Teenage Satanist and far-right extremist, satanic neo-Nazi death cult, Satanic worship Lords of Chaos, NXIVM cult, South Korean religious cult, Manson cult killer parole release blocked

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– Teenage Satanist and far-right extremist sentenced for terrorism offences- Man charged in stabbing death of mosque caretaker followed hate group online (satanic neo-Nazi death cult)

– Relatives mourn sisters killed in vicious machete attack “gory and violent drawings and pictures, including skulls, Satanic symbols and demons. In one photo, Urias is wearing a red-colored devil mask”- Satanic worship, church burnings and murder: The true story behind ‘Lords of Chaos’ “We were singing about Satan and sadism, and everything that was wrong like torture”

– The NXIVM cult: How long are the leaders of going to jail for?- 21 members of a South Korean religious cult were arrested in Singapore.

– Manson cult killer has parole release blocked

Teenage Satanist and far-right extremist sentenced for terrorism offences 

Schoolboy avoids jail after admitting terrorism and child abuse image offences

Nadeem Badshah Mon 2 Nov 2020 

A teenage Satanist and far-right extremist has been given a suspended sentence after posting bomb-making manuals on neo-Nazi forums and downloading indecent images of children. Harry Vaughan, 18, a grammar school pupil who achieved four A* grades in his A-levels, was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Monday after admitting 14 terrorism offences and two child abuse image offences. He was given two years’ detention suspended for two years. Vaughan was arrested by police in June last year following an investigation into an online forum called Fascist Forge. Police found that the teenager, of south-west London, had been concealing his identity behind numerous aliases and boasting about school shootings, sharing explosives manuals and neo-Nazi propaganda online, expressing homophobic views and downloading indecent images of underage boys. Digital forensic specialists retrieved 4,200 images and 302 files from Vaughan’s devices including an extreme rightwing terrorist book and documents relating to Satanism, neo-Nazism and antisemitism.Police also discovered graphics encouraging acts of terrorism in the name of the proscribed organisation Sonnenkrieg Division and footage of the 2019 Christchurch mosque massacre…. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/nov/02/teenage-satanist-and-far-right-extremist-sentenced-for-terrorism-offences

Man charged in stabbing death of mosque caretaker followed hate group online

Guilherme ‘William’ Von Neutegem, 34, is accused of stabbing 58-year-old Mohamed-Aslim Zafis outside mosque CBC News · Sep 21, 2020 

The man charged with stabbing a volunteer caretaker to death at a Toronto mosque shared what appears to be content from a satanic neo-Nazi group in social media posts, according to an organization that tracks online extremism.The revelation comes amid calls for the killing to be investigated as a hate crime, something the Toronto Police Service is considering at this time.

Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the killing of Mohamed-Aslim Zafis…. Evan Balgord, the organization’s executive director, describes the group Von Neutegem is linked to as a satanic neo-Nazi death cult.”They’re all the worst things that you could possibly think of,” Balgord told CBC News. “They are explicitly anti-Semitic and they’re explicitly racist,” Balgord said. “They worship Hitler as a God figure.”Balgord’s organization isn’t the only one concerned about the group’s activity. According to the U.K. anti-hate research organization Hope Not Hate, the group’s beliefs involve “culling” civilization, with followers encouraged to engage in extreme violence, random attacks and sexual assault….https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/mosque-stabbing-suspect-1.5732078

Relatives mourn sisters killed in vicious machete attack by suspect once considered ‘kind’

BY MICHELLE HUNTER Oct 27, 2020…. 

But Urias’ Facebook pages show a fascination with disturbing imagery. They are filled with gory and violent drawings and pictures, including skulls, Satanic symbols and demons. In one photo, Urias is wearing a red-colored devil mask, perhaps the one authorities say he was wearing during the killings. In another picture, Urias holds a large knife as he stands shirtless with an upside-down cross around his neck, a drawing of what looks like a demon on a skeletal horse and a belt of bullets around his waist. Rocky Tornabene said he’s been told about Urias’ unusual social media posts. But he said he suspects the images are linked to the hard-core heavy metal music that Urias – and Rocky Tornabene, himself – enjoyed, rather than a sign of sickness or a violent nature. Fortenberry said it’s likely the images are more a stereotype or phase…..https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/article_1e2c87cc-1893-11eb-aee8-53f54aa07eb5.html

Satanic worship, church burnings and murder: The true story behind ‘Lords of Chaos’
By Steve Appleford
Feb. 12, 2019

