Human trafficking is a global crime, preacher Victor Barnard pleads guilty to sexual assault, Force was routine in juvenile centre, Neil Brick advocate and researcher for survivors of child/ritual abuse

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Trafficking in America Task Force Mission Statement:
To educate and empower local, state and federal law enforcement and the public with the tools to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. To advocate for all victims and survivors of human trafficking with a focus on trafficked males….

Human trafficking is a global crime hidden in plain sight:
….According to social scientists there are an estimated 27 million victims of human trafficking in the world today. Only a small fraction of those have been found. (U.S. State Department)

The total market value of illicit human trafficking is estimated to be in excess of $32 billion. (United Nations)
According to the United Nations human trafficking generates $9.5 billion yearly in the United States.

….The average jail time served for someone found guilty of buying sex with a child is about 1.5 years. (Shared Hope International’s Demanding Justice Project)

….Responsible for child sex trafficking:
Immediate Family 36%
Boyfriends 27%
Friend of the family 14%
Employers 14%
(Typically labor trafficking)
Strangers 9%
(2015 EMSI Rescue and Restore Regional Conference to Combat Human Trafficking)

UNICEF estimates there are nearly two million children in the commercial sex trade

Fugitive preacher Victor Barnard pleads guilty to sexual assault, will serve 30 years
Ex-fugitive gets 30 years under surprise plea deal.
By Jennifer Brooks Star Tribune
October 11, 2016

Fugitive preacher Victor Barnard will spend the next 30 years in prison for raping teenage girls entrusted to his care.

Barnard, who fled halfway across the globe to avoid prosecution, made a surprise confession in a Pine County courtroom Tuesday, accepting a plea agreement on two counts of felony sexual assault against young women he isolated from their families and molested for years.

Barnard, 55, accepted two consecutive 15-year sentences that almost guarantee that the leader of the cultlike River Road Fellowship will spend most or all of his life behind bars….

Barnard used to compare himself to Jesus, sometimes dressing in shepherd’s robes as he moved among his followers. Taking the plea deal, without having to go through the lurid details in court, might also allow him to cast himself in a new role as martyr, Tornambe said. That “is how he sees himself, as an apostle …[as] pretty much Jesus Christ in the flesh,” she said. “So he would take this on to spare the church.”

Tornambe spent years fighting to convince family, friends and Pine County officials that something terrible had happened to her during her years with the secretive River Road Fellowship. As the trial loomed, she had not been afraid of another fight in court….

‘Maidens’ at ages 12 and 13

Barnard had coaxed families in the River Road Fellowship to send their daughters to him, promising that a group of young women he called “maidens” would live lives of prayer and purity. Years later, two of the so-called maidens turned to Pine County authorities for help, saying Barnard began raping them almost as soon as he separated them from their families. They were 12 and 13 at the time.

Barnard left Pine County in 2009 amid rumors of sexual impropriety and financial bankruptcy. When Pine County brought charges against him in 2014, he fled, setting off an international manhunt….

Child abuse reports written off as ‘unsubstantiated’ with no investigation, NT royal commission hears
Child protection services did not have time to get to reports and use of force was routine in juvenile centre, commission told on first day of hearings   Helen Davidson in Darwin

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Child protections services wrote off reports of possible abuse as “unsubstantiated” because they didn’t have time to get to them and the use of force inside Don Dale was “a matter of normal conduct”, the Northern Territory royal commission has heard.

The royal commission into the protection and detention of children in the Northern Territory began its first public hearing in Darwin’s supreme court on Tuesday….

Earlier, the commission heard from the national commissioner for children, Megan Mitchell, who told the court she had toured a number of detention centres around the country, including Don Dale in May.

“It was clear that isolation was frequently and routinely used and for very long periods of time,” she said, elaborating that some children were held in high-security isolation for 23 hours a day for several weeks.

“It was also clear that the use of force was routinely used as a matter of normal conduct of the business of the organisation, not just … when there was an incident or to overcome an incident.”

She said the poor conditions of the facility were also breaches of human rights….

Neil Brick is an advocate and researcher for survivors of child and ritual abuse. He has worked for years to expose child and ritual abuse crimes. Neil Brick has written many research papers on child and ritual abuse issues. Neil Brick runs several Internet lists to help survivors of child abuse as well as expose child abuse crimes and their cover up.

How Cues and Programming Work in Mind Control and Propaganda by Neil Brick

The Battle to Stop Ritual Abuse by Neil Brick

How to Avoid Being Mind Controlled at a Conference by Neil Brick

Doing the right thing and getting stronger at the same time, a survivor’s path to recovery and helping others by Neil Brick

How Cues and Programming Work in Mind Control and Propaganda by Neil Brick

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