegedly took part in Satanic sex – would have been questioned under caution over five alleged attacks on children and two on adults.

The disturbing allegations – described as “chance” or “paid for sexual encounters” – span the 60s, 70s and 90s and took place in London, Kent, Sussex, Guernsey and Jersey.

Two of the alleged assaults took place in Wiltshire – where Heath had a mansion – including a “chance” attack on a 12, 13 or 14-year-old boy in private gardens.

In the most disturbing allegation, Heath allegedly raped an 11-year-old boy he paid to abuse in a home in London in 1961, while he was a cabinet member.

Some of the alleged assaults took place in public places or buildings – and one alleged attack on a boy took place in the company of another man. Another alleged attack on a 15-year-old boy in a public building in Guernsey took place while he was the leader of the Conservatives.

During the course of the investigation, six victims told police Heath was involved in Satanic or ritual abuse.

Investigators defined it as “offenses committed using symbols, ceremonies or group activities that appeared to have a religious or supernatural meaning” – but said they found no evidence.

The seven total alleged attacks were reported to police between April 2015 and June 2016 – and were among 42 allegations of sex assaults made to police.

The findings were revealed Thursday by Wiltshire Police following a controversial two-year $1.9 million investigation….

Some 42 alleged victims reported abuse involving Heath – 26 named individuals, ten reports by a third party, three anonymous reports and three who later realized they were “genuinely mistaken.”

None of the seven allegations, which Heath would have been interviewed about, occurred while he was PM.

Among the 42 allegations was one from a rent boy working in a Salisbury brothel who claimed he was abused by the politician and three male sex workers.

Six victims claimed Heath was involved in Satanic or ritual abuse, but two died before Operation Conifer began.

“Following the investigation, no further corroborative evidence was found to support the disclosures that Heath was involved in ritual abuse,” the report said.

Allegations were also made that Heath was involved in murdering children aboard his yachts, but no evidence was discovered to suggest this happened, the report said.

Three victims made allegations of organized pedophile activity within military settings and two accused Heath of committing abuses in Wiltshire.

Police case papers from 1989 relating to a criminal investigation into two of the victims’ parents mentioned allegations made about Heath, the report said….

Sir Edward’s friends have previously accused police of a witch hunt.

They insisted he could not have carried such crimes because he could not drive, was under 24-hour police guard and was asexual.

But the report revealed he owned two cars, was not watched around the clock and did have sexual relationships….

They will now be passed to the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse.

Roman Polanski under investigation by Swiss police over new rape allegations

A woman named Renate Langer interviewed by police says the film-maker raped her in the town of Gstaad when she was 15, in 1972

Agence France-Presse in Geneva

Tuesday 3 October 2017
Swiss police are investigating new rape allegations against Roman Polanski made by a woman who said the film-maker assaulted her in the town of Gstaad in 1972.

St Gallen’s police communications chief, Hanspeter Krüsi, confirmed the details of the allegations, first reported by the New York Times.

Krüsi told AFP that police interviewed Renate Langer on 26 September concerning accusations that Polanski raped her in Gstaad when she was 15.

Polanski in 1977 pleaded guilty in the United States to having unlawful sex with Samantha Geimer – aged 13 at the time – but fled the country before he could be sentenced. He remains a fugitive from the US justice system.

Langer is a 61-year-old former actress who was born in Munich, according to multiple media reports.

She is the fourth woman to publicly accuse Polanski of sexual assault.

In August, a woman identified only as Robin told a news conference in Los Angeles she was “sexually victimised” by the French-Polish film director when she was 16, in 1973….   

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