Trauma Crime Expose – 2021 Conference Video Presentations/PowerPoints

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Trauma Crime Expose – 2021 Conference Video Presentations/PowerPoints

Neil Brick, Wendy Hoffman, Laurie Matthew, Sarah Nelson

SMART reports that this year’s Child/Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Conference
was very successful.

2021 Conference Video Presentations and PowerPoints

The 2021 Online Annual Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Conference

Ritual Abuse in the UK – Dr Laurie Matthew OBE
Transcript of PowerPoint

Survivors of ritual and organised abuse have increasingly broken silence to protect children, raise awareness, challenge abusers and institutions and demand services for recovery with varying success worldwide. Her presentation focused on the challenges, experiences and perspectives of ritual abuse survivors in the UK and parts of Europe.

Deliberate Disinformation in the Orkney ritual child abuse case – Dr. Sarah Nelson OBE

The Orkney child abuse case had its 30th anniversary in February this year of nine children being removed into care in “dawn raids” by police and social workers. After claims about strange outdoor rituals and organised sexual abuse, grounds for action against their middle class parents and a clergyman referred to “group sexual activity, including ritualistic music, dancing and dress.” Six weeks later a Scots sheriff called the charges “fatally flawed” and dismissed the case without even hearing the evidence.

Mind Control and How to Stop it – Neil Brick
Transcript of PowerPoint
This presentation explained how mind control and different suggestive techniques work in a variety of individual and public settings. These included interpersonal relationships, abusive relationships, ritual abuse settings, social media, political manipulation and hypnosis.

Self-Esteem – Wendy Hoffman from the Survivorship Conference 2021

Programming turns you away from your true self. Programmers and even satanic families do everything they can to make their victims feel bad about themselves, debasing them in every way possible. Deprived of the self-esteem that others take for granted makes surviving victims more vulnerable to programming lies. The hardest job is surviving satanic mind control while receiving little or no compassion, empathy or love. Healing is crucial if you want to belong to yourself, find out who you are, make your own decisions and life choices.

None of the material on these pages or at the conference is meant as therapy, or to take the place of therapy. All accusations are alleged.

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