Pedophiles Find a Home for Social Networking on Facebook

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EXCLUSIVE: Pedophiles Find a Home for Social Networking — on Facebook              By Jana Winter September 28, 2010

Child Abuse Wiki

The world’s largest pro-pedophilia advocacy group uses Facebook to connect with its members throughout the world; to find and exchange photos of children; to hone its members’ predatory behavior; and to identify, target and reel in child victims, an investigation by reveals.

Facebook says it has a strict policy against the posting of content that supports groups engaged in child exploitation, yet a simple, five-second search on Facebook, conducted on Sept. 23, yielded dozens of pages devoted to the infamous North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Many of those pages featured numerous photos of unnamed boys, some of whom appeared to be too young for kindergarten.
The same day, found hundreds of links to NAMBLA’s website on Facebook, which has more than half a billion users worldwide. And posts on known pedophile blogs and chat rooms show an organized effort by pedophiles to use the social networking site to prey on children….

a search for “North American Man/Boy Love Association” on Facebook on Sept. 23 produced 87 different groups. Some appear to have been created as a joke, or in protest, but there are others that appear nefarious.
The page for “Greensburg group of the North American Man Boy Love Association,” in the category of “Common Interest-Philosophy,” features a photo of a child around 4 years old.
“N.A.M.B.L.A. (East Lansing Chapter) also has a photo of a child, who appears to be about 5 years old.

Another, “NAMBLA” in the “Organizations-Advocacy Organizations” category, features a photo of a man being kissed on the cheek by a small child.  Its description reads: “We are the North American Man/Boy Love Association.  Our sole purpose is to push forward the concept that a consenting man (18+) and a consenting minor (-18) can have a sexual and loving relationship legally.  Feel free to send your questions comments or constructive criticism to [redacted e-mail address]. Thank you for your time and support and remember keep fighting the good fight!”

The web address for NAMBLA’s Wikipedia page is provided in the contact information section….

Posts on the pedophile blog Boy Chat reveal a larger strategy for using Facebook. Users provide tips on using the site to assist others in having real-life conversations with children; share tips for evading the eye of law enforcement while trolling Facebook for victims; post changes in privacy policy of social media sites; and even suggest specific individuals to target. In one post, a Boy Chat user points out a specific Facebook user — a former child star — whose profile, they say, holds a trove of desired photos…..
James Marsh, an attorney who represents victims of child sexual exploitation, says Facebook must do more than just what is required by law.

“Facebook has a moral and public duty to monitor and stop this activity on their site. Hiding behind legal technicalities is not enough to be a good corporate citizen in the digital age,” Marsh said. “Facebook needs to put children ahead of profits and do what Congress and the American people expect — protect our kids from criminals….” ….

UPDATE: On Tuesday, Sept. 29, following the publication of this article, NAMBLA spokesman Arnold Schoen replied to a request for comment that was emailed to him six days earlier. Schoen wrote:  “If you really investigated, you would learn that actually we have never set up any pages on Facebook. And we certainly haven’t ever used facebook to connect with our members, to find or exchange photos, to “hone predatory behavior:, or to “identify, target and reel in child victims….

The Recovered Memory Project, Critiquing “Capturing the Friedmans”

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The new format of the Recovered Memory Project. This project began as an archive of corroborated cases of recovered memories of traumatic events. It grew from two dozen cases to over 100, and 5 new cases have just been added, for a total of 106 cases. The archive of corroborated cases of recovered memories is now located at the tab labeled “Case Archive.”
The project has expanded over time to include scholarly resources—abstracts and citations of scientific articles in support of the phenomenon of recovered memory (see the tab labeled “Scholarly Resources”). Thirty-one new resources have been added, including articles from the past three years. The section has been reorganized by topic and now includes sections on memory disturbances in survivors of childhood abuse, survivors of the Holocaust, and war veterans; the neurobiology of memory disturbances….

