Jury hands ex-Penn State assistant $7M in defamation case, Parole denied for convicted Manson follower Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, Grant Davies incarcerated 18 years

October 28, 2016 Comments Off on Jury hands ex-Penn State assistant $7M in defamation case, Parole denied for convicted Manson follower Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, Grant Davies incarcerated 18 years

– Jury hands ex-Penn State assistant $7M in defamation case
– Parole denied for convicted Manson follower Charles ‘Tex’ Watson
– Inside the sick world of paedophile Grant Davies’ and his creepy interests

Jury hands ex-Penn State assistant $7M in defamation case
Oct 27, 2016  By TRAVIS JOHNSON Associated Press

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) – A jury awarded a former Penn State assistant football coach $7.3 million in damages Thursday, finding the university defamed him after it became public that his testimony helped prosecutors charge Jerry Sandusky with child molestation.

Jurors deliberated for about four hours in Mike McQueary’s defamation and misrepresentation lawsuit.

Judge Thomas Gavin still must decide McQueary’s whistleblower claim that he was treated unfairly as the school suspended him from coaching duties, placed him on paid administrative leave, barred him from team facilities and then did not renew his contract shortly after he testified at Sandusky’s 2012 trial.

McQueary remained stoic as the verdict was read, and he and his lawyers made no comment as they left the courthouse.

A Penn State spokesman said the university would not comment on the case and the jury’s verdict until a final decision is rendered on all counts.

McQueary had been seeking more than $4 million in lost wages and other damages, saying he was defamed by a statement the school president released the day Sandusky was charged, retaliated against for helping with the Sandusky investigation and misled by school administrators.

Jurors awarded him $1.15 million on the defamation claim and $1.15 million on the misrepresentation allegation that two administrators lied to him when they said they took his report of Sandusky seriously and would respond appropriately. They also awarded $5 million in punitive damages.

Sandusky, a former defensive coach at Penn State, was convicted of sexual abuse of 10 boys and is serving a 30- to 60-year prison sentence. He maintains his innocence….

Parole denied for convicted Manson follower Charles ‘Tex’ Watson
by Matt Hamilton October 27, 2016

A California review board denied parole Thursday to Charles “Tex” Watson, the self-described right-hand man of Charles Manson and a key figure in the Manson family’s 1969 killing spree in the Los Angeles area.

Watson, 70, was initially sentenced to die in San Quentin’s gas chamber for his part in the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others. In 1973, his sentence was commuted to life in prison after the state Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional….

Watson was convicted of joining other Manson followers in the Aug. 9, 1969, massacre of five people including Tate, who was married to director Roman Polanski….

Prosecutors said Manson and his followers — based out of the Spahn Ranch commune in Chatsworth — were trying to incite a race war that the cult leader believed was foretold in the Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter.”

At Watson’s most recent parole hearing in 2011, Deputy Dist. Atty. Patrick Sequeira called Watson the leader of the rampage at Polanski’s home; he had announced to the victims: “I am the devil. I am here to do the devil’s business.”

“His role within the family was a significant one,” Sequeira said. “He was essentially the main hit man…. These weren’t impulsive actions. Murdering seven people on two subsequent nights were not impulsive actions.”….

Inside the sick world of paedophile Grant Davies’ and his creepy interests
October 28, 2016….

Grant Davies, incarcerated in Silverwater remand centre as a prison committee decides which correctional facility he will spend the next 18 years, took thousands of photographs of his students.

Insisting on girls as young as seven be dressed in skimpy and clingy outfits and painted with showgirl style make-up, Davies adopted the guise of cheeky prankster….

Evidence was given during his trial that the girls’ mother sent Davies sexually explicit photos of her daughters to advance their careers.

Jailed in 2014 for doing so, the mother later said that Davies ran the business “like a cult” and promised her daughters they would be “stars”….

One of Davies’ former dance students, now in her 20s, has since revealed children as young as three had to wear crop tops and shorts which barely covered their private parts.

Girls were banned from wearing bras, and students were told to wear a G-string or no underwear at all.

But only some of the girls knew the truth behind their teacher’s jovial exteriors, the man who behind closed doors touched their genital and breast areas, or in one case engaged in anal penetration.

One of the sisters who featured in photographs and videos in Davies child pornography collection later told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse that she thought Davies would make her a star.

“I didn’t want to do the videos and photos but I thought that was the only way I would become a professional dancer,” she said….

Opened in 2002, by at least January 2003 the studio became a place of hope and misery for children desperate to be dance stars to the point they were subjected to molestation under threat….

He sexually assaulted them at RG Dance’s Chiswick studio, at his home and at various locations around Sydney and the state where he conducted private dance classes.

Davies was so trusted by one girls’ family, he would come to dinner, even though he was regularly abusing her.

In 2007, police seized Davies’ computer following a complaint that had sent very young girls sexually explicit text messages about masturbation and told them of his sexual fantasies.

