Will Bill Cosby ever face prosecution over allegations of sexual misdeeds?, Scale of child abuse images online is ‘shocking’, says NSPCC

July 22, 2015 Comments Off on Will Bill Cosby ever face prosecution over allegations of sexual misdeeds?, Scale of child abuse images online is ‘shocking’, says NSPCC

Will Bill Cosby ever face prosecution over allegations of sexual misdeeds?
By Paul Farhi July 20, 2015

There is little question that Bill Cosby’s revered reputation is in tatters. But will he ever be called to account for conduct that has led to multiple lawsuits and accusations of sexual misconduct from more than 40 women?

The one assault allegation against Cosby to progress through the legal system — a 2005 civil suit brought by a Temple University employee named Andrea Constand — was settled without any admission by Cosby. But Constand’s complaint set in motion events that could raise new legal troubles for Cosby and that have the potential to be powerful pieces of evidence against him in potential civil or criminal cases, plaintiffs attorneys and others say. The most problematic are Cosby’s own account contained in court records and his deposition in the Constand case.

The records, which have been unsealed or disclosed in the past two weeks, contain Cosby’s admission that he gave drugs to women he sought to have sex with, including Constand and some of the long line of women who have accused him of drugging and assaulting women since the late 1960s (Cosby has denied any criminal intent)….

Cosby, however, may still face criminal charges. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a sexual-battery complaint filed by Chloe Goins,a model who says Cosby spiked her drink during a party at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in 2008 and then removed her clothes and masturbated in her presence after she passed out, according to Goins’s attorney, Spencer Kuvin.

The statute of limitations on the allegation won’t run out until next April, Kuvin said. He said the LAPD has questioned Goins twice since she came forward in December. If officials decline to pursue a criminal case, he said, he is prepared to file a civil suit on Goins’s behalf.

The LAPD has confirmed an ongoing investigation of Cosby’s behavior but has not identified the alleged victim. Gloria Allred, an attorney who represents 17 Cosby accusers, said one of her clients, Judy Huth, also has spoken to detectives….


Scale of child abuse images online is ‘shocking’, says NSPCC
Charity claims there are two convictions each day for indecent images and calls for urgent action two years after government promised crackdown

More than a quarter of those convicted of viewing abuse images were also found guilty of other sexual crimes.  Press Association Tuesday 21 July 2015

Two people are being convicted of child abuse image crimes every day on average, two years after a government pledge to crack down on the offence, the NSPCC says.

The charity said its analysis of news reports showed there had been at least 1,000 court cases involving indecent images of children since David Cameron’s July 2013 speech in which he threatened to impose tough new laws on internet companies if they failed to blacklist key search terms.

The NSPCC said a snapshot of 100 cases revealed that 4.5m child abuse images were discovered among them, with one in three of the 101 convicted criminals involved having held a position of trust or a role that allowed them access to children….

Six out of 10 were jailed. Those convicted included a father and son, and a teenager who confessed to viewing such pictures from the age of 12. More than a quarter were also convicted of other sexual crimes, including grooming, voyeurism, and indecent assault, and one in six already had criminal records for similar offences….

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