Ritual Abuse and Mind Control References – Part Two

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Day Care and Child Abuse Cases


This page has information on the McMartin Preschool Case, Michelle Remembers, the Fells Acres – Amirault Case, the Wenatchee, Washington Case, the Dale Akiki Case, the Glendale Montessori – Toward case, the Little Rascals Day Care Center case, Fran’s Day Care case, the Baran case, the Halsey case, the West Memphis 3 case, the Friedman’s case and the Christchurch Civic Creche sex abuse – Peter Ellis case.

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Extreme Abuse Surveys (2007): 750 pages of data on pdf files: http://extreme-abuse-survey.net EAS for survivors of extreme abuse, P-EAS for professionals who work with survivors of extreme abuse, C-EAS for caregivers who work with children who report extreme/ritual abuse.

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IVAT conference in San Diego, California, includes a 4-hour workshop, Wednesday, September 17, 1:00 to 5:00pm,  entitled: Torture-Based mind Control: Empirical Research, Programmer Methods, Effects & Treatment, by Wanda Karriker, Ph.D., Randy Noblitt, Ph.D., H. Jane Wakefield, MA (replacing Eileen Schrader, MSW), and Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D.

Johnson Davis, Anne  “Hell Minus One: My Story of Deliverance From Satanic Ritual Abuse and My Journey to Freedom” Transcript Bulletin Publishing – ISBN 978-0-9788348-0-7 – 2008  “Anne’s parents confessed their atrocities—both in writing and verbally—to clergymen, and to detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office.  Anne’s suppressed memories, which erupted when she was in her mid-30s, were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather….The book’s foreword was written by Lt. Detective Matt Jacobson, who was the lead investigator with the Utah Attorney General’s Office on Anne’s case in 1995.” http://hellminus1.com/

Woman revisits the ‘Hell’ of ritual abuse By Ben Winslow  Deseret News  12/10/08 http://deseretnews.com/article/1,5143,705269563,00.html

Hell Minus One – signed verified confessions of satanic ritual abuse – Anne’s parents confessed their atrocities – both in writing and verbally. http://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/survivor-stories/hell-minus-one-signed-verified-confessions-of-satanic-ritual-abuse/

An Interview With the Author of Hell Minus One

The complete reference list is at: https://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/studies/satanic-ritual-abuse-evidence-with-information-on-the-mcmartin-preschool-case/

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