Prince Andrew’s alleged underage sex victim wrote in diary she was ‘fearful of letting down the Prince’

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Prince Andrew’s alleged underage sex victim wrote in diary she was ‘fearful of letting down the Prince’

Virginia Roberts, now 31, wrote in her ‘secret journal’ that she was just 17 when billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein and his ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell introduced her to Prince Andrew, who then wound up ‘caressing every part of (her) naked body.’ Roberts’ lawyers say the journal proves her claims aren’t ‘a recent fabrication.’
BY Dareh Gregorian NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, January 13, 2015

…. Roberts made headlines earlier this month when it was revealed she was the “Jane Doe No. 3” who was fighting to have Epstein’s 2007 nonprosecution agreement with the feds tossed out. “Doe” identified the prince as one of the powerful men Epstein had forced her to have sex with in papers filed in federal court in Florida late last month.

In a statement, “Doe’s” lawyers, Brad Edwards and Paul Cassell, said they were aware their client, whom they have not publicly identified, kept a journal.

“The excerpts that have been publicly referenced were apparently shared with a journalist that interviewed Jane Doe #3 in 2011, at some time prior to our knowing or representing her,” the statement said, and “clearly rebut any contention that those allegations are the product of a recent fabrication.”

Maxwell and Buckingham Palace have strongly denied the sordid allegations, while a lawyer for convicted sex offender Epstein told Radar the charges were “stale” and “rehashed.”….

‘He Was Caressing Every Part Of My Naked Body And Filling My Head With Endless Compliments About My Blossoming Figure’: Diary Entries Of ‘Teen Sex Slave’ Detail Sordid Hook-Up With Prince Andrew — In Her Own Handwriting
Jan 13, 2015

The never-before-seen diary of a teenage “sex slave” spells out the “fearful” moment when she was coldly ordered to allow Britain’s Prince Andrew to have sex with her.

In a bombshell world exclusive, has exclusively obtained the secret journal of the then 17-year-old employed to have sex with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his rich and powerful pals — and it’s packed with scandalous claims about her illicit trysts, including with Andrew, the fifth in line to the British throne….

Radar can also reveal that another important duty called for Roberts to score new sex slaves for her boss, just as she was required to do in the United States. “I would offer [girls] money to come meet my gentlemen friend and tell them I’d show them how to massage,” wrote Roberts….

Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II and a brother of Prince Charles, has labeled accusations that he slept with Roberts — claims resurfaced in a federal court filing in early January — as “categorically untrue.”….

Maxwell and Epstein have also dismissed the allegations, with the investment banker declaring: “These are stale, rehashed allegations that lawyers are now attempting to repackage and spice up by adding the names of prominent people,” said Epstein’s attorney, Jack Goldberger….

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