Critiquing “Capturing the Friedmans” September 7, 2010
….a careful examination of court records reveals that Capturing the Friedmans leaves out important evidence of guilt and distorts many facts in the case. Most pertinent to this blog is the assertion that the case may have been built on hypnosis. There is no credible evidence for this claim. Indeed, in an October 2007 hearing, Friedman’s own lawyer described the single excerpt in the movie about hypnosis as “reliable evidence of nothing” (p. 12). It is fair to characterize the movie, he went on, as “containing interviews, cut and spliced, and taken out of context.” Those problems and other inaccuracies are addressed in the video critique below. One might wonder why someone who failed two lie detector tests, pleaded guilty, told the judge he was “sorry for [his] actions,” asked for “assistance with [his] problem,” and then reaffirmed his guilty plea from prison would ever be embraced as innocent.
Includes the video “What Was Left Out? A Critique of “Capturing the Friedmans.”

What the Pope Knew, Pope refused to defrock pedophile priest, Bishop Long

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Sex abuse victim learns of Pope’s role
4th man sues Ga. megachurch pastor
Paedophile postman groomed up to one THOUSAND children on Facebook and Bebo using fake profiles

“What the Pope Knew” Reported by CNN’s Gary Tuchman WEBWIRE –  September 01, 2010 Investigative documentary exploring pope’s role in managing the child sexual abuse crisis – debuts
Saturday, September 25at 8:00pm ET & PT on CNN/U.S. and CNN International
During his first papal visit to the U.S., Pope Benedict XVI reached out to victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests, unprecedented for the Vatican. He became the first pope to directly and personally apologize to victims for their trauma. He was the first to acknowledge publicly that the Church had systemically erred in the way that it had transferred offending priests to new parishes, putting more children at risk, instead of reporting offenders to law enforcement. A new era of accountability seemed to have dawned.
But Benedict’s role in managing the child sex abuse scandal while he was Archbishop of Munich and Freising, and as a powerful cardinal at the Vatican, has now come under scrutiny. CNN national correspondent Gary Tuchman reports for What the Pope Knew, investigating some of the most notorious pedophile priest cases in the United States and finds that the pope, as Cardinal Ratzinger, had direct responsibility for how they were handled. CNN’s investigation reveals that Ratzinger opposed or slowed down the defrocking of some priests, including convicted child molesters.

Sex abuse victim learns of Pope’s role
Editor’s note: A one-hour CNN special, “What the Pope Knew,” will air this Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 25 and Sept. 26, at 8pm and 11pm ET. This story is drawn from that report.
By Brian Rokus CNN Special Investigations Unit
MORRISONVILLE, Ill. September 24th, 2010 – Matt McCormick was in the seventh grade when Father Alvin Campbell gave him a ride home from a baseball game.  As they were driving along country roads, Campbell put his hand on McCormick’s thigh and “just left it there.”
It was the first time the priest had touched him. During the next three years, McCormick says, the abuse would go much further.
That was 25 years ago.  Just three months ago, he learned that Pope Benedict XVI played a role in keeping his abuser in the church when CNN told him about a letter signed by the pontiff – then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – refusing to defrock the pedophile priest….Father Campbell was convicted in 1985 on multiple sexual assault charges. He served half of his 14-year sentence. He was released in 1992 and died 10 years later.

APNewsBreak: 4th man sues Ga. megachurch pastor
AP By GREG BLUESTEIN,  Greg Bluestein, Associated Press Writers –
ATLANTA – 9/24/10 A fourth young male member of Bishop Eddie Long’s megachurch is suing the prominent pastor, claiming Long coerced him into a sexual relationship.
The lawsuit was filed by Spencer LeGrande, a member of New Birth Charlotte. New Birth Charlotte is a satellite church run by Long in Charlotte, N.C. The lawsuit said Long told LeGrande “I will be your dad” and invited the 17-year-old to journey to Kenya with him in July 2005. LeGrande said that Long gave him a sleeping pill on that trip and that the two engaged in sexual acts.

Paedophile postman groomed up to one THOUSAND children on Facebook and Bebo using fake profiles 25th September 2010
A postman who used social networking sites to groom up to 1,000 children – some of whom he sexually abused – was jailed for eight-and-a-half years yesterday.
Michael Williams, 28, used different profiles to target children he met on his post round, while doing school runs as taxi driver, and as the secretary of a football club.
He tricked his victims into performing sex acts on a webcam or to meet him in parks, beaches and at his home in Penryn, Cornwall, where he abused them….He also pleaded guilty to voyeurism and possessing indecent images.

