Information from person that has MPD/DID

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I have MPD/DID and was diagnosed by one of the most famous physicians, and treated by one of the most famous psychologists, but I got physically ill and had to stop treatment. This was back in the late 90’s. Since then, my memories have come back on MY OWN, without a psychologist. No, I do not have a B12 deficiency because I was tested at a muscular dystrophy clinic for Pernicious anemia.

My memories of horrific abuse and torture have been helpful to the district attorney’s office in Philadelphia, and I am not the only one reporting this abuse. I have had several district attorneys to my home to interview me. I don’t think they would waste their time with numerous interviews if I was delusional.

I have never been integrated, I am still a multiple. This abuse and torture of a child is a gift that keeps on giving……..This horrific abuse has to stop. I wonder who finances these people? I have my guesses.

I have nothing to gain financially from this, are the false memory people able to say the same? I never wrote a book, there will be no movie, but I know I am helping the Philadelphia DA’s with my memories of abuse and torture.

I will die a poor women, but I have my dignity, and I know the circumstances surrounding my life. That was important to me, to know what, where and why this happened. This was my one and only goal. And to know that I have helped for the greater good, and have been a voice for so many.


Judith Weiss Collins

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