SMART Announces First Online Conference Due to Corona Virus           

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SMART Announces First Online Conference Due to Corona Virus                              

The 2020 Online Annual Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Conference – August 8 – 9, 2020 was changed to an online conference for safety reasons due to the Corona virus (COVID-19).

Special Low Prices Until July 1, 2020. Prices are as low as $50. 


USA: Dr. Randy Noblitt and Pamela Perskin, Neil Brick

Scotland: Dr. Laurie Matthew OBE, Dr. Sarah Nelson, Kieran Watson and Clare Barrie.

Conference information: 



Research Review Statistics – Dr. Laurie Matthew OBE is founder and Manager of Eighteen And Under an award winning charity providing confidential support services to young people who were abused. She is a founder member and advisor to Izzy’s Promise the UK’s leading charity for survivors of organised and ritual abuse and the Ritual Abuse Network Forum (RANS).

Dr. Sarah Nelson, Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee. Sarah makes reflections on belief and disbelief in ritual abuse, and on why backlash theories such as satanic panic and false memory syndrome were so readily believed, despite their numerous flaws. She has written and presented widely for decades on sexual abuse issues and was a professional adviser to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament.

Misinformation Campaigns Against Survivors – Neil Brick. Child and ritual abuse survivors and their advocates have been attacked by misinformation campaigns which use various harassment and propaganda techniques to distort the research and silence the efforts of those working to help trauma survivors and rape victims. Neil Brick is a survivor of ritual abuse. His work educates the public about child/ritual abuse and trauma crimes.

Izzy’s Promise and the importance of a physical non denominational and regulated service for RA survivors – Kieran Watson is a manager with Izzy’s Promise – Dundee, Scotland. Izzy’s Promise offers training and consultancy services; Conducts research into causes of ritual abuse and any ways of preventing or relieving the suffering caused by abuse.

Presentation on Ritual Abuse Network Scotland (RANS) – Clare Barrie. RANS provides information and a safe place to talk for survivors of ritual abuse.

Extreme Abuse Survivors, Social Security Benefits, and Ethical Practice – Dr. Randy Noblitt and Pamela Perskin Noblitt. This workshop is intended to provide an introduction to SSA requirements. Randy Noblitt is a clinical psychologist and professor of clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. Pamela Perskin Noblitt is a non-attorney claimants representative for individuals applying for SSDI and SSI benefits.

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