Devon and Cornwall Police have identified about 500 victims he groomed or abused but believe there could be up to 1,000 youngsters in total because hundreds are too scared to come forward.
Williams, of Tresooth Lane, Penryn, worked as a postman in his home town, where he was regarded as cheerful and helpful….Police searched his flat and found 1,342 indecent images of children, 20 videos featuring children he met on the internet and 800 ‘chat logs’.

Deaf victim of sex abuse suing pope, 100,000 children in prostitution in the US

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also: A Dreamy New Era For Fish – Experiments with LSD-25

Deaf victim of sex abuse is suing pope, and going public with his story for the first time
Editor’s note: A one-hour CNN special, “What the Pope Knew,” will air Sept. 25 and Sept. 26, 8pm and 11pm ET. This story is drawn from that exclusive report.
By Scott Bronstein CNN Special Investigations Unit September 23rd, 2010

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – Terry Kohut has kept a dark secret for nearly 50 years. Now he is breaking his silence, becoming a key figure in the sex-abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and the growing controversy over what Pope Benedict XVI did about it.
When Kohut was barely a teen, and for years afterward, he says, he was sexually molested and assaulted by the headmaster and priest of the school where he lived, St. John’s School for the Deaf, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What occurred there is one of the most notorious cases of sex abuse in the Catholic Church.
Kohut was not alone. From 1950 to 1974 the headmaster of St. Johns, Father Lawrence C. Murphy, raped and molested as many as 200 deaf boys, according to court and church documents.

Kohut has now filed the first sex-abuse lawsuit against the Vatican actually naming Pope Benedict, previously known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as a defendant.
Ratzinger was once head of the Vatican’s powerful CDF, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, charged in certain circumstances with investigating the sexual abuse of minors by priests. And though church records show the abuse by Father Murphy was brought to the attention of Ratzinger and the CDF years ago, a church trial against the headmaster was stopped and he was allowed to remain a priest.
The Vatican’s “policy of secrecy” in abuse cases, and its “directives to conceal the sexual abuse of children” by priests, the lawsuit says, helped bring about the abuse of Kohut and others by Father Murphy….

Steven Geier and Carl Nelson were also deaf students who say Father Murphy sexually assaulted them repeatedly. They say Father Murphy would prowl the dorm at night, visiting boys in their beds, raping and sexually assaulting them. He would also routinely assault and molest his victims in one of the church’s most sacred places – the confessional – church documents show….Minnesota attorney Jeff Anderson is the lead lawyer in Kohut’s lawsuit. Anderson has filed hundreds of lawsuits for sexual abuse victims of priests, and has obtained a massive trove of internal Vatican documents to build his case against the pope. He says numerous abuse cases show that Vatican officials all the way to the top, including then Cardinal Ratzinger, did little to help the victims, and were mostly interested in protecting the church from scandal….Groups of boys tried to tell local police and even the local District Attorney in Milwaukee about what was being done to them, according to Kohut, Geier, Nelson and others CNN interviewed. But no one ever believed their story, and local police even drove them back to the school, returning the boys to Father Murphy.
After years of allegations and reports of abuse, and threats of lawsuits, local bishops finally moved Father Murphy in 1974 to remote northern Wisconsin. There, more abuse allegations later surfaced.

Meet Katie: She Was a Prostitute in Seventh Grade
September 22, 2010
Every year, at least 100,000 children are forced into prostitution in the United States. Portland, routinely voted one of the most livable cities in the country, hides a dark secret: It is a national hub for child sex trafficking, police and victims’ advocates say. Meet Katie — a 13-year-old girl who says she was plucked from the street to dance at a strip club in the seventh grade.

A Dreamy New Era For Fish
Experiments with LSD-25 and other hallucinogenic drugs indicate it may be possible to spook trash fish up—and out—of angling waters Robert H. Boyle
March 30, 1964
Howard Loeb, senior aquatic biologist at the New York State Conservation Department Fish Laboratory in Livingston Manor, is feeding fish LSD-25 and other hallucinogenic drugs ordinarily used in treatment of the mentally disturbed, and if the experiments work out successfully—which they show promise of doing—their application will have a wholly revolutionary effect not only on angling but on commercial fishing as well.

