Google, Microsoft Block Child Abuse Search Results

November 19, 2013 Comments Off on Google, Microsoft Block Child Abuse Search Results

Google, Microsoft Block Child Abuse Search Results
LONDON November 18, 2013 (AP)
By SYLVIA HUI Associated Press

Google and Microsoft have introduced software that makes it harder for users to search for child abuse material online, the companies said in a joint announcement Monday.

Writing ahead of a British summit on Internet safety, Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said his company has fine-tuned Google Search to clean up results for over 100,000 search terms. When users type in queries that may be related to child sexual abuse, they will find no results that link to illegal content.

“We will soon roll out these changes in more than 150 languages, so the impact will be truly global,” Schmidt wrote in the Daily Mail newspaper.

The restrictions are being launched in Britain and other English-speaking countries first. Similar changes are being brought out on Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

The two companies are sharing picture detection technology to identify child abuse photographs whenever they appear on their systems, and Google is also testing technology to identify and remove illegal videos.

Other measures include warnings at the top of Google search for more than 13,000 queries to make it clear that child abuse is illegal….

Google in firing line, Jimmy Savile ‘took his Passion Wagon to Scout camp’, Scots charity demands crackdown on child sexual abuse image

June 3, 2013 Comments Off on Google in firing line, Jimmy Savile ‘took his Passion Wagon to Scout camp’, Scots charity demands crackdown on child sexual abuse image

– Google donates just 90 seconds’ profit to charity policing child abuse
– Google in firing line over net child porn images
– Jimmy Savile ‘took his Passion Wagon to Scout camp’
– Scots charity demands crackdown on child sexual abuse images

Google donates just 90 seconds’ profit to charity policing child abuse
Internet giant pledged only £20,000 to Internet Watch Foundation last year, despite multibillion-dollar turnover
Josh Halliday and Alexandra Topping
The Guardian, Friday 31 May 2013

Google donated little more than £20,000 last year to the charity responsible for policing child abuse images online – the equivalent of 90 seconds’ profit for the internet firm.
The search giant was one of a number of firms, including Facebook and Microsoft, that pledged relatively small  amounts to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in 2012, despite their multibillion-dollar turnovers.

Facebook made a baseline donation of around £10,000 and Microsoft’s Bing search engine gave about £20,000,  according to the IWF’s own records….

Google was singled out for criticism by Liz Longhurst, whose daughter Jane was murdered by extreme pornography user Graham Coutts in 2003, prompting her to campaign for internet firms to ban such images. She said internet firms must “get their act together” and start tackling violent online imagery. “What annoys me immensely is
that Google won’t block these sites. They say we’ve got to have freedom. All I ask them is where was my daughter’s freedom – tell me that.”

There have been calls for Google to enforce its “safe search” option as the default setting, which would block pornographic material in search results. However, insiders insisted the move would be ineffectual as the stricter setting operates as an algorithm for legal content – and child abuse imagery is illegal, so is covered by extra blocking measures.

Scott Rubin, Google’s director of communications outside America, said the company has a “zero-tolerance approach” on child abuse images and added: “The SafeSearch filter, which is designed to prevent sexually explicit material of all kinds from showing up in your search results, should not be conflated or confused with our dedication to keeping illegal abuse imagery out of our products. We don’t rely simply on filtering
technology to block child abuse images; we go beyond that….

Google in firing line over net child porn images
GOOGLE will come under intense pressure this week to show “moral leadership” and take action against a “tsunami” of internet child pornography.
By: James Fielding  Sun, June 2, 2013

Police are struggling to cope, with reports of online images showing children being abused shooting up by 40 per cent in the past year. Images depicting rape or torture account for 61 per cent while the victims are getting younger, with 88 per  cent now aged under 10.

John Carr, an adviser to the Government on online child safety, said the scale of the problem in the UK is  “mind boggling” with up to 60,000 individuals swapping or downloading child abuse images online. Yet annual arrests have never been above 2,500.  It is estimated 360 million illegal images were seized in the two years to April 2012. In 1995, when the internet was in its infancy, there were just 7,000….

Scott Rubin, Google’s communications director, said: “When we discover child abuse imagery or are made aware of it we respond quickly to remove and report it.”

Jimmy Savile ‘took his Passion Wagon to Scout camp’
PREDATORY paedophile Jimmy Savile is feared to have been allowed unsupervised access to a Boy Scout camp overnight in the motorhome he called his “Passion Wagon”.

By: Mark Branagan Sun, June 2, 2013
Scout leaders are under pressure over allegations that disgraced DJ Savile and his friend Jimmy Corrigan spent the night in a tent just feet from where the youngsters slept. It is alleged the two men visited the campsite, in Doncaster, as part of a fund raising effort by Savile.

Concern about the late Jim’ll Fix It star’s links with the movement have been growing since claims surfaced  that he abused a Scout in his BBC dressing room in 1976.

The new allegations are the latest in a file of evidence into Savile’s sordid past being built up by residents in Whitby, North Yorkshire. The northern seaside town has been visited by Scotland Yard officers working on Operation Yewtree.

The Scouting Association has made it clear that their current safeguarding policy means such access would now never be allowed. It is unlikely today’s rigorous rules would have been in place in the Sixties and Seventies…..  “This was a type of vehicle he is known to have used to commit sexual offences safely and securely without being seen or discovered.”

Scots charity demands crackdown on child sexual abuse images
STV 1 June 2013

A Scottish children’s charity has called for a review of how the justice system deals with people convicted of viewing online images of children being sexually abused.
Children 1st is writing to Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill as part of its demand for a consistent approach to the prosecution and sentencing of such offences across the country.

The charity is also calling for police and the courts to use the full range of powers available to them in cases involving sexual abuse images. The demand is part of the charity’s ongoing See.Hear.Speak.Act campaign on sexual abuse, and comes in the wake of the recent conviction of Mark Bridger for the murder of five-year-old April Jones in Wales last year.

Bridger had viewed images of children being sexually assaulted on his computer. In a separate case earlier this year, the Old Bailey heard how Stuart Hazell, jailed for murdering 12-year-old Tia Sharp, had searched for images of children being sexually abused on the internet. The cases have prompted UK-wide calls for greater action to tackle the problem….

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