Sandusky’s Back for His Sentencing – and Facing More Accusers

October 8, 2012 Comments Off on Sandusky’s Back for His Sentencing – and Facing More Accusers

Sandusky’s Back for His Sentencing – and Facing More Accusers
Oct 8, 2012 Diane Dimond

The convicted ex-coach heads to court Tuesday to hear his sentence. Diane Dimond reports on the new accusers who have stepped forward since the trial—including his own adopted son, whose birth mother speaks exclusively about why Matt Sandusky is remaining silent. Plus, local law enforcement’s fears of keeping Sandusky safe from vengeful attacks, and what he’s been up to in jail.

…The court’s sentencing procedure is mandated by law. First, there will be a determination made about whether Sandusky qualifies to be registered under the Meghan Law as a sexual predator. Given his conviction, it seems like a foregone conclusion, but the designation is important as it will guide the state in how it deals with Sandusky in the unlikely event he is ever released from prison.

Then, before Senior Judge John Cleland announces his sentencing decision, Sandusky’s victims will be afforded time to give a statement to the court outlining how the crimes have affected their lives. It is unknown how many, if any, of the eight witness/victims (or their family members) will speak.

A statement from the young man designated by the prosecution as Victim No. 1 would be of particular interest as he was the first to reveal to police the prolonged abuse he suffered at the hands of the once influential football coach. This teenager waited through an initially lackluster investigation that took three long years before Sandusky was arrested. His attorney, Slade McLaughlin, told The Daily Beast he is unable to say whether Victim No. 1 will speak at the hearing. The young man, along with his mother and his psychologist, has written a book, Silent No More: Victim Number 1’s Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky, which is set to be released later this month.

…. Attorneys for Matthew Heichel Sandusky, who was adopted by the family at age 18 after having lived in the Sandusky home for many years, stunned verdict watchers in June when they revealed, just after the jury was sequestered, that Matt also been allegedly molested by Sandusky.  Matt immediately went into hiding and offered no personal account of his abuse. Matt’s biological mother, Debra Rose Long, who had waged a years-long and unsuccessful court fight to keep the powerful football icon away from her young son, now tells The Daily Beast she and her son have been reunited….

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