….Several years ago Dr. Harold A. Abramson, Director of Psychiatric Research at South Oaks Psychiatric Hospital in Amityville, N.Y., chanced to read of Loeb’s work on carp poisons, and he offered a suggestion: use LSD-25, a hallucinogenic drug derived from d-lysergic acid, originally found in the ergot fungus that grows on rye. Discovered by a Swiss pharmaceutical firm nearly two decades ago and later patented, LSD-25 is a potent tool in mental-illness research. It enables patients to recall events that occurred in very early childhood and that may be at the root of their difficulties. The drug is perhaps best known to the general public because of the psychological effects it brings about. Colors take on great depth, music is physically felt rather than heard and happiness or frustration is often extreme. It produces in a normal person a state believed to be similar to schizophrenia.
That is why Dr. Abramson started experimenting with LSD. He is one of the supporters of the theory that schizophrenia is caused by a chemical imbalance in the body. If he could use LSD or another derivative of d-lysergic acid on a laboratory animal to bring about simulated schizophrenia, then find another chemical agent that could block this simulated case, he would have a strong clue to the mechanism involved in clinical schizophrenia…..

Loeb first began testing with LSD-25, then, with the help of an American pharmaceutical house, Eli Lilly and Co. of Indianapolis, started testing other compounds made from d-lysergic acid. So far Loeb has tested some 40 drugs supplied by Lilly on carp, goldfish, golden and common shiners, blacknose dace, yellow perch, pumpkinseed sun-fish, white suckers, bullheads, brook trout and brown trout. With the exception of the trout and the bullheads—which swim to the surface—the fish pop up to the top of the water, swim backward and often go into a stupor. Goodness knows what kinds of hallucinations carp have—perhaps they dream they are gefilte fish—but they become noticeably lighter in color. Transferred to a fresh tank, affected fish appear intoxicated up to several hours, then become darker in color and start to respond by sight to people and approaching nets. Left in the original test tank, the fish snap to after several days. “My idea in experimenting with these drugs,” says Loeb, “is to find out which ones bring the fish up the best with a modest dose and then become nontoxic the quickest.”….
“Loeb,” says Dr. Abramson, who marvels at the progress, “is doing real pioneering. He has the foresight to explore the unknown. He’s doing important work in experimental biology, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in studying fish he came up with a contribution of definite value for our work on mental illness.”

Huge child porn ring – 30,000 customers, China’s crackdown on human trafficking

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HUGE child porn ring with Arizona link
China’s crackdown on human trafficking frees 16,517 abducted women, children

HUGE child porn ring with Arizona link – Katie Raml, Nicole Longhini  Sep 22, 2010
An international child porn ring with ties to Arizona has been shut down.
For the first time, law enforcement officials are sharing the latest, inside details in a case involving 30,000 customers, 132 countries and more than 230 websites.
Law enforcement officials from around the globe are calling it the most important child pornography bust in the history of the Internet.
Matthew Allen is Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security Investigation and Immigration Customs Enforcement in Arizona.
He oversees any leads identified in Arizona by the international child pornography bust, otherwise known as Project Flicker.

“If the average American were to see it they would be completely outraged at the kind of victimization that goes on,” Allen said. “[It] resulted in more than 5,000 leads in the United States involving individuals who have subscribed or downloaded child pornography from websites.”….
Among those identified as customers were 10,000 Americans. Individuals who subscribed were given access to images and videos of sexually exploited boys and girls, some possibly as young as three-years old. “[Their ages] spanned from infancy all the way to adulthood,” Allen said.

China’s crackdown on human trafficking frees 16,517 abducted women, children  –   2010-09-20
BEIJING, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) – Chinese police freed 10,621 women and 5,896 children who had been abducted for human trafficking as of September 6,since the Ministry of Public Security launched a crackdown on trafficking the crime in April last year.
In the campaign, police nationwide apprehended 2,398 human trafficking gangs and handled 13,500 such cases, said the ministry in a statement on Sunday.
Further, the police put 15,673 suspects under criminal detention and handed out administrative penalties on 1,518 people, it said.

Promise to Protect Video, District Attorney on Baran case

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Promise to Protect Video:
Oak Ridge Child Rescue Initiative
(Fighting Child Pornography on the web)

D.A. Capeless decides not to continue prosecuting Baran – June 09, 2009 – For immediate release – Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless has decided not to continue prosecuting the criminal case against Bernard Baran.
At a Tuesday morning press conference, District Attorney Capeless gave the following statement:
“After careful consideration, I have decided to no longer prosecute the case against Bernard Baran.  My decision is not based upon any judgment that Baran did not do what he was convicted of by a jury twenty-four years ago.  In fact, I remain convinced that those twelve jurors delivered a correct verdict.

