The aftereffects of extreme child abuse and the resiliency of the human spirit

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Survivorship Webinar
Saturday, April 21
12 pm Pacific Time
Presenter: Wanda Karriker
“The aftereffects of extreme child abuse and the resiliency of the human spirit.”

Dr. Karriker believes that to deny the existence of ritual abuse and/or mind control is to desecrate the memory of victims who died at the hands of evil and to discredit the work of all people who have striven to expose crimes in which abusive rituals, mind control techniques, and similar forms of extreme abuse have been used to sexually exploit, physically harm, emotionally torment, and spiritually damage its victims. In this webinar, she will (1) discuss the rationale for and the development of the Extreme Abuse Survey Series conducted online in English and German in 2007; (2) share responses from more than 2,000 survivors, professional helpers, and child caregivers from six continents which validate that individual survivors are not alone in their struggles with the aftereffects of these unspeakable crimes; and (3) tell webinar participants about the efforts that the EAS researchers have made and will continue to make (via a book to be published later this year in English and German) to honor their commitment to provide opportunities for the voices of extreme abuse survivors to be heard around the world.

Wanda Karriker, Ph.D. is a retired psychologist who wrote the novel, “Morning, Come Quickly,” to share what she has learned personally and professionally about the after effects of extreme child abuse and the resiliency of the human spirit. She is a co-developer of the Extreme Abuse Survey Series. (

Survivorship Professional Webinar – Sexual Ethics – March 31, 2012

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Now offering ethics requirements as well as CEUs

Not only can we offer you CEUs. (through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences which covers Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT); Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW); Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP); Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC); MFT Interns (IMF); Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW); and Professional Clinical Counselor Interns (PCCI) in the State of California) you will also be able to use this as an ethics requirement under your licensure.

Upcoming Professional Webinar:

Sexual Ethics

Saturday, March 31, 2012
noon Pacific Time (3 hours)


 Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT, has 16 years of post-graduate experience as a psychotherapist and social worker in clinical practice, community mental health, hospitals, nursing homes, and public health.  For the last five years her practice has focused almost exclusively as an individual, group and couples therapist working with adults in recovery from sexual and related addictions, at revolution psychotherapy.  She completed the HARE Psychopathy training in 2008 and has conducted forensic evaluations for adults accused of sexual crimes.  As a therapy client and addict herself with over 20 years of successful personal recovery, Staci brings a compassionate and direct approach to the complex topic of sexual ethics.  She can be reached via


 This webinar is designed to raise awareness about key ethical sexual issues facing helping professionals today.  Offered are practical tools to enhance treatment of sexual issues, an ethical decision-making model that examines real challenges, guidance on when to refer, consideration of ethnic and cultural issues, information about less obvious yet important sexual boundary issues in the helping relationship, and a case study presentation of sexual challenges in a clinical setting transforming and resolving over time.

  • ETHICAL STATEMENT:  Receive a sample personal ethics statement, as a starting point for your practice or organization, that addresses sexual issues
  • ETHICAL CHOICES:  Learn a working model of ethical decision-making called “The Five Stars of Ethical Excellence” to assist in deliberation of even the most challenging ethical/liability dilemmas, applied to several real challenges facing clinicians today
  • EMPOWERMENT:  Learn a practical, dynamic tool that includes a vision of sexual health to assists clients in discerning their sexual behavior and values, and then explore them more deeply over time.  This tool is called “The Four Pillars of Sexual Integrity”
  • SCOPE OF PRACTICE ISSUES:  Receive clear guidance on when to refer to sexual specialists, including Certified Sex Therapists (CST), LGBTQ Specialists, and Certified Sexual Addictions Therapists (CSAT), and/or Sex Offender Treatment Providers (SOTP).



Registration closes the Thursday evening before the webinar


To reserve a space in the webinar, e-mail Shamai at  and give her this information:

1. Your name

2. The webinar you wish to attend (Sexual Ethics)

3. Amount and method of payment  (check, PayPal, money order)

4. Your preferred e-mail address (so we can send you instructions)

5. Whether you require CEU’s and for which discipline/licence number

You will receive a confirmation email immediately and an invitation link and instructions after the registration closes


Professional Webinars are $50 and include CEUs upon request.

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If you wish to pay by check please send it to: Survivorship, Family Justice Center, 470 27th Street, Oakland, CA 94612.

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