Upcoming Webinar: Sat, Sept 8 Janet Thomas “The Spirit of Healing”

August 25, 2012 Comments Off on Upcoming Webinar: Sat, Sept 8 Janet Thomas “The Spirit of Healing”

Upcoming Webinar:

Saturday, September 8
12:00 noon Pacific Time
Presenter: Janet Thomas
“The Spirit of Healing”

Janet Thomas will discuss her book, “Day Breaks Over Dharamsala ­ A Memoir of Life Lost and Found,” a journey through spiritual healing from mind control/ritual/sexual abuse. The deep dilemma for survivors of extreme abuse is the fundamental estrangement from the sacred self. How do we reclaim it? Integrate it? Restore the sense of a spirited and nurturing self? How do we connect to the place inside us ­ beyond and beneath our brilliant minds ­that nurtures and sustains us in our daily lives and in our relationships? These questions, and their answers, will be shared and explored.

Janet Thomas has been in active and conscious healing from ritual abuse/mind control experimentation for 25 years. Her parallel lives include many years as a poet, playwright, activist, magazine editor and author of non-fiction books, including “The Battle in Seattle ­ The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations.” She lives and teaches in India and on an island in the Pacific Northwest.

Registration closes Thursday evening September 6, 2012

To reserve a space in the webinar, e-mail Shamai at shamai@survivorship.org   and give her this information:

1. Your name
2. The webinar you wish to attend: “The Spirit of Healing”
3. Amount and method of payment  (check, PayPal, money order)
4. Your preferred e-mail address (so we can send you instructions)
5. The name you will be using for the webinar. (This does not have to be your real name or your message board screen name.)

You will receive a confirmation email immediately and an invitation link and instructions after the registration closes


Webinars are on a sliding scale from $50.00 to full scholarship (while we offer full scholarships for webinars please consider paying whatever you are able to. Even $5 will help to cover the cost of the webinar provider). Please remember to factor in the cost of the telephone call if you don’t have a computer headset. The PayPal button is near the bottom of the page at http://www.survivorship.org/webinars.html

If you wish to pay by check please send it to: Survivorship, Family Justice Center, 470 27th Street, Oakland, CA 94612.


Survivorship members may listen to past webinars in the members’ section.
We strive to present all webinars in our archives, and sometimes, for technical reasons, we are unable to.

For information on joining Survivorship, go to http://www.survivorship.org/about/membership.html

Complete details on all our webinars are at http://www.survivorship.org/webinars.html

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Shamai@survivorship.org

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