I acknowledge that there were mistakes made back in 1984 and 1985.  But the passage of twenty-four years has done more to damage any further prosecution of the case than anything that happened back then.  The damage that has occurred to the memories of witnesses, and the damage that will occur from bringing forth the remaining memories of the victims compel me to realize that going forward is not in the interests of justice….Those decisions did lead me to pursue the available legal avenues to maintain the verdicts – in the Trial Court and the Appeals Court. That argument has not been successful, and I accept the decisions of the courts.

My decision today is made foremost in the best interests of the victims….I have legitimate concerns about their ability to accurately recall events of twenty-four years ago.  But I have an even greater concern for the damage those recollections might cause. My conversations with them, during the past five years and most recently, have made clear to me that the pain they endured was real.  For those who have been able to put the pain behind them, I do not want to bring it back.  For those who could not put the pain behind them, I do not want to deepen the trauma….
They each know (the victims) that what happened to them twenty-four years ago was very real.  They each also expressed an appreciation that the twenty-plus years Baran spent in prison were just as real.  For them, there has been a real measure of justice.  Now, it is time to put this behind us.”

Ex-child prostitute sues Village Voice over sex ads, Palmdale group update

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Ex-child prostitute sues Village Voice over sex ads
By Jacqui Cheng 9/19/10
A teenage child trafficking victim has filed a lawsuit against Village Voice Media, for knowingly allowing her pimp to post ads for her “services” on the popular The pimp, Latasha Jewell McFarland, has already pleaded guilty to prostitution charges, but the victim (going by M.A. in the complaint, as she is still a minor) says that Village Voice knew that the photos being posted of her were illegal but “failed to investigate for fear of what it would learn.”

M.A. says she was 14 when she was found as a runaway by McFarland, who began pimping out M.A. for $100 per sex act (McFarland took half the earnings). In order to advertise M.A.’s services, McFarland took pornographic photos of M.A. and posted them on in the personals section for those seeking sex. McFarland pleaded guilty earlier this month to photographing M.A. in pornographic poses, posting child porn on backpage, paying the site for the postings, transporting M.A. for the purpose of pimping her out for sex, and collecting money for M.A.’s sexual services.
In the complaint, however, M.A. accuses Village Voice of having knowledge that the explicit photos were 1) of a minor, and 2) for prostitution services. No evidence is outlined in the complaint that explicitly points to Village Voice having this knowledge, but M.A. says the company aided and abetted her pimp in facilitating prostitution and child pornography. She also argues that Village Voice should not be granted immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act—a law that has historically protected websites from being held liable for the content posted by users.

“Defendant had a strong suspicion that the aforementioned crimes were being committed,” reads the complaint. “Defendant had a desire that these posters accomplished their nefarious illegal prostitution activities so that the posters would return to the website and pay for more posting.”

PDF copy of complaint

Leader of religious sect held for evaluation
Group found safe hours after going missing in Southern California Missing sect members found, but questions remain
By JACOB ADELMAN  9/19/2010 PALMDALE, Calif. — The leader of a breakaway religious sect was hospitalized Sunday for a mental evaluation, after members of her group went missing and left behind evidence that they were awaiting the rapture or some catastrophic event. Reyna Marisol Chicas was placed under a 72-hour mandatory hold after it was determined she was not able to care for herself or others, said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Kim. Chicas gave investigators a false name and was rambling during questioning, Kim said. She told deputies she had no children, even though her two kids were with her.

Ending a frantic search, deputies found Chicas and 12 others just before noon at Jackie Robinson Park near Palmdale after getting a tip from a local resident, said sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore. He said all members are safe.
….The men told investigators they believe group members had been “brainwashed” by Chicas, and one expressed worries that they might harm themselves, Parker said. One of the children is 3, and the others range from 12 to 17. When deputies arrived at the park they found the children playing on swings and the adults on a blanket praying out loud in Spanish.

