Author of ‘Pedophile’s Guide’ Arrested on Obscenity Charges, Salvation Army says sorry for abuse

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Author of ‘Pedophile’s Guide’ Arrested on Obscenity Charges
Philip R. Greaves II Arrested After Mailing Book to Undercover Officers in Florida By KI MAE HEUSSNER Dec. 20, 2010
The Colorado man who sparked a firestorm of controversy with his self-published “pedophile’s guide” on Amazon has been arrested on obscenity charges.

Officials with the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office said today that they worked with law enforcement in Pueblo, Colo. to arrest Philip R. Greaves II, 47, author of the electronic book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct.” The book, which went on sale in late October, ignited intense online protests and was ultimately pulled by Amazon in November.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said his office obtained a warrant for Greaves’ arrest after the author mailed a signed copy of the book to undercover detectives, giving them jurisdiction. Greaves has been charged with distribution of obscene material depicting minors engaged in conduct harmful to minors.

“I thought the book was outrageous,” Judd said. “That someone would pen a how-to manifesto to sexually batter very young children.” He said Florida has a very clear obscenity statute prohibiting the depiction of children engaged in sexual conduct and two real-life stories in Greaves’ book violated that statute.

Author of pedophile guide arrested on Florida obscenity charge
By Craig Pittman, Times staff writer December 21, 2010
….Greaves, 47, was not charged with distribution of child pornography because there were no pictures of children being molested, explained sheriff’s spokesman Scott Wilder. However, the book includes first-person descriptions of sexual encounters, purportedly written from a child’s point of view.

In the book Greaves contends it is only a crime to act on sexual impulses toward children, and offers advice that purportedly allows pedophiles to abide by the law.

The author, a retired nurse with no criminal record, told Fox News last month that his book does not promote pedophilia, although it’s “something that I have sympathy for because of my own childhood.” He told CNN at the time that he has not had sexual contact with a child as an adult, but he did when he was a teenager. He said an adult female introduced him to oral sex when he was 7.

Greaves chose late Monday not to fight extradition. In a brief court appearance in Colorado, the author…told a judge he would go face the charge in Florida.

Salvation Army says sorry for abuse Susanna Dunkerley December 7, 2010 AAP The physical scars may have faded but the emotional ones remain raw for thousands of Australians who were abused while growing up inside children’s homes.
So an apology by the Salvation Army for the abuse of children in its care up to the 1990s was welcome news for many of the survivors who gathered in Canberra on Tuesday….”Many children did not experience the gentleness of love that they needed,” the apology, later distributed to media, read. “Some children suffered abuse and deprivation. As a result their stories are full of hurt, rejection, discouragement and a failure to realise potential….The support network for the half a million so-called forgotten Australians, who grew up inside orphanages and institutions, welcomed the apology….Brian Cherrie, 57, who was repeatedly raped inside the notorious Box Hill Boys’ Home, wants the churches and charities responsible for the abuse to sell assets to pay for compensation.

“The children’s home where I grew up is still owned by the Salvation Army … and is worth tens of millions of dollars,” he told reporters.
“These churches and charities made a lot of money on the back of our misery and they need to cough up and pay redress to all forgotten Australians.”

But survivors like Alfred Stirling, 70, say no amount of money will ever make up for the abuse suffered inside.
“I’d get the crap beaten out of me, and then raped … it was hell,” he said of his time in Bayswater Boys’ Homes from 1954-57.

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