Friedman’s case – Capturing the Friedmans – the victims’ perspective

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many of the quotes in this section come from:
Capturing the Friedmans: Annotated Bibliography

describes crimes

Many viewers leave the theater believing that they have seen an  objective documentary presented by a director who entrusted audiences to  draw their own conclusions on Arnold Friedman’s and Jesse Friedman’s  guilt. A careful review of the original evidence, however, shows that  the case against the Friedmans was much stronger than the film revealed.

Geraldo Rivera’s interview with Jesse Friedman “Busting the Kiddie Porn Underground” February 23, 1989 — Geraldo!

Jesse’s attorney, Peter Panera, is interviewed. He tells how he and  Jesse made a special trip to Wisconsin to visit Arnold Friedman in  prison to convince him to reveal where he had hidden the photos and  videos of the children. Arnold refused to reveal what he had done with  them, despite the fact that it would have helped gain lenacy for his  son. Jesse’s mother Ms. Friedman also appears on the show.

Frances Galasso, the detective-sergeant who was in charge of the  Friedman case, describes Jesse’s lack of remorse for his victims and  describes how he and his brother harassed some of the victims’ parents  at court proceedings. She says that Jesse told the grandfather of one  victim: “Well maybe we are suffering now, but with what we’ve done to  your children, they’ll suffer for the rest of their lives.”

Geraldo Rivera’s interview with Jesse Friedman

Geraldo: “How many kids, Jesse, did you and your father actually physically abuse in your home?” Jesse:  (long sigh, appears to be mentally counting) “I guess 17.”….

Geraldo: “What did you do to the children?” Jesse:  “What did I do to the children? I  fondled them. I was forced to pose in 100’s of photos for my father in  all sorts of sexual positions with the kids and the kids likewise with  myself.

The Secret Life of Arnold Friedman By Alvin E. Bessent – Newsday  — LI., NY May 28, 1989,0,1599081.story

Bessent reports on the victims’ fear of the Friedmans:
“As the abuse escalated so did the threats. Police said the children were extensively videotaped and photographed. No pictures of the children have been recovered. But police said Arnold Friedman told the children he would send pornographic pictures of them to magazines and tell the publishers to print their names if they told what was going on. He threatened to burn their houses down. He reportedly said he would kill their parents. . . . Some of the children who testified before the grand juries received threatening telephone calls warning them not to cooperate with police.” “Some of them still wet their beds, take baseball bats to bed with them or are unable to sleep.”
State of New York v. Arnold Friedman.
Motion for order requiring return of property seized from 17 Picadilly  Road, Great Neck, Nassau County, New York, seized pursuant to search  warrant of November 25, 1987.  Motion #C-427, Indictment #67104 &  67430.
September 14, 1990.
Judge Abbey L. Boklan approved Arnold Friedmans’ request for the return  of all property seized at the Friedman home with the exception of  pornographic materials listed in this document.  Materials include such  items as:  5 pornographic movies, assorted order forms for pornography,  assorted pornographic magazine cutouts, 2 partially nude photos of  children, 3 sheets advertising homosexuality with boys, 6 photos of  naked people, 3 battery operated sex aids, 1 hypodermic needle, 9  pornographic computer games (with descriptions), list of names and phone  numbers of 9 victims, 2 registration sheets with names of victims.

The People of the State of New York , Respondent, v. Ross G., Appellant 163 A.D.2d 529; 558 N.Y.S.2d 603; 1990 N.Y. App. Div. LEXIS 8786 June 28, 1990
The Supreme Court of New York responds affirmatively to an appeal  by Ross Goldstein who asks the state to reduce his sentence to the  terms recommended and agreed to by the prosecution. Although he was not  mentioned in the film, Mr. Goldstein was a third defendant who was  arrested along with Arnold and Jesse Friedman. According to this  document, Goldstein, a former friend of Jesse’s who was between 15 and  16 years old when he committed the crimes. He later became repulsed by  the abuse, and six months before the Friedmans were arrested, Goldstein  disassociated himself from Jesse Friedman and his activities. Goldstein,  now age 19, confessed to the crimes and agreed to testify against both  Arnold and Jesse Friedman in exchange for leniency.

In Their Own Words:  Jesse’s Victims Speak Out

Victims break their silence Victor Manuel Ramos — Newsday  — LI., NY  February 29, 2004 Newsday  staff reporter Victor Manuel Ramos interviews several of the victims who Arnold and Jesse Friedman plead guilty to abusing.

“For Gregory, the hullabaloo over Jarecki’s film — and whether the director will pick up an Oscar tonight — is a sideshow to the legacy of the abuse. Even now, Gregory said he sometimes wakes up at night shaking, especially after hearing of other child abuse cases on the news or elsewhere. What would be passing news to others, hits home for him.

Diagnosed in his preteen years, Gregory said he has persistent rectal bleeding from the abuse. Memories aside, the physical scar will never let him forget. `This is the constant reminder I live with every day,’ Gregory said, `that I was abused.’”

Case of Arnold Friedman and Jessie Friedman “Capturing The Friedmans”
Our research into the case shows that the director of the film sacrificed truth in favor of creating artistic ambiguity. Clear evidence is omitted and facts are distorted. In addition, the film relies on popular but erroneous myths about child sexual abuse. As a result, uncertainty is created about the guilt of two confessed pedophiles — who are recast as victims — while the real victims — the boys and their families — are portrayed as untrustworthy.

CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS”  Documentary or Whitewash?

Man’s 1988 child molestation conviction to be revisited by Vivienne Foley, CNN August 17, 2010 “In August 2010, the 2nd Circuit Court decision stated that “… the police, prosecutors  and the judge did everything they could to coerce a guilty plea and  avoid a trial” and said there was a “reasonable likelihood” Friedman was  “wrongfully convicted” of sexually abusing children.” Nassau County (Long Island) District Attorney’s office will re-open the case.

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