UK child migration: a scandalous history, Police Pick Body in Another Ritual Crime, Internet giants planning to wipe out child abuse images

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UK child migration: a scandalous history
Monday Jul 08, 2013

An abusive British imperial system has been involved in export of unwanted children, mainly from orphanages and other juvenile institutions, to be tortured with crushing labor and sexually abused at a number of former British colonies.

The kids were shipped off in large numbers to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and central Africa, without the consent or even knowledge of their potential families and even themselves, for forced labor.

They were sent with the intension of stopping the children being a burden on the British state while supplying the receiving countries with potential workers and — as a parliamentary inquiry found in 1998 – to help expand the white population in British colonies.

The Australian episode of the practice in the mid 20th century was especially painful as officials in London did what it took to populate their colony with “good white stock” to compete with locals and other Asiatic nations in a racial and religious competition.

Australia was the destination to some 10,000 children between 1947 and 1967 with Perth being a notorious torture ground.

Boys aged younger than 16 were sent to an institution north of the western city run by Catholic Christian Brothers.

Children as young as seven had to work in construction projects without adequate food or basic safety measures and many were injured at work at an age when they would have been playing if they lived an ordinary life.

The institutions behind the de facto child trafficking were officially embraced under philanthropic guises by the British and Australian governments and established organizations, many of them religious charities.

It is also estimated that tens of thousands of children were sent to suffer similar fates in New Zealand, Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe) and Canada from the late 19th century well into the 1960’s until the practice was exposed and stopped in 1967after exposure by a socialist worker….

There were in all around 150,000 children who were forced out of Britain under the schemes over the 20th century….

Police Pick Body in Another Ritual Murder
Published July 7, 2013 By George Mwenya

Police have picked up a body of a man who died in suspected ritual murder after he was found….

The body of a man who is yet to be identified was found near the rail line on Zaoga Road in Kamwala south. The man was wearing a blue faded jeans and red jacket….

Internet giants planning to wipe out child abuse images
Olivia Goldhill – 06 July 2013

Major companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter, are in secret discussions to create a system that could banish child abuse images from the web.

The plan would be the first collaborative effort across the industry to block paedophiles from sharing images online, and would involve a single database of the worst child abuse images.

At the moment, each company has its own process for removing abusive photos but does not share details of the images for legal and technical reasons.

According to The Times, internet giants including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter and at least three other major companies have been in negotiations for about nine months to work together on combating the explicit images.

The database would be maintained by a Los Angeles charity Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, which was founded in 2009 by the actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

To take part in Thorn’s project, each company would use Microsoft’s PhotoDNA software to create a “hash” or digital signature for each abusive image. The companies could then use the hashes to easily identify and remove pictures from their own sites….

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