Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Denies She Ignored Rapes, Eight Alleged Victims Will Testify

December 9, 2011 Comments Off on Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Denies She Ignored Rapes, Eight Alleged Victims Will Testify

Jerry Sandusky’s Wife Denies She Ignored Rapes

By COLLEEN CURRY Dec. 8, 2011

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky’s wife has denied allegations that her husband sexually abused boys in their home and that she ignored cries for help.

Sandusky was arrested Wednesday on 10 new counts of child sex abuse charges based on the testimony of two new alleged victims. The new allegations bring to 10 the number of alleged sex abuse victims.

Dottie Sandusky, who delivered a $50,000 check today to help bail her husband out of jail, was named in the testimony of one of the new alleged victims.

Mrs. Sandusky has been implicated in the alleged sex abuse crimes by three of the men who claim to have been assaulted by her husband….

The new allegations match a pattern of behavior described by many of the first eight accusers who said that Sandusky sexually assaulted them in the basement of his home during sleepovers. Victim 1 told the grand jury that Sandusky would come down to tell the child it was time to go bed, and then crack his back, blow on his stomach, and eventually sexually assault him.

Victim 9, in the testimony released Wednesday, said that he was told by Sandusky to stay in the basement, where his wife rarely went, and to never go upstairs unless specifically told to do so. He claimed Sandusky brought him all of his meals to eat in the basement. The new accuser noted that there were empty bedrooms on the second floor of the residence, but he was never allowed to stay in them.

Dottie Sandusky flatly denied all of the accusations….

Victim 7 may also implicate Mrs. Sandusky in his testimony during the hearing. In the grand jury presentment, the man testified that Dottie Sandusky tried to contact him in the weeks leading up to her husband’s arrest, leaving him a voicemail saying it was “very important” that he call her back. He did not return the call.

All Eight of Jerry Sandusky’s Alleged Victims Will Testify Against Him

Dec. 5, 2011

All eight of the boys allegedly sexually abused by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky will testify against him when preliminary hearings in the case begin next week, according to people close to the case.

News that all eight victims will testify against Sandusky is a blow to his defense. Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, previously told ABC News that at least one of the boys had denied that he was abused.

Sandusky is accused of molesting eight boys over a 15-year period. A key allegation against the 67-year-old former coach was that he was seen raping a boy about the age of 10 in the showers in 2002.

The grand jury report said the identity of the boy, called Victim 2, was not known, but Amendola told ABC News that he believed the defense knew who the boy was and talked to him.

“The kid is … now grown up, he’s in his 20s. He’s adamant that nothing sexual occurred,” Amendola said last month….

Dr. Michael Welner, an ABC News consultant and a forensic psychiatrist, said he finds the evidence against Sandusky compelling.

“They had a discussion in this interview about barriers,” said Welner. “There are no barriers. Sexual assault is a process; it’s the end point of a process of grooming. It didn’t just happen, he orchestrated it, and yet to see that interview, you would think that it just happened, and it’s up to you as a jury or audience to see whether it’s illegal or not.”

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