The terrible dawn of Norwegian black metal came during the summer of 1984, during an adolescent season of inspiration in a small village outside Oslo.Guitarist Oystein Aarseth and bassist Jorn Stubberud, both 16, formed a band called Mayhem, fueled on their love for the bleakest forms of heavy metal, slasher films and an attraction to rebellion and evil. To signify their break from mainstream Christian society — and in opposition to the glam-metal dudes in hairspray and spandex — the Mayhem founders took on ominous new identities: Aarseth would be known as “Euronymous,” Stubberud as “Necrobutcher.” “That’s why we started to wear our hair all black. We were singing about Satan and sadism, and everything that was wrong like torture and stuff like that — the opposite of hanging around at the beach,”

Necrobutcher, now 50, recalled of those days. “We were looking for perversity and craziness.” They found it in their creation of a frantic metal subgenre that was uniquely grim and threatening, just as Mayhem and others in the Norwegian black metal scene began to stumble from a frightening made-up image and into tragic reality. Within a decade, bandleader Euronymous was murdered by another band member, and a Mayhem singer was dead from suicide. Others were sent to prison for murder and dozens of churches across the country had been burned to the ground by band members and black metallers inspired by their example….https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-ca-mn-jonas-akerlund-lords-of-chaos-20190212-story.html

The NXIVM cult: How long are the leaders of going to jail for? One of the wildest scandals of the late 2010s was the chilling details of the NXIVM cult. Unearthed in 2017 by The New York Times, Frank Parlato, and former NXIVM members, NXIVM was responsible for sex trafficking, branding, and extorting money from many of its members. In 2018, after an FBI investigation, most of its leadership was arrested, including NXIVM founder and “vanguard” Keith Raniere. In 2019, NXIVM’s arrested leaders either plead guilty or were convicted of the charges against them. In 2020, the sentencing hammer, or gavel, is coming down with two leaders already serving time behind bars. Plus, two new docuseries have been released on HBO Max & Starz respectively: The Vow and Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult. What was advertised as a self-help group devolved into unspeakable sexual & financial crimes that are finally landing those responsible in jail.https://filmdaily.co/news/nxivm-cult-jail/

21 members of a South Korean religious cult were arrested in Singapore.
By Divya Taery

21 men and women were arrested for being members of an “unlawful society” in Singapore on 11 November 2020. In other words, they were part of an unregistered secretive South Korean church.According to Coconuts, 9 men and 12 women were arrested by the police from the Criminal Investigation Department. Investigations revealed that they were connected to the local chapter of Shincheonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) which has been labelled as a cult in most places. 

What are the tell-tale signs of a cult?For starters, cults are helmed by charismatic living leaders (aka not an omnipresent god). They are real people who tend to be the main focus of the group, usually with the most power and authority.

 According to The Guardian, cults also have a process of indoctrination but this is subtle as it comes across as educating new recruits. The process tends to favour the group and its leader. Probably the most significant sign is the abuse. This could mean economic abuse, sexual abuse or mental abuse. This ranges from guilting members for more “donations” and alienating members from their family and friends. So, is SCJ a cult?The church is led by Lee Man-hee. He founded SCJ and claimed that Jesus Christ appeared before him as a “bright heavenly figure”. Members refer to him as “the promised pastor,” “the one who overcomes” or “the advocate.”They also believe he will live forever.

In their Singapore chapter, recruited members were not allowed to contact each other, verify/question teachings with other churches and speak to their family about the group’s activities.There are also many reports on how members cut ties with their family after joining the group.  Oh and the group believes that its founder Lee, is the second coming of Jesus Christ and he will take 144,000 followers to heaven with him on Judgement Day….https://sea.mashable.com/culture/13201/21-members-of-a-south-korean-religious-cult-were-arrested-in-singapore-heres-what-we-know

Manson cult killer has parole release blocked

Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020 

California’s governor has blocked the release of Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten, marking the fourth time a governor has reversed parole for the notorious cult murderer. 

Governor Gavin Newsom said Van Houten, 71, would still pose a danger to society if released after more than five decades behind bars, citing her lack of “insight or candour” into her role in the gruesome 1969 killing of a Los Angeles couple. “Given the extreme nature of the crime in which she was involved, I do not believe she has sufficiently demonstrated that she has come to terms with the totality of the factors that led her to participate in the vicious Manson family killings,” Mr Newsom wrote. The decision came after a parole board in July approved the release of Van Houten, who is serving a life sentence.At the age of 19, she was among a trio of Manson followers who broke into the home of Leo and Rosemary LaBianca. Van Houten stabbed the latter 16 times….

