Child abuse inquiry: Boy ‘abused’ by head of Catholic school

November 30, 2017 Comments Off on Child abuse inquiry: Boy ‘abused’ by head of Catholic school

Child abuse inquiry: Boy ‘abused’ by head of Catholic school
29 November 2017 UK

A head teacher of a Catholic boarding school invited a young pupil into his study and then sexually abused him, the inquiry into child abuse has heard.

The hearing heard the boy was told to pretend to go to bed in his dorm at Ampleforth College, in North Yorkshire, and then to get up and go to his study.

Two other ex-pupils also talked about being abused and beaten at the school.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is currently examining abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church is one of 13 public organisations being scrutinised by the public inquiry, which is being headed by Prof Alexis Jay.

The third day of hearings into allegations involving the Church examined abuse at Ampleforth College, a private school run by Benedictine monks.

In a statement, read out to the inquiry, a man said he was abused by the head teacher of Gilling Castle – Ampleforth’s preparatory, or primary, school – in the mid 1960s.

He said he was under the age of 10 when the abuse took place….

The men said they were also sexually abused by a monk and Father Piers Grant-Ferris, who was jailed for abuse in 2006….

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