Frank Olson Family’s Lawsuit Against Alleged CIA Murder Dismissed, Head of Family cult settles claim by accuser out of court, The Family Friday

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Frank Olson Family’s Lawsuit Against Alleged CIA Murder Dismissed

WASHINGTON — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the sons of a Cold War scientist who plunged to his death in 1953, just days after unwittingly taking LSD in a CIA mind-control experiment.

Frank Olson’s sons claimed that the CIA murdered their father by pushing him from a 13th-story window of a New York hotel – and that he didn’t jump to his death, as the agency contends.

But Judge James Boasberg cited the statute of limitations and a prior settlement agreement, among other things, in dismissing the suit Wednesday.
Eric and Nils Olson had sought compensatory damages to be determined at trial….

Head of Family cult settles claim by accuser out of court
Mark Dunn  Herald Sun  July 29, 2011

ANNE Hamilton-Byrne, the former head of the Family cult, has made a secret out-of-court settlement with one of her alleged victims, who claimed he was routinely injected with LSD at her behest.  Ms Hamilton-Bryne, who bleached the hair of children in the sect, and kept them hidden from the world, agreed to the settlement on Monday.

Supreme Court documents show at least five former cult members in the past four years have sued the self-appointed mystic for treatment they claimed to have suffered at her hands or under her direction.

It is believed Ms Hamilton-Byrne, who has dementia that her lawyers say renders her unable to remember the past, has settled at least two other actions and paid an undisclosed amount to shut down the legal actions….

In this week’s settlement, Robert Rosanove, now aged 59, claimed he was regularly abused between 1961 and 1974, when he was raised as a member of the Family in a range of locations in Victoria, including Ferny Creek.

Mr Rosanove’s statement of claim accuses Ms Hamilton-Byrne or her followers of subjecting him to abuse, including:

FORCIBLY administering psychoactive and hallucinogenic drugs, including LSD.
FALSELY “imprisoning” and “brainwashing” him.
FORCING him to take medications not legally prescribed and involuntary admissions to psychiatric institutions.
DEPRIVING him of “normal social interaction with other children and adults”.

Mr Rosanove said he suffers bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, severe depression, anxiety and sleep problems as a result of the alleged abuse….

Ms Hamilton-Byrne, through her litigation guardian, denied the abuse claims.
In her defence statement, Ms Hamilton-Byrne argued the courts should not allow Mr Rosanove’s law suit to continue because it was too long ago.

The Family’s Lake Eildon property was raided by the federal police and child welfare officers in 1987 when six children were removed and authorities identified 14 children who had been raised by the cult. In 1993, Anne and husband Bill Hamilton-Byrne were arrested by the FBI in the Catskill Mountains, New York, and extradited to Melbourne.

The Family Friday, October 2, 2009
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producers: Stephen Rice, Hugh Nailon

….For years, Anne Hamilton-Byrne ran a bizarre cult known as The Family. But, this was no ordinary family. Children stolen at birth … brainwashed … beaten …even given mind-altering drugs like LSD.

The list of abuses at her isolated retreat outside Melbourne goes on. It was a true house of horrors.  Throughout it all, Hamilton-Byrne was helped by a group of unquestioning followers, including a sinister inner-circle of women known as the Aunties.
To these disciples she was the re-incarnation of Jesus Christ. Her word gospel….

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