Lords of Chaos ‘black metal murders’, Interpol exposes pedophile ring saved 50 children, Snapchat ‘Haven For Child Abuse’

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Lords of Chaos: The grisly film that has caused outrage

A new movie tells the appalling true story of Norway’s ‘black metal murders’.

Children saved as Interpol exposes pedophile ring sharing child abuse images  Interpol has saved 50 children and prosecuted nine sex offenders after uncovering an international pedophile ring that was sharing child abuse images on the dark web.

Snapchat Has Become A ‘Haven For Child Abuse’ With Its ‘Self-Destructing Messages’

Lords of Chaos: The grisly film that has caused outrage

A new movie tells the appalling true story of Norway’s ‘black metal murders’. Nicholas Barber explores the dark tale behind the film.
By Nicholas Barber 18 February 2019

Jonas Åkerlund’s new film, Lords of Chaos, is a rock’n’roll biopic, with all the wigs and gigs that that implies. But it is also a grisly, stranger-than-fiction comedy drama about murder, suicide, self-harm, devil worship, and a spate of arson attacks that scandalised a nation. Chronicling the outrageous crimes committed by a few Norwegian black metal bands and their hangers-on in the early 1990s…

The story behind it begins not in Norway but in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England, where a heavy-metal trio called Venom recorded its second album, Black Metal, in 1982….

“Satan appeared on the album covers and was namechecked in pretty much all the songs. This was blatant pledging allegiance to the dark lord. I remember looking at the burning crucifix in the gatefold sleeve of their 1984 album, At War With Satan, and wondering if this really was a step too far.”….

Venom aside, the bands that forged black metal were Scandinavian. From Sweden, there was Bathory, whose drummer happened to be Jonas Åkerlund, the director of Lords of Chaos. From Denmark, there was Mercyful Fate. And in Norway, a younger generation of metal enthusiasts was listening and learning….

If Aarseth’s gloomy guitar playing was the archetypal sound of Norwegian black metal, it was Ohlin who developed its own brand of showmanship. He wore black-and-white ‘corpse paint’ make-up so that his face resembled a skull, and at Mayhem’s concerts, he would self-harm. But his preoccupation with death wasn’t confined to morbid theatrics. In April 1991, Aarseth returned to their house to find that Ohlin had killed himself…..

set up his own record label, Deathlike Silence Productions, and opened a record shop in Oslo named Helvete (the Norwegian for ‘Hell’). His closest associates, he decreed, would be ‘the black circle’, and they alone would be allowed into black metal’s inner sanctum, ie a damp basement room beneath the shop. A key member of the black circle was Kristian ‘Varg’ Vikernes, a teenager from Bergen who preferred to be known as Count Grishnackh. He soon built a reputation for doing the things that Aarseth only talked about. While Aarseth was still struggling to finish Mayhem’s debut album, Vikernes recorded several solo albums under the Tolkienesque name of Burzum. And while Aarseth gave interviews about spreading hate and fear, Vikernes started setting fire to Norway’s historic wooden ‘stave churches’. On 6 June 1992, Fantoft Stave Church burnt down. Vikernes called his next EP Aske (Norwegian for ‘ashes’), and put a photograph of the church’s charred shell on the sleeve. Each copy came with a free cigarette lighter. Scandinavia’s black metal fans took the hint, and dozens of other churches went up in smoke. Some had inverted crucifixes and the number 666 spray-painted onto the ruins….

As for Vikernes, he claimed that the arson was a protest against religions from the Middle East that had replaced his forefathers’ pagan Norse gods. It seems his belief system was closer to fascism than Satanism. And he wasn’t alone. In Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell’s documentary about Norwegian black metal, Until the Light Takes Us, it’s striking how often the interviewees resort to racist and homophobic rhetoric.

Nor was their homophobia confined to hate speech. In August 1992, another of Aarseth’s friends, Bård Eithun (or ‘Faust’), murdered Magne Andreassen, a gay man who approached him in a park in Lillehammer. Vikernes was so pleased that he boasted to journalists from the Bergens Tidende newspaper that he knew who was responsible for the arson attacks and the murder. A front-page article, We Lit The Fires, ran in January 1993…..

Britain’s leading heavy-rock magazine, Kerrang!….feature ensured that rock fans everywhere would seek out Norwegian black metal, as Ruskell remembers. “I read about them when I was about 12,” he says, “and a music scene where people burnt churches and killed people and wanted to be in league with Satan was genuinely scary. Growing up in a Church of England household, I really wanted to know what these bands sounded like.”….

