Garry Glitter – Savile probe, 22 Personalities: A Ritual Abuse Survival Story

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Former UK pop star Gary Glitter held in Savile probe
Alessandra Rizzo  October 28, 2012

LONDON (Reuters) – British police arrested convicted sex offender and former pop star Gary Glitter on Sunday as part of an investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, media said.

Glitter was released on bail some 10 hours later. But the arrest – the first to be reported in the case – widened a scandal that has already damaged the reputation of the publicly-funded BBC and the legacy of Savile, a former DJ who was one of the broadcaster’s top show hosts and a prolific charity fundraiser….

Glitter was held by police for about 10 hours. He was seen leaving a police station in central London and, minutes later, return to his apartment, where he dodged questions by scores of waiting reporters and cameramen.

Police later said the man was “bailed to return to the police station in mid-December 2012, pending further inquiries”….

Glitter served two months was jail in Britain in 1999 for possession of child pornography. He then moved to Cambodia, but was deported in 2002 due to suspected sex offences.

In 2006, a Vietnamese court convicted him of committing obscene acts with two girls aged 10 and 11 and sentenced him to four years in jail. On his release he returned to Britain.

Allegations that Savile sexually abused young girls for decades first emerged in an expose on the British TV channel ITV. Since then, police say some 300 victims had come forward.

Victims’ allegations broadcast by ITV include claims from one woman that she had seen Glitter having sex with an underage girl in Savile’s BBC dressing room while Savile abused another girl. Glitter has denied the claim, according to the BBC….,0,7295122.story

22 Personalities: A Ritual Abuse Survival Story

10/26/12 Kimberly Nelson

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – It’s something out of a nightmare – satanic rituals and human sacrifices, but this nightmare is real for Jenny Hill….

Jenny’s story of satanic ritual abuse is documented in Judy Byington’s new book “Twenty Two Faces.”

Byington explained, “She had been sexually abused and ritually abused as a very young child so she had these multiple personalities that anytime she got into a stressful situation they would take over her mind and body.”

Jenny’s first alter personality was born at the age of 4. That’s when jenny says her father, a devout Mormon, began doing the unthinkable.

Hill said, “He told me he loved me over my mother. There’s your secret.”

It was just a couple of years later when the satanic ritual abuse began and that created more personalities to help her deal with the sexual abuse and torture.

Byington explained, “It’s like she knows she’s being abused but she can’t feel the abuse because these alters are holding the pain.”

Jenny didn’t remember the abuse; all she knew is that she would lose time until one day she woke up in a Utah psychiatric hospital confused.

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