Obama Administration Actively Working Against Child Victims

November 19, 2011 Comments Off on Obama Administration Actively Working Against Child Victims

Obama Administration Actively Working Against Child Victims
By James R. Marsh on November 16, 2011

….Unfortunately when it comes to victims of child pornography, the Obama Administration has taken a curiously activist approach which is antithetical to the best interests of children who are raped and sexually exploited in order to produce child pornography.

By advancing an un-provable standard which the government itself has almost NEVER been able to sustain, the Obama Administration has effectively prevented hundreds of child victims from receiving any money from the tens of thousands of child molesters and pedophiles who collect and trade child sex abuse images.

It’s bad enough that the Attorney General is opposing child victims in the Supreme Court. Now, in the Sixth Circuit, the Obama Justice Department is asking the Court of Appeals to SET ASIDE a million dollar award to a child victim because the legal standard which resulted in the award was too easy.

Instead, the government wants the trial court to re-consider the case and impose a higher standard WHICH THE GOVERNMENT HAS RARELY BEEN ABLE TO SUSTAIN in hundreds of cases all over the country.

What’s even stranger about the Obama Administration’s position is that when given the chance in the Ninth Circuit to challenge that court’s decision that the higher standard is impossible to prove, the Administration decided NOT to appeal.

The government is left advancing a position which the courts of appeal say is unworkable and un-provable while child sex abuse victims are left with nothing….

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