Protest the Pope rally, Palmdale Cult-like group, East Congo rapes

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Protest the Pope rally sees 10,000 march through London’s streets – Crowd carries messages condemning papal stance on condoms, homosexuality, women’s rights and child abuse scandal
Tracy Mcveigh 18 September 2010 Day three of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain and it was a day for protests and anti-papists under bright blue skies in central London. Around 10,000 people took to the capital’s streets for a Protest the Pope rally and march against what the organisers called “papal intolerance” and to condemn the state funding of the visit.

Abuse victims call pope’s apology ‘PR, not penitence’ – Faith & Reason Sep 18, 2010

Victim’s message to pope: Our souls were ‘murdered’
Americans travel to U.K. to demonstrate against abuse ‘cover-up’ Video By Ian Johnston 9/16/2010 Barbara Dorris, outreach director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) victims’ group, told that they wanted to see a publicly accessible, worldwide register of priests who were “credibly accused predators,” so parents could find out if their children were at risk. They also want the pope to hand over internal church documents about sex-abuse accusations to local police for investigation and bishops who were complicit in the “cover-up” of sexual abuse to be disciplined.

Eight Children & Four Adults Missing with Palmdale Cult Leader
Reyna Marisol Chicas (LACSD)
PALMDALE – Five adults and eight children from Palmdale, including one whom authorities described as a “cult-like leader,” are missing under “questionable circumstances,” but there’s no evidence they are planning to commit group suicide, a Los Angeles sheriff’s captain said.

However, an all-out search was in progress Saturday night in the Antelope Valley area to check on their welfare, said sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker.

All are El Salvadoran immigrants, and left behind evidence they are waiting for the Rapture, or end of the world, he said.

The situation began at 1:45 p.m. when two husbands went to the Lancaster sheriff’s station to report that their wives were missing, he said.

The husbands said they believe their wives had joined a cult-like group that broke off from an unidentified Palmdale church, he said.

One of them said he had been told by the leader, Reyna Marisol Chicas, 32, to pray over a purse that was in a Palmdale residence.

After several hours, the man became curious and opened the purse.  Inside, he found five cell phones, cash, beads, titles to vehicles and property, identification cards and numerous letters written in Spanish and English.

Parker stressed there was no indication of a crime, but that authorities “do believe vulnerable people have been led to an unknown area in the Antelope Valley,” and that based on the letters, they are “possibly awaiting the Rapture or some catastrophic event.”

Authorities search for missing members of cult-like Palmdale group
Five adults and at least eight children are sought in what a CHP alert describes as a potential suicide plot. A sheriff’s captain points out, however, that documents left behind don’t mention suicide and the group has no history of harming themselves.
By Patrick J. McDonnell, Richard Winton and Robert Faturechi
September 19, 2010,0,7901802.story

describes crimes
Violence spirals out of control in east Congo By MICHELLE FAUL (AP) 9/18/10 WALIKALE, Congo — First the rebel soldiers told residents of the villages in the mineral-rich eastern Congo not to worry. They were just there for a rest and would do no harm. But as dusk fell, the fighters encircled five villages simultaneously, and the gang rapes began. Six or seven men lined up to take their turn. The victims ranged from a month-old baby boy to a 110-year-old great-great-grandmother. They forced husbands and children to watch as they gang-raped the villagers for four days….News of the most brutal gang rapes in eastern Congo came in August, bringing international outrage. The U.N. said more than 500 women were raped in that period, and Buna Altunbas, a regional director for Doctors Without Borders, said some Congolese women have been raped repeatedly.

Congress Holds Hearing on Child Sex Trafficking, H.R.3244

September 18, 2010 Comments Off on Congress Holds Hearing on Child Sex Trafficking, H.R.3244

also: H.R.3244 — Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000

Congress Holds Hearing on Child Sex Trafficking
By James R. Marsh on September 17, 2010
On Wednesday, the House Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing on DOMESTIC child sex trafficking.
At the hearing, former Congresswoman Linda Smith testified that more than 100,000 children are exploited in the sex trade in the United States every year:
“Domestic minor sex trafficking is the name we have given to the sexual exploitation of U.S. citizen children through prostitution, pornography and sexual entertainment,” she said. “The name reflects the fact that this exploitation is human trafficking as defined in the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. The crime therefore is a federal crime of trafficking and the victims should receive the full range of protections, services and rights outlined in the TVPA.”

