Headteacher ‘may have targeted more than 100 boys over 25 years,’ Bill Cosby to be deposed by model Janice Dickinson’s attorney

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Headteacher who killed himself when confronted with child abuse claim ‘may have targeted more than 100 boys over 25 years’

Jon Styler killed himself in 2007 after arrest over historic sex abuse claims
Solicitor for alleged victims now claims head may have abused ‘100 boys’
He said: ‘I believe we’ve only scratched the surface, there may be 100 plus’
Alleged victim claims to have logged abuse allegation with Gwent Police two years prior to Styler’s arrest but said it wasn’t ‘taken into account’

By Emma Glanfield for MailOnline
10 November 2015

A headteacher who killed himself when confronted with an allegation of child abuse may have targeted more than 100 young boys over a 25-year period, new claims suggest.

Jon Styler, a former headteacher at the Church in Wales primary school in Malpas near Newport, Wales, is alleged to have abused ‘100 plus victims’ during his teaching career….

However, an investigation by the BBC show has now discovered that police investigating the allegations failed to take into account claims against Styler that were logged two years earlier.

A man, who cannot be named but who spoke to the programme, claims he went to Gwent Police in 2005 claiming he and his brother – a former police officer – were targeted by Styler in the headteacher’s office.

But the man decided at the time not to pursue the matter as a formal complaint because of concerns about the impact a police probe might have on his brother’s career and family.

Despite this, his brother – a police officer at the time – said this information should have been kept on file as a matter of course for intelligence….

Gwent Police has now launched an internal review as a result of the programme’s investigation, which will look into why these allegations did not come to light at the time of Styler’s arrest in 2007.

Newport City Council social services department should also have a log that Gwent Police contacted the authority in 2005 and 2007 but it told the BBC programme that no such record can be found….

Lyndon Millinship, a former deputy headteacher at the school in Malpas, has spoken publicly for the first time about the historic abuse allegations against Styler.

He said he raised concerns with Gwent County Council and governors at the school about Styler’s behaviour in the late 1970s – but Styler was allowed to continue teaching.

Mr Millinship said he was disappointed that no one in authority spoke to the children back then….

Solicitor Mr Collingbourne also told the programme that the alleged victims did not complain at the time because they did not think their stories would be believed.

But today they are determined to get answers, he said….

Bill Cosby to be deposed by model Janice Dickinson’s attorney
By Richard Winton   November 11, 2015

Bill Cosby is scheduled to be deposed by model Janice Dickinson’s attorney in her defamation lawsuit against the comedian for denying he raped her.

Lisa Bloom, Dickinson’s attorney, confirmed Wednesday that she will depose Cosby on Nov. 23. She also is slated to depose Cosby’s former attorney Martin Singer on Nov. 19.

Earlier this month, Judge Debre Katz Weintraub ruled that Bloom could depose Cosby and Singer before Nov. 25.

But the judge limited the deposition to evidence showing the denial of the lawsuit’s main allegation — that Cosby raped the model in Lake Tahoe in 1982 — was made maliciously. The limitation essentially prevents extensive questioning of Cosby about the 50 other women who have accused him of sexual assault or abuse….

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