Former British Home Secretary Leon Brittan Death and Child Abuse Allegations, Gary Glitter trial and child abuse images

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New Allegations Of Child Abuse Emerge After Former British Home Secretary Leon Brittan’s Death  Dina Spector Jan. 26, 2015

Leon Brittan’s death last week has reignited claims that the former home secretary was involved in the cover-up of a secret Westminster paedophile ring that operated in the 1970s and 1980s.

Days after Brittan’s death, Labour MP Tom Watson said he spoke to several people who allege they were raped by the late politician. One male victim was a child when he was allegedly raped by Brittan.

“Many have urged me over the past two years to reveal allegations against Brittan using parliamentary privilege,” Watson told the Mirror. “This allows MPs to say things that are not subject to libel laws. Some will ask why I’ve waited until his death to speak out. The reason is simple. I didn’t want to prejudice any jury trial he might one day face.”

Brittan’s death also underlines how slowly and ineffectually the British police are moving in their investigation of the Westminster child-abuse ring. The prime suspects are literally dying. Former MP Cyril Smith — another accused child abuser — died in 2010. Peter Hayman, the former deputy director of MI6 who was convicted of gross indecency, died in 1992….

Brittan remains the subject of an investigation into the disappearance of a 40-page dossier naming eight senior civil servants and politicians who were allegedly involved in a secret paedophile ring.

In 1983, Brittan was handed a dossier written by conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens while serving as home secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s government. Dickens died in 1995. In July last year, Brittan was surrounded by allegations that he failed to properly investigate the claims. Brittan maintained that he handled the documents correctly.

Last year, he told the Daily Mail that he gave the names to the Director of Public Prosecutions….

Gary Glitter breaks down in tears over child abuse images  28 January 2015

Gary Glitter broke down in tears as he explained to jurors why he had been in possession of child abuse images.

Sobbing uncontrollably, the 70-year-old said he had been in a bad place in his life, and was struggling financially, with alcohol and with drugs.

He issued a tearful apology to his fans, saying: “I lost my own dignity, and I am so sorry. I am very sorry.”

Glitter, on trial under his real name Paul Gadd, denies 10 charges relating to three girls between 1975 and 1980.

In November 1997, when he went to pick up a Toshiba laptop he had handed to a PC World branch in Bristol, he was arrested, Southwark Crown Court in London heard.

The engineer who examined the machine had discovered images on it related to child abuse.

Mr Gadd subsequently admitted responsibility for a “large number” of images – depicting a full range of sexual activity taking place between men and very young children – being on his computer.

He was jailed for four months in 1999 for the collection of 4,000 images….

I did not try to rape her or any other child.”….

He is also charged with four counts of indecent assault on a fan in 1977 at hotels in Leicester and Birmingham when she was aged 12 and 13; plying the same girl with alcohol, and having unlawful sexual intercourse with her.

Two further charges allege he indecently assaulted a girl of 13 on a date between October 1979 and December 1980, in his dressing room at a venue in Watford where he was performing.

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