Recorded child sex abuse cases increase by more than 30%, Child Abuse Victim Kept in a Cage Tells Her Story of Survival

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Recorded child sex abuse cases increase by more than 30%
Police believe that while it is true more victims are coming forwards there is also an increase in abuse driven by technology – and 80% of the abuse is of girls

Vikram Dodd Police and crime correspondent
Tuesday 8 March 2016

Cases of recorded child sexual abuse increased by more than 30% last year, figures suggest. Police chiefs fear the rise is being driven by predators searching online for victims.

A total of 45,456 child sexual offences were recorded across the United Kingdom last year, an average of 124 a day.

Nearly 11,000 victims were under 10 years old and 2,409 were aged five or under, according to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), which surveyed every UK police force using Freedom of Information laws.

Chief constable Simon Bailey, who is in charge of combating child sexual abuse in England and Wales, told the Guardian that the increase was caused by an increase in attacks, not just because victims were more willing to trust the police and report them….

Campaigners and police estimate only one in eight sexual attacks on a child is reported.

The NSPCC’s figures indicate that there were 32,675 sexual attacks or assaults on girls, compared with 8,387 on boys, meaning young females were four times more likely to be victims.

Alan Wardle, head of policy at the NSPCC, said: “Child sexual abuse is about abuse of power. Victims are cowed into silence. They are told they will not be believed, that it was their fault. The internet has given predators the opportunity to find and abuse children in a new way….

describes violence
Child Abuse Victim Kept in a Cage Tells Her Story of Survival
Tracy Lehr, KEYT – KCOY – KKFX Reporter Mar 08, 2016

A child abuse survivor who was kept in a cage said she doesn’t dwell on the past.

Cynthia Vasquez said she has gotten positive feedback since her story first aired.

Vasquez, 19, works at Casa Pacifica in Camarillo, the same center that helped her after she was abused and neglected by a foster parent who adopted her and her little sister.

Casa Pacifica CEO Steve Elson said she was one of the worst cases they’ve seen. “It was horrendous what she and her sister went through,” Elson said.

Vicki Murphy, Casa Pacifica’s Chief Advancement Officer said, “This is a little girl that came to us from a cage, she had lived in an animal cage.”

Her foster mother Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez was a social worker and daycare provider who avoided scrutiny for years. Cynthia said Vasquez changed their names, but she is in no rush to have it legally changed back.

During her Santa Barbara trial in 2007, Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez blamed parenting books. Vasquez spent less than a year in jail.

After a decade of therapy Cynthia said, “I have a job, a car, I’m going to college, I graduated high school having missed four grades. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and I’m happy.”….

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