Vikernes’ and Aarseth’s infamy leapt to a horrifying new level in August 1993. Having convinced himself that Aarseth was planning to kill him, Vikernes drove to Aarseth’s Oslo flat in the middle of the night, and murdered him. In May 1994, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison, both for Aarseth’s murder and for multiple church burnings. He was 21. That same month, Mayhem’s debut album was finally released. It included lyrics by Ohlin, guitar-playing by Aarseth, and bass-playing by Vikernes, which made it a grotesque rarity: an album on which one contributor had killed himself, another had been murdered, and another was the murderer….


Children saved as Interpol exposes pedophile ring sharing child abuse images
By Julia Hollingsworth and Stella Ko CNN May 24, 2019

Interpol has saved 50 children and prosecuted nine sex offenders after uncovering an international pedophile ring that was sharing child abuse images on the dark web.

Police believe there are still 100 children yet to be located, Interpol said in a press release Thursday, adding that it expected to make more arrests and rescues.

Offenders have already been prosecuted in Thailand, Australia and the United States, Interpol said, and police in nearly 60 countries are involved in the investigation.

In the report, Interpol said it launched “Operation Blackwrist” in 2017 after discovering material depicting the abuse of 11 boys all under 13 on the dark web, a part of the internet that cannot be found by mainstream search engines. The images were on a subscription-based website that published new images weekly to almost 63,000 users worldwide.

In June 2017, Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations (DSI) took on the case, working closely with Interpol’s Liaison Bureau in Bangkok and investigators around the world including in the United States, Bulgaria, New Zealand and Australia..,..

In June 2018, the website’s main administrator, Thailand-based Montri Salangam, was sentenced to 146 years in prison on charges of child rape and human trafficking. He had abused 11 boys — including his nephew — and had lured children to his home with meals, internet access and sporting events.

A nursery school teacher who was close to Tokputza was sentenced to 36 years in prison on the same charges.

In May 2019, Ruecha Tokputza, an Australia-based website administrator, received 40 years and three months in prison, the longest sentence ever imposed in the country for child sex offenses. Police found thousands of images taken in Thailand and Australia on his devices, some of which featured Tokputza as the main abuser. The youngest victim depicted was only 15 months old….


Snapchat Has Become A ‘Haven For Child Abuse’ With Its ‘Self-Destructing Messages’
Zak Doffman May 26, 2019

Not a good week for Snapchat. On Thursday, Motherboard reported that “several departments inside social media giant Snap have dedicated tools for accessing user data, and multiple employees have abused their privileged access to spy on Snapchat users.” And now the Sunday Times has published an investigation into allegations that predators are “flocking” to the social media platform, which has become a “haven for child abuse.”

Motherboard’s article cited two former employees who claimed that “multiple Snap employees abused their access to Snapchat user data several years ago.” This included the use of “internal tools that allowed Snap employees to access user data, including in some cases location information, their own saved Snaps and personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses.”….

Ironically, it is this limited user data that is central to the Sunday Times investigation. The newspaper’s investigation has uncovered “thousands of reported cases that have involved Snapchat since 2014,” including “pedophiles using the app to elicit indecent images from children and to groom teenagers,” as well as “under-18s spreading child pornography themselves.” This has now resulted in U.K. police “investigating three cases of child exploitation a day linked to the app, [with] messages that self-destruct allowing groomers to avoid detection.”….

A similar investigation in March focused on Instagram, with the NSPCC claiming that Facebook’s photo-sharing app has become the leading platform for child grooming in the country. During an 18-month period to September last year, there were more than 5,000 recorded crimes “of sexual communication with a child,” and “a 200% rise in recorded instances in the use of Instagram to target and abuse children.” The charity’s CEO described the figures as “overwhelming evidence that keeping children safe cannot be left to social networks. We cannot wait for the next tragedy before tech companies are made to act.”

This latest investigation makes the same point and comes a little over a month after the U.K. Government published proposals for “tough new measures to ensure the U.K. is the safest place in the world to be online,” claiming these to be the world’s “first online safety laws.” The proposals include an independent regulator with the “powers to take effective enforcement action against companies that have breached their statutory duty of care.” Such enforcement will include “substantial fines” as well as, potentially, the powers “to disrupt the business activities of a non-compliant company… to impose liability on individual members of senior management… and to block non-compliant services.”


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