But the investigation was dropped….

In May 2013, a friend of Davies’ sister alerted Davies’ schoolteacher wife to the fact he had child pornography on his laptop….

Dance teachers and mother complained that they “all knew” about Davies, but previous attempts to have him arrested had failed.

In sentencing Davies to a maximum 24 years’ prison, with an 18 year minimum, Justice Jennie Girdham said he used a “pattern of conduct and groomed the children for sexual exploitation”.

“He constantly found new victims,” she said.

Grant Davies’ next 18 years will predominantly be in his “jail of sentence”, beginning in maximum security….

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Joe Paterno was told Jerry Sandusky abused a 14-year-old boy in 1976, according to testimony in newly unsealed documents

July 13, 2016 Comments Off on Joe Paterno was told Jerry Sandusky abused a 14-year-old boy in 1976, according to testimony in newly unsealed documents

Joe Paterno was told Jerry Sandusky abused a 14-year-old boy in 1976, according to testimony in newly unsealed documents 
BY Amara Grautski Leonard Greene NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Court documents say famed Penn State coach Joe Paterno was aware as far back as 1976 that his top assistant was abusing boys, and years later other coaches knew, too, including future Rutgers and NFL coach Greg Schiano.

In testimony about the shameful Jerry Sandusky scandal, a graduate assistant said Schiano and another up-and-coming coach, Tom Bradley, kept silent about Sandusky’s crimes.

The testimony came in 2015 from ex-Penn State assistant Mike McQueary, who was a key witness in the Sandusky criminal case because he reported to Paterno seeing Sandusky rape a boy in 2001.

In his testimony, McQueary said he “briefly” discussed with Bradley what he had seen. Bradley, who is currently UCLA’s defensive coordinator, was a Joe Paterno assistant from 1979 to 2011 and replaced Sandusky as Penn State’s defensive coordinator. Bradley was Penn State’s interim head coach after Paterno was fired….

In 1976, a 14-year-old victim told Paterno that Sandusky touched him while attending a football camp at the university, penetrating his rectum with his finger as he showered, according to the Washington Post.

John Doe 150, according to the newly unsealed court documents, testified that he told Paterno of the sexual assault and the coach ignored his complaint.

“Is it accurate that Coach Paterno quickly said to you, ‘I don’t want to hear about any of that kind of stuff, I have a football season to worry about?’” the victim’s lawyer asked him in 2014.

“Specifically. Yes … I was shocked, disappointed, offended,” the man replied. “I was insulted … I said, is that all you’re going to do? You’re not going to do anything else?….

Sandusky, 72, was convicted in 2012 of molesting 10 boys and is serving 30 to 60 years in state prison.

New court documents suggest others at Penn State knew of Jerry Sandusky abuse

A man testified in court in 2014 that Penn State football coach Joe Paterno ignored his complaints of a sexual assault committed by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky in 1976 when the man was a 14-year-old boy, according to newly unsealed court documents.
By Will Hobson and Cindy Boren July 12, 2016

In 2014, a man testified that Penn State football coach Joe Paterno ignored his complaints of a sexual assault committed by assistant coach Jerry Sandusky in 1976 when the man was a 14-year-old boy, according to new court documents unsealed Tuesday in a Philadelphia court.

Four other former assistant football coaches at the school also were aware of Sandusky acting inappropriately with boys before law enforcement was first notified in 1998, according to testimony contained in the documents.

The allegations suggest that Paterno may have been made aware of Sandusky’s actions far earlier than has previously been reported, and that knowledge of Sandusky’s behavior may have been far more widespread among the Penn State football staff than previously known.

Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano and UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, both former Penn State assistants named in the documents, denied the allegations Tuesday.

The testimony of multiple victims who have settled with Penn State, and of former assistant Mike McQueary — who witnessed Sandusky raping a boy on campus in 2001 — comes as the specifics of what Paterno and others knew about Sandusky and when are still being debated in courts and in the court of public opinion in Pennsylvania….

The 1976 victim, identified in court records as John Doe 150, said that while he was attending a football camp at Penn State, Sandusky touched him as he showered. Sandusky’s finger penetrated the boy’s rectum, Doe said, and the boy asked to speak with Paterno about it. Doe testified that he specifically told Paterno that Sandusky had sexually assaulted him, and Paterno ignored it….

While law enforcement only first became aware of allegations against Sandusky in 1998, the documents released Tuesday include several incidents in the 1980s and 1990s when Penn State football coaches and officials were aware of improper behavior by Sandusky around boys.

In 1987, according to a man identified as John Doe 75, he was a 13-year-old boy when Sandusky brought him to a coaches’ meeting room and put his hand down the boy’s shorts. Assistant coach Joe Sarra walked into the room and saw them, Doe 75 testified. Startled, Sarra immediately left and closed the door behind him, and Sandusky kissed the boy on his forehead, Doe 75 testified….

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