H.R.3244 — Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 (Enrolled Bill [Final as Passed Both House and Senate] – ENR)

Catholic school ‘ritual’ child abuse, Pope’s visit- abuse survivors want justice

September 17, 2010 Comments Off on Catholic school ‘ritual’ child abuse, Pope’s visit- abuse survivors want justice

German Jesuits offer abuse victims compensation
Nixon plot against newspaper columnist detailed – New book provides details of campaign to discredit — or even kill — Jack Anderson
Wikipedia problems

Revealed, six decades of ‘ritual’ child abuse: Catholic schools and orphanages damned in report By Tom Kelly  21st May 2009
* Abuse was ‘endemic’ in childrens’ institutions
* Safety of children in general was not a consideration
* No abusers will be prosecuted
* Victims banned from launch of shocking report
Church leaders and government watchdogs covered up ‘endemic’ and ‘ritualised’ abuse of thousands of children in Roman Catholic schools and orphanages in the Irish Republic, a shocking report revealed yesterday.
For six decades, priests and nuns terrorised boys and girls in the workhouse-style schools with sexual, physical and mental abuse.
But officials in Ireland’s Catholic Church shielded paedophile staff from arrest to protect their own reputations despite knowing they were serial attackers, according to the 2,600-page report, which took nine years to complete.
Irish government inspectors also failed to stop the chronic beatings, rape and humiliation, it found.

About 35,000 children and teenagers who were orphans, petty thieves, truants, unmarried mothers or from dysfunctional families were sent to Ireland’s network of 250 Church-run industrial schools, reformatories, orphanages and hostels from the 1930s up until the early 1990s.
The report by Ireland’s Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse found ‘a climate of fear, created by pervasive, excessive and arbitrary punishment, permeated most of the institutions and all those run for boys’.

It added: ‘Children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from.’
Judge Sean Ryan, who chaired the commission, said that when confronted with evidence of sex abuse, religious authorities responded by moving the sex offenders to another location, where in many instances they were free to abuse again.
‘There was evidence that such men took up teaching positions sometimes within days of receiving dispensations because of serious allegations or admissions of sexual abuse,’ the report said. ‘The safety of children in general was not a consideration.’

Pope’s visit: Catholic abuse survivors demand justice
Pope must hand over to authorities all information on abusive clergy, say survivor groups before Benedict’s arrival in UK
Sam Jones, 15 September 2010 Survivors of abuse within the Roman Catholic church repeated their demand that the pope hand over all information on abusive clergy, in advance of his arrival in the UK tomorrow on a controversial state visit.
They told a press conference in central London today that repeated apologies meant nothing and they wanted “truth, justice and accountability.”

German Jesuits offer abuse victims compensation
(AP) – 9/16/10 BERLIN — A spokesman for Germany’s Jesuits says they plan to pay the victims of sexual abuse in the order’s schools a “symbolic compensation” of at least euro5,000 ($6,500).
Jesuit spokesman Thomas Busch said Thursday the order has not yet made a final decision on the amount that will be offered to about 200 victims who were abused decades ago.

Nixon plot against newspaper columnist detailed
New book provides details of campaign to discredit — or even kill — Jack Anderson  By Michael Isikoff National investigative correspondent NBC News 9/13/2010 ….The White House obsession with Anderson — whose “Washington Merry Go-Round” column was the WikiLeaks of its day — is detailed in a new book being published this month, “Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson and the Rise of Washington’s Scandal Culture,”  by journalism professor Mark Feldstein. The book relies in part on newly unearthed tapes from the National Archives that document how Nixon’s aides plotted to destroy Anderson by planting forged evidence with him and spreading false rumors about his sex life and that of one of his associates.
Feldstein also has uncovered new evidence that documents one of the more outrageous schemes of the Nixon presidency: a plot to assassinate Anderson by either putting poison in his medicine cabinet or exposing him to a “massive dose” of LSD by smearing it on the steering wheel of his car. While the aborted scheme to murder Anderson has been reported — and disputed — before, Feldstein found new corroboration: A confession before his death by ex-White House “plumber” Howard Hunt.

Wikipedia has a long history of problems with accuracy, bias and allegations of connections to pedophilia and pornography.

1) The Bomis Connection
2) Pedophilia Allegations
3) Wikipedia Accuracy Problems
4) Summary of the problems with Wikipedia
5) Bias in child abuse articles – banning websites with information